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[Actu] La confrérie noire annoncée dès le 25 avril sur le serveur de test

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Kaels a publié le 24 avril 2016 cette actualité sur le site The Elder Scrolls Online :

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L'équipe du studio Zenimax Online a annoncé lors de la conférence PAX East 2016, l'arrivée sur son serveur de test, de son prochain contenu téléchargeable "la confrérie noire", le 25 avril 2016.

Zenimax n'a donc pas traîné entre l'annonce de son prochain DLC 'Dark Brotherhood" et son arrivée sur le PTS. Vous pourrez dès le lundi 25 avril 2016 tester le prochain contenu de The Elder Scrolls Online.
C'est à l'occasion de la présence du studio à la PAX East 2016 que cela a été annoncé...

Une réaction ? Une analyse ? Une question ? Ce fil de discussion est à votre disposition.
Très bonne nouvelle pour le PTS dès demain !

Par contre... aucunes autres infos intéressantes n'ont filtré de cette PAX East, hormis les nouvelles montures et les poisons ?... Ils n'ont répondu qu'à quatre questions ou quoi ?
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Publié par Lethsnar
c'est moi ou ont nous annonce "la fin des rangs vétéran" a chaque DLC?
Là théoriquement c'est la bonne.

J'ai aussi lu quelque part qu'ils travaillaient sur une version d'essai du jeu (mais je ne trouve plus la source)
Il y a plein de choses de version d'essai dans le code mais rien en prod encore ..

Je ferai quelques vidéos demain sur les différents aspects du pts, vu que j'aurai du temps .. je les mettrai sur youtube ^^
Après je pense que le pts ne devrais être up qu'en fin d'aprem
Wait and see !
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Lotro Traoo TruiteMedic Chef de Guerre Rang 14 Fr-rp Estel >>> Fr Sirannon
De ce que j'ai compris, on devrait avoir quelques vidéos des conférences de la PAX East durant la semaine.

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Thanks for joining us at #PAXEast for our #ESOHQ! Look for videos of the panels & activities next week. Next up, E3!

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Je m'y suis remis au jeu il y a peu... Mais du coup, les Rang Vétéran vont être remplacer par quoi ?
il seront converti en point champion
For formatting, the questions are numbered and the speakers are:

RL: Rich Lambert @ZOS_RichLambert.
MF: Mike Finnigan. @ZOS_Finn.
HP: Heather Powers. @ZOS_Heather.
JC: Jared Carr.
JS: Jeremy Sera. @Jekerl.
LS: Lawrence Schick. @Lawrence_Schick.
UK: Unknown speaker.
QA: Question Asker, used for follow-up questions.

Q1: It's very exciting that it will be on the PTS but what about console players? They don't have a PTS.

RL: You don't. Part of that is our console partners don't support that. And so that'd very hard to go through that approval process, it takes a while. We needed to iterate on it as quickly as possible.
HP: If we could, we would!
RL: Absolutely.

Q2: What the removal of Veteran Ranks will do to currently owned VR level gear.

RL: The current gear that you have will be converted to Champion Points. So a VR14 piece of gear will changed to CP140 gear. If you are a player that stopped playing before CP were introduced and you are VR14 without the CP required to equip that gear then we will give you the CP required. You will always be able to wear the gear that you have currently which I think is a really important thing.

Q3: With the VR removal are you going to make older sets such as the Aetherian Archive/HRC Trial sets scaled up to what would have been VR16 now or are they going to be not the best?

MF: So we want to keep the loot drops that happen in those Trials the same as the level. If it drops at VR12 because the mobs are VR12 then the gear will be around Champion Rank 120 or so. That being said because SO is being upgraded (or scaled) that gear will drop at maximum champion point.

Q4: Can you give us an example of the size of the zone coming with Dark Brotherhood in terms of how many delves and world bosses there will be?

RL: In Dark Brotherhood? The overall land mass is bigger than TG as we wanted to really stetch things out and make it feel like there is more space. I think the number of delves/world bosses is the same as Thieves' Guild.

Q5: Is it going to be as large as Wrothgar is or is it more like a snakey-vertical-exploration zone like Hew's Bane?

RL: It is not as big as Orsinium but it is bigger than Abah's Landing.
LS: Part of the reason for that is like in Thieves' Guild there will be missions associated with the DB that take you out of the area of the Gold Coast. So it's not just Gold Coast missions and you will be going all over Tamriel "solving problems".

Q6: Is the DB going to have its own skill line like Thieves' Guild?

RL: So, it does have its own skill line. A big part of that skill line is the Blade of Woe. A lot of the executions that you saw were using the Blade of Woe.
QA: So, I should start saving up my skill points now?
RL: Or you can run around and find a bunch more.

Q7: So let's say my characters are all goody-goodys because I'm in the minority. Is there a lot of stuff for me to do in Dark Brotherhood without playing a different role?

RL: Without playing a different role? Without killing people?
MF: All the people you kill are bad people.

Q8: I just wanted to know what you could share on the Blade of Woe?

RL: The Blade of Woe? It is a tool that gets given to you by the speaker when you first join the guild. Mechanically the way it works is that it's a synergy.

Q9: Since you just said that there will be missions taking you out of the Gold Coast and I am a big Argonian fan is there going to be some more lore towards Shadowscales?

LS: There is a bit more lore towards Shadowscales revealed in this upcoming content but I will not spoil it. Tis not about the vanilla Dark Brotherhood (nor the liqorice DB) this is about the basic DB and Shadowscales are a thing unto themselves that we will explore in greater detail another time. So we have not done all the DB stuff yet.

