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Patch notes for Dominion, released Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Table of Contents


More Corification

* The user system of EVE got corified in order to be more easily used in other CCP products.
* The UI was also corified and is now hardcore.

Sovereignty v2.0

* A new sovereignty system has been introduced to replace the old mechanic of Starbases for laying claim to territory. Full details can be found in CCP Abathur’s blog Dominion - Storming the Gates
* A new way for players to upgrade claimed systems has been introduced. Full details can be found in CCP Abathur’s blog Dominion Upkeep and Upgrades: The Expanded Edition
* New data and views on sovereignty through the sovereignty dashboard which will provide detailed information on the status of every solar system
* New and improved views and statistics through the universe map which includes a new territorial influence map


* We have added four new Navy battleships, based on Tier 1 battleship hulls and obtainable from Factional Warfare LP stores exclusively. They are the Navy Armageddon, Navy Scorpion, Navy Dominix and Fleet Typhoon. Full details on ship layouts and attributes can be found in CCP Ytterbium’s blog Adding flavour to your faction meal.


* The Citadel Cruise Launcher I has been introduced which is designed for Capital class ships.

Weapons & Ammunition

* Four new Citadel Cruise Missiles have been added. These are designed for use against other capital class ships, and have a reduced damage against smaller ships. Blueprints for the module and the ammo will be available on the market. The new missile names are Catastrophe Citadel Cruise Missile, Rajas Citadel Cruise Missile, Sol Citadel Cruise Missile and Thunar Citadel Cruise Missile


* The skill "Citadel Cruise Missiles" has been seeded on the market. This is required to use the new Citadel Cruise Launcher I.

Starbases, Outposts and Stations

* Players have access to new assets related to Sovereignty, including the Infrastructure Hub, Sovereignty Blockade unit and the Territorial Claim Unit.

Character Creation and New Player Experience

* Two new career paths have been introduced: Exploration, which teaches players about scanning and exploration sites, and Advanced Military, which builds on the first Military career path and introduced more advanced combat tactics. The agents with these missions have been added to the career agent window and are located in the same station as the other career agents.
* Added new tutorials under the new category Advanced Military, including information on remote repair modules, stasis webifiers, warp disruptors, and more.
* Added new tutorials under the new category Exploration, including instruction on how to use the on-board scanner and scan probes along with information on the different types of exploration sites.


* Players being attacked by a Faction Police will not trigger a Faction Navy response as well if they do not have negative faction standings or are not participating in Factional Warfare.

Agents & Missions

* Two new Epic Mission Arcs have been added, one for the Angel Cartel and one for the Gurista Pirates. These arcs take place in 0.0 regions and are designed for interceptors and other evasive frigates.
* Angel Cartel Epic Mission Arc agents have been added. Aton Hordner in Egbinger, Arajna Ashia in Sendaya, Ellar Stin in Konora, and Abdiel Verat in K-QWHE.
* Guristas Epic Mission Arc agents have been added. Arment Caute in Orvolle, Atma Aulato in Obe, Yada Vinjivas in Taisy, and Kori Latamaki in H-PA29.
* It is now impossible for players to never have access to agents. Level 1 agents, up to Quality 0, will be available to all players regardless of their faction, corporation, or personal standing with the agent. This does not affect Research Agents or access to the character location service offered by some agents, they maintain their high standards.
* An exploration career path has been added to the new player experience. These missions will be available in the same stations as the older career paths (Business, Industry and Military). Here is a list of the agents giving out the new career path.
* New Exploration Career agents have been hired or conscripted as needed. Amarr - Aire Arryns, Ketandia Iosos, Raish Okarema. Caldari - Unachi Arikola, Chigas Ovoken, Rimaremi Tasanen. Gallente - Potillot Mumnier, Olarie Lacenten, Agalle Vacoloure. Minmatar - Kaker Ebalo, Wettor Fugen, Bradondar Alfalur.
* An "Advanced Warfare" career path has been added to the new player experience. These missions will be available in the same stations as the older career paths (Business, Industry, and Military).
* New Advance Warfare agents have been commissioned to teach new players. Amarr - Hadana Avyer, Navai Mosten, Kiamarian Nagakoun. Caldari - Shiokala Notaja, Ijumachi Vuonolailen, Anmon Otsi. Gallente - Ettes Alureel, Cala Baliaerdt, Gosauvel Aulbres. Minmatar - Gonakis Eraettafrin, Artgert Ardreas, Sut Bjar
* New Gallente Storyline missions, levels 1 through 4 have been introduced, reacting to the recent purchase of contested systems by Caldari megacorps.

Market & Contracts

* Removal of Freeform contracts. These types of contracts have now been completely removed from the system.

Corporation & Alliance

* Corporation, alliance and militia fleets can be registered into a fleet finder, this will allow people to look up your fleet and join it without an explicit invite from the commander. Full details are available in the blog by CCP Atlas Now, where did I put that fleet?
* There is now an "apply to join" button on a player corporation's show info page. You are no longer required to fly to the office to join a player corporation. There is also an option for a corporation to disable applications made through this button.
* Corporations and Alliances now have a Bulletin Board accessible from the Corporation Neocom window.
* Each corporation and alliance can have a maximum of 10 bulletins of up to 2000 characters each available at once.
* The role "Communications Officer" has permission to add/edit/delete bulletins for the corporation and alliance.
* The bulletins are cached for 15 minutes so if you make changes expect up to that long to pass before other people will see it.

Sound Improvements

* Voice fonts have been added to chat channels.
* Damage notification plays a warning sound whenever your shield / hull / armor drops below a certain threshold.
* Threshold for damage notification is customizable from the HUD settings.
* The jukebox now uses MP3 format for its music. Additionally, custom playlists may be specified.
* MP3 based Jukebox now supports custom play-lists in .m3u / .pls / .ram / .pink format.
* Jukebox supports folder loading.

Graphics General

* Planets and Moons in EVE have received a complete graphics overhaul. Brand new stunning graphics and high resolution textures have been added throughout New Eden.
* New racial Doomsday weapon effects have been added.

User Interface

* The UI is now flatter and squarer.
* Players can now get the repair quote on items through the right click menu, if the station they are in has a repair service.
* The location of your clone is now displayed on the character sheet under the clone grade.
* There are now wallet entries for corporation taxes perceived on mission rewards, mission bonus rewards and NPC bounties with a value of over 100.000 ISK.
* If you use a non-recurring payment method such as PLEX or ETC and have 10 days or less left on your account you will be shown an info message in the character selection screen.
* It is now possible to view the content of containers and ships remotely. Note that you can not view the contents of password locked containers.
* You can now advertise your fleet on various levels in the new fleet finder making it easier for people to join fun stuff.
* A new "Loot Logging" optional mode has been added for fleets. This works for taking from cans and wrecks as well as for salvaging and mining. Everyone in the fleet will be notified of all these events. You can then export the logs as a text file.
* The broadcasts have been revamped so that the sender now always controls which group receives the broadcast instead of it being implicit to the broadcast type.
* The Fleet and Fleet Broadcast windows have been combined in one along with the Fleet Finder. This window can be closed.
* You will now autojoin your fleet again if you connect within 2 minutes of being disconnected. You will not enter your old position within the fleet however.
* A lot of usability fixes have been made to fleets.
* You can now report players as 'ISK Spammer' from the right click menu of a character in chat. This will remove all their messages from that channel and report it to the GM's
* 'Show Info' link is now available on a pilot inviting you to chat.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

* The old EVE mail and mailing list system got replaced by a new and better one. It can be sorted by date and much more!

