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Patch du 24 aout 2010

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Known Issues

  • The Serpent Lantern mission does not update correctly. The overall wrapper mission will time out, but the submissions will remain. Players will need to manually drop the submissions or their character will receive no loot drop from the instance.
  • The loot for Very Hard and Elite Difficulty levels is currently the same. Internal discussions are occurring on how best to address this.
  • Existing Super Groups may need to manually rename some ranks as the new ranks names will not overwrite the existing ones.
  • Costume unlocks availability in the Tailor will not be updated until the player logs in the character that originally earned the costume unlock.
New Features

Super Group Improvements

We have added a number of new features to Super Groups. At the same time, we did a user interface overhaul and made it easier and more straightforward to use.
Super Groups can now advertise for recruits by making their Super Group visible in the new Super Group search window. Players can specify how casual the group is, what kinds of things they like to do, point to their website, and so on. The game now keeps a historical log of key events in the Super Group such as when people join, change ranks, and level up.
We have also added an Event system, which lets players create and schedule events for members to attend. Members can sign up for the event, decline it, and leave notes about it.
At player request, we have doubled the number of ranks available to Super Groups. New groups will start with the ranks Recruit, Junior Member, Member, Senior Member, Junior Officer, Officer, Senior Officer, and Leader. These can be customized as desired.
All of these features and more can be accessed by players from the Super Group window (G by default!).
Difficulty Slider

We added an additional level of difficulty to the in game Difficulty Slider. The new level is titled "Elite". Hit Points, damage, chance to dodge, critical hit chance, movement speed, perception, distance, and aggro range are all increased at this difficulty level. The enemy also has a modest hold resistance, knockback resistance, and a slightly reduced time between attacks.

We've added several emotes that were previously unavailable!

  • Cheer02, Countdown, Cry, Dance_Club , Dance_Happy, Dance_LegKick, Dance_Mix, Dance_RaiseTheRoof, Dance_RunningMan, Dance_Snake, Dance_WaveHands, FlipCoin , No02, RPS_Rock, RPS_Paper, RPS_Scissors, Shrug, Yell02

In addition, all previous emotes featured in Champions had the text edited and a consistent naming convention applied.

  • AFK , AFK_Sit , Alert , AngryTalk , BattlePlan , BattlePlanListen , BeastForage , BeastMenace , BeastsScratch , Beckon , Blush , Bow , Bye , Cannibalism , Charge , Cheer , ChestPound , Chicken , Clap , Computercounter , Computerkneel , Computerwall , Cough , Crackneck , Cry , Dance , Dance_Flair , EvilLaugh , Flex , Flirt , Frustrated , Giggle , Grin , Happy , Hello , Helpwave , Howl , Jumpingjacks , Kiss , Laugh , Lickpaw , Lookout , LookoutKneel , Meditate , No , Point , Pushups , Repair , Rest , Salute , Shock , Shy , Singkneel , Sitheroic , Sitchair , Sleep , Smile , Spacewalk , Stretch , Superdance01 , Talk , Talkheadset , Talkheadsetkneel , Talkpoint , Talkrage , Talktohand , TalktoHQ , Tapfoot , Taunt01 , Taunt02 , Thumbsup , Wave , Wink , Worship , Yell , Yawn , Yeah , Yes

We have also updated the UI functionality. Players will now be able to pin/unpin the emote dialogue window for easier to their favorite animations. The pin button is on the current emotes list above the scroll bar. Once pinned, player can hit F12 to resize the box to their liking! As always, players can access the emotes window by typing /emotes in the chat window.

Pet Powers UI

The updated pet powers UI offers vastly better control for players. The new pet control bar now offers the ability to "pop out" a separate button bar for each controllable pet, allowing you to have some pets on passive, some on assist, and some on attack. Players can also set the keybinds of the global pet tray. In addition, the dismiss pet command now has its own button and is not mixed in with the other pet commands.
Patch Notes


  • The Ren Center has been given a facelift to make it a better space for social activities! Players will see a large stage where the Powerhouse was formally located. The Powerhouse is now located to the side of the stage along with tailors and vendors. Across from the stage, players will find several tailors and vendors.
  • Tweaked the female model to correct a subtle bodyscaling issue where one arm was longer and thinner than the other.


  • Updated the Bronze King and Arvad voice over in an attempt to rid the stutter from the Mandragalore cutscene.
  • Ismashual's voice over in Plunder the Sea Open Mission is now audible.
  • Added voice over to the commanding officers outside of Champs HQ during the Millennium City Tutorial celebration.
  • Added electrical audio to the Powerhouse entrance.
  • Added sound effects to the Nemesis Prison Break cutscene.

  • All the mysticism resource nodes in Canada now have the correct skill up reward table.

  • Reduced the damage of Pulson type rifle attacks. This affects many critter groups throughout the game, including VIPER.
  • Henchmen that use rifles now have an additional "bolt" attack with a very short cooldown to use in between sprays, streams, and charged blasts. This affects many critter groups throughout the game, including VIPER.
  • The critter version of Ego Form will no longer repeatedly deal 0 slashing damage to the critter using it.
  • Several critters were still using the old Supernatural power templates and have been updated.
    • The following critters now use the Infernal Supernatural powerset:
      • John Devil
      • The Drifter
      • Goblin
      • Will of Takofanes
    • The following critters now use the Bestial Supernatural powerset:
      • Bludhound
      • Clark Robinson
      • Dr. Zephrin
      • Atomic Gorilla (This critter also still has his special radiation powers.)
      • Edmund Cully
      • Gus Sweetland
      • Marcello Bocchier

  • The critter power Vile Breath now shows a debuff icon on targets affected by it.

  • The CStore has received a complete overhaul! Players will no longer need to go to the website for screenshots and information about the items. The information is now available directly in the game. Additionally, items have been recategorized and the navigation improved.

  • Updated many cutscenes throughout the game. Enjoy the improvements!
Gamepad Controllers:

  • The client will now correctly load joystick mapping.
  • Updated the joystick default button names.

  • A free retcon has been given to all users.
  • All costume unlocks from items, including weapon geo unlocks, are now account wide. Players will need to log in the character that originally earned the costume unlock to have access to it on other characters.
  • Added access to Vibora Bay to the jets in Monster Island, Desert, and Canada.
  • Increased the sidekicking range for players in instances. Players should no longer see mobs change levels when in different parts of the maps or player death. This change only applies to static maps.
  • Auction lots in the Auction House will now expire after 7 days.
  • Added costume unlock as a searchable type in the Auction House.
  • Renamed the Perks Costume Quartermaster to Costume Quartermaster.
  • Players can now rotate the camera (default bound to the left mouse button) and still continue to turn their character.
  • The worship emote no longer pops character into a prostrated position.
  • The /sitchair emote no longer changes the characters facial expression.
  • The /afk and /afksit emotes now show up properly in the ingame emotes list.
  • Added a check so that players you are ignoring can no longer trade with you.
  • Players will no longer see the swinging grapple fire again for a split second when it is released.
  • French and German Localization Only: Updated several incorrect strings.

  • Removed "Unique" tag from many of the Open Mission reward items so that players can get more than one of the item.
  • Therakiel's Wings will drop when defeated at the Elite Difficulty level.
  • Replaced archery replacement power art so that it only gives effects and no longer replaces weapon geo.
  • Re-implemented the Voltanic Potential retail bonus item. It now does an apply power every 2 seconds when the player has low health. The cfx also relies on being at low health.
  • Adjusted the stats on Awareness Shot so that it is appropriate compared to the other rewards dropped in the "Psi-mon Said" mission.
  • Changed the range on the Psionic Accelerator to 100 feet to make it better fit how ranged items normally work.
  • Updated the U0-9 Crybaby Grenade so that it will effectively placate the enemy.
  • Updated the Sovereign Sons Tribal Skulls Necklace and Sovereign Sons Tribal Teeth Necklace so that the correct item is now on each.
  • Corrected the New Shadows Blood Blade costume so it no longer looks like the New Shadows Vampiric Blade.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing BOE Crafted Travel Devices to be automatically bound is open slots remained in the players main bag.
  • Corrected the grammar in the description for Sky Strike Armor Suit.