Q10: One of the things going into this update is poison making, what are the mechanics of poisons and could you give some examples?

RL: Yeah, so, poison making is an extension of alchemy. The way it works mechanically is that if you want to make a potion you use water but if you want to make a poison you use oil. So all the mixing and matching of various combinations are built into the system already. One of the things I'm really excited about is there are definite ways to start to drain resources from other players in PvP which changes the game play up a bit, so it's a really complex system.

Q11: One of the things that I really wanted to see in ESO was the PvP Justice System and I was wondering if there was anything specific that you discovered during your balancing that makes it entirely impossible forever doing this or is it maybe there might be some way to figure out how to do it at some point?

RL: So, nothing's impossible. Right with the justice system the PvP portion of it specifically there are a lot of edge cases. We have a lot of really creative players who run around in Cyrodiil and when you see what they're doing and how there doing it and y'know we have to be very careful that we don't break what we've got already. PvE portion of the justice system is really popular and everyone loves it and changing that, well, I've heard a lot of suggestions like just let players opt-in well as soon as you do that the less scrupulous players start to play with that and find some loopholes and so we decided that rather than go down that road we'd focus our efforts elsewhere. But nothing's impossible.

Q12: So, the mechanics of poison if you are playing a race with an innate resistance to poison is the player-owned poison going to be treated the same way as poison from a monster or will there be a reduction in the resistance as far as PvP?

RL: Umm, I don't know off the top of my head. I know that the snakeblood passive in the Alchemy line actually has an effect on poisons as well so my assumption is that it does but I haven't tested it personally. That's a question I can go back and ask Wrobel.

Q13: Um, craft bags. How much stuff can I stuff in it?

RL: A ***-ton.
LS: Using a technical term!
QA: So like, my entire bank is food which I would love to clear up because I have one character which I have to hold the maps you get at the beginning of the game and so I have to relog a lot which means I'd love to be able to use my bank for other things. Is there a limit?
RL: There is a limit, it's a really really really big number. I think it's something like 42-billion or something like that. It's insane. I am sure someone will figure out a way to fill it completely but it's unrealistic!

Q14: In the future will there ever be smaller scale PvP? Either arenas or something set up where we can actually train if you suck like I do?

RL: Yep, it's something that we've talked about publically that we will be doing. Unfortunately I can't tell everyone when but we are working on it right now.

Q15: In regards to housing is there anything you can share about guild or personal housing? What direction you intend to go in?

RL: So, right now the team is actually building the editor for how it's going to work and we're establishing the permissions system so we're a way off from nailing all those things down so I don't want to commit to what it will be right now because we have to iterate on it.

Q16: With the are removal of VR can you tell us how Veteran zones and Craglorn will be handled?

RL: That's a very leading question! Open-ended. I would like to do something with Craglorn but that won't be there for Dark Brotherhood however we are converting the Gold and Silver zones over to Champion Points as well or rather changing the balance in there. You go through the first few levels of CP really quickly and you earn them at a different pace compared to silver progression so we are rebalancing this.

Q17: Um, stamina balance changes were mentioned. What are the plans for that? I have always played a stamblade even from launch.

RL: So, there are a bunch being made. Wrobel is not here and he is the one that knows the most about it but an example I can give is with the Fighter's Guild we are the FG skill-line more on stamina because the Mages' Guild is more focussed on Magicka. So we're doing things like that.

Q18: Can you use poisons and potions at the same time? Or if I use a potion will I have to wait until my timer runs out to use a poison?

RL: Poisons are equipped in a different slot than in your quick slot.

Q19: So I have two questions, first of all for players that are the supernatural persuasion will there be any unique execution options, say if you are a vampire for example? Second question are there any new player interactions that are coming with this DLC?

MF: The assassination stuff from the Dark Brotherhood is exclusive to the Blade of Woe.
MF: No, I don't think so.
RL: Define player interactions?
QA: In PvP for example.
RL: Assassinations are purely DB, you won't get to kill other players outside of PVP but we are making some changes to the Imperial City, we are putting district capture in so that is going to offer a big change there and incentivize people to go back there. We've added some new things to the Tel Var merchants also.

Q20: I got two questions. First one is for stuff like costumes, will we eventually be able to dye them? Second question, I have ESO+ since it came out on consoles but for some reason I have to contact support to get my Crowns. Will this be fixed?

HP: Dying costumes? Maaaaaybe. He's not allowed to confirm or deny that we will allow you to dye costumes.
RL: How about "/lurk"?
RL: Crowns on Xbox? We are working with Microsoft to fix this issue.
HP: It's an Xbox known issue that we are working hard and very closely with Microsoft to take care of as soon as we can.

Q21: So from the posted articles we had a pretty good idea what was happening in Q1 and Q2, is there anything you can tell us about Q3 and Q4 without giving away everything?

RL: I'm looking at Heather because every time I say something she shoots daggers at me.
HP: We can't say anything just yet about Q3 and Q4 but there will be a lot of cool stuff coming and I am really looking forward to engaging the community more than we have in the past and if you are a superfan coming to stuff like this you will know stuff first and early and be able to work with us on it.

Q22: So how is crafting going to work with VR removal? How are stats going to scale on armour, can I craft CP 500 gear as that would be gamebreaking in certain cases.

RL: So, you won't be able to craft CP 500 gear right off the bat. We're going to cap it right now at around 160 which means current level, we wanted to get through this conversion process, make sure it all worked and then go crazy.