In Game Browser

* We have replaced the old in game browser (IGB) with a modern version based on Chromium. Full details can be found in CCP Pleognost’s blog In-Game Browser: Moondoggie’s Latest Adventures


* Intaki V - M5 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery now has some Ishukone and Mordu's NPC's flying around outside the station.
* You can now pull PLEX items out of the game and into the redeeming system so that these items can be used on the Eve-Online website.
* New warp-in points for planets are at a more scenic location than previously and will give you a better sense of scale than before. Warp-in points for moons have not changed.



* Faction and Navy ships have been revamped. For details see CCP Ytterbium’s blog Adding flavour to your faction meal . Please note that only ships who have received a change to slot layout; be they ships that are in space, in a station (either active or in the hanger), or stored in a Ship Maintenance Array structure will have their modules moved to their cargo hold. Ships that are stored in a Ship Maintenance Bay aboard a carrier will have their modules removed to the carrier's cargo hold.
* The Phoenix has a new bonus: 5% bonus to kinetic missile damage per level of Caldari Dreadnought Skill.
* The Naglfar has a new bonus: 5% bonus to Missile Launcher rate of fire per level of Minmatar Dreadnought Skill. In exchange, the Naglfar has lost its bonus to projectile rate of fire.


* Small Tractor Beam skills have been lowered to requiring Science at level 3 instead of level 4.
* Micro Auxiliary Power Core I requires that you have Energy management at level 2 to function instead of level 3.
* Amor Hardeners require you to train Hull upgrades to level 3 instead of level 4.
* Tracking computers have had their accuracy falloff bonus doubled, and the stacking penalty has been scaled up to account for this change.
* Modules can no longer be partially repaired, only ships and drones.

Weapons & Ammunition

* All projectile weapons have been rebalanced so each tier (long range/short range, small/medium/large) have more consistent attributes and the increase between each tier is more defined.
* XL turrets have had their tracking speed reduced to reduce the chance of one-shot kills.
* The Explosion Velocity attribute has been removed from bombs, since it did not have any effect.
* The Doomsday Device is now a single target weapon, only usable on ships and entities.


* Hacking has the following prerequisites: Science level 3(down from level 5), Electronics Upgrades level 3(down from level 5), Electronics level 1 (down from level 2), Engineering level 1 (down from level 2)
* Archaeology has the following prerequisites: Science level 3(down from level 5), Survey level 3 (down from level 5), Electronics level 1
* Salvaging has the following prerequisites: Mechanic level 3, Survey at level 3 and Engineering at level 1
* Cloaking has the following prerequisites Electronics level 4 ( was 5)
* High Speed Maneuvering has Navigation at level 3 and Afterburner at level 3 as its prerequisites (instead of all at level 4)
* Tactical Shield Manipulation has Engineering at level 3 as its prerequisites(instead of level 4)
* Trajectory Analysis has Gunnery at level 4 as a prerequisite (instead of 5)
* Bomb Deployment has missile bombardment at level 4 as a prerequisite (instead of level 5)
* Mining Upgrades now has Mining at level 3 as a prerequisite (instead of 4)
* Thermodynamics has Engineering at level 5, Energy Management at level 3(instead of 5) and Science at level 4
* You can no longer inject skills if they cannot be added to the end of the training queue immediately.

Starbases, Outposts and Stations

* Bookmarks can no longer be placed in starbase silos.

Character Creation and New Player Experience

* The Crash Course has been revised, eliminating places where players can get stuck without clear instructions, and also updating and clarifying the information therein.
* All browser links in the tutorials will take the player to relevant EVElopedia pages.
* In the Balancing the Books sequence you no longer get a mission with an acceleration gate without first getting a tutorial on how to use an acceleration gate.
* The amount of Veldspar required for Making Mountains of Molehills (1 of 10) has been reduced and no longer requires two trips to deliver it.
* The Runner Drone in Cashflow for Capsuleers (3 of 10) has had its speed reduced and no longer requires a Stasis Webifier to destroy it.


* NPC Corporation have an 11% tax, militia corporations do not have this tax. Full details are available in the blog by CCP Soundwave I Bring Gifts! (By Gifts I Mean Taxes, Sorry)
* The Roden Shipyard Corporation now shares policing duties with the Gallente Police in Gallente border space.
* Some cruiser NPC's that were dropping frigate wrecks now drop the correct cruiser wrecks.

Agents & Missions

* Players can now completely quit an epic arc and restart it after 3 months. Please note that some missions will send you to a previous point in the arc if you decline it or quit it, but you will be able to quit the arc completely from that point.
* Talk-to epic agents will now show as available in the station panel.
* Beacons have been added to several COSMOS agents in space, which were located at the warp-in to a planet.
* Trial accounts can no longer request missions from agents of level 3 and above.

Exploration & Deadspace

* You can now bookmark a wormhole dungeon
* The loot of several DED complexes has been rebalanced.

Science and Industry

* The Tech 2 ship component composition has been changed. Full details can be found in the blog by CCP Chronotis The streams must flow.
* Manufacture time for some construction components (armor plates and microprocessors) has been reduced.
* The volume of carbides (advanced materials) has been reduced to 0.01m3 from 0.05m3.
* The quantity of Sylramic Fibers required to produce the armor plate construction material has been reduced to 10 per unit.

Market & Contracts

* The contract wizard now remembers duration and time to complete/loan from the previous contract created.
* The maximum size of a courier package is now 981,250 m3
* You can now right click on a courier package and select "Deliver Courier Package" instead of having to find the contract.
* Input auto fill drop down boxes in the "create contract" wizard now work correctly.
* Numeric input fields in the "create contract" wizard now auto select all when they get focus

Corporation & Alliance

* Claimed systems are now shown in the alliance tab as "settled systems".
* It is now possible to set bills to be automatically paid before they are due.
* Manually paid bills are now paid from the currently active wallet-division.
* The headquarters tab has been removed.
* You can now add corp/alliances as buddies.

Graphics General

* Complete planetary graphics overhaul.
* Star field graphics have been updated.
* Camera Field of View (FOV) has been changed.

User Interface

* The channel management UI can now be opened from any channel and no longer from the Neocom.
* Ctrl+tab changed to no longer be a list, all UI can be hidden with ctrl+F9
* When opening the character sheet you will no longer see the typewriter effect in the character information - the text will be displayed instantly.
* The ship warp speed is now displayed in the Compare tool.
* The keyboard shortcut label "Open Moon Mining" has been changed to "Manage Nearest Control Tower", in order to reflect its functionality more closely.
* Corporation tax is now displayed in the wallet with a tooltip explaining the reason and tax amount.
* It is no longer possible to select multiple missions in the journal.
* System information is now visible in station. The Route information can now be toggled to be hidden or visible in space or in station.
* Removed redundant info message in some cases of shortcut editing.
* Fatal error message texts are now less panic inducing and have more helpful information.
* Button placement in the probing interface was slightly modified.
* The character selection screen now shows when the skill in training will be finished.
* The security filters in the market are now in reverse order.
* There are again zoom buttons available. They can be shown/hidden from the HUD menu.
* If you drop a character/corporation/item etc. into the chat it will now be linked to show info by default. The options text only, eve mail, and show note have been removed.
* TrackIR is no longer supported.
* The option to show position of fleet members on the solar system map was removed.
* The chat invitation dialog lets you now Show Info on the person inviting you. It also allows to accept/reject the current invitation or add the inviting person to your buddy/blocked list.
* Alliance member tab loading is now more efficient.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

* There is now an option to auto-join corp and alliance voice channels.