  • Canada:
    • Canadian Taken: The scientists now give immediate mission credit when the VIPER guarding them are defeated.
    • The Lost Convoy: Fixed the popup text to only show when the player gets near the contact. Also, moved the waypoint to be more centrally located over the objective.
    • Sabotaging the Snake: The mission has been updated to give more guidance to the Free Human Test Subjects objective. Players must defeat the Lab Director and get his keycard. The keycard allows the lab to be opened and the test subjects to be freed.
  • Civilian:
    • Civilian Granted Missions: The missions granted by rescued civilians have had the restrictions on the number of missions granted per XP level removed. If a rescued civilian has a mission available in the correct level range, it will offer it after being rescued. These missions are now repeatable up to 4 times per day by players. This change affects Millennium City, the Desert, and Canada.
  • Desert:
    • Blank and Steins Monster: changed the name of the mission drop item to match the mission
    • Snake Gulch: Changed the Weaponsmith groups to only have 1 Weaponsmith as the difficulty was a little too high.
    • Snake Gulch: Updated the display names of the crates.
    • Stronghold: SPARC team members now finish their post-battle healing faster.
  • Desert Crisis:
    • Rounding up Rads: Players will no longer receive 2 credits for picking up each uranium bomb.
    • Removed destructibles that were causing players to get stuck in geo when picked up.
  • Lemuria:
    • Players will no longer receive the multiple Enter Ocean prompts in Aegir moon pool.
    • Fuse Cruise: Slowed the bot speed from 12 to 10. If the bot gets more than 200 feet from the player, the mission will fail.
    • Kelp Forest Carnivores: The mission will now correctly grant a reward.
    • Reavers of the Deep: Changed the mission to look for Bleak Minion kills instead of Karkaradons.
    • Ship of Fouls: Changed the mission to only count credit for the critter spawned by the ship. Also, made the ship spawn on map create so it's always spawned and moving around.
    • Trumping the Shark: The mission will no longer spam the entire map with messages for the Open Mission.
  • Millennium City:
    • Bullet for Biselle: The mission now properly gives XP/Resources for killing the assassins.
    • Carl's gym door now reads properly
    • Cazulon vs. Miniature Hero: Changed Dr. Zahwah to despawn instead of trying to run to the exit.
    • Defender Fanboy: All VO and text should match up correctly.
    • Pow Wow: Moved the entrance door for the mission. The door is on the same building, but around the corner from the old location. The waypoint has been updated to reflect the new location.
    • Prints Violent: Changed the door interact to say Enter ARGENT HQ instead of just the mission name as several different missions use the same door interact. Added another way for players to obtain the access card besides critter drops. The card can now be found in a desk that can be searched. Also, changed the failure text on the doors to use the word "Card" since players need a card to use it instead of a code.
    • Snakes in the City: Added text to the mission to specify the mission uses the rear entrance of City Hall.
    • Vex in the City: Changed the Destroid "Tough" critters in the mission to be Normal.
  • Millennium City Tutorial:
    • Speed in Need: Added safeguards to prevent players from becoming trapped in Kinetik's cage.
  • Monster Island:
    • ET Clone Home: The mission no longer requires walkie-talkie item for turn in.
    • Silverback Sound-Off: The Sound Chip will no longer drop from Ayssa before players investigate the hologram.
    • Raptor Rush: Added a map icon for the mission.
  • Nemesis:
    • Top Men: Changed the required level of the mission to level 40, since the mission requires access to UNITY HQ.
  • Serpent Lantern:
    • Applied a cooldown timer to the mission. The mission can be completed 4 times per day. Note: A day starts at GMT -8.
    • Turn off the Generators: Exterior Bunker Alpha: The Osprey at the first checkpoint will now properly patrol after dropping off troops.
    • Turn off the Generators: Exterior Bunker Bravo: Added a 5 minute respawn timer to the tanks to prevent players from not being able to complete the mission.
    • Turn off the Generators: Exterior Bunker Bravo: The tanks on this map are no longer throwable.
    • Stop the Ritual in the Underground Temple: Added attendant High Serpent Mages to the Spirit Serpent fight.
    • Stop the Ritual in the Underground Temple: Added beams of light that appear in the "safe" alcoves in the Spirit Serpent fight.
  • UNITY:
    • Changed the Unity and Unity 2 mission to be repeatable 1 time per day.
    • U.F.O. No!: Updated the mission text.
  • Vibora:
    • Assembling the Antidote: The Open Mission will now clean up and reset if all players leave the warehouse map.


  • Only those players in the open mission zone volume will receive credit for completing the open mission Perk.
  • NEW! Bark at the Moon: Added a new perk for Vibora Bay. Have a howling good time!
  • Battle Toad: Fixed the perk to grant the proper "Battle Toads" title when 1000 Gadroon have been defeated.
  • Jar Collector: Moved the jar from beneath the prison geo.
  • Magic Dance: The perk now requires players to Dance with Bowii.

  • Players will no longer have maintained auto-attacks getting 'stuck on' when releasing the key while held/disabled. Also, player auto attacks will no longer get enabled when the scheme is set to maintain and the power being activated is an enabler.
  • Effects that inflict a poison damage DoT (Viper's Fangs advantage for Martial Arts - Fighting Claws, Planar Fracture power, the new Command Animals) now inflict a lethargy inducing poison, in addition to toxic damage. This poison slightly reduces movement speed, about one half the efficacy of a normal "snare" effect. As with most snaring effects, the players' resistance to root effects reduces the efficacy of this snare.
  • Electricity:
    • Thunderstrike: The power now correctly locks players down during charge and activation. The powers was supposed to, and has always had the cost discount for a powers that does.
  • Gadgeterring:
    • Toxic Nanites: The power is now hue shiftable.
  • Martial Arts:
    • Form of the Untamed Warrior: The power will now correctly continue to grant stacks after zoning.
  • Might:
    • Defiance: The power can now be hue shifted by players.
  • Munitions:
    • Added a debuff icon and tooltip to FireSnake Power Replace. The actual power is unchanged.
  • Power Armor:
    • Micromunitions: The power can now be hue shifted by players.
    • Targeting Computer: The power will no longer lock a player in "Combat Stance" while slotted.
    • Targeting Computer: Removed the power art from the power. It caused players to be stuck in action mode.
  • Sorcery:
    • Auras will no longer lock a player in "Combat Stance" while the power is slotted.
    • Arcane Vitality: The FX for Ranks 2 and 3 will no longer get stuck on characters affected by the power that move out of range.
  • Supernatural:
    • Bestial: Frenzy: Fear Sense Advantage: The advantage will now correctly do more damage on feared targets.
    • Bestial: Howl: The check that was looking for targets being affected by Enrage was not working properly, and would sometimes not apply Enrage to targets that should have been affected. Players are now able to grant/refresh stacks of Enrage properly with this power.


  • Players will now have more Tights options to choose in the Costume Creator. The sets include Curves, Curves Sharp, Spikes, Lines, and Straps (female model only).
  • All characters with Archery powers can select from any bow model in the Tailor, rather than having to unlock it via weapon replace.
  • Several high-heeled shoes and boots for females have been added to the game.
  • Players will now be able to set different colors for the inside and outside of capes. (Yes it is finally fixed!)
  • Added a small selection of hairs to certain head categories.
  • Added more mouth and eye accessories to work in other head categories. Also, allowed more eye, hair, and mouth accessories for cowls, hoods, and other categories
  • Allowed the Sovereign Sons belt and back piece to be used in more categories.
  • Flagged several shoulder pads to work in other categories. Also, added gladiator flat and gladiator spikes female shoulder pads.
  • Allowed more material options for female jacket chests and cyborg chests.
  • Made the rock hand texture to be a rougher texture and removed the texture restriction for leather and metal hands.
  • Added the ability to view unpurchased C-Store costume pieces in the tailor. All parts that come from a C-Store unlock will be marked with a yellow CP icon. If you own the costume, the CP icon will be grayed out.
  • Players can once again use costume unlocks in the Nemesis Editor.
  • Added the possibility to purchase the costume sets from the C-Store directly from the tailor. The confirmation window for the C-Store transactions will appear when you click the "Purchase" button on the last screen of the tailor.
  • The costume randomizer will only use costume pieces that have been purchased from the C-Store or have been unlocked through normal gameplay.
  • The costume unlocks tab will show the C-Store costume set the costume piece belongs to in the tooltip, if the costume piece comes from a C-Store costume set.
  • Costume pieces unlocked through normal gameplay will be displayed with an unlocked padlock icon.
  • Items will now display the costume unlock icon grayed out if all the costumes on the item have been unlocked.
  • All head categories are once again accessible to players.Players can now user keyboard navigation in Character Creator and Tailor combo boxes. Players can use the up/down keys to preview the costume pieces and use Enter to select an item.
  • The previewed category can now be cleared when aborting a change. The category now behaves like the rest of the combo boxes in the Tailor.
  • The munitions weapons default names have all been updated.
  • Improved the randomizer in the tailor using styles.
  • Corrected a client cost calculation bug that was causing some players to be charged in the Tailor even though no changes to the character took place.
  • Fixed a bug where it would be possible to be overcharged for a costume change at the Tailor. In some cases causing the server to not save the costume if it required more resources than the character has available.
  • Using the muscle slider in the Tailor will no longer cause lag.
  • Tweaked the position of the character in the Character Creator so that the foot does not clip as much with the platform.
  • The error notification in the Character Creator, Tailor, and Nemesis Creator that stated that a bug report has automatically been created has been removed for being wrong.