Q23: Okay, I guess a couple of poison related questions. First you had mentioned they are based on oils rather than waters, are the existing reagents still being used for that? Are there any additional passives? Is it going to be based on the old Skyrim where you poison a weapon? As long as that poison is equipped does it effect the use of that weapon?

RL: Yep, I am pretty sure there are additions to the Alchemy skill line.
JS: There is actually a new slot right next to your weapon and you equip it right into that slot and then as it processes the poison it takes the stacks.
JS: The way the setup is working is that there is an equip slot for Bar 1 and an equip slot for Bar 2 so you can have different poisons on each bar but it's there and it's equipped which is treated like equipment so you can't swap it over in combat.
JS: It's similar to the way weapon enchantments work now that the poison isn't hitting every single time but procs like an enchantment does.

Q24: Can the poisons eventually be exhausted when they are equipped?

RL: Yep, the poisons have charges.

Q25: When we have to kill someone in the DB do we have to use the Blade of Woe or can we design the way we're going to go about killing them ourselves?

JS: Uh, it depends on the quest. In general you do not have to use the Blade of Woe but in a number of quests it is a bonus rather than a requirement.

Q26: What factors do you consider when deciding to scale down difficulty of dungeons?

MF: So, we actually think a lot of these decisions are data-driven as well as feedback driven. We get feedback from people saying this is too hard or not too hard and then we got to the data to decide and we take a look to see how many players are accepting the quest how many players are abandoning the quest, how many players are starting but not able to complete and we go through this process. We have target numbers that we wish to hit for these values and so if 0.1% of the population is able to complete a dungeon that took us quite a long time to do that's not the target number want. We want to get more players involved in doing those dungeons and so we look at those kind of factors when deciding how or when to reduce difficulty.

Q27: Are crafting bags just for ESO+ members?

RL: Yes.

Q28: Okay so if you are like me and forget to renew your credit card and happen to miss the date it expires what happens to the stuff in your crafting bags and your sub lapses?

RL: You can't put anything into the bags but you can take stuff out as required.

Q29: My question is PvP related. I would like to know what is your opinion on the outcome of the Vicious Death set?

RL: What is my opinion? I think it's really effective and I think that what we intended it to be hit the mark. It might be a little strong but overall it's pretty cool. I do think that we looked at proxy det and how that works or scales and it is really strong on that initial burst even on one player so we are going to look at that but overall it's pretty cool.

Q30: Do you guys have anything planned in that same field for the stam builds?

RL: We have a lot of stam changes coming up including stamina based sets.

Q31: I have the problem where we want to do all of the unbelievably amazing content that you do but we have the problem that we are now overlevelled for almost all of the content that we play and with the new DLC content coming out where you get battle-levelled it is challenging so have there been any discussions about letting you scale your player down to the content so you can still gain XP in a way?

RL: I don't love scaling down. But you have a really good idea. Scaling the existing content that's a good idea.

Q32: How far off do you think we are from seeing text chat on consoles?

RL: We're working on it right now. I've seen the design and I know the UI team has a first cut of it so we are close! It's not for Dark Brotherhood though.

Q33: Could you elaborate a bit more on the district capture system in the Imperial City?

RL: I really wish Wheeler was here. You can capture each district individually much like you capture resources in Cyrodiil and they provide buffs to you whilst you are in there. They also provide respawn points.
JS: So you could have different factions owning different parts of the city.

Q34: Is there any plans currently to introduce more playable races?

RL: Playable races? No.

Q35: When you guys as a creative team are going about developing new DLCs how much do you pay attention to what other MMORPGs are doing in terms of what you guys want to add? Do you guys pay attention to what does or doesn't work in other MMORPGs or forge your own path?

RL: I think you take inspiration from everywhere. I play MMOs like crazy and other types of games. I love going to Flash game sites and seeing what they do. You have to do that in order to be a good developer.
MF: I think when we do stuff for Trials and group content people think we just pull from group related stuff but we don't. We take inspiration from all games, single player and sport games and think "How can we use this to reward the people using our content?" and so we take inspiration from everywhere.
LS: But we also listen particularly hard to our own community because they are the ones who are closest to our heart so we do take from everywhere but you guys come first.

Q36: Do some of the DB quests challenge players to come up with creative ways to complete teh quests and take out enemies?

JS: There are multiple methods for completing the goals in a number of the quests especially when it comes to the repeatables and it is much more up to you how to complete them.

Q37: For the Dark Brotherhood, if you get all your gear and then you go into PvP, can you assassinate an actual player?

RL: No.
QA: So there’s no assassination?
RL: Well that depends how good you are. I’ve seen some streams and some videos where they get blown up almost instantly. The Blade of Woe is purely for PvE.

Q38: I was just wondering if you guys are planning any particular Daedric Lord-themed crafting style such as Malacath and Trinimac, are there going to be Hermaeus Mora or particularly a Molag Bal set?

LS: We work with Concept very closely, in fact with all the art groups that collaborate work with us and we work way out in advance on new crafting styles and new armors. Weird-ass Daedric stuff is very popular so at some point you’re going to see more weird-ass Daedric stuff.

Q39: Can you confirm or deny whether or not we’ll be seeing my friends in the Morag Tong? A particular friend by the name of Naryu Virian. Will you be killed by Heather if you say yes or no?

RL: We can neither confirm nor deny.
HP: I don’t actually know the answer!