EVE API & Static Data Dump

* Updated Sovereignty.xml.aspx to show the corporation, which claims the system for the alliance and removed info about sovereignty levels.
* New: SovereigntyStatus.xml.aspx, which shows the status of all Territorial Control Units and Sovereignty Blockade Units.


* A trial account does not start until the person logs into EVE for the first time, not when the trial is created or activated.
* Player owned wrecks can now be marked as "available for all", which allows everybody to take from them without causing aggression.
* If a trial account does not log into the game within 14 days the account will be deleted. Applies to all trial account creation, including Buddy Program, Steam etc.
* Fleet members are no longer shown on the solar system map.


Need for Speed

* The memory consumption of the client was too high when started with audio disabled. This has now been fixed.


* Warping with Afterburner/MWD active no longer results in reduced agility when you come out of warp.
* The description of the Minmatar Tech I battleships has had its grammar and spelling fixed.
* Covert Ops ships have had their attributes fixed so that they now correctly reduce the flight time of survey probes by 10% per covert ops skill level. The description of Covert Ops ships has also been updated to reflect this.
* Trying to assemble a Tech III ship in space now displays a proper error message instead of failing silently.
* “Bridge To” menu is no longer missing on player operated Cynosural Field Generators.
* The Anathema now has a missile certificate recommendation rather than a laser one.
* Titans will now launch sentry drones and cans within 1250m to make it easier to retrieve them after use.
* The descriptions of Covert Ops are now easier to read, as superfluous line breaks were removed.
* The model of Tech 3 ships changes now correctly when switching a subsystem.
* The Orca no longer applies wrong math when calculating the volume of items it is containing.


* Ballistic Control Units now correctly apply their bonuses to missile damage.
* The volume of the "'Peace Large Remote Armor Repair System I" has been changed to 50m3 to match the other variations of this module.
* Ships fitted with two Warp Disruption Field Generators could not activate the module after the second one had been unfitted. This has now been fixed.
* Remote ECM burst modules now has a chance of affecting the target ship.
* The description of the Tactical Targeting Network subsystem for the Loki has been corrected to remove the reference to signature radius bonus.
* Tech III ships equipped with an Interdiction Nullifier subsystem will no longer be stopped from warping by warp disrupt probes or warp disruption field generators.
* Covert Jump Portal Generator can now bridge to Cynosural Generator Array
* The Induced Signal Distortion Amplifier I now also provides a gravimetric strength bonus to ECM modules.
* Removed unused stats from the show info of Damage Control Units.
* Adapted the description of Freedom Fighters, they are banned now from Caldari State (but not outlawed).
* Improved the error message, when trying to use too many modules like Drone Control Units.
* The mass attribute is now shown only once in the loaded crystals show info window.
* Module Timers will no longer get out of sync with the module after many module cycles.
* The description of the Remote ECM Burst I module and skill was improved.
* An error with the texture of mining modules has been fixed.
* The Loki Defensive - Amplification Node had its description changed to actually match the bonus.
* Syndicate Cloaking Device now has an 18 second targeting delay, a 30% scan resolution penalty and requires 75 CPU.
* Black Eagle Drone Link Augmentor now gives a 26km bonus to drone range.
* Sansha Modified 'Gnome' Implant now gives a 3% bonus to shield capacity and a 3% bonus to shield recharge rate.
* Imperial Navy Modified 'Noble' Implant now gives a 3% bonus to armor hit points and a 3% bonus to repair systems repair amount.
* Various Proteus engineering subsystems had their descriptions updated to reflect their bonuses.


* The reference to capital ship modules has been removed from the description of a number of small and medium sized rigs.

Weapons & Ammunition

* Hail T2 ammo description now mentions the tracking speed penalty and the rage and capacitor penalties. This applies for all charge sizes of this ammo.
* Tracking links now have an accuracy falloff modifier.
* Moving ammunition from a weapon to a corporation hangar no longer causes all ammunition of the same type to also be removed from your cargo hold.
* Offlining a module without charges in space no longer loads the module with the charges present in the cargo hold.
* A more detailed message is now displayed when trying to unload a weapon group when your cargo is full.
* You will no longer be able to partially unload weapon groups.
* Grouped lasers will now reload used crystals instead of unused ones when being reloaded with a previously used type of crystal.
* It is no longer possible to create unusable weapon groups.
* Added a confirmation window, when clearing weapon groups.
* Grouped weapons are not unloading any longer, when trying to unload POS weapons.
* Modules blink when loading ammo through fitting window.


* Drones would sometimes refuse to attack certain structures; they've been given a stern talking-to and will now obey orders with more diligence.
* Carriers boarded in space or from a Ship Maintenance Array will now allow more than 5 drones or fighters to be launched.
* Fighter drones will respond faster to return commands, instead of idling around the space coffee machine.


* Transferring a character with skill in training will no longer cause the "completion imminent" glitch until server reboot.
* A typo in the description of the "Cloaking" skill has been fixed.

Starbases, Outposts and Stations

* In some instances, attack notification EVE-mails were not sent when a starbase was under attacked, this has now been fixed.
* Jump Portal Generators and Covert Jump Portal Generators now detail the use of isotopes to fuel the portal jumps by fleet members.
* An issue where the fuel usage for onlining an Experimental Laboratory Module was incorrectly calculated has been fixed.
* It is no longer possible to open a corporate hangar array outside of its access range (3km).
* Titans will no longer bump into cynosural generator arrays, when jumping to it.
* Blueprint research in mobile laboratories will now correctly start again when the laboratory comes online, after it was offline for some time.
* Remote research and remote manufacturing jobs can now be installed even when the system is not loaded.
* The structure hit points are now visible in the show info attributes.
* It is no longer impossible to manufacture combat recons with a specific upgrade for the Amarr Factory Outpost.

Boosters and Implants

* Nugoehuvi Synth Blue Pill now has a duration of 33 minutes.
* The progression of attributes in the low grade Snake implant set has been corrected to be in line with similar implant sets.
* The Synth booster blueprints are no longer marked as contraband items.
* The bonus for consuming Strong Crash Booster will now be displayed in the client as soon as the booster is consumed.
* The penalties of Standard Mindflood Boosters have been adapted to match the penalties of other variants
* The booster countdown timer is updated correctly after re-logging.
* Sooth Sayer boosters now list the correct shield penalty in their information, and also now apply it properly.

Character Creation and New Player Experience

* Typographical errors have been fixed in the tooltips for the buttons in Character Creation.
* All of the tutorials have been reviewed for grammatical and spelling errors.