  • The Pet Tray UI has been updated:
    • Displays a list of all currently active pets. The tray can be further expanded to allow players to individually control their pets.
    • Pets now get their own window next to the team list.
    • The dismiss pet command now has its own button and is not mixed in with the other pet commands (The dismiss command is the little red x's in the pet list and the global tray).
    • It is now possible to set the keybinds of the global pet tray. The initial defaults are Ctrl+F1 to Ctrl+F5 for the primary pet behaviors.
  • Added context menus in the minimap and map for players, critters, contacts, and missions. For players, critters, and contacts players will see the standard context menu. For missions, players can either view the details or toggle the mission it make it the primary mission.
  • Added an Emotes window and a way to access it from the Emotes list in the Chat Menu.
  • The chat text for emotes has been removed for emotes executed without targeting anyone. The text will remain for targeted emotes.
  • There is now a lock button on the owned powers window (accessed with the P key) that will disable dragging powers in the power tray via ctrl+drag or the right mouse button+drag.
  • Tray tooltips are now disabled during combat. If you would still like to see them, you can toggle this option per character in the Basic Options tab of the options menu.
  • The hide tooltips during combat option has been moved from the Basic tab back to HUD tab.
  • The hide tooltips option is now defaults to off.
  • Minimap options and Tray tooltip options now persist when a player zones or logs out of the game.
  • The "right click" menu in the friends UI was updated to add a "warp to" option if the target referred you to the game. Before it would only show up if you referred that player to the game.
  • Added cooldown timers to missions in the Completed Mission section of the Mission Journal.
  • Added a Gamma Calibration panel to the UI. This screen will display the first time that a user logs into Champions per machine. If a user wants to change the setting at a later date, a button has been added to the Graphics Options.
  • Added a button to the Champions menu to open up the Super Group window.
  • The Super Group vault will no longer hold the previously entered values for resources after exiting the window.
  • Updated the displayed locations for friends to show the game name for other shards instead of showing the map name. CO players on Live will see "Champions Online" for friends on PTS and "Star Trek Online" for friends on STO.
  • Players can now use /addfriend and /friend to add a friend to their Social UI.
  • The checkboxes in the Chat settings window now properly update when you change tabs.
  • Updated the character mood window to be easier to read. Also, players can now reset the mood using /changemood. This can also be set in the character context menu.
  • The OK and Cancel key bindings are not listed in the keybind UI.
  • Added the escape menu to the keybind UI.
  • The keybind for /CamFar is now using the correct label, instead of the reset camera label.
  • Players can now use the standard keybinds in the item discard confirmation window.
  • UI lists will now fit contents across all list rows, and take into account scrollbars.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to resize a list column would selecting the row underneath instead.
  • The health bars of several SuperVillains no longer appear as friendly critters.
  • Fixed an issue with successive contact dialogs not appearing correctly if the player closed the dialog with the "X" button on the window. This was causing a state in which a player could become locked in an interaction.
Patch du 26 aout

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  • Auction lot expiration time has been increased to 14 days.
  • [French and German] Special characters can once again be used in chat text.

  • Adding buckled boots on female models to more categories.
  • The Tailor preview will no longer disappear when an option is moused over.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a Nemesis minion in the Nemesis Editor to appear as a placeholder costume.

  • Players who were previously Leaders of a Super Group will now be automatically moved to the new Leader rank, unless the Leader has already adjusted Super Group member ranks since the 08.24.10 patch to LIVE.
  • The “Must have Target” message will no longer jitter on the screen. It now moves off the screen correctly.
Patch du 18 octobre 2010

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Pet Update


  • The Pet Pass is here! Many pet revisions are going on in this patch, which includes changes that were pushed to the previous PTS build as well as all of the revisions and additions that went into the most recent PTS push. In general, some big changes to Controllable Pets have occurred.
    • Pets now have a cost associated with having them active. Each pet causes a decrease to your energy generation and recovery, and increases the energy cost of your powers. This cost is scaled appropriately for 1 pet summons (like Arctic Beast or Tyrannon's Familiar) and for 2 pet summons (like Munitions Bots and Support Drones).
    • All controllable pets now have multiple costume options. These can be accessed from the Powers window, similar to emit points (hand, head, chest, etc.) for certain powers. Many pets gain access to additional costumes as they are ranked up.
    • All of the non-ritual pets have an activated power, found on their pet control bar. In some cases, these are updated versions of existing functionality, such as Turrets for Munitions Bots, or Frenzy for Command Animals. In others, pets have gained access to new powers. Sorcery Ritual pets do not have these activated powers, and are compensated with increased damage/functionality over other pets.
    • Pet summons are (once again) no longer interrupted by damage.
    • Pet defenses have been revised. All pets now have a base damage resistance that increases with each rank. At Rank 1, it is ~17%, Rank 2 is ~20%, and Rank 3 is ~24%.The base health of pets has been reduced, but health gain per rank is more substantial, as is health gained from player stats.
    • The energy cost to summon a controllable pet has been reworked. They now cost a base of 35 Energy OR no more than your Equilibrium, whichever is lower, instead of always costing your Equilibrium. This will give players that want to be able to summon multiple pets in combat a way to do so, while also ensuring players who just want to be able to have a pet up all of the time will be able to do so, regardless of build/role. This cost change coincides with the additional costs of having a pet out.
    • All pets now scale with the chosen Characteristic Focus/Super Stats, instead of Presence and Intelligence. The way the scaling works has not changed, except for both damage and health being based on the summed values of your 2 Super Stats, instead of just Presence for health and Intelligence for damage.
  • Removed the 2 second recharge time from all pets.
  • Update to pet teleport functionality
  • Default Keybinds have been added for all of the Group Pet Control Bar buttons.
  • Updated spawn FX of several pets to match the pet better.
  • Fixed a bug with Pet AI power usage timing. This will result in a substantial DPS increase for most pets.
  • Pets can now be sent to attack foes that are up to 120 feet away from you, instead of only up to 100 feet away.
  • Pets and Circles that you no longer own will now despawn.
  • All controllable pets should now teleport near their owner if they get more than 200 feet away.
  • All non-temporary pets should now persist with you through map moves.
  • Previously, the innate passive that pets have that sets their stats based on yours (Max HP, Damage Strength, and Healing Strength) was updating once every 16 seconds, which made it hard to realize your stats were having an effect on them unless you waited around long enough to see the change. They will now update every 3 seconds.
  • Pets should no longer survive after the summoning player dies
  • Pets will no longer automatically attack anything you target while they are in attack mode
  • Clicking attack will cause your pets to start attacking whatever you have targeted even if they are currently attacking a different target.
  • The pet list will now show a disabled button instead of a partially transparent button when the pet does not have a special power.
  • Pets should now correctly face their targets when attacking
  • Pets should no longer turn off flight in midair and fall to the ground
  • Pets will no longer sometimes persist after re-spawning.

