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18 décembre 2016 à 20:27 - Messages
We are 3 from sweden that keeps crashing and having difficulties to login today.... Lire la suite
3 novembre 2016 à 20:05 - Messages
30 octobre 2016 à 18:24 - Messages
I have found one only. Marked in red. https://s14.postimg.org/rwql2aoc1/ravens_dust.jpg... Lire la suite
22 octobre 2016 à 15:14 - Messages
I was banned just now for some reason. Did this happen to more players?... Lire la suite
29 septembre 2016 à 21:02 - Discussion
It's been so long for all of us in the game of T4C, it's hard to understand. So I had to go back and see. And there is still so ... Lire la suite
29 septembre 2016 à 20:31 - Messages
Will there be any old Archelune/Rage/Vicles/Vargas/F4K/FK players on the new server? Like players from here: http://www.key2he... Lire la suite
7 septembre 2016 à 14:11 - Messages
http://t4cabomination.wikia.com/ Seems pretty easy to do. Guessing you guys want it in french though so might be up to you g... Lire la suite
7 septembre 2016 à 09:12 - Messages
Doing the quests 4 times sounds like a lot of fun :aide: I would prefer x2, and I feel that the new HP/MP feature could stil... Lire la suite
4 septembre 2016 à 21:33 - Messages
J'aime l'idée de x1 après 1 mois, puis x2 après 2 mois. Cela donne le temps à ceux qui s'investissent d'atteindre x2 avant 2 mo... Lire la suite
2 septembre 2016 à 20:40 - Messages
Nice to see you again Ara! I will play on the new server for sure. Looking forward to it! :) Dont know who I will play with,... Lire la suite
What I wish for on abo4 is that all the old players will use their abo1 names. At least when building their main characters =) ... Lire la suite


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