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12 janvier 2011 à 04:07 - Messages
Sign up Iva Major Ivy. PVP Arena - Theatre of death... Lire la suite
12 janvier 2011 à 04:06 - Messages
I've been caught in tempo a few times during lag and that is not fun :P... Lire la suite
9 janvier 2011 à 23:19 - Messages
Suggestions for next time: 1. If bows are going to be used, make it have x10 arrows so it's not unlimited. I hope bows will st... Lire la suite
7 janvier 2011 à 19:12 - Messages
When reading that I get the feeling we have to play using a level 1 char? Is that so?... Lire la suite
Okay cool. Sounds really fun.... Lire la suite
6 janvier 2011 à 15:22 - Messages
But won't players team up? And kill others in groups? Biggest guild wins.... Lire la suite
What kind of potions are allowed?... Lire la suite
5 janvier 2011 à 21:19 - Messages
So it's a last man standing tournament? No monster spawns or anything like that?... Lire la suite
31 décembre 2010 à 17:25 - Discussion
Happy New Year, try not to be online when the clock turns 24:00 :ange: Lire la suite
27 décembre 2010 à 19:33 - Messages
19 décembre 2010 à 14:09 - Messages
Vul Major Gump. Still dont have a virutal machine installed, i tried, but it wouldnt let me pick what drive to install it on an... Lire la suite
5 décembre 2010 à 14:43 - Messages
I signed up with Vul ingame, but I remembered I can't use pots in the game. So remove me.... Lire la suite


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