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Hossin et lock des continents la semaine prochaine

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Quel est le réel intérêt des captures de base par les outfits ?!

Juste avoir son logo sur la base c'est ça ?

L'interêt est que ça crée du contenu, les joueurs se plaignent de l'eternel indarside, ça sera l'occasion de dire "ce soir on va niquer la base de <insert enemy outfit name>, pour voir".

Il reste plus qu'a rajouter un bonus passif pour l'outfit qui tient la base, un système d'alerte lorsque ta base est attaquée, des reliquaires et c'est parti.
Hossin pour la semaine prochaine ? C'est très limite quand on voit l'état du continent sur le serveur test.
Même en admettant qu'ils aient corrigé les plus gros défauts, ça laisse peu de temps pour tester le continent sur le PST.
On peut s'attendre à essuyer les plâtres une fois qu'Hossin sera live...
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y'aura des fucking maisons dans me ciel ? Ou juste des rochers.

il y en a dans les arbres, tu pourras jouer a l'Ewok.
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Hey all -

As many of you have probably already heard - our next live update is going to be a pretty big one. We have a lot of outfit features, such as Outfit Recruitment, Outfit Base Capture and Outfit decals coming, and we've also decided that it's about damn time to release Hossin and Continent Locking live.

I wanted to drop by today to let you all know what you can expect from these features both in the short and long term, since they are being approached in a slightly different way than we've done in the future - especially for...


You may or may not know that Hossin has actually been in development since before we launched PS2, so for us it's literally been a 2 year process to get this continent live. Since launching the game, and going through the process of redoing our facilities and outposts on all 3 of our launch continents, we've learned a tremendous amount about how to make levels that work for our game. Anyone who looks at the state of the Amerish levels (our most recent revamps) now compared to the Indar levels (our first revamps) should be able to see the improvements overall quality of the levels/bases we're generating now, those newer bases are our new quality bar, and we're committed to match or exceed that level of quality with all our future outposts. Along the way, we've figured out that creating a "good" outpost in Planetside 2 takes about 2-3 weeks of level design, art playtesting and iteration time minimally, per outpost. Multiply that by 80 or so, and you'll get a good idea of how much work is required for a high-quality continent.

There isn't any other way to say it except to say that Hossin is not finished. If we wanted to "finish" Hossin without sacrificing the quality level we've established, it would probably be 3 months before it was ready to go live - we don't want to wait that long, and we don't think you want to either.

So what is going live with the next update then?

Right now about 50% of the bases on Hossin are "done" to the point that we're completely satisfied with the quality of the level design and visuals, about 25% of the bases are first pass - you'll be able to recognize these bases by their naming scheme, and another 25% are bases which are more or less staging areas, or stamped bases, identical to each other - this is an outpost we know works well, so we've put them in as placeholders. We expect these bases to function correctly, provide all the necessary utilities to make the game work - they're just not 100% up to our standards of level design quality quite yet - essentially they feel more like the bases on Indar than the bases on Amerish. Over the next few months, the level design and environment art team is going to continue to iterate the bases on Hossin and every couple weeks you'll see more and more of the continent getting completed and patched to live. In the meantime we're considering Hossin to be a beta, or Early Expedition continent. The continent will be fully functional, but the content is not 100% complete. Of course during this time we'll be especially interested in hearing feedback, suggestions and bug reports on the continent.

Another reason we're going with this Early Expedition approach, besides just getting the continent to you earlier, is we know that we won't really discover what works and doesn't work in the continent until it's live. We've had to go back and redo a lot in our other continents once they were exposed to the masses and we expect Hossin will be similar. It makes a lot of sense to us to be doing that while we're actively developing the continent, instead of waiting for it to be 100% finished, before redoing all the stuff that didn't work exactly right. Some people are sure to ask "isn't that what PTS is for?", yes and no. PTS has been great for determining if features worked or not, if things are fun to use or not, but it's not great for figuring out large scale balance or flow issues. Players just aren't on PTS enough or playing legitimately there, even during events, for us to really figure out if some of these more complex balance changes or level flows are working well or not.

Hossin might be the biggest single feature in this update, but everything else in it is really cool too, and since there have been a lot of questions about the other features - here's a brief rundown of what they are:

Continent Locking - 1st Phase:

In the first phase, continent locking will piggyback on the current continent domination rules. When a continent is captured, it will be locked to spawns and interactions of all kinds, and it will provide a benefit to the locking empire, similar to the benefit you get from domination now. This will limit the available continents in play down to the unlocked continents, no players, even the ones with the locked continent, will have access to that continent for the duration of the lock. Once another continent is dominated and locked, the lock of the previously locked continent will be broken, the warpgates will be rotated, and the territory set back to defaults. Players on the locking empire are now effectively defending their lock (and benefit) by ensuring that another empire does not lock one of the open continents.

We have some more functionality in store for continent locking, including tying in alerts, and eventually making warpgates part of the capturable facilities along with home continents. We want to see how the basic mechanic of locking out continents from play based on player conquests will work and then build out from there.

New Outfit functionality:

Nothing makes Planetside 2 more fun to play than teamwork, and getting new players into outfits, and keeping outfit leaders flush with troops to fill their platoons is critical to the entire game working well. Outfit recruitment is a fairly simple system that allows leaders to list their outfits, and allows players to apply and be accepted to the outfit in an simple interface - we hope this will reduce the barrier to joining outfits for the approximately 50% of players who never do.

Outfit decals allow you to select a decal for your outfit and your entire outfit to wear it. Simple as that. We're working on a way to allow outfits to use CUSTOM decals here too, but at first it will be based on the decals that the outfit leader has. Outfit decals are also used in a few places in the UI to show...