Q40: There are a couple of map inconsistencies, such as the fact that Imperial City has somehow been turned thirty degrees and that Skyrim, Eastmarch specifically, kind of cuts into the portion of Morrowind that contains Blacklight. Do you plan on addressing that in the future?

JC: I think they address that a thousand years in the future, don’t they?

LS: As far as borders and things on maps, maps are lore just like everything else in the Elder Scrolls. Maps are to a certain extent represented by how people in the game perceive their areas so borders are a thing of question and not everyone has the same answers, so borders shift. Over time there may be some changes to the displayed maps that you see for gameplay purposes but there are lots of different maps of Tamriel and they don’t all lay over each other perfectly in the same way that our world does not. Imperial City though, that’s all Gerard’s fault.

Q41: As far as weird-ass Daedric *** to wear is fairly far out, how about some weird-ass Daedric quests like Daedric shrine quests. Is that anywhere in the future?

RL: Not in the short-term.
QA: Is it being considered?
LS: The Daedric Princes and their cults are central to the stories of the Elder Scrolls and will have central stories in the future as we go forward.

Q42: They’re not gonna be playable, are we gonna see stuff like the Snow Elves or maybe a dwarf here or there?

LS: You should come back at 5 o’clock.

Q43: I’m a musician and I’ve gotta tell you, one of the things that I’m impressed about is just how awesome the music is so kudos. How are you going to go about coordinating the action and the music together, can you let us know a little bit about what’s the same and what’s different?

JC: I think we’re gonna go with soft jazz. That spells Dark Brotherhood, I think.
RL: Our Audio Director over there is working on some new stuff, he’s always thinking up something new every DLC so you’re gonna get some new music.
LS: Not just new toots, he’s very very dedicated to making music work like what’s happening in-game, that’s key to his purpose.
RL: He actually did an ESO Live where he talked about some of the elements musically that he added to Thieves Guild. It was fascinating because sometimes we take him for granted because he’s doing music all the time but to see some of the stuff that he adds, it’s great.

Q43: Are there any plans to do anything with the Whiterun area?

JS: That’s not on our short-term plans, eventually we would like to return to Skyrim because there’s lots of fun stuff we haven’t done there.

Q44: Any chance we might see a no-IC access campaign with a lower maximum number of players per faction? Potentially to escape some of the performance issues?

RL: I would rather fix the performance issues than lower the cap on the number of players in there. We’re addressing those issues right now, we’re kind of attacking it at two angles; we’re attacking it from the latency, or the server performance side, we’ve got a pretty big fix for optimisation going in for how we manage giant lists of data and target sets, to make that a lot more efficient, and then we will talk a bit about the client side and framerate issues.
JC: When we talk about performance there is a clear distinction between latency and framerate, framerate is on the client side. The first change that we made to address issues was moving strictly to DX11. We’ve had support from both DX9 and DX11 but neither were optimal because we were supporting both. That’s why we shifted to exclusively supporting the DX11, optimising that code. We do have another bugfix that’s going in on the next live push, which is May 2nd, and that is going to address the framerate issues some people have been having where you hit a low framerate and just stay there. We’re going to get some better performance on the GPU with the DX11 change and now that we’re on DX11 the client graphics engineers feel like they could now take advantage of that and do something additional, off the grid, in the future. Further, we think we can also move some processes off the CPU onto the GPU.

Q45: I know you said before a bit that we’ll see a little bit of the Shadowscales, will we see anything from the Nightingales?

LS: The Nightingales are strictly 4th Era. They do not occur in the 2nd Era.

Q46: Will Craglorn dungeons ever be added to the Group Finder?

RL: We actually have plans for Craglorn as a whole and it’s a ways off so I don’t wanna go into too much detail on that.

Q47: I know that in Elder Scrolls after a battle with the Akaviri, I was wondering if any other inhabitants of Akavir will make a cameo?

LS: That would be a spoiler. I don’t think we can go there!

Q48: Do you have any timeframe for the console DLC release at all?

UK: Just the PTS on Monday.
RL: It’ll be shortly after we announce the launch date for PC.

Q49: With the removal of Veteran Ranks, how will that affect the different campaigns in Cyrodiil? Will there be different Champion Point caps?

RL: Last time Wheeler and I talked about this there was going to be a no-Champion Point campaign and a Champion-Point campaign. I think we decided on a 49-point campaign but for sure there’s going to be two rule sets.

Q50: I have a bear mount - have you guys thought about doing any other mounts like a llama, a panda bear… an elephant, a flying mount?

LS: No flying mounts! But otherwise, players love exotic mounts.
JS: There will be a new tiger coming with Dark Brotherhood.

Q51: With the Blade of Woe and stuff, are we gonna see more of the weapons come out? Maybe more of the gods and do their quests to get their weapons?

LS: We need to see how it goes over and what the players like and don’t like about it and we can figure out if we can give more.

Q52: Do you have a plan for adding more veteran dungeons beyond “Yes, we want to add more veteran dungeons”?

JS: Yes, we have a plan… but I can’t say. There’s no veteran dungeons coming with Dark Brotherhood (and that’s about up to where we can say) but yes, we are going to add more dungeons for sure. If you’re saying taking the existing dungeons and making veteran versions, we have plans.

Q53: Any plans to adjust the Maelstrom drop rates?

MF: Yes.
RL: There's some changes with Dark Brotherhood. Read the patch notes on Monday.

Q54: I have played console and PC but I was wondering why is there no in-game voice chat for PC?