  • Munitions Bots, Support Drones, and Attack Toys all lock you in place while you are summoning them, like all of the other controllable pet powers.
  • Munitions Bots: In turret mode, these will now face their target while firing.
  • Munitions Bots: No longer has lower resistance in Turret Mode.
  • Munitions Bots: Added a short recharge to the toggle power, so you don't accidentally toggle back and forth.
  • Munitions Bots: No longer gain Frag Grenade at R2. Instead, they gain a version of Micro Munitions.
  • Munitions Bots: Will now transform out of turret mode before teleporting to a player.
  • Support Drones: Got a new activated power, Weapons Platform Mode. This is a toggle, similar to the Munitions Bot toggle. In Weapons Platform Mode, Support Drones no longer heal, and instead become a light attack pet. As ranked up, they gain access to a repel power and a resistance debuff power.
  • Support Drones: Should now heal targets up to full health, instead of stopping/not starting at 90%.
  • Support Drones: Added a short recharge to the toggle power, so you don't accidentally toggle back and forth.
  • Support Drones: The FX for the heal have been updated to be more indicative of what they are hitting. At Rank 1, it is now a single target beam. At Rank 2, it looks like the old FX that indicate a Cylinder effect. At Rank 3, it has a beam with a pulse around the target for the AoE.
  • Attack Toys: No longer require you to activate Playtime, they now activate it automatically. They can now only proc playtime off of melee attacks (can't proc from Rocket Launcher or the new attack). They also have a new activated power, Fragmentation Grenade. Deals damage and does Knock Back, 30 second recharge.
  • Attack Toys: Activate time of Rocket Launcher reduced from 0.83 to 0.67.
  • Attack Toys: The Toys were not ranking up the damage of their melee attacks at Ranks 2 and 3. They do now.
  • Attack Toys: Damage type for Rocket Launcher changed from Piercing/Fire to Crushing/Fire.
  • Attack Toys: Had some bug fixes and some revisions because of those bug fixes. Replicated Attack Toys were unintentionally set to a duration of forever, instead of despawning after a period. The Replicated Toys were also doing just as much damage as the master, which was not intended. They now last 60 seconds after being summoned, and they have reduced damage and health. It now only takes the master toy 1 seconds to summon a Replicate, instead of 3 seconds, and the Replicated Attack Toys energy penalty for the owner was reduced by half. In addition, higher ranks of Attack Toys can now proc replication more often.
  • Support Drones: Increased healing by ~10%. Reduced variance on heal from 10% to 5%

  • Summon Nightmare: No longer performs like it was during the last PTS. Functions like it does on Live, but had some revisions made along with the controllable pet changes. Now benefits from standardized pet defenses, though the Etherhound that can be summoned at Ranks 1 and 2 no longer has the additional resistance to Paranormal damage. Melee attack range of pet powers all increased from 7 feet (5 feet in some cases) to 10 feet. The Breach power provided by the rank 3 Maelstrom Horror was doing too much damage; it has been reduced, and the recharge time and charge time on that pet power have been reduced as well. He should now also properly use his other Id Blade melee attacks, instead of wanting to spam his ranged power in melee range. All of the various pets summoned by this power got various AI tweaks, and they should start fighting sooner as well as use their attacks more frequently.

  • Bestial: Command Animals: No longer has the self heal or the ability to heal you when dealing damage. Now applies various debuffs as you rank them up, starting with a Poison at Rank 1, a Bleed at Rank 2, and the Shredded debuff at Rank 3. Note that these debuffs do not count as yours for purposed such as Rupturing bleeds, they belong to your pet. Instead of repeatedly taunting your target, the attacks that they deal now generate additional threat.
  • Bestial: Command Animal: The bleed applied by this pet can now only stack 1 time. The chance to apply each debuff this pet applies has been increased from 20% to 30%.
  • Bestial: Command Animals: Attack time increased from 0.83 to 1.0 second. Damage increased to compensate.
  • Bestial: Command Animals: The icon for this power has been updated.
  • Bestial: Command Animals: The bleeds caused by this pet will no longer get consumed by Reaper's Embrace.
  • Bestial: Howl: Will now affect pets.

  • All Sorcery Auras now buff pets on your team.
  • Ritual Summons: All Rituals now have access to the Unbound Ritual advantage. This advantage costs 2 points and causes the summon to no longer require the owner to stay in the Circle. Summoning an Unbound Ritual pet does not dismiss other, Bound Ritual pets.
  • Ritual Pets: The ritual circle will now be dismissed when the pet is dismissed.
  • March of the Dead: Updated description to state that the duration of the power scales with your Intelligence. This is just a description change
  • Tyrannon's Familiar: Now gains additional damage resistance as he is ranked up.
  • Tyrannon's Familiar: Now generates additional threat.
  • Tyrannon's Familiar: Power Siphon can no longer be interrupted by damage.
  • Tyrannon's Familiar: Power Siphon no longer locks the Familiar down while it is working, it just plays a short activation when started. The timing between pulses was reduced as well.
  • Tyrannon's Familiar: Added a tooltip to the Power Surge buff that gets placed on the pet owner when Power Siphon is used.
  • Tyrannon's Familiar: Power Surge now only stacks up to 4 times.
  • Tyrannon's Familiar: Size of Rank 2 and Rank 3 pet increased.
  • Ritual of Arcane Summoning: This pet now generates additional threat, and has an AoE attack that it uses regularly. At Rank 3, it gains a weaker version of Invulnerability.
  • Ritual of Arcane Summoning: Recharge time of his Arcane Burst power reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds. It no longer erroneously does additional damage to knock immune targets.
  • Ritual of Ebon Summoning: Instead of gaining Fire Breath at Rank 2 and Conflagration at Rank 3, now has access to a version of Fire Strike and Fire Ball at Rank 1, and gains Immolation and some melee AoE (when in melee range) at Rank 2, and Pyre at Rank 3.
  • Ritual of Primal Summoning: The old "mystic wolf" style version of this pet has been rebuilt as an Ice pet, and can be found there. The new version represents an incarnation of primal might, and instead uses Bites, Lunges, Howls, and Thunder to attack your foes. At higher ranks, gains an ability that grants resistance based on what it is being attacked by and also gains a self-buff when it is low on health.
  • Ritual of Radiant Summoning: Instead of just dealing damage at Rank 1 and having a self-heal ability, this pet is now capable of healing you or others at Rank 1, as well as dealing damage. Beneficence, the heal, and Rebuke, the damage power, both increase in strength as you rank up the critter. At Rank 2, this pet still gains access to Condemn, and at Rank 3 it gains a passive aura that heals nearby friends. In addition, this pet has access to a melee sword attack if foes get too close.
  • Ritual of Radiant Summoning: Condemn recharge time reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Ritual of Radiant Summoning: The AI for this pet got a large rework. They are now more intelligent about when to heal versus when to attack. In most modes, they want to heal targets that are below 80% health, otherwise they will attack. In Attack mode, they will only want to heal targets when they are below 50% health. In all modes, they will heal targets up to 100% if they have no one to attack.

  • Arctic Beast: A new controllable pet has been added to the Ice framework. This is an updated version of the old Mystic Wolf that was summoned by Ritual of Primal Summoning. The new version is not a Circle pet, and has been reworked to be comparable to the other pets. This means the large amounts of AoE damage it could do with Arctic Winds has been toned down. However, the snare and perception debuffs provided at rank 3 still exist and the recharge time on Arctic Winds was reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds. A bug was fixed with the perception debuff that would occasionally allow it to stack for a short period of time, creating impenetrable perception debuffs. The recharge on Frost Breath was reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.

  • Drain Life: Vampiric Sympathy: Should be able to heal the Ritual of Arcane Summoning pet, as well as any other "non-living" teammates now


  • Due to the powers changes, all players will receive 1 Free Retcon.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow someone to use 2 block powers simultaneously. This should no longer be possible.
  • Energy Storm: Fixed typo.


  • Shadow Bolts: This powers energy gain incorrectly had variance and has been fixed.

Martial Arts

  • Dual Blades: Rain of Steel: An error in the power was causing this power to gain too much energy after the initial attack. This has been fixed.

  • Unarmed: Righteous Fists: This powers energy gain incorrectly had variance. This has been fixed.
  • Dragon's Wrath: Tiger's Courage: Fixed typos.
  • Inexorable Tides: Fixed description at all ranks.

  • Ice Form: Should no longer leave FX on all the time, they should only appear in combat like other Passive Form powers.

  • Ego Placate: Svengali's Guile: The debuff provided by this advantage was unintentionally stacking with itself if you repeatedly used this power on a target. It no longer stacks, and instead refreshes the duration of the debuff.
  • Summon Nightmare: Night Terror: Now has an icon in the retcon window.

  • Immolation: The recharge time will no longer increase when you upgrade to rank 2 or 3, it will stay at a base of 90 seconds.
  • Conflagration: Fixed multiple issues with this power and the advantage. Rank 3 now requires Line of Sight to function properly. The default version of the power no longer creates an entity that causes the rain, it causes the rain directly. This allows the power to persist if the main target is killed, and also hits all targets on every tick. Also fixed the advantage so that it truly tracks your target.
  • Flashfire: Now persists if the primary target dies.