* A grammatical error in the description for The Syndicate has been fixed.
* Jamyl Sarum is now listed as CEO of the Emperor Family corporation.
* Small, Medium and Large Standard laser crystals will now drop from NPCs

Agents & Missions

* Agent Estre Ignoure will now offer the mission "Opening Moves".
* The Wiyrkomi Operation (5 of 6) drop-off location has been corrected and will now display as intended in the mission objectives.
* Removing a storyline offer from the journal will clear the agent memory so the next offer comes from the same agent.
* Declining an initial epic arc mission now removes the offer from the journal. Talking to the agent again will offer the same mission, declining that again will cause the character to lose standings.
* Warning is now displayed when declining an epic arc mission with a quit line.
* Fixed typo in the right click menu for "Save the Miners" mission.
* The agent conversation window now updates when declining the agent's only mission.
* Tutorial missions can now be given to players with sec rating < 0.0 in 1.0 systems.
* Fixed an exception to do with checking mission objectives when having no active ship.
* It is no longer possible to request another mission from a research agent immediately after declining a mission.
* It is no longer possible to suppress warnings about too much cargo in an agent mission, when selecting "no".
* All existent Epic Arcs, Blood Stained Stars, Penumbra, Right to Rule, Syndication, and Wilfire, will now provide faction standing bonuses associated with the chosen ending upon completion.
* In the Caldari Epic Arc "Penumbra", the mission "Across the Line" will require that you return what you have stolen to Arikio Kuretsu.
* Mordu's Folly (2 of 2) now allows Black Ops ships to use the Acceleration Gate.
* In "Mordu's Folly (2/2)," the sequence of spawns has been changed to make it more in line with its intended difficulty level.
* Hidden Treasure 3 of 4: Corrected Mission Accepted text to refer to correct static site.
* Diplomatic Incident: Mission Briefing altered; no longer tells players to not collect the required prisoners.
* Improved mission reward for Mining Misappropriation.
* In the Minmatar Epic Arc "Wildfire", the mission "Who Art in Heaven" now states the correct destination in both the mission text and objective.
* Declining Factional Warfare missions more often than once every 4 hours will now (once again) incur a standings loss, as with all other type of agent missions.
* Lots of minor text edits in old missions: fixing spelling errors, punctuation issues, grammar & syntax, etc.

Exploration & Deadspace

* While holding down left and right mouse buttons and shift will no longer cause all the spheres to resize when you move the probes.
* After you have probed down a cosmic signature to 100% strength, it is now possible to warp to it with less than 3 probes without throwing an exception.
* You can view the adjacent systems through show in the info of a normal space solar system while you are in wormhole space.
* After leaving wormholes space you can now see all the world information again.
* Wormhole asteroid sites will now despawn correctly after all the asteroids have been completely mined.
* Expeditions no longer disappear when being escalated to Jita.
* Asteroids in gravimetric plexes in Wormhole space are not disappearing any longer at warp-in.
* Warp to location is no longer available for expeditions, when you are already at that location.
* Recalling probes will no longer overload your cargo.
* Colliding with large collideable structures in deadspace dungeons, while they are exploding, will no longer cause a desync of the position of your ship.
* An issue when players tried to jump through a wormhole that was about to collapse has been fixed.
* Fountain of Youth Escalation had some typos corrected.
* 36 gravimetric sites have been renamed to be more RP-friendly. For example "Exploration - Large - Arkonor, Bistot" has become "Large Arkonor and Bistot Deposit"
* Various NPC names have been renamed to be more RP-friendly. For example the "Pith_Defender_Battleship" was renamed to "Pith Defender".
* Contested Caldari Lai Dai Refinery had its structures updated so they no longer overlap with each other at dungeon location.
* Roden Shipyards Manufacting Centre had some typos corrected.
* Many old deadspace sites, both for missions and Cosmos sites, have been modified to improve appearance and reduce lag.
* Fixed an issue in "Recon (3/3)"
* Contested Kazka Headquarters’ acceleration Gate now allows all cruiser sized vessels.
* Some cruiser NPC's that were dropping frigate wrecks now are now dropping cruiser wrecks.

Science and Industry

* When requesting quotes on a trashed blueprint the system will show a pop up message.
* A canceled job is no longer updated under delivered job.
* When you filter for copies or originals the dialog will show the correct number of blueprints in an installation of that type.
* Details of a job are updated when selection is done through the keyboard.
* When installing a job, the range and location selections will be saved after closing the window.
* The grammar and spelling in the Bill of Materials tab on blueprints has been corrected.
* The required materials of some of the FoF missiles have been changed to match their guided counterparts for consistency.
* The "getting quotes" bar closes correctly as soon as the "Accept Quote?" screen appears and no wrong confirmation message is shown.

Market & Contracts

* While using contracts blueprints will show whether they are an original or a copy.
* The location of a contract will now show the correct station type and not always an Amarr station.
* Several typographical errors in the contract UI have been fixed.
* Improved the wording of the filter options.
* Faction cap boosters can now be traded on the market.
* There is now an error message shown when you try to bid on a contract that was bought by someone else meanwhile.
* An issue with the volume display of contracts has been fixed.
* The contracts start page now refreshes with the correct amount of contracts left after issuing a new contract.
* The contracts window will stay in focus after an unsuccessful contract creation.
* The amount of contracts a character in a NPC corporation can make is now displayed correctly.
* Fitted items are now shown in-line with their parent container in a contract with multiple items.

Corporation & Alliance

* When you have the 'save password' option and after entering the wrong password 3 times, you can try again.
* The typo in a war declaration email has been fixed.
* Fixed an issue where assigning multiple titles with roles could result in assigning the wrong roles.
* Roles and grantable roles have now their correct separate tool tips in the corporation management interface.
* Fixed a floating point error in corporation dividend payments.
* The dividend payments are no longer restricted to 2,147,483,64 ISK.
* Corp votes to expel shareholders will now work correctly.
* The wallet now lists the correct details in the journal for the corporation payment of advertising bills.
* The confirmation windows for recruitment advertisements work correctly now and do not accept the "Do not ask me again" check box, when selecting "no".
* It is now possible to start a vote to unlock a blueprint when it has been impounded.
* Impounded items can now be retrieved even if the corporation wallet was empty on the first attempt.
* Auditing window, refresh button will now behave as expected.
* Wallet division naming rules, minimum length, can no longer be bypassed.
* Sorting member list by last online column is now more logical.
* It's no longer possible to sanction a war dec vote when your corporation is in an alliance.

Graphics General

* In certain cases, an activated Focused Warp Disruption script would display a warp disruption sphere graphical effect, this has now been fixed.
* Ejecting from a ship will no longer leave your capsule inside the ship model.
* Fixed Billboards displaying incorrect advertising.
* Fixed sorting issues on particular Minmatar stations.
* Fixed Animation issues on towers.
* New Eden gate effect updated.
* Megapulse laser effect updated.
* Fixed a minor bug in the character portrait creation section. The portrait will no longer reposition itself when repeating gender selection.
* Fixed a minor bug in the character portrait creation section. The portrait will no longer reposition itself when repeating ancestry selection.
* Platforms now explode in a decent manner making their destruction worth your time.
* Citadel torpedoes have their explosion and sound effect back.