RL: Partly because we made it specifically for the consoles and part of the reason because there's a lready really good options out there for PC.
QA: They aren't universal though and people in dungeons rarely talk and I don't like that.
RL: You're right they aren't universal but not right now.

Q55: What is this about hats?

RL: Hats!?
MF: They go on your head!
JS: We've added hats.
RL: It's another way to customise your character.

Q56: Character customisation is coming some time this year, is that going to be the same UI as the original character creation or will it be increments of Crowns for each change?

RL: There will be a system by which you can customise your character. But the system is not done. It is being implemented r ight now. You will be able to do things like wear a hat, other costumes, different skin and that kind of thing. You will be able to recustomise what you look like.

Q57: I heard balance changes for VICP/VWGT and I really like the difficulty they're at right now. Are they getting easier or harder?

MF: We are reducing the power a little but of both normal and veteran ICP/WGT/COA and this goes along with an earlier question of what goes into these decisions and just really we took a look at the data and what people were doing wasn't hitting the numbers we wanted. We want more players to complete this content so we made the decision to reduce the power. Now that being said you guys should definitely play it it's not like we've taken a hatchet and dropped it 25%.
RL: It's still hard!
MF: Small incremental changes are what we've made and they go better than sweeping 15% reductions.

Q58: Is there anything about the changes to traits? Could you shed some light please?

RL: We have done a pass on the traits in the game that aren't used very often like exploration. It was good while you were levelling but after that is was useless. So we've changed that so it also boosts your Champion Point XP as well. So it's a useful trait forever and not just during the levelling process so we've done that with all of the traits that you've told us about.

Q59: I'm one of those people that love everything matching my character. Is there ever going to be any new armour options for your mount?

RL: Horse armour!?
JS: We have no plans for a horse barber shop at this time.

Q60: Do you ever plan to add an unarmed skill line or new weapon skill lines?

RL: We're not adding a new weapon skill line for Dark Brotherhood. We have some ideas for other skill lines but we'll see where it goes. But you aren't the first person to ask, it's highly requested.

Q61: I hear that some games are going to be cross-consoles, are ESO thinking about implementing this?

RL: Literally everyone in the studio asked me that question when Microsoft made their announcement and the answer I gave them is that it asks more questions that it answers. We need to do our due diligence on there and find out what exactly that means and we need both of our console partners support this idea until we can start entertaining it. We are excited about it though.

Q62: About the TG PTS and the animation cancelling changes you trialled there, is that coming with DB or are you canning that for now?

JS: We've got to make sure that it's right before we get it out and there are a lot of edge cases with it and it has required a lot of testing so most of the improvements have been made and a lot of it is done but there are still a lot of things left to do like blocking.
RL: Right, blocking. For Dark Brotherhood we have got a few changes to how animation cancelling works in the PTS build and what we've done for the block stuff is make it under the old system where block still takes priority but all the other animation cancelling things are in there. We've also made it so whenever you block you see the effect on yourself and other players. We don't want to make gameplay feel less responsive and that's why we took it out.
JS: We don't want to break anything, so.

Q63: About battle levelling in Cyrodiil. If you can only go up to level 50 now have you adjusted how battle levelling works?

RL: Yes we've adjusted that, it takes into account Champion Points.

Q64: Why doesn't my Imperial steed blink?

RL: I think that question says more about you than it does about your horse!

Q65: Does the term Bloodspawn test mean anything to you? Right now the best way t otest DPS is going to Veteran Spindleclutch and fight it, do you have plans to add a combat dummy instead?

MF: God I would love to.
RL: Yep, I agree.
MF: I'll say that you're not the first person that has asked for that and brought that feedback. IT is definitely something that we're looking at that we really want to do.
RL: I will get in trouble for this but I want to put it in for housing.

Q66: Jewellery and spell crafting, are there any plans to approach these in the future?

RL: That I can talk about? I can't talk about it. I love the idea of spellcrafting and jewellery crafting though we have to do it when it makes sense.

Q67: As much as I love you guys I did not like it when you took all of my skill points away, are you planning on ever doing that a gain and if so can we opt-in or opt-out instead?

RL: We don't plan on mass-wiping player skill points again.
JS: It wasn't as popular as we'd hoped.
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Teso Traoo Templier NordiquePACTE DE CŒURÉBÈNE

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Je vais traduire, mais ça va être un peu à ma sauce

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Q1: C'est cool le PTS mais pour les consoleux ?
RL: On peut pas, on aimerai, mais c'est pas possible du tout.
HP: Si on pouvais on le ferais.
RL: Carrément.

Citation :
Q2: Comment va se passer la suppression VR sur les items actuels ?
RL: Le stuff actuel va être converti avec un prérequis de points champion. VR14 = 140CP. Si vous êtes v14 mais avez arrêté de jouer avant l'arrivée des CP et que vous n'avez pas les CP requis on vous les donnera. Vous aurez dans tous les cas la possibilité de porter le stuff que vous portez actuellement.
Ayantir : 1 VR = 10CP. Rattrapage de 10-160CP pour les vieux comptes à minima selon votre VR.

Citation :
Q3: Avec la suppression des VR, quid des sets de l'archive, hel ra, etc ?
MF: On voulais garder les loots tels quels. Si vous lootiez du V12 avant, vous allez looter du CP 120 après. Maintenant Sanctum Ophidia va être scalé et vous allez looter du stuff CP MAX à partir de dark brotherhood.