Outfit Base Capture:

With this update, whichever outfit has members that do the most in the course of capturing the base, earning kills, spawning troops, arming generators, etc. will be listed as the outfit that captured the base. This outfit will have it's name displayed on the map when you look at the region, on the tab screen, and their outfit decal will be added to the same banners that display the empire ownership right now (this part may be in a subsequent update, since it's coming in a bit hot). We are also discussing outfit benefits for "owning" the facility, such as reduced resource costs for vehicles, or reduced spawn times for infantry - although in the initial implementation it'll be bragging rights only.

Whew, that was a lot to get through - hope you're still with me. In addition to these big ticket features, this update will contain the usual bug fixes and polish features. Our plan is to get this build up to PTS today following #MergerSmash, and to be ready to bring it live next week once we're confident things are working well - however, we will be keeping this build on PTS as long as we need to to ensure it's solid before it hits live servers.

We're really excited to get these features and content out to you guys, and we're really looking forward to seeing your feedback on all the new hotness. Of course I want to heavily encourage anyone who is able to patch up PTS and kick the tires on these new features, the more folks we have check them out on PTS the better the update will be.

If you made it all the way through, thanks for reading! If not, hopefully someone will post a good TLDR for you!

See you on Hossin!

Matthew Higby - @mhigby
Creative Director - @planetside2
TL;DR : Aucune des ces feature n'est terminé,

Hossin est fini à 50% d'un point de vue qualitatif sur le design et l’esthétique des bases, ça veut dire que 50% des bases sont fini avec un niveau de qualité égal ou superieur à celle du dernier revamp, Amerish. 25% restant sont fini d'un point de vu design mais non terminé concernant la déco, props, buisson etc. Les 25% restant sont de simple place holder et sont donc plus proche de ce que nous avons sur indar actuellement.

Il y aura donc à chaque patch hebdomadaire une mise à jour des base d'Hossin au fur et à mesure que les devs les termine.
Au moins ils ont compris qu'il fallait continuer dans le design de base de la lignée de celles d'amerish.
Après si on peut déjà fight un peu sur HOSSIN c'est pas trop emmerdant d'avoir une update par semaine, par contre va falloir qu'ils fassent gaffe aux bugs ^^

Le lock des conts ça va être bien aussi, ça va forcer les conts à tourner comme sur PS1, ça renforce l'aspect de conquête et de guerre globale, car depuis bientôt 2 ans on a juste un battlefield à la con sur 3 grosses cartes.

Mais que c'est long mon dieu...ils ont du switch 50% de la team PS2 sur EQnext maintenant qu'ils connaissent bien leur nouvel engine.
[QUOTE=Havoc;27415884]Le lock des conts ça va être bien aussi, ça va forcer les conts à tourner comme sur PS1, ça renforce l'aspect de conquête et de guerre globale, car depuis bientôt 2 ans on a juste un battlefield à la con sur 3 grosses cartes.[QUOTE]

Meme si je passe ma vie sur Indar (<3), j'adore cette idée.
Il ne me semble pas que l'on trouve des combats à plus de 100 joueurs sur Battlefield, ni sur un autre mmofps* ; alors que PS2 propose jusqu'à 2000 joueurs même si on trouve rarement plus de 500 joueurs sur une partie de la carte de la taille équivalent à celles des concurrents. L'essentiel, s'est de trouver son compte.

* ca me ferait plaisir de mon tromper quand même
par contre la maj c'est accompagné d'un gros changement de la sensibilité de la souris.
Mais réglage habituelle sont resté les même mais en jeu j'ai du baissé pour revenir à mes sensations habituelle.
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par contre la maj c'est accompagné d'un gros changement de la sensibilité de la souris.
Mais réglage habituelle sont resté les même mais en jeu j'ai du baissé pour revenir à mes sensations habituelle.
De combien ?
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Le tank foudre est devenu une savonnette, ça vous le fait aussi depuis la mise à jour ?
Ah je me disais (betement) que c'etait du a Hossin, qu'ils avaient rajouté un truc pour faire plus "vrai", ca le fait partout ?
J'ai réduit de 6 la sensibilité pour retrouvé les même sensation.
Et pour les tank ya bien une merde sur les direction quand on inverse les gaz.
Par contre grosse fight dantesque cette aprem sur ceres, les locks sont vraiment contesté.
Des fights aérienne avec une 30 d'esf engagé.

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Et pour les tank ya bien une merde sur les direction quand on inverse les gaz.
Il y a l'option inversement des directions dans les options paramètres, tu peux cocher la case.
ça faisait un sacré moment que j'avais pas joué, mais l'arrivée d'Hossin et le PU02 est une bonne occasion pour s'y remettre (d'ailleurs il a fallu que je refasse tous mes loadouts du coup).
Je sais pas si ça vous le fait, mais j'ai un bug avec le ML7 (lance roquette de base terran).
Il arrive de temps en temps, au moins une fois par session, que lorsque je passe en visée à l'épaule, je vois bien mon perso épauler le LR mais le viseur ne s'affiche pas, c'est bloqué en milieu d'animation. Emmerdant dans le feu de l'action, et pour y remédier faut changer de LR, épauler, et repasser sur le ML7 ensuite. Vous avez ce genre de bug aussi ?

PS : c'est quoi ces histoires d'implants, ils ont plus d'argent ?
Bug Lr7, j'ai pas...

Les implants... tu vas en loot plein en jouant y compris des chargeur, etc, donc bon bref, j'ai pas le sentiment de devoir en acheter.

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