  • Sigils: The issue with sigil costing was found and fixed. They should be much cheaper again.

  • Telekinetic Shield: Telekinetic Reinforcement: The buff icon provided by this advantage was not working properly, and will now last the full 8 second duration. Note that this was just a display issue, the resistance buff itself was working.
Power Armor

  • Concussion Beam: Fixed the description to list it as a toggle instead of a maintain, and now states (correctly) that it repels the target, not knocks.


  • Roomsweeper: The damage bonus this power was receiving when hitting Knock immune targets was double the value that was intended. This bonus has been reduced to the proper value.
  • Uppercut: The damage bonus this power was receiving when hitting Knock immune targets was double the value that was intended. This bonus has been reduced to the proper value.
  • Haymaker: The damage bonus this power was receiving when hitting Knock immune targets was double the value that was intended. This bonus has been reduced to the proper value.

  • There are 3 new Nemesis Powers Options. Celestial, Bestial and Infernal.
  • There are 4 new Nemesis Minion Powers. Electricity, Fire, Ice, and Supernatural.

  • There are 5 new Nemesis Minions. Werewolves, Vampires, Frozen Minions, Burning Lackeys, and Charged Dynamos.
  • -The new Nemesis Minions each have 3 title rewards Perks.

  • The compass will now only use the base mission to decide which waypoints to display, rather than the submission (which can cause other waypoints to not show up on the compass).
  • When a Sk Champions Zones to a new map the level will no longer display as 0
  • There is now a separate HUD option for hostile players in reticule settings
  • The Tailor UI performance has been substantially improved
  • The Need or Greed window should no longer keep you from mousing over items to see the stats and name
  • Added tooltips to the Build Selection screen.
  • Added confirmation dialog when exiting the game from the login screen.
  • Several improvements have been made to the Main Pet UI
  • The countdown timers and health bars should once again appear correctly above objects that have timers or health bars.
  • Text in the mission tracker will now align with the edge of the screen properly.
  • Forcefield numbers should once again show up correctly on teammates.
  • Changed how the sweep on buffs works, to hopefully reduce choppiness and incorrect display times.
  • Fixed a typo in the drop mission confirmation dialog box.
  • Bags should once again open correctly when clicking on them.
  • The required components in the Crafting development window will now update after changing the filters.
  • Empty power slots on the pet bar should no longer appear.
  • Interact progress bars now have an improved appearance for small values.
  • Highlight and Cntrl+C now work correctly again.
  • Items in the auction house will once again appear correctly, and display their counts.
  • Items should once again show their quality in both Loot and Crafting windows.

  • Dueling now supports whitelists. Players can restrict challenges to their Group, Super Group and friends. To enable the duel whitelists you can use the command (/whitelist_duels 1) To disable duel whitelist you can use the command (/whitelist_duels 0)

  • Teliosaur will now stick to his part of Monster Island. He should no longer follow players around Monster Island.

  • The Egyptian neck piece should now work on all chest categories
  • Naming for the Hammer Bracers has been updated
  • Increase the number of Sovereign Sons neck accessories on more chest categories
  • The ruffles neck accessory is now allowed on Fullshirts and Jackets
  • Female tails should now find themselves reattached and in the correct place.

  • Munitions animations should no longer be affected by Acrobatics. This fix will also clear up some other charge animation issues.
  • The Palm Blast Animation has been updated to address a small issue.

  • The bind restrictions on the Devices from the Until Vendor have been updated to Bind on Equip (BoE) -This affects the SL devices as well-
  • Teleiosaurus Pheromones: No longer de-toggles when you are held or disabled. Recharge reduced from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.
Et bien entendu !!!

Citation :
Demonflame Adventure Pack

Our Second Adventure Pack is available for all players, level 11-40, to play and enjoy.
In this adventure you will need to travel to a realm unlike any other you have seen and face the Horrors that reside in the Qliphothic. Witchcraft will need your help to save the world and everyone in it from Luther Black and his demented plan.
To begin your journey you will need to go inside the UNTIL HQ found in Downtown Millennium City. Once inside seek out major Violette Boudreau. She will get you started.
Gather your fellow Heroes together and find out what Luther Black has planned.
There are many rewards that you can earn during your adventure. Some are available on the UNTIL Requisitions Officer while others are only available in the Qliphothic.
While playing The Demonflame Adventure Pack you can earn UNTIL tokens that you can use at the UNTIL Store to Purchase:

  • 10 new Qliphothic themed costume pieces
  • 4 new Devices
  • 3 new Action Figures
While you adventure in the Qliphothic realm you will be fighting the Horrors Critter Group. There are 3 Perks with 2 costume unlocks for this group. In addition to the standard drops, the Horrors can also drop Crafted Travel Power Components.
For an overview of the Demonflame Adventure pack head on over to the Web page:
Patch du 22 octobre 2010
Citation :

  • Stores should show item counts again.
  • The size of list rows in Auction house have been corrected.
  • The price of items in the auction house are be visible again.
  • Fixed the layout sizing of the bank.
  • Inventory pop menus now show tooltips again.
  • Text should no longer be highlighted in the Chat window when scrolling.
  • Master looter should work correctly again.

  • The Jack Fool mask is now set to be an account wide costume unlock.
Patch du 28 oct 2010
Citation :

  • We have identified and addressed the performance issues that have been seen on LIVE over the past few days. We appreciate you hanging in there and apologize for the inconvenience.

  • The Qliphothic Skull bracers should now be available on both arms

  • For critters using Shadowform, the amount of health healed by the Shadowfeast proc has been reduced by 50%.

Bloodmoon Undead Hero Devices

These changes are being made in preparation for the Bloodmoon event. In most cases the devices are getting a buff. If you have any of the old Bloodmoon Hero Devices they WILL change in the following ways:

  • Amazing Grace: Increased the run speed buff this item grants. Removed the travel power cost penalty this item incurred. Recharge time reduced from 15 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Archer's Memory: Changed this to function more like Storm of Arrows, which it is based off of. The primary damage this item deals now always occurs instead of having a chance to occur, but the amount has been reduced. The other damage applications still have a chance to apply and apply for the full amount when they do. All damage this power deals is now tagged as AoEDmg and RangedDmg. Recharge time reduced from 15 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Center of Gravity: Recharge time reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Coward's Lament: Recharge time reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Eroded Shard: Functionality changed slightly. Now a toggle that lasts several seconds, allowing you to run around while knocking and repelling foes. Now applies Knock Reistance when knocking a target. Recharge time reduced from 15 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • Fists of Compliance: Now applies Knock Resistance when knocking a target. Recharge time reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Hacked Orbital Cannon Codes: Recharge time reduced from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Nimbus of Force: Duration of the shield increased from 10 to 15 seconds. Recharge time reduced from 15 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Radion's Revenge: Now ticks every 0.25 seconds instead of every 0.05 seconds. Amount of damage done per tick has been doubled. The damage resistance debuff has been reduced greatly, but lasts for several seconds after the maintain is over now. Recharge time reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Revenancy: The heal now triggers from all Critters that are not objects. Recharge time reduced from 10 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Revenant of Firefight: No longer has 3 charges. The damage he deals has been reduced. Activate time reduced from 1.3 seconds to 1.0 second. Recharge time reduced from 10 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Supernatural Possession: Amount of healing is now a static value, instead of a percent of the targets health. Recharge time reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Will of the Tiger Cub: Damage increased. Activate Time reduced from 1.25 seconds to 1.0 second. Range increased from 7 feet to 10 feet. Recharge time reduced from 1.5 minutes to 1 minute.
Patch du 02 Nov 2010
Citation :

  • Several improvements have been made to address sticky animations. This also includes improved code to track and identify cases where players get stuck in a pose.

  • The Demonflame tower "Heart in Mans Dementia" should no longer glow green when using Teleport.