User Interface

* The Invention interface is now identified correctly on the quote screen, quantity is displayed correctly and the interface is not consumed when a job is started.
* System Map no longer locks up after changing the color of the text of a note in notepad while the solar system map is open.
* Animation tab updates instantly when auto frame selection is checked or unchecked in the map control panel.
* Ancient Relics will now display in the blueprints window when picking an ancient relic
* "Welcome to EvE" message displays the correct trial length when logging in for the first time.
* The flatten map option has been grayed out in the system map version since it was not a functional option in this view.
* The tooltip for the wallet in the Neocom will now display the correct balance after a transaction.
* Resizing a trade window with a large number of items in it will be faster now.
* You can no longer create more than 5 tabs when importing an overview XML file.
* People who really fail at PvP can now navigate through their loss mails beyond the first page.
* A starbase un-anchoring warning message was getting suppressed even if the player clicked "No" in the confirmation dialogue, now it will only get suppressed if "Yes" is clicked in the confirmation dialogue.
* The mission details window will no longer expand every minute if stacked with a collapsed window.
* The error message displayed when trying to install a reverse engineering job without decryptors is now more specific and actually mentions the reason why the job cannot be installed - the lack of decryptors, doh!
* The time multiplier for the Science skill when copying a blueprint will now be displayed correctly in the confirmation window.
* The error message that appears when trying to install a research job with insufficient materials now also mentions research, not just manufacturing.
* The training time of a skill added to the training queue will now be displayed correctly when the training queue is paused.
* You can now switch between the Simple and Advanced mode in the item buy window without having to reselect the station if the selected station is not selling the item.
* The Back button now works as intended in the in game browser when viewing Knowledge Base articles.
* Dragging and dropping non-module items onto empty slots in the fitting window will now fail gracefully with an explanatory message.
* When loading a weapon with ammo in space through the fitting window, the weapon button in the module overlay will now blink.
* In certain circumstances, modules and rigs did not show in the fitting window for ships with a corporate hangar - this has now been fixed.
* Civilian modules will no longer flash white after being repaired in space.
* The ESC menu will now close when the user clicks in the "About Eve" page.
* The "Deliver To" right click menu option has been removed from Corporate Hangar Arrays, as it did not have any functionality.
* We fixed an issue where the Ships hangar was displayed as a blank window when it was merged into the station panel and the character failed to perform a clone jump.
* Starbase structures now have corporation colour tags applied to them, so they will now be displayed correctly in the overview when the corporation is not in an alliance.
* Skill history was not always correctly updated in the character sheet when the character was podded with a clone too small, this has been fixed.
* Agents in space now display the solar system name in the Location field in their Show Info window.
* The mission briefing window now correctly updates with the objective status.
* The Show Info icon appears now in the agent window that pops up in a remote agent conversation.
* The player choices are now correctly updated when the player makes a selection in an agent interaction mission.
* Agent Conversation windows that contain a Talk-To mission close automatically as soon as the player begins a conversation with the target agent.
* Expeditions tab in the journal no longer hangs if a referenced dungeon is disabled on the server.
* Journal content will now always be displayed under the correct tab.
* Got rid of a memory leak when closing UI windows.
* "Deliver to" option is now present in the right click menu in the deliveries tab under corporation assets.
* The context menu in the info window updates correctly now.
* When accepting an LP store offer there is now only one confirmation window, even when double-clicking.
* It is no longer possible to save bookmarks without a proper title.
* When trying to split stacks (shift drag) and setting the value to 0, the stack does not split.
* Dropping a bookmark voucher onto any bookmark in the people and places bookmark list adds it to the list properly.
* Trying to create a bookmark voucher in an invalid location (Trade window, Corp hangar) now gives a proper error message.
* The star of a system can now be added to the overview.
* An error message will be shown, when trying to export ship fittings without specifying a filename.
* A typo in the info message "Flying Between Hangars" was fixed.
* Last online column in the members section will now calculate from log off instead of log in.
* Holding down CTRL and minimizing the client will no longer cause overview glitches.
* Market window scroll bar was misbehaving in some very narrow circumstances, this has now been fixed.
* Tech level indicators on module icons in the variations window will no longer be displaced when the window is resized.
* Agent mission briefing windows will no longer get their formatting garbled when minimized.
* Agent conversation window now correctly shows information when pinned upon opening.
* Warning message for "Do you really want to remove all modules from your ship?" in Fitting window now behaves correctly with the "Do not ask me again" option.
* Warning message for "Do you really want to delete this folder and all of its contents?" in People and Places window now behaves correctly with the "Do not ask me again" option.
* Warning message for "Do you want to apply these changes?" in Training queue window now behaves correctly with the "Do not ask me again" option.
* Capital navigation window now properly shows systems within range.
* Opening the reprocessing window via context menu no longer disables the reprocess button.
* Tutorial UI pointers could be made to disappear or lose text when changing client resolution or opening a new client, this will no longer happen.
* Tutorial pointers will no longer be overlapped by other UI elements.
* Skill book icons will no longer hang around on screen when the training queue is being updated.
* Skills in the training queue will no longer remain after being removed, this happened under rather narrow circumstances.
* Right clicking an entry in market search results no longer acts as a left click too.
* Drop down selection boxes now close when tab key is pressed and focus moves to another field.
* Tutorial conditions can no longer be bypassed by using keyboard commands to navigate the tutorial.
* Fitting management window no longer allows opening of subgroup windows.
* Resetting UI settings now affects the "Automatically refresh market data" option correctly.
* Character bio now correctly counts new line as a character towards the limit enforced on the server side.
* The EVEmail you get on insuring a ship had some formatting errors.
* Mail sent to the Corp members from Concord on untimely death of a corp member contained some formatting errors.
* Propose vote window now allows tabbing between fields.
* Switching between list and detail views in a direct trade window with multiple items in it no longer produces UI glitches.
* Text on the left side of the reprocessing window now adjusts properly when the window is resized.
* The fitting manager now prompts the normal 'rig warning' message when fitting a rig from a saved fitting.
* Moving saved fittings between corp and personal before using them will now be a smoother more productive experience.
* Chat channel text is now properly refreshed when channel member list is hidden or displayed.
* Opening a show info window in an existing window stack now correctly shifts focus to the correct tab.
* Bounty office window no longer executes a frivolous search every time you switch to the 'Place bounty' tab.
* The small white triangle that shows sorting order on columns will no longer disappear when tabs are switched.
* Wormhole descriptions had some formatting issues that have now been fixed.
* Using ctrl+a in the overview filter settings will no longer de-select all types.
* Export overview setting window can now be minimized.
* Fixed a rounding error in the capital navigation panel.
* Fixed an issue where the Tech II or III icon would not move with the item correctly.
* Fixed an incorrect skill status display on the character selection page.
* Fixed a minor graphics bug in the fittings screen.
* Broadcast tooltip will now display correct EVE time.
* The Capital Navigation window will now load systems within range much faster.
* Trying to assemble containers from the assets menu is no longer possible.
* The hangar access tooltip now displays roles correctly.
* Clicking the rate button on a closed petition now opens the petition with the rate tab being active.
* Now all tabs of a show info window are loaded correctly if it is stacked with other windows.
* A stacked POS management window now gets closed correctly on warping away from the POS.
* The warning message when breaking a courier package now refers to contracts instead of missions.
* Multiple characters and agents can now be added/removed to/from the address book at once.
* Certificate window now has the correct context menu.
* Minor fixes to the fitting screen context menu.
* An exception is no longer thrown when clone jumping with the medical window open.
* Fixed a minor display issue with the display of bans in chat channels.
* Exception is no longer thrown when right-clicking windows when the cursor is used to re-size it.
* Player is now notified when trying to submit an empty search in the fitting manager.
* Entries in the saved fittings now have the 'view market details' context menu entry.
* The tooltip on the buddy portrait is now easier to read.
* The "Create new petition" window now retains the correct size.
* Fixed minor functionality issues with how the redeem items window maximized and minimized itself.
* Fixed a minor error in the 'insufficient funds to place sell order' message.
* Column sorting, with condensed mode on, no longer causes the combat log to behave incorrectly.
* Fixed a minor problem with opening the EVElopedia in the tutorial.
* It is no longer possible to attempt to target stargates from within stations.
* Insurance mails no longer get misaligned text when the window is re-sized.
* Pressing Tab to hide all windows no longer causes scrolling problems in the chat window.
* Corrected a small error in the 'expel corp member' dialog windows.
* There is no longer an exception thrown when navigating through the epic journal with your arrow keys.
* It is no longer possible to select multiple context menu options in channels and mailing lists at once.
* Fixed a minor issue with the naming of Corporation Divisions.
* Fixed a minor display issue when adding a new buddy.
* Fixed the notepad window so you can now re-size the notepad title area when stacked with another window.
* The fitting management window no longer shows erroneous options in the context menu.
* The rating tab now only becomes visible after a petition is put into the closed state.
* Toggle full list now behaves correctly in the Science and Industry tab.
* Fixed a minor issue with the "Find members in Role" function.
* Broadcasting target no longer makes the overview column for icons unmanageable.
* The security status icon for your current location now always displays properly in the star and solar system maps.
* You are now able to remove multiple items from the compare tool with a single remove command.
* Fixed a minor issue with saving fittings with a blank title.
* The Ctrl+W command will now work correctly on the preview window.
* The search button is no longer hidden when re-sizing the assets window to minimum size.
* Fixed a small issue with partition lines in the assets window.
* Fixed a typo in the repair quote window.
* Improved performance of the reprocess window considerably.
* When forming a fleet, the wallet entry for the CSPA charge will now display the relevant character name.
* The compare button will now behave correctly when minimized.
* The auto completion list in the “create your appearance” screen will now behave correctly.
* Create appearance, the console settings are now retained if we switch between male and female after making a particular setting.
* Fixed issues with minimized windows and text cutoff in the German language version.
* The Reset All function in the compare tool window will now behave correctly.
* Notifications concerning insufficient available powergrid will now display two decimal places.
* Small fixes to the multiple selection functionality of the shortcuts section.
* Fixed a minor issue where the display for skill training time could become obscured if the character sheet window is re-sized to a narrow width.
* Characters with exactly -5.0 security status are now properly displayed as yellow in the UI.
* The tutorial window can now be hidden with Ctrl+Tab, like normal windows.
* When you try to give two divisions the same or no name a proper error message is shown.
* An exception no longer occurs with certain Ctrl+Tab focus switching on multiple windows.
* The reset all overview settings function now no longer throws an exception and is working correctly.
* An exception is no longer thrown when opening or resizing the reprocessing plant window from station services.
* Window color settings do not become lost on trashing character creation settings or creating a new character.
* The arrow for multiple tabs now appears correctly, even with a very large number of tabs in the same window.
* The map context menu for Tanoo now displays correctly.
* The ship context menu for contracts no longer displays the "Board ship" and "Add/Remove from overview" options if viewed while in space.
* The fitting management window now maximizes correctly.
* Text in the LP store is no longer clipped.
* The alliance member list is now updated upon creation of the alliance.
* Fixed a display issue with switching tabs in detached Buddylist windows.
* An exception no longer occurs if the Esc menu is closed in a certain way.
* The ship configuration menu can now only be opened if the ship you are in has actually something to configure.
* Made some small tweaks to the headers of telecom message windows.
* Dropdown menus now close properly when tabbing away from them.
* Only one instance of the log off window can now be open at any time.
* Only one instance of the 'quit' window can now be open at any time.
* Jump drive isotopes no longer inherit the name of the active ship if viewed from the ship information window.
* The Corp Hangar button is no longer displayed for characters in NPC corps.
* The wallet button now blinks on transaction change if you have that setting on in the settings tab. Wallet tabs also blink like they should now, as well as in corporation applications.
* Minimized windows will now reset to their default position correctly.
* An error with the color theme selection in the ESC menu was fixed.
* Some combo boxes in the ESC menu did not change on selecting an entry via Enter. They do now.
* A warning message in the wallet has been placed at a better place. You also can now only select one entity to give money to.
* If you tried to change overview filters while the overview settings were closed an exception would be thrown. This no longer happens.
* Fixed an exception when extending the corp hangar division from the corp assets while the corp window was closed.
* Fixed an exception when switching tabs in the market before the details had been loaded.
* The militia window is no longer closed when jumping through a stargate.
* Single line edits are no longer just partially highlighted.
* The text in the career agent window is no longer truncated after resetting the window settings.
* If you click on a link in the MOTD of channels while editing it the page no longer opens in the MOTD dialog.
* Some windows have been showing the wrong knowledgebase articles. They now show the correct ones.
* The option 'to hangar and refine' for ore is back at all convenient places and removed from the useless ones.
* An issue where the skill queue would show the wrong training time has been fixed.
* Unnecessary options from the medical window's context menu have been removed.
* Online status of buddies/blocked people will now updated correct in chat channels and People and Places.
* The T2 and T3 labels no longer move on resizing the show info or market window.
* The 'Add Bounty' option on characters is now only shown in stations that have the bounty service.
* There is no longer an exception thrown on dropping a module on the capacitor in the fitting screen.
* A display issue with the access levels of corp hangars of ships has been fixed.
* There was an exception thrown when expanding the agent’s entry in People and Place while they were being deleted. It is no longer thrown.
* Hangar permissions for capital ship hangars will now display correctly when docked.
* You can now pay multiple bills by selecting all bills (Ctrl+A), right click on any one of them and then select pay bill from right click menu.
* An exception is no longer thrown when trying to transfer an invalid amount of money to a character.
* The tutorial list can now be opened again properly with a shortcut.
* The message to select at least one entry while searching for wars is no longer displayed across the search results.
* The militia window no longer throws and exception if it is open and you undock.
* Edit fields in forms no longer share the same history.
* The system information is no longer shown on top of a window when you login with that window on top of the system information.
* If you create a corp or alliance with space as the 1st letter it will no longer suggest a blank ticker.
* Starting a search in the assets via enter key with the minimum quantity now brings up a result.
* An issue where the UI thought the volume settings are something other than they actually are has been fixed.
* The items filter is no longer ignoring things with only capital letters for a name. CCP CAPSLOCK approves.
* When the volume is changed in the jukebox the ESC menu now has the same value.
* The wallet stops flashing even when you open it via short cut.
* An exception is no longer thrown when trying to save a fitting into an illegal file name.
* The 'My Fleet members in space' on the star map is now working reliably.
* You can now assign key from the Num pad to shortcuts. Shortcut cannot include Shift.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

