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Patch 0.182 Notes

C'est tombé il y a 2h sur Reddit
Citation :
The Elder Scrolls Online v0.182 features many fixes and improvements to existing content, and will be one of the last significant patches until launch. Here’s a brief overview of what awaits you in this test: Preparations and updates in Cyrodiil for Early Access and launch. Many fixes and improvements to quests, animations, and gameplay. Tweaked many issues relating to UI.
Please note that we found the underlying cause of the broken quest issues that showed up in last weekend's beta test, and we're currently working to fix them. To aid players who want to visit the former starter islands, we've made changes that more explicitly direct you to them, and the tutorial is getting a few final tweaks as well. These changes aren't in today's patch, but they'll be on the PTS early next week.

Alliance War
In preparation for Early Access, we have changed the campaign reassignment and guest campaign assignment cooldown to 12 hours. In addition, we have also changed the cost to reassign your campaign any time from 100,000 AP to 15,000 AP. This change was done to help you find your campaign of choice, and play with your friends in our first month with ease and lesser burden on their Alliance point gains.
  • You will no longer be able to enter the alliance entry gates with an Elder Scroll. Those who attempt to will find themselves teleported to an accessible position a short distance away from the gate. Those without a scroll who manage to get into an enemy alliance entry gate will continue to be teleported back to their own alliance’s entry gate.
  • Bloodmayne Farm will now properly upgrade over time.
  • Disbanding a guild while owning a keep will now properly relinquish ownership of that claim.
  • Mages Guild books have been removed from keeps, and have been placed in other locations within Cyrodiil.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the game to crash while in Cyrodiil.

Art & Animations
  • Fixed an issue where characters would play their death animation while on their horse.
  • Fixed various issues with horse and player animations in relation to transitioning from one animation to another while running and jumping.
  • Fixed animation clipping issues with Argonian and Khajiit tails in positions with your hands behind your back.
  • Fixed an issue where bard NPC hands clipped through the lute.
  • Fixed an Ice Wraith monster ability that caused an icicle to appear in the wrong orientation.
  • Many crafted and dropped gear colors were updated to better match their main ingredient type and rarity quality designation.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wisp so it can now be properly targeted.

  • Fixed an issue where audio would occasionally drop out the longer you played.
  • Improved the audio for a number of monsters and abilities.
  • Added a new sound when monsters appear from Dark Fissures.
  • A number of text VO mismatches have been corrected.
  • Improved audio for when you become Emperor!

Combat & Gameplay
  • Fixed an issue when leveling through a quest and getting a skill point could incorrectly calculate the number of points actually gained.
  • Fixed an issue where items granted by skipping the tutorial would be enchanted.
  • In order to address some XP grinding exploits, we have reduced the XP received from kills in certain areas of the game:
  • Significantly reduced the XP from monster kills in Public Dungeons.
  • Slightly reduced the XP from monster kills in Explorable Caves.
  • Your weapons will now be hidden while eating or drinking.
  • Increased the veteran points gained from completing over world content; instanced dungeons and Cyrodiil are unaffected by this change.
  • Reduced the base magicka and stamina recovery gained as you increase your veteran rank.
  • Fixed an issue where spending points in the medium armor passive Athletics was removing the effect of the Wind Walker passive.
  • Reduced Replenishing Barrier’s restoration when a shield expires.
  • Fixed an issue where the Emperor was receiving full value of his or her passive bonuses outside of Cyrodiil.
  • Reduced the ultimate gain bonus for the passive ability Authority while you are Emperor.
  • Fixed several issues where Scroll bonuses weren’t properly applying to battle leveled characters.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow others to see a floating map or backpack at a stealthed enemy’s location while they were looking at their inventory or UI.
  • Fixed an issue where grouped players could gain the benefits of multiple siege shields.
Fighters Guild
  • Fixed an issue where the FX for Trap Beast weren’t appearing properly.
Item Sets
  • Fixed a few issues with the Kynne’s Flight set bonus where it was returning stamina on all bow attacks instead of on 33% of attacks (as was stated in the tooltip).
  • Fixed an issue where Precise Trait was not properly applying to battle leveled characters.
  • Properly set the cooldown of the Juggernaut set bonus to 90 seconds instead of 1 second.
  • Fixed an issue with Assassin’s Blade where the ability was not properly dealing bonus damage against targets with low health.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Shade where one of the two shades wouldn’t disappear when the ability was re-cast.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage bonus from Agony could stack when the ability was repeatedly cast.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage bonus from Empowered Ward was stacking when repeatedly cast.