  • The Sleep animation for Ego Sleep has been updated. Targets should now appear to be asleep.
  • Using Thunderbolt Lunge, when zoomed in to your character, will no longer cause the character to stop drawing. This addresses the appearance of being in First Person Mode.
Patch du 11 Novembre 2010
Citation :

  • The price for items in the Auction House should now be visible when playing in French
  • The loot window should now focus on the Take All button when it's opened
  • The Chat window should no longer scroll incorrectly

  • New Shadows Blood Blade: The costume unlock has been set to be account wide

  • Note, these changes will only take effect the next time Blood Moon goes live
Bloodmoon Rewards

  • The Hero Devices are no longer listed as rewards for the Crypt missions. The devices are only available from the Undead Hero open missions.
  • The Zombie Actionfigure Pieces should now be correctly rewarded from the sarcophagus in the Crypts.
Bite missions:

  • The Bite event missions have had their repeat times reduced to 6 hours from 12. The repeat time starts at the moment you complete the mission.(The mission text for the Bite Missions has been updated to reflect the change.)
Patch du 21 Decembre 2010
Citation :

The Winter Event
This year the Winter Event will run from 12/22/10 @ 10:00AM PST (GMT-8) to 01/04/11 @3:00AM PST (GMT-8)
As with last years’ event, Black Harlequin is in Millennium City spreading his special version of holiday cheer. It is up to you to stop him and his giant teddy “Clarence.”
Please visit the Winter Event web page here.
What's new this year?
The Big Tree!
On Wednesday a BIG TREE will appear on the main stage in Renaissance Center. Each day the tree and the surrounding area become more decorated leading up to the final display and the arrival of Santa and his presents on the 24th.
As with the Winter Event last year, there are presents placed all around the major zones that contain items you trade in for better gifts at Santa’s Helpers in the Renaissance Center. The presents under the BIG TREE are available to open once per day. You have a chance to find one of the various event costumes, devices or holiday crackers.
This year we have added rather large presents under the BIG TREE on the main stage in the Renaissance Center. Once a day you will be able to open a single present. You have a chance to find one of the various event costumes, devices or holiday crackers.

Action Figures!
In addition to the Action Figures we had last year, there are 5 new figures to build and collect. The Toy Master in the Renaissance Center will offer the mission to build the Action Figures, but only during the event. You can find the pieces (Head, Torso and Legs) from the presents scattered throughout the Major Zones.
This year we have added some villains into the mix. As you can see, Juryrig is the only Hero Action Figure in the bunch!
■Black Harlequin

New Holiday Devices!
We have added a few new devices that are more on the social side. These devices are intended to be used on other players as much as possible with the exception of Santa’s Helper.
This item can be found in the presents scattered around the zones and under the tree. This one you should throw at your friends!
This item can be found in the presents scattered around the zones and under the tree. This one you should use to blow kisses to Friend and Foe alike!
Dried Mistletoe
This permanent version of the Mistletoe item can be obtained by completing the perk “Stolen Kisses."
Santa’s Helper
This item can be obtained as a rare reward in the presents under the tree. This one will be your little helper for a little bit! He packs a punch!
New costume pieces!
What would a holiday event be without some festive costumes to wear?
Fuzzy Antlers
This costume reward is available in the daily present as well as the perk reward for "Kissable."
Snowman Head
The Snowman head also unlocks a top hat accessory. This costume reward is available in the daily present as well as the perk reward for "Snowball."
Glowing Nose
This costume reward is available in the daily present as well as the perk reward for "Snowball Effect."

Missions and Perks
There is only one new mission for this event. That is to have FUN!
Black Harlequin and Clarence have had their open missions adjusted. They now count healing done to others for Open Mission Credit.
There are 9 new perks to earn for the event. Four are related to the new event items and 5 are for the Action Figures.
Kissable - Be kissed under the mistletoe 10 times
Grants "Kissable" title & grants the Fuzzy Antler costume piece
Stolen Kisses - Using Mistletoe, kiss the following villains: The Bronze King, Vikorin the Blind, Therakiel, Shadow Destroyer
Grants "Stolen Kisses" title and the holiday device "Dried Mistletoe"
Snowball Effect - Hit 20 people with a snowball
Grants "Snowball Effect" title and the Glowing Nose costume piece
Snowball - Be hit by 20 snowballs
Grants the "Snowball " title and the Snowman Head costume piece

500 Day Veteran Reward
Upon reaching your 500th day you will be granted to 500 Day Veteran Perk. The Perk comes with a new title and a few items. One of the items is pretty cool while another is.. well, you’ll see! Thanks a ton for being such a big part of Champions Online!
Winter Event
■Changed scoring on the Clarence open missions. Scores are now based on damage and healing others
■Removed redundant hit soundFX from one of Clarence Mecha Teddy's powers.

■Updated the Takofanes Open mission to include healing others for credit.
■Updated All Undead Hero open missions to include healing others for credit.
■The Zombie Costume Unlocks will now correctly unlock the costumes associated with the item.
■The Bloodmoon Event will occur on the day of the full moon only once it is set as a regularly occurring event. (Previously we planned to have it run for 3 days) We will watch the feedback once it is live and make adjustments based on that feedback if needed.
■Cleaned up the rewards for the Takofanes Open mission (Zombat will now drop for top dmg or healing contributors of the Takofanes Open Mission.
■All of the Undead Hero Devices are now set to unique equip. This will allow players to get more as drops but only allow them to equip one. (Previously if you had one of the devices in your inventory (Personal, Bank) you would not get another. This could lead to no loot drops if you had a character that had all the rewards).
■The Vesperine Cloak has had its flight animation updated. It now uses the flight animation instead of the rocket boot animation.
■All Undead Hero and Takofanes open mission rewards should now have a drop icon that indicates the owner correctly (there was an edge case where a drop could appear to be yours when it wasn't).
■The Special Undead Hero Devices will only drop from that heroes' open mission.
■The Bite event missions are now obtainable every 3 hours starting from the moment you accept the mission.
■Bite Contacts, Claude and Aric, have updated mission text to reflect the mission replay timer change.
■Celestial Endowment is no longer required for the "In Memoriam" perk
■Reduced mission replay timers to 30 minutes from the moment you accept the Crypt mission. (The same as the open mission)
■Updated the Crypt Mission reward info to correctly indicate the reward received from the crypt mission.
Patch + release F2P du 25 janvier 2011:

Beaucoup trop long pour en faire un copier coller ici. Ca prendrait 20 pages de jol, le patch doit etre 50 fois plus gros que le précédent du 21 decembre.

Liste complete sur le site officiel (ou sur jol une fois traduit) :

Bon courage pour la lecture, on dirait les pages jaunes de 2011
Patch du 31 Janvier 2011
Citation :

  • Double clicking or hitting enter on an unpurchased archetype will no longer advance to character creation.
  • Unowned Archetypes should no longer appear as available in the character creator
  • The chat window should now appear in the tailor and nemesis editors, also made it so that the chat window will not share it's position with the in game chat window.
  • Character Conversion: When converting a character from Gold to Silver, it now correctly predicts if you own an archetype.
  • The Tailor "Both" button now functions correctly.
  • Silver Players can now create a Silver Character if they have Seven or less characters on the account. If you have more then seven characters on your previously Gold account you will need to reduce the number down to seven in order to create your Silver Character.
  • Logout timer doesn't occur unless you're on a pvp map.
  • Several stability issues in the tailor have been addressed.
  • The amount of Atari Tokens you have should now display correctly.
  • The color palettes have been updated to exclude skin and costume colors that are too similar.

  • The C-Store now returns a better error message to you when your inventory is full. It also now correctly checks your extra bags.
  • Improved the purchase messages that explain when an item is once per character and once per account.

  • The occasional crash on PvP maps should no longer occur.

  • Vibora: Fishy Business: Ambush spawn near broken musical instrument should now trigger properly
Patch du 08 Fevrier 2011
Citation :


  • The Arctic Werewolf is now available in the store. This werewolf gains Frost Breath instead of Massacre at level 32
  • A new Travel power "Light Speed" has been added to the store. This is a premium travel power. The power features a new look and feel for Super Speed.
  • A new Henchman, Emily Lovett, has been added to the store. Emily has Darkness powers.
  • The Costume Variety Pack now includes images of the pieces in the pack.

Supernatural Infernal:

  • Defile: Fixed the description to not state that it increased the magnitude of the debuff when charged, as the power does not do this.
  • Electric Bolts: Previously, this power would not allow you to purchase higher ranks of the power if Electric Bolts was the only power you owned. This has been fixed.
Martial arts :
  • Dual Blades: Storm's Harvest: The Root being applied by this power was not using the new Root template. This has been corrected, and the duration of the Root is now properly affected by the Rank of the power.
  • Single Blade: Reaper's Caress: Damage of the first attack increased ~20%, second attack increased ~10%, and third attack increased very slightly. Cost increased ~1 Energy.
  • Single Blade: Scything Blade: Now correctly increases the damage to secondary targets as the power is Ranked up.
  • Single Blade: Scything Blade: Now correctly in the Close Area Attack category, moved from the Close Attack category.
  • Single Blade: Dragon's Bite: Now correctly deals Slashing damage, as listed in the description.