* Portraits are rendered correctly, when being dragged out of a chat channel.
* The termination of Vivox sessions is now handled in a better way.
* A case where the echo test would not restart has been fixed.

CONCORD and Kill Mails

* Aggression timers will now be updated, when undocking. There will be a warning message, when trying to undock with an active aggression timer in high security space.
* There will be no longer a security status penalty for podkilling when only shooting at drones, which belong to the player, but not at the pod itself.
* A case of unintentional container theft has been fixed.
* Standing penalties for smuggling are now labeled correctly in the standing transactions.

Macintosh Client

* The warp tunnel effect now displaying correctly
* Several EVE Voice related issues have been resolved
* Various keyboard-related issues have been resolved
* Two memory leaks have been found and fixed which should improve stability and performance around alt-tabing
* Blurred market graph resolved

Localized Clients

* Translation is updated for the Endless Battle (1 of 2) mission in the Russian client.
* The mission completion options appear properly in the Russian client when in a fleet.
* Several incorrect translations in the Russian client have been improved.
* Increased the size of text boxes in the asset search window to avoid overlapped text in the Russian client.
* Fitted charges will now be translated. Previously it was always displayed in English.
* Fixed a string being cut off in the German directional scanner window.
* Several options in the configuration menu of containers got translated.
* An exception has been fixed when broadcasting targets with a Russian client.

EVE API and Static Data Dump

* The unit IDs of some attributes in the data dump has been corrected to be milliseconds instead of seconds.
* The attribute explosionRadius has been removed from missiles as it was obsolete. This will make data dump enthusiasts happy.


* Some gates were missing their sounds. They have been returned to them.
* "School of Applied Knowledge" station located in Aokannitoh solar system shows the right name
* Wallet shows the correct capitalization
* Map no longer gets stuck on initializing map after selecting zoom to auto and opening the map
* The star map will correctly show whether a militia service is located in a station
* Access denied message has had a grammatical error removed
* Fixed issues in 36 systems where the warp-in point for an asteroid belt was over 100km away from the asteroids.
* Fixed an issue where a character restored after deletion that made the character's show info window break.
* An exception was sometimes thrown when spam clicking the "Reset" button in the decoration creation window, this has now been fixed.
* The info message that appears when trying to place items into a container not belonging to your corporation has been corrected.
* An exception was being thrown when selecting the wrecks in the "Cashflow for Capsuleers (7 of 10)" mission, this has been fixed.
* The prefixes for some Amarr Navy and Gallente Navy modules and entities have been changed to "Imperial Navy" and "Federation Navy" to fix consistency issues.
* An exception is no longer thrown when closing the in game browser window after resizing it.
* An exception was thrown when relinquishing control of a starbase battery while having a target locked, this has been now fixed.
* Grammar fix in the description for Gallentean Planetary Vehicles.
* Typo fix in the description for "Captain Kali Midez".
* Fixed typo in the notify message when try to fit subsystem in space using ship maintenance array fitting service.
* Fixed typo in the tooltip for Linked Biochemical Reactor Array.
* Removed references to
* Several GM Tools have been fixed or improved in order for our Customer Support Team to help you much more easily.
* Several Tools against ISK spammers were improved.
* A problem with attaching files with unicode characters to petitions has been fixed.
* The "Amarr Industrial - Engineer" certificate now requires the "Amarr Industrial" skill.
* Changed some requirements for Starter Profession certificates to improve consistency.
* The description of Jaspet now mentions that it contains Zydrine.
* The clone upgrade will now be lost in all cases, when being podkilled.
* A typo in the description of the "Battleship Projectile Turrets - Standard" certificate was removed.
* Exception is no longer thrown on setting access password or build password on Amarr Factory Outpost Platform.
* Solarsystem has been changed to 'solar system' in various messages.


* Several exploit issues have been fixed, making EVE a better world to live in for us all.
A l'exception des gros trucs majeurs qui ont été déjà débatus (epics pirates, souveraineté, changements sur les super caps, les vsx Navy et pirate, refonte graphique des planètes, etc, je note :

- Les 2 agents carrière suppléméntaire : Exploration et Advanced Military. Ou plutot, militaire PvP.
- Les agents Lvl1 Q0 donnent des missions à n'importe qui quelques soit sont standing.
- retrait des contrats freeform. C'était bien pratique mais ca a été pourri par les scammeurs
- le fleet finder qui va regrouper dans la même fenêtre le broadcast et la fenêtre de flotte (pas certain que ca soit une bonne chose concernant le broadcast.
- l'auto join dans sa flotte en cas de déconnexion de moins de 2 minutes.
- une chtite alarme sonore quand le shield/armor/structure descend trop bas
- le revamp du juke box qui accepte les playlist perso.
- vision des containers et soutes de vaisseau à distance dans l'asset
- le log des lots/salvages/minage en flotte auquel on a déjà fait allusion
- Right clic "Isk Spammer" = report aux GM et ajouté à la liste d'indésirable. Ou comment rendre silencieux le local de Jita
- Le nouveau systeme d'Evemails et du Browzer bien sûr
- Apparemment les point de warp in vers les planètes ont été rapprochés. /quote : at a more scenic location than previously and will give you a better sense of scale than before /q
- Le Naglfar perd son bonus Projectiles pour un bonus 5% Launcher ROF WTF ??
- Doublement du bonus au fallof des Tracing Computers mais ajustement des malus de stacking en conséquence (Je serait curieux de savoir ce qu'ils veulent dire pas là : les TC n'étaient pas soumis au stacking avant ou ils ont maintenant une table de stacking spécifique ?)
- Revamp des projos dont qu'on avait déjà évoqué : Les Artilleries, gagnent les puissance d'arrêt mais perdent en ROF. Le DPS est inchanger, c'est juste l'Alph qui redeviens interessant.
- plein des skills qui demandaient des skills lvl 5 deviennt plus accessible dont hackin, Archeology, Cloacking, Thermodynamics, etc...
- Taxe de 11% dans les corps NPC.
- Ajustement des composants pour la construction de T2.
- Payement automatique des factures (bills).
- Possibilité de marquer ses wreck en "free for all".

Ca, c'était juste pour la partie nouveautés.
La partie correction de bugs, on verra plus tard.

Moi qui suis nouveau a Eve (1M200 SP), je suis bien content qu'ils ajoutent l'agent de carriere exploration! Car même en ayant lu le post sur JoL qui en parle ça reste encore méga obscure!

Après pour le reste... Je laisse aux anciens le soin de débattre du fondement des changements!
woot, ste patch note monstrueuse.

ha et heu, j'ai bien comprit se que j'ai comprit? meme en corp npc on se fais taxe now? on peu pu faire son gros carebear en corp npc?
"Map no longer gets stuck on initializing map after selecting zoom to auto and opening the map" Ah ca c'est pas dommage. Rien qu'aujourd'hui trois relog à cause de ca.

Sinon, cool le son des shields/armor/hull qui franchissent un cap, avec réglage manuel de ce cap. Faut voir quel son ca sort, mais ca peut etre bien maniable, j'aime bien.

Et sinon, pour les tracking computer, ils voient le falloff doublé, mais de mémoire, ils fournissent pas du tout de falloff. a voir donc.

Les agents lvl 1 Q 0 ca peut etre cool pour se racheter une conduite chez les piwates. Car avant, c'était juste totalement impossible de remonter guristas/sansha/blood. Ca sera pas simple à grand coups de 1Q0, mais au moins ce sera envisageable.

Et plein de petites bonnes choses finalement.

Et +1 vygo : fiouuu je crois qu'ils ont battu leur record de longueur de patch note.
Citation :
Publié par vabroi
Les agents lvl 1 Q 0 ca peut etre cool pour se racheter une conduite chez les piwates. Car avant, c'était juste totalement impossible de remonter guristas/sansha/blood. Ca sera pas simple à grand coups de 1Q0, mais au moins ce sera envisageable.
Apparemment avec les epic arcs faction pirate tu pourras remonter d'un seul coup ton standing de -10 à un truc acceptable.
Y en aura que deux pour l'instant mais ils ont prévus de tous les faire 'soon'.
Citation :
Publié par Rhum
Apparemment avec les epic arcs faction pirate tu pourras remonter d'un seul coup ton standing de -10 à un truc acceptable.
Y en aura que deux pour l'instant mais ils ont prévus de tous les faire 'soon'.
Ce n'est pas comme ca que j'avais compris les choses. Puisque pour moi les epic nécessitent de base de bons standings. Si tu as un tit lien sur l'affaire, je ne suis pas contre
Pour chaque epic arc pirate, tu as 3 agents de départ, un de la faction pirate, et les deux autres sont des factions empire correspondantes.

Par ex, pour l'epic arc angel, il faut que tu ait au choix, un standing de 4.35 avec domination ou angel cartel, avec l'imperial navy ou avec l'empire amarr, avec la republic security service, ou la république matar.

Donc, pas besoin d'avoir un bon standing avec les pirates.

