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31 janvier 2013 à 22:27 - Messages
Abo 2 had 25% cheaper Lord of the Shops. I hope abo3 will have the normal price on the items. Lower droprate = more noob friend... Lire la suite
25 janvier 2013 à 16:37 - Messages
Every server get's less players over time. It doesn't have so much to do with the exp being too high but the fact that the ga... Lire la suite
25 janvier 2013 à 15:17 - Messages
8 janvier 2013 à 22:19 - Messages
He never translated that comic to english :( From what I read here a lot of players might come back for abo3 and thats nice ... Lire la suite
Your gonna play on abo3 Ilhya? This is decided? :) Happy new year.... Lire la suite
8 janvier 2013 à 12:06 - Messages
I would play. Black Burd, why would abo3 not be for you? I want to see you once again exp in laby with lw3!!... Lire la suite
14 juin 2012 à 12:57 - Messages
I love that ABO is getting v1.71, it looks so much better. It's a first step of getting me back to the server, but dont think i... Lire la suite
23 janvier 2011 à 03:47 - Messages
Sign up: Nito Crow Domicile : PVP Arena - Theatre of death (Arena 1) From abos new forum: http://dev.abominationt4c.com/forum/... Lire la suite
16 janvier 2011 à 22:01 - Discussion
Have captured some images but not many in pvp because thats stupid. :P ------------------------------------------------------... Lire la suite
14 janvier 2011 à 03:29 - Messages
I think I prefer PVP Arena - Theatre of death because its smaller for archers to run around on ^^... Lire la suite
13 janvier 2011 à 14:15 - Messages
Is this tournament 1vs1 elimination or does each player fight all the other opponents?... Lire la suite
Alright, so it was neither what I thought :P... Lire la suite


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