Citation :
Q4: Un exemple de la taille de la map qui va venir avec DB ? Combien de donjons et de boss ?
RL: Plus grand que TG parce qu'on voulais un peu étaler les choses Je pense que le nombre de donjons est que le même que dans TG (Ayantir = 2/2)

Citation :
Q5: Ça va être aussi grand que Wrothgar ou ça sera plus une zone fufu verticale coins cachés comme Le trépas ?
RL: Ca ne sera pas aussi grand qu'Orsinium mais ca sera plus grand que le trépas
LS: Une des raisons est que comme dans TG, des missions de DB vont vous envoyer ailleurs que dans la côte d'or (Ayantir: le nom de la zone associée à DB, pas le chocolat!). Alors c'est pas que les quêtes de la côte d'or, mais vous allez gambader dans tout Tamriel pour "régler les problèmes" (kill kill kill).

Citation :
Q6: Il y a aura une ligne de skill confrérie noire ?
RL: Oui, une large portion de la ligne de skill sera la "Lame de Souffrance" (Ayantir: le nom de la dague de la chef de la confrérie noire dans Skyrim). Un nombre substantiel d’exécutions devront être effectuée en utilisant la Lame de Souffrance

Citation :
QA: Alors faut garder des points de compétence ?
RL: Vous allez en trouver dans le dlc.

Citation :
Q7: Disons que je suis un bisounours. J'aurai des choses à faire dans ce dlc ?
MF: Tous ceux que vous tuerez sont des bad guys.

Citation :
Q8: Vous pouvez en dire plus sur la lame de souffrance ?
RL: C'est un outil qui vous est donné par le narrateur quand vous entrez dans la confrérie. Ça fonctionne grosso modo comme une synergie. (Ayantir: Comprendre: comme le feed vampire)

Citation :
Q9: Il va y avoir des choses sur els argoniens "Shadowscales" (Ayantir: une caste d'argoniens ninja) ?
LS: Oui, mais on va pas spoil, parce que le plus gros arrivera plus tard, ona pas encore fini tout ce qu'on voulait sur DB pour l'instant

Citation :
Q10: Plus de détails sur les poison ?
RL: Ca va ete une extension de l'alchimie. En gros c'est comme si tu faisait une potion mais tu va utiliser de l'huile. Alors tu mélange tout et tu va devoir trouver des combinaisons. Un des trucs cool c'est que tu va y avoir plein de façons de drainer les ressources des autres en PVP, ce qui va en faire un système vraiment complexe.

Citation :
Q11: La justice finalisée c'est impossible à jamais ou c'est ptet plus tard ?
RL: Rien n'est impossible. On a plein de joueurs imaginatifs qui se baladent en Cyrodiil et quand on voit ce qu'ils font et comment ils le font, on se doit d'être très prudent vis à vis de ce que on va proposer pour ne pas casser l'existant. Et compte tenu des possibilités que les petits malins pourront trouvés, on a estimé que le risque était trop grand, alors on est passé à autre chose. On y reviendra peut être un jour

Citation :
Q12: Comment vont être gérés les résistances racials aux poisons ??
RL: On sais pas trop. Le bonus de l'alchi sera pris en compte, mais pour le reste je n'ai pas trop d'idées. a voir avec Wrobel (Ayantir: le dev pvp).

Citation :
Q13: Combien de choses peuton mettre dans le sac de craft
RL: Illimité

Citation :
Q14: Y aura t'il plus de contenu petit groupe en pvp plus tard ? arènes ou autres pour s'entrainer si on est nul ?
RL: Oui, on va le faire mais pas maintenant, mais on bosse dessus

Citation :
Q15: Concernant le Housing, on peut en savoir plus ??
RL: On est actuellement en train de coder le moteur de personnalisation, et le système de permissions mais ça reste encore loin.

Citation :
Q16: Avec la suprpession VR , quid des zones et de raidelorn ?
RL: Bonne question. On aurait aimé fair eun truc pour raidelorn mais on a pas pu. mais on convertit les zones standard en CP (ex: Mob VR2 = mob CP20) Mais étant donné qu'on gagne très vite des CP on réajuste un peu alors les mobs vont être un peu rééquilibrés en termes de résistance puissance.

Citation :
Q17: Des détails sur les modifs stamina ?
RL: Plein de trucs, mais le dev n'est pas là! Mais par exemple la guilde des guerriers va être encore plus stamina oriented.

Citation :
Q18: On pourra utiliser poisons et potions simultanément ?
RL: Les poisons seront dans un autre slot que vos potions (Ayantir: Pas d'infos si CD partagé, logiquement, oui).

Citation :
Q19: Y aura t'il des possibilités d'assassinat différent selon qui on est ? (Ayantir: Ex: Un vampire mange sa victime) + Seconde question: De nouvelles interactions entre les joueurs ?
MF:Nop, seulement la lame de souffrance pour les assassinats
RL: par contre on ajoute des trucs dans la cité impériale qui vont vous faire revenir. et aussi au marchands telvar.

Citation :
Q20: 2 questions: Les costumes teintables ? et le bug des couronnes sur XBOX ?
HP: Teindre les teintures.... ultra sensible (Ayantir: Teindre un costume = moins de US$)
HP: Pour les couronnes sur XBOX on travaille avec Microsoft sur le sujet, faites des reports !

Citation :
Q21: Des infos sur après DB ?
HP: On ne peux rien dire

Citation :
Q22: Comment va fonctionner le craft avec la suppression VR ?
RL: Pas de craft à 500CP. Max actuel = 160.

Citation :
Q23: D'autres infos sur les poisons ?
RL: Ça sera un ajout à l'alchimie !
JS: Il y aura un nouveau slot a coté de votre arme, et si vous l’équipez, l'arme sera empoisonnée
JS: Du coup vous pourrez avoir 2 poisons différents, un sur la 1ere arme, l'autre sur la 2ème arme Mais ça sera comme une pièce de stuff, du coup non modifiable en combat.
JS: Ça va fonctionner un peu comme les enchants d'arme , ça ne va pas hit à tous es comps mais proc comme le font les enchantements

Citation :
Q24: Une arme pourra ele du coup ne plus être empoisonnée ?
RL: Oui, les poisons auront des charges.

Citation :
Q25: Quand on devra tuer quelqu'un dans DB , ca sera lame de souffrance uniquement ?
JS: Ca dépends des quetes. En général vous ne serez pas obligé, mais ça offrira un bonus dans pas mal de cas

Citation :
Q26: Que prenez vous en compte pour le nerf des donjons ?
MF: Nos données et vos retours. On a des retours de gens disant que c'est trop dur et après on a les données qui nous aident à décider si on doit regarder combien de gens n'y arrivent pas, combien abandonnent. Si on s’aperçoit que 0.1% des joueurs arrive a finir un donjon , on le change, mais on garde ces chiffres pour nous.

Citation :
Q27: Sacs d'artisanat que pour les ESO+?
RL: Oui

Citation :
Q28: Si on résilie ESO+?
RL: Vous ne pourrez plus déposer mais retirer oui.

Citation :
Q29: Que pensez vous de Mort vicieuse?
RL: C'est putain d'efficace. On l'a fait pour marquer. C'est ptet un peu trop fort mais globalement c'est assez cool. On a regardé comment ça synergise avec proxy det et si le burst initial est très fort, même sur un joueur, ca reste globalement bon, mais on on va continuer de regarder ça.

Citation :
Q30: Un truc similaire pour els builds stam ?
RL: On a plein de changement pour les builds stam et de nouveaux sets stam aussi.

Citation :
Q31: Vos ajouts sont cools mais pour quasi tout le monde , ce sont des choses trop faciles. un truc pour nous faire régresser de niveau temporairement pour augmenter la difficulté ?
RL: On aime pas trop vus faire régresser, mais scaler le contenu est une bonne idée

Citation :
Q32: Le chat texte sur console ?
RL: On y est presque. Mais ca ne sera pas pour ce dlc ci.

Citation :
Q33: Plus d'infos sur la capture de quartiers ?
RL: En gros, ça sera comme la capture de ressource en Cyrodiil. Ils vous bufferont au passage dans le quartier associé. Ils proposeront aussi un point de respawn.

Citation :
Q34:Nouvelles races jouables ?
RL: Non

Citation :
Q35: Quand vous ajoutez des features vous regardez les autres jeux ?
RL: On se base sur un peu tout Je joue aux MMO comme un furieux et plein d'autres types de jeux. Je joue aux jeux sur navigateur.. c'est obligatoire pour être un bon dev.
MF: Quand on crée un raid ou un donjon, on ne pique pas les idées. on s'en inspire, et on se demande comment le mettre en place pour récompenser nos joueurs
LS: Mais on écoute particulièrement notre communauté parce que ce sont ceux qui sont les plus à même de fournir des retours intéressants

Citation :
Q36: Il va y avoir des quetes qui vont vous demander de réaliser les objectifs de plusieurs façons différentes ?
JS: Il y a de multiples façons de valider les quêtes de DB. Surtout les répétables

Citation :
Q37: Pour DB avec votre équipement, pourrez vous assassiner les joueurs ?
RL: La Lame de souffrance est uniquement PVE

Citation :
Q38: Des styles typés Daedric comme malacath trinimac ? Des sets Hermaeus Mora, Molag Bal ?
LS: Les styles badass daedriques étant très populaires, vous allez en avoir

Q39: Pourra t'on rejoindre la Morag Tong ?

RL: On ne peux rien dire

Citation :
Q40: A propos des erreurs de cartographie de Tamriel ?
JC: Ça sera réglé dans plusieurs milliers d'années par l'univers lui même de Tamriel qui n'est pas figé

Citation :
Q41: Vous allez rajouter des quêtes basées sur les princes daedriques ?
LS: Pas maintenant mais les princes daedriques étant l'un des socles des Elder Scrolls, ça va venir plus nous avancerons

Citation :
Q42: Snip.. question sur les elfes des neiges, sans réponse

Citation :
Q43: Un peu plus d'infos sur la musique ?
JC: Il va y avoir de nouvelles petites choses (réponse collective, presque du trash talk..)

Citation :
Q43: Verra t'on Blancherive (Ayantir: La première ville de Skyrim) ?
JS: Pas dans nos projets mais on voudrait retourner en Bordeciel, parce qu'on a pour l'instant rien ajouté là bas

Citation :
Q44: Une chance d'avoir une campagne sans cité avec un nombre réduit de population pour améliorer les performances ?
RL: On aimerai surtout regler le soucis de perfs que baisser les caps pop. Deux axes de fix. la latence coté serveur, et les soucis client , notamment de fps.
JC: Quand on parle de performance , il faut bien faire une distinction entre fps et latence. Le premier point était de passer à un full DX11 pour optimiser le code. On a encore des bugfix qui vont arriver la semaine prochaine sur le live pour les soucis de fps. Par la suite on passera de plus en plus de choses du CPU au GPU.