D'ailleurs j'ai testé cet aprem sur sisi, a condition de pas se faire ganker trop de fois c'est vraiment un bon plan, plus de 250M pour 10 missions lv3, qui sont a peine difficile comme des lv2.
Citation :
- vision des containers et soutes de vaisseau à distance dans l'asset
Halalala quand je vois tous les guetteur aux gate qui attendent que de taper dans le tas !
C'est n'imp ! Vivement que je me barre en 0.0.
j'aime bien les skill + accessibles avec l'explo, les stealth bobmer, thermodynamic , le cloaking.
parcontre j'ai pas compris pourquoi ils enlevaient la possibilité d'inject skill sans train immédiatement.

faut aussi parler du nouveau browser avec base "chrome", pas mal de sites semblent accessibles ig rapidement maintenant peut etre meme jol ou vos propres sites corp !

pour la taxe anti-solo, je vois pas trop l'intéret pur, si ce n'est de repérer les vrais noob en quete de corp, ou les scammer/spammer
car le type qui veut carebear peux toujours creer/etre dans une corp +ou- fictive et en creer une autre au moindre probleme genre wardec.
Les ship navy et le 0% tax en fw pourra peut etr esucciter des vocations.

pour les contaienr ca pourra permettre de reperer un pirate pour les carebear, ou de faciliter le camping de gate/station et de warp dessus apres

Pour les agents je n'ose comprendre, si on a un standing négatif genre -6 amarr (modifié), yaura au moins 1 agent lvl1 de qual négative qui me parlera et je pourrais remotner les tanding aisment ?
Du coup les agents nous adressent la parole même si on a endessous de -2 de standing ?
Citation :
Publié par Greldi
pour les contaienr ca pourra permettre de reperer un pirate pour les carebear, ou de faciliter le camping de gate/station et de warp dessus apres
de quoi tu causes ?

Si non, oui, un carebear pourra toujours créer des corps anti-wardecs. Mais ca coute un peu à chaque fois. Pas grand chose, mais ca permet d'éviter la protection totalement gratuite offerte par les corps NPC. Faut pas chercher plus loin, ca n'est là que pour cette raison.
Pour les épics, comme cela a été dit: deux factions: Angel et Guristas.

Afin que cela soit accessible à tous, 4 agents seront disponibles pour commencer l'épic arc et ces 4 agents correspondent à des factions importantes dans EvE.

Ainsi, pour le cas des Guristas Pirates, 1 agent issu de la Federal Intelligence Office de la faction Gallente Federation, 1 agent issu de Ytiri de la faction Caldari State, et deux agents Guristas Corporation de la faction Guristas.
Chacun est localisé à un endroit particulier lié au 0.0:
le galleux: sur Orvolle
le calda: sur obe je crois
les gugu: un sur Taisy et un autre sur H-PA ds Venal.

Ces agents sont lvl 4 qualité 7, soit 4.35 de standing corporation pour y avoir accès ( minimum 4.35 soit faction soit corpo ^^ ).
Tout cela afin que chacun puisse faire les epics arc selon ses standings: certains ont tapé bcp de caldari, ou de guristas ou encore de galleux, dc y en a pour tous les goûts.
Donc la première étape pour faire ces arcs epic, est de monter le standing de la corporation concernée et/ou de la faction. Débloquer l'agent permettra de lancer l'epic arc.
Pour ma part, c'est fait, préparation de Dominion en cours ^^

Ensuite, pour les Angel, même scénario mais avec 3 factions: Angel, Amarr Empire, et Minmatar Republic.

Pourquoi deux epics uniquement?
C'est simple, les autres factions pirates sont liées à ces deux factions.
Ainsi, bosser pour les Angel, permet grâce au storyline débloquée, de gagner du standing Serpentis.
De la même manière, bosser pour les Guristas, rapportera du standing chez les Blood Raiders et/ou Sansha Nation.

Regardez les liaison diplomatiques de ces factions, vous verrez bien.

Pour ce qui est des agents lvl1 qualité 0, je suppose que même avec un standing faction négatif, désormais ils seront disponibles. Cela sous entend donc, qu'il faudra chain bcp bcp de lvl1 pour remonter le standing corpo et faction via les storyline. Bref, il faudra être courageux, car les story rapporte peu à ce niveau, mais ce sera tjs çà.
Si c'est lié à une faction pirate, je pense que l'épic arc sera bien plus intéressant, en ce sens que le finir rapporte énormément de standing, il semble qu'il sera possible de passer de -9 à -2 en faisant l'epic arc.
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de quoi tu causes ?

Et bien avec l'esprit malsain qui caractérise le geek gratteur d'exploit, toujours à l'affut, j'extrapole les implications possibles si le container apparait dans asset.

Ainsi avec l'onglet asset ouvert et rafraichi, on peut voir si kk1 a ramassé ou détruit 1 de nos container sans etre nécéssairement a proximité, et donc:
- connaitre la présence d'eventuels ninja dans les pocket précédemment vidées, et par exemple de l'accueillir a la pocket suivante ou dappeler un pote.
- de s'eloigner d'un container en station/gate/belt et warp dessus dès qu'un gars se tag imprudemment en rouge !
- d'utiliser des container dans du low/0.0/w-space couplé avec une bulle pour reperer 1 geneur au scan ! si le type détruit le container, on sait qu'il est la, s'il pe pas se cloak avant kelk scd, on saura aussi qu'il est la !!
tu parles de ca

* It is now possible to view the content of containers and ships remotely. Note that you can not view the contents of password locked containers.

en fait Skaynd, c'est un de tes alts c'est ca ?

tu as remarqué tout de meme que quand tu vas dans asset, tu peux pas voir le contenu d'un container ou de la soute d'un ship de ton hangar ? Bon bah voilà, c'est ça que ça concerne... Pas les containers ou les ships dans l'espace.

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Bon jeu a tous.
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It is now possible to set bills to be automatically paid before they are due.
Une pensée pour Majesta Empire.

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* Drones would sometimes refuse to attack certain structures; they've been given a stern talking-to and will now obey orders with more diligence.
* Fighter drones will respond faster to return commands, instead of idling around the space coffee machine.
Et on dit que les gallente n'ont pas été up!
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Et bien avec l'esprit malsain qui caractérise le geek gratteur d'exploit, toujours à l'affut, j'extrapole les implications possibles si le container apparait dans asset.

Ainsi avec l'onglet asset ouvert et rafraichi, on peut voir si kk1 a ramassé ou détruit 1 de nos container sans etre nécéssairement a proximité, et donc:
- connaitre la présence d'eventuels ninja dans les pocket précédemment vidées, et par exemple de l'accueillir a la pocket suivante ou dappeler un pote.
- de s'eloigner d'un container en station/gate/belt et warp dessus dès qu'un gars se tag imprudemment en rouge !
- d'utiliser des container dans du low/0.0/w-space couplé avec une bulle pour reperer 1 geneur au scan ! si le type détruit le container, on sait qu'il est la, s'il pe pas se cloak avant kelk scd, on saura aussi qu'il est la !!
Désolé de le dire mais tu es complètement à coté de la plaque :x
Pour info, actuellement le seul moyen de voir le contenu de tes containers en station ou la soute de tes vaisseaux à distance était l'API. Maintenant avec ça tu pourras les voir. Ils ne vont pas rajouter les containers que tu loots et même si ils le faisaient, tes uber techniques de la mort ne fonctionneraient pas vu que la fenêtre des assets ne se rafraichit pas en temps réel.

Mais sinon merci quand même,
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Cool, plein d'améliorations pour le confort (jukebox, browser, contenus des soutes+container a distance, nouveau eve mail etc.)

Mon machariel attends tranquillement dans mon hangar le temps d'être uber et d'aller déglinguer du ship en mimi avec son alpha monstre
Mais sinon ça suxx trop pour le naglfar il avait enfin de belles stats, un truc hybride comme ça c'est tout pourri !

J'ai hâte de voir les nouvelles planètes en live

sinon deux questions :
1 - Ca correspondait a quoi exactement les freeform contracts ?
2 - les arcs epics pirates sont en 0.0 je suppose ?

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