  • Lock N Load: This power was counting as 2 powers for the purposes of unlocking other powers. This was not intended, and has been fixed.

  • Eldritch Bolts: Previously, this power would not allow you to purchase higher ranks of the power if Eldritch Bolts was the only power you owned. This has been fixed.
  • Circles: The Energy costs for all 4 Circle powers have been changed. They now cost half of your Equilibrium, and never more than half of your maximum Energy. This cost is down from the previous cost of your full Equilibrium, but never more than 90% of your maximum Energy.
  • Aura of Radiant Protection: The shimmer/sheen FX that were put in place of the rings has been replaced with a subtle glow centered on your character. In addition, this power now has access to a 0-point advantage, Runic Glow, that restores the previous ring FX to the power. As a reminder, 0-point advantages are not something we do with regularity for a multitude of reasons. In this instance, we felt this was the quickest, best solution for restoring the ability to have the previous FX.

  • Maniacs in Westide should now be the correct faction.
  • My Lost Foot: Xiress should no longer become stuck during the mission
  • Let's Stop a Riot: Hi-pan, Gold and Iron could be defeated before cutscene. These characters can no longer be defeated before their cutscene occurrs, allowing players to complete the mission.
  • Biotechnical Difficulties: The respawn time of crates has been increased to 30 seconds, up from 15
  • Radiation Domination: the mission should no longer autocomplete.
  • Zoo's Prize Attraction: Kendrick's cage key now unlocks the cage properly
  • Dr. Destroyer Lab: The robot should no longer get stuck in the magnet room
  • There and Bat Again: Foxbat will now properly go get reinforcements after the first waves are completed.
  • Ignaetium Immensity: Allied NPCs no longer follow players into the lava pools

  • Serpent Mage: Force Shield will no longer refresh with full health immediately upon being expired.

  • Fire shield FX should now hue shift correctly.

  • The missing pieces, materials, textures from the Egyptian, Viking and Legacy Power Armor costume sets have been resolved.

  • Level and color/emanation point should no longer overlap
  • The Atari token icon should no longer appear in already purchased power list
  • Sidekicks can now be dismissed with the pet dismiss button
  • An appearance pass has been made on the Mission Journal, Team Mission Journal, Completed Missions and Lore windows.
  • The Mission Journal window is now resizable.
  • The @Handle has been removed from all team members shown in the Team Search window.

  • The WCOC tower should no longer be floating in the Westside BASH map.
Patch du 15 Fevrier 2011:

Nouvelle classe/archetype pour les joueurs F2P (disponible gratuitement pour les abonnés bien sur) + refonte de la branche ténèbre qui y est associée, avec quelques nouveaux pouvoirs et avantages.
Correction du bug du cooldown avec téléportation, le nerf devrait maintenant etre efficace.

A noter aussi que le nouveau device "cupid's arrow" qui n'est pas dans le patch notes mais dont vous avez le message sur votre launcher est un device qui n'est disponible que pendant ces quelques prochains jours pour feter la St valentin. Attention: il n'a que 10 charges, ce n'est pas permanent, juste un item d'event. Vous êtes prévenus. Lien sur cet item ici (lire la colonne de droite) :

Citation :
  • The Void Archetype is now available in the C-Store.
    • The Void is connected to a realm of Shadows and Darkness. This connection allows you to channel Dimensional energy to assault your foes, drawing out their fears and draining them of their essence. The Void has a good selection of mid and long range attacks, both single target and group attacks. You have the ability to lock down and weaken your foes, and can learn to summon creatures of pure Shadow to assist you in combat.
      NOTE: This archetype unlocks for every character on an account.


  • This framework was erroneously checking to see whether you had purchased an Energy Builder in addition to the normal requirements for purchasing certain tiers of powers within the framework. In general, this effect would be unnoticed except when doing a full respec and not purchasing an Energy Builder first.
  • Ebon Ruin: (New!) A new Tier 3 single target attack for Darkness, this power deals Dimensional damage up front as well as a short term Dimensional DoT and a reduction in the Healing your target receives.
  • Ebon Ruin: Nyctophobia: (New!) This 1 point advantage increases the damage Ebon Ruin does to Feared targets.
  • Ebon Ruin: Paranormal Paranoia: (New!) This 2 point advantage causes Ebon Ruin to reduce your targets Paranormal resistance for a short time.
  • Summon Shadows: Devouring Shadows: (New!) This custom advantage causes a portion of the damage your Shadows deal to heal you. This heal is considered a Life Drain effect for Dark Transfusion.
  • Dark Transfusion: No longer makes you immune to most healing, instead makes you highly resistant to it. Life Drain effects are unaffected by this penalty (this currently includes Lifedrain, the Shadowfeast proc from Shadow Form, Summon Shadows: Devouring Shadows, and Devour Essence).
  • Ebon Rift: Activate cost reduced ~14 Energy. Cost per period increased ~1 Energy.
  • Ebon Rift: Damage increased ~6%.
  • Ebon Rift: Recharge time reduced to 15 seconds, down from 16 seconds.
  • Ebon Rift: Targets within 20 feet of the Rift are now pulled toward the center of the Rift.
  • Ebon Rift: No longer despawns when the primary target of the Rift is defeated.
  • Ebon Rift: Now shows up directly on top of your target, instead of a slightly random location near your target.
  • Ebon Rift: Power now properly generates Energy when hitting a Feared target while you own Spirit Reverberation.
  • Ebon Rift: Fixed an error with the description that would cause it to display incorrectly.
  • Ebon Rift: Now correctly displays AoE information in the tooltip.
  • Ebon Rift: The damage dealt by Ebon Rift now also has the RangedDmg tag, in addition to the AoEDmg tag.
  • Grasping Shadows: Unyielding Agony: No longer deals reduced damage when hitting 3 or more targets. Also, the damage dealt by this advantage no longer reduces the durability of the Paralyze applied by Grasping Shadows.
  • Lifedrain: Activation cost reduced ~2.5 Energy, cost per period increased ~1 Energy.
  • Lifedrain: Activation time reduced from 0.83 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
  • Lifedrain: Damage increased ~13%. Healing is unchanged.
  • Lifedrain: Now has a max periods of 8, up from 6. Also, the time between ticks should be more consistent.
  • Lifedrain: This power will now display the correct name in the retcon window.
  • Lifedrain: Vampiric Sympathy: The amount of healing done by this advantage should now correctly scale with Presence.
  • Lifedrain: Vampiric Sympathy: The AoE heal provided by this advantage now provides a half-strength heal when hitting a normal target, and a full-strength heal when hitting a Feared target.
  • Lifedrain: Vampiric Sympathy: The healing done by this advantage is no longer decreased when healing more than 2 targets.
  • Lifedrain: Vampiric Sympathy: This advantage was healing the player using it in addition to them still being healed by Lifedrain itself. This was not intended, the advantage is supposed to add AoE healing to the power, not double the amount of healing the primary user gets. This has been corrected such that the Lifedain user is no longer healed by Vampiric Sympathy, and just gets the base healing from Lifedrain.
  • Shadow Blast: Chance to Fear now scales up from 20-100% as the power is charged. Tap cost has been reduced very slightly, and the cost at full charge has been increased by ~2 Energy.
  • Shadow Embrace: Reduced cost by ~0.5 Energy per period, and increased damage ~6%.
  • Shadow Embrace: Power has been moved from the Close Area Attack category to the Ranged Area Attack category.
  • Shadow Embrace: Power now has access to the Nailed to the Ground advantage.
  • Shadow Embrace: Fatal Allure: The 5' Knock Up caused by this power is now a Knock Down.
  • Shadow Embrace: Fatal Allure: The Knocks caused by this power now properly grant Knock Resistance. In addition, it should no longer be possible to occasionally get several Knock To applications in a row, causing the target to be knocked to the other side of you.
  • Shadow Form: Now grants a small amount of threat reduction in addition to its other effects.
  • Shadow Form: The Stealth granted by this power has been increased. Previously, it just provided a Perception Stealth of ~30 (modified by rank). It now provides a Perception Stealth of ~100 (modified by rank) as well as Aggro Stealth of ~10 (also modified by rank). Perception Stealth affects how far away enemies (players and critters) can see you, while Aggro Stealth affects how far away a critter will actually decide to attack you.
  • Shadow Form: Fixed some issues with the FX of R2 and R3 of this power not working properly.
  • Shadow Form: Changed the default color of Shadow Form to better match the rest of the set. This is just a hue shift, the old color is still available via hue selection.
  • Shadow Shroud: Description now properly mentions the Active Offense shared cooldown.
  • Shadow Shroud: Changed the default color of Shadow Shroud to better match the rest of the set. This is just a hue shift, the old color is still available via hue selection.
  • Spirit Reverberation: No longer causes you to gain Energy when defeating a Feared target. Instead, attacking a Feared target with Dimensional damage now generates Energy for you. Reworked how the amount of Energy you gain is determined. Now has a higher base value, which gets a slight benefit from Recovery, and gains additional Energy based on your Constitution.
  • Spirit Reverberation: Now has advanced tooltip info.
  • Spirit Reverberation: The Energy gained from this power will now show up as Spirit Reverberation in your combat log.
Supernatural Infernal:
  • Defile: Fixed the description to not state that it increased the magnitude of the debuff when charged, as the power does not do this.

  • Fireball: Should now always properly play the animation when tapping the power.

  • Bullet Beatdown: The Root applied by this power now correctly has a duration, instead of lasting 0 seconds.

  • Teleportation: The bug which was introduced with recent changes that prevented the recharge time from activating when entering combat after exiting Teleport has been fixed. Teleportation will once again have a 10s recharge activated when you perform a combat action after coming out of Teleport. Also, this recharge will no longer put your other travel powers on recharge, just Teleportation.

  • The Void: This Archetype utilizes Darkness powers.

  • Sidekicks will no longer be toggled off when held.
Missions and Gameplay:

  • Tutorial: The entrance to the Champions building in the main tutorial map now takes players who previously completed the Champs interior but returned to the tutorial to the proper location to complete Picking Up the Pieces.
  • Desert: Radiation Domination mission now completes properly.
  • UNITY: Foxbat should no longer get stuck after the initial wave of attackers in There and Bat Again mission.

  • The divider in the mail window is now resizable so that you can see more emails in the list at any one item
  • Item linking should work once again
  • The Untranslated errors in the Market House have been corrected. They now say "Special"

  • Light Speed: The vertical line that persists while standing still should no longer appear
Patch du 24 février 2011 :

Au menu, pour les grandes lignes:
- Travail sur les capacités pour contrer les stuns.
- Travail sur Bloodmoon pour les récompenses pour les healers
- Travail sur les queues des battlegrounds pvp

Citation :
New Costume Set:

  • The Urban Costume Set will be live by 12pm PST. This is a premium costume set and will be available for 380 Atari Tokens. Purchase of this costume set unlocks for all characters on your account.
Become Werewolf:

  • Werewolves now gain Acrobatics at level 6 instead of level 5.
The Void:

  • Fixed The Voids innate talent to use the correct stat allocation.

  • Fixed more Innate Talents that had incorrect names displayed when retconning.
  • Stuns: Break Free effects (from powers such as Immolation, Electric Sheath, etc.) should now free you from a Stun.

  • Many custom advantages were not using the parent powers icon when in the Purchasing or Retcon windows. This has been corrected.
  • Shadow Embrace: Fatal Allure: The Knock To on Fear has been revised to intentionally attempt to pull the target passed you, allowing you to have fun yanking targets off of buildings once again. The description of the advantage has been updated to state this.
  • Shadow Shroud: Attacking while this power is active will no longer cancel the FX.
  • Dark Transfusion: The full FX of this power will now be provided all of the time, not just when you have purchased the Blood Sacrifice advantage. In addition, the FX should now properly hue shift.
  • Ebon Void: The Life Drain effect now properly increases with power Rank.
  • Ebon Void: The Life Drain effect is now properly tagged for interactions with Dark Transfusion.

  • Protection Field: Ranks 2 and 3 of this power were getting a much larger increase over Rank 1 than intended. This has been corrected, and it will now rank up with the correct increase of ~20% per rank.
Martial Arts:

  • Thunderbolt Lunge: Essence Assault: This advantage should once again properly check for 20 foot range and whether or not your target is currently affected by other Control effects.
  • Smoke Bomb: Updated the description to state that the cost of this power is equal to your Equilibrium. This is just a description change.
  • Bountiful Chi Resurgence: Now only displays a Buff icon on the user, instead of a Buff icon AND a Debuff icon.

  • Ego Sleep: Plagued by Nightmares: The Fear provided by this advantage is now properly owned by the player that applied it, as opposed to being owned by the critter. This means it will no longer provide a secondary stack of Fear, and will instead refresh properly with other stacks of Fear you apply. It will also count properly for Spirit Reverberation.

  • Planar Fracture: The damage dealt by this power should now properly interact with Spirit Reverberation.

  • Fireball: No longer locks you in place during tap activations.

  • Ritual of Primal Summoning: Should no longer fall to the ground after 20 seconds of flying.
Missions and Gameplay:
Millennium City:

  • We added more mannequins next to tailors in Ren Cen. These new mannequins have more costumes and now change costume every hour.
  • There is now an UNTIL Liaison to Defender's console in Ren Cen.
  • There is a new handoff missions from the UNTIL liaison in Ren Cen and the UNTIL agent on the landing pad to Majors Kwame and Boudreau in UNTIL HQ.
  • Tuned the healing credit for the Bloodmoon Undead Hero open missions. There was a huge difference in healing and damage credit. We will keep an eye on the numbers and feedback.
  • Players approaching the UNTIL building for the first time will get a message explaining what Adventure Packs are.

  • Bloodmoon contacts and encounters will now vanish once Blood Moon ends (until next time!).
Monster Island:

  • Most Evil of Elder Worms: Opening the portal should once again grant the correct mission credit.

  • Therakiel's Temple: Valerian Scarlet should no longer use her sorcery circle too often.
  • Destroyer's Lab: The Magnet no longer gets stuck over parts bins.
Hero Games:

  • Zombie Apocalypse: All zombies in Zombie Apocalypse now have ranged attacks.
  • Queue changes: BASH queues formerly required 2 players to pop. They now require 8 players to start, but after 5 minutes will pop with 3 players. UTC and Stronghold Apocalypse formerly required 4 players per side to pop, but will now pop with 2 players per side after 5 minutes.

  • We have added new tips specific to F2P on the loading screens.
  • Updated the art for Defender's Loadscreen.
  • Powers windows are no longer mutually exclusive. Which power is selected should be clearer on the powers UI.
Pour le calendrier de quelques nouveaux ajouts non exhaustifs dans les semaines à venir, voir ici :

Patch du 28 avril
Attention pas mal de choses de sympathiques, outre l'arrivée du pouvoir de voyage rainbow flight, on peut remarquer que les emotes pour s'assoir sont maintenant spécifique au sexe du héros ( les emotes pour s'assoir des filles étaient catastrophiques, c'est un petit truc que les roleplayers attendent depuis trés longtemps) et la correction des pouvoirs de lunge, ce qui devrait largement faciliter la vie des CAC)
Citation :
Release Notes: April 28, 2011
Rainbow Flight

Rainbow Flight will be available in the C-Store at 10:00 AM PST (GMT-7).

Flying through the air will never be the same again. Be it in Millennium City or on your way to the harrowing maw of Mount Kigatilik, rainbow flight is sure to brighten even the darkest of days. This item includes two flight travel power upgrades: Standard Rainbow Flight and Rainbow Cloud Flight.
General Gameplay

* SitChair and SitHeroic emote is now gender specific.
* Desert: Sinisister mission: A bug that could cause Talisman to respawn after being defeated, or prevent Talisman and Witchcraft from respawning if the mission is failed has been fixed.


* Power discounts were being calculated at random times causing certain powers to fail after charging. This has been fixed.
* Lunges now travel the full distance when you are in combat and when your travel power is activated. Lunges should now work much better underwater.

Heavy Weapon

* Skewer: The long description has been changed to match the tool-tip and the actual functionality of the power.


* Acrobatics: Backflips now occur at all three speeds. Leaps now also play properly.


* Ranks and Advantages window: UI will now display proper requirements when player cannot purchase the next rank of a power.

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