Citation :
Q45: On va voir les "Shadowscales" (Ninja Argo Squad), verra t'on les Nightingales?
LS: Les Nightingales (une sous société de la confrérie noire dans skyrim j'ai oublié le nom FR) appartiennent à la 4ème ère exclusivement et nous sommes dans la 2ème

Citation :
Q46: Raidelorn sera il ajouté dans la recherche de groupe ?
RL: C'est en projet mais c'est toujours en cours, pas pour l'instant

Citation :
Q47: Verra t'on des akavirois un jour dans elder scrolls ??
LS: Ça reviendrai à spoiler le jeu. vous n'y pensez pas !

Citation :
Q48: Avez vous des dates pour la release du DLC sur console ?
UK: Le PTS Lundi pour PC
RL: Ca sera annoncé peut après l'annonce de la date de la sortie PC

Citation :
Q49: Avec la suppression des rangs VR quid de la campagne sans CP ?
RL: Il y aura toujours la campagne sans points champion (l'actuelle sans vétéran), et celle avec. Mais on ajoutera aussi une avec CP limités, pour l'instant on part sur une 49 CP max. (Ayantir: la réponse est très vague, et impossible à dire s'il y aura 2 ou 3 styles de campagne, si les 49+ joueurs avec points pourront entrer dans la 49max. Ils parlent d'une campagne sans points, d'une campagne sans restriction et d'une campagne à 49 points).

Citation :
Q50: J'ai un ours! Verra t'on des lamas, des pandas, un éléphant ?
LS: Pas de monture volante, c'est sur!
JS: Il y aura un nouveau tigre avec DB

Citation :
Q51: Avec la lame des souffrances, verra t'on plus d'armes particulières comme celles des daedra ?
LS: A voir

Citation :
Q52: Avez vous des idées pour ajouter plus de donjons vétéran ?
JS: On a des idées mais tout ce que l'ont peut dire c'est qu'il n'y aura rien qui va venir avec DB mais oui par la suite on en ajoutera des nouveaux et on en créera aussi des modes vétéran pour les existants.

Citation :
Q53: Les drops rates de l'arène du maelstrom ?
MF: Vont être ajustés
RL: Il va y avoir du changement, plus d'infos dans les natch potes.

Citation :
Q54: Pas de vocal sur la version PC ?
RL: Parce qu'on l'a fait spécialement pour les consoles et surtout parce qu'il y a déjà des outils pour l'audio sur pc

Citation :
Q55: Les chapeaux ?
RL: Les chapeaux !?
MF: Ils vont sur votre tête!
JS: On a ajouté les chapeaux
RL: C'est une autre façon de personnaliser votre personnage

Citation :
Q56: Personnaliser son personnage arrive, mais aura t'on la même personnalisation à la création de perso qu'à la boutique ?
RL: C'est encore en développement, mais vous pourrez équiper un chapeau, porter une tenue et tout ce que vous voudrez pour personnaliser votre personnage.

Citation :
Q57: J'aime la difficulté de vICP/vWGT (La prison & la tour d'or blanc vétéran) Vont ils devenir plus durs ou plus simples ?
MF: On va réduire un peu la puissance des modes normaux et vet de ces donjons mais c'est pas comme si on l'avait nerfé de 25% quand même
RL: Ça reste dur !
MF: Ça ne sera même pas une réduction de 15%.

Citation :
Q58: Plus d'infos sur les traits ?
RL: On a fait une passe sur les traits pas utilisés comme exploration et on leur a donné des bonus différents. Maintenant exploration va booster vos gains d'xp (champion) également ! Du coup ça restera un trait utile. Et on a fait ce genre de choses pour tous les traits pas sexy.

Citation :
Q59: Des armures pour votre cheval un jour ?
JS: Pour l'instant, rien de prévu, ni de "barber" pour chevaux

Citation :
Q60: Allez vous ajouter de nouvelles lignes de compétence d'armes, une branche main nues ?
RL: On ne va rien ajouter pour DB mais c'est une question récurrente et très demandée alors on va voir

Citation :
Q61: Le cross console pour console ?
RL: On doit voir comment ca peut se mettre en oeuvre, et voir avec nos partenaires comment faire, mais ça semble extra

Citation :
Q62: Et concernant l'annulation des animations améliorées de TG.. arriveront elles avec DB ?
JS: On veux juste etre sur que tout marche bien, il y a eu beaucoup de boulot fait mais on a encore pas mal a faire dessus, notamment le blocage.
RL: On a bossé sur l'animation cancelling dans le build qui sera sur le pts et fait en sorte que le blocage prenne toujours la priorité sur l'animation pour vous et les gens autour de vous, on veux pas trop casser l'existant pour l'instant.

Citation :
Q63: Le battle leveling de cyrodiil (l'ajustement de niveau) a été modifié ?
RL: Oui, les points champions seront pris en compte

Citation :
Q64: Fanboy question..

Citation :
Q65: Vous connaissez le test Bloodspawn ? Pour l'instant le meilleur moyen de tester son dps est d'aller à tressefuseau vet et de le combattre Avez vous une solution pour tester son dps un peu mieux que ça ?
RL: On aimerai faire ça et on aimerai l'ajouter en même temps que le housing

Citation :
Q66: Le craft de bijoux et le spellcrafting ?
RL: Peut on en parler ? On peux pas en parler. On aime l'idée néanmoins.

Citation :
Q67: Les gars, le reset massif de points de compétence, c'est pas cool
RL: On ne le refera plus, on a eu trop de retours négatifs.

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