  • Set a maximum amount of ultimate gained per cast on several AoE heal abilities, including:
  • - Healing Ritual
  • - Cleansing Ritual
  • - Regeneration
  • - Grand Healing
  • - Blessing of Protection
  • - Force Siphon
  • Fixed an issue where some ultimate abilities were improperly generating the ultimate resource. Most notably, this affected:
  • Dragonknight standard ability and its morphs
  • Veil of Blades
  • Blood Rage effect can now only apply once every 3 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where you could occasionally get stuck or could not attack after using the Pounce ability.
  • Removed the critical damage bonus from the Khajiit passive Carnage, and doubled its critical strike chance bonus.

Crafting and Economy
  • Fixed an issue where you would receive empty hireling mails.

Dungeons/Group Content
  • Fixed many issues where dungeon bosses could be interrupted when they should not have been.
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to enter an unpopulated version of Vaults of Madness.
  • Modified the loot that would drop from monsters in Wayrest Sewers.
  • Fixed some mismatched VO for the Undaunted.
Veteran Dungeons
  • Fixed an issue where you could accidentally reset the fight in Fungal Grotto.
  • Fixed an issue where High Kinlord Rilis could not be targeted if engaged during his intro in Banished Cells.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to exit the Daedric Realm via the portal provided in Elden Hollow.
  • Fixed an issue where the on-screen effects from Praxin’s Dream could get stuck on players in Spindleclutch.
  • Enabled the boss bar UI for Praxin and Vorenor Winterbourne in Spindleclutch.
  • Edited Veteran Dungeon quest organization in your journal.
  • Fixed an issue where you could block the intro sequence for Snagg gro-Mashul in Blessed Crucible.

Mac Client
  • Fixed an issue where the game window would not close until you moved your mouse when you quit the game.
  • Fixed an issue where your screen would go blank (white) while attempting to switch between the game window and other windows using command + tab.
  • Fixed an issue causing an “x” to appear next to every keybind character in the tutorial UI.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the client to hang for 5-13 seconds. If you continue to experience this, please report it on the forums.
  • Fixed an issue where you would appear standing up on your horse while reading the map.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs loading in beneath fixtures or the world.
  • Fixed an issue when you would create a new character and would be forced to enter a different name, and you would still enter the tutorial even after requesting to skip it.

  • Fixed an issue with the quest Long Lost Lore in the Mages Guild.
  • All achievements in Alik’r should be obtainable and are now correctly labeled.
  • The Veil Falls: Fixed an issue where any group that engaged the bosses Ondicantar, Endartirinque, and Nenaronald would be kicked out to the instance door with most of the quest progress reset.
  • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: The Prophet should no longer appear in inaccessible locations.
  • Treasure hunters will no longer be frustrated by the far too cleverly hidden treasure chest in Southern Bangkorai. The chest has been dug up and reburied in a new location, and the map has been updated to match.
Bal Foyen
  • Breaking the Tide: You should no longer need to relog in order to exit the ship in this quest.
Bleakrock Isle
  • Escape from Bleakrock: Fixed an issue if you were sprinting during the “Wait for Refugees” quest step, which would cause the refugees to never show up.
  • Into the Woods: Fixed an issue where the quest would not progress to next step if you got killed, and then respawned at the ambush point near the second sword.
  • Search and Rescue: Fixed an issue where you could not enter Deepcrag Den on the quest step “Find Boril Drelas.”
  • The Trail of the Ghost Snake: Fixed an issue if you were in a group and one group member killed the Shadow Snake, they would move on to the next step while you would remain stuck with no Shadow Snake to interact with.
  • Strange Allies: Fixed an issue where Aspera Giant-Friend would not appear if you completed “The Siege of Cradlecrush” first.
Reaper’s March
  • Gates of Fire: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck when following a group member through a door on quest step “Find Razum-dar.”
  • A Traitor's Luck: Fixed an issue where you could become blocked if you leave the conversation with Cariel after quest has advanced to step “Follow Cariel.”
  • Group Boss: All monsters surrounding Stroda gra-Drom’s area should now be more of a fair fight.
  • Children of Yokuda: The poison barrels in the quest can now only be interacted with one time per barrel. In addition, all three barrels should now be visible.
  • Scales of Retribution: Fixed an issue where Pale-Heart would not appear at the rendezvous point, which would block progression.
  • Giving for the Greater Good: Fixed an issue that would require you to relog in order to see Reesa on quest step “Deliever Kwama Cap to Reesa.”

User Interface
  • There is now a confirmation dialogue when attempting to convert the style of an item to the Imperial style.
  • Updated Active Combat Text to better indicate that to Interrupt an enemy, you must first press the Right Mouse Button then Left Mouse Button, in that order.
  • Fixed an issue where you could become stuck while talking to an NPC if a nearby player harvested a crafting node or used a siege engine.
  • This should also fix the issue where you occasionally could not bring up the Escape menu.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing F1 Help and selecting Customer Support would not load the Help Portal.
  • Fixed an issue where the same tutorial could occasionally be triggered multiple times in a row.
  • The skyshard achievements should now show the correct icons.
  • The Battering Ram UI in Cyrodiil has been updated.
  • Fixed an issue when reaching the mercenary deploy limit would display the message "Over the siege limit".
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a Resource Keep’s map icon after it has been attacked would show "Show Keep Information" multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where keep icons were displaying on maps outside of Cyrodiil after being attacked.
  • Fixed an issue where the battering ram health bar would persist over the top of other UI, blocking your visibility.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Backspace to delete the first letter of a /whisper message deleted the whole message.
  • Fixed an issue where some methods of entering accented/extended characters were not working on a Mac, including pasting from other programs and using ALT + LETTER.
  • You will now be able to successfully drag items, which are actually in your bank, while in the Crafting UI.
  • After you have added ingredients, the E key will now say "Remove".

  • Fixed an issue where group unit frames obscured the XP bar.
  • Fixed an issue where player unit frames in the large group UI were spaced too far apart.
  • Active Combat Text now prompts you to use the Command key to Interrupt, which is mapped as an alternate keybinding by default on the Mac client.
  • The map for Edrald Manor in Rivenspire now includes the area before the portal.
  • The wayshrines in Reapers March no longer show older maps.

J'ajoute les modifs de l'API, merci à BalX et Corak Eldarien :

Citation :
API Version Change: Version is now 100003. Update your addons with the “## APIVersion: ” tag in the appropriate .txt file.

Main changes: – Removed a number of deprecated events and functions. – Locked down access to Unit information and ability cast functionality. – Locked down access to combat events so that only your own outgoing spells can be monitored with any level of detail. Incoming damage and healing from spells have been restricted to only showing the value and not the name of the spell, type of damage or healing, or who is casting it.

Global Variable Changes: – Removed CastBarType enumeration

Added MouseDestroyItemFailedReason to help inform the user why an item couldn’t be destroyed
Removed TOOLTIP_GAME_DATA_SOCKET because much of the old item socketing API has been removed.
Added ACTION_RESULT_MERCENARY_LIMIT (for errors from keep/siege messaging)
Added CampaignReassignmentErrorReason enumeration value for CAMPAIGN_REASSIGN_ERROR_CAMPAIGNS_DISABLED
Removed deprecated functions: DoesUnitHaveTooltip GetUnitFinesseRankInfo GetUnitXPDebt GetUnitPrimaryPowerType GetUnitPrimaryPowerIndex GetMaxPowerPools DoesUnitUsePowerType GetUnitCastingInfo GetUnitBuffSlot GetBuffEffectType GetBuffAbilityType GetBuffStatusEffectType CheckUnitBuffsForAbilityType GetPoisonEffectColorIndex GetPlayerBuffPriorities GetSynergyInfo GetNumSynergies GetSlotAbilityRank CheckSlotAbilityStatusLine HasOtherAbilityOngoingFailure GetActionSlotType IsSlotActionInRange IsSlotActionTooClose GetJournalQuestIsPushed GetQuestDailyCount SetUseInteractionCamera GetItemNumSockets GetItemSocketType GetMaxTransformPlugs GetPlugItemInfo GetPlugItemLink StartSocketingItem StartSocketingUnit ResetSocketing StopSocketing ApplySocketing ClearSocket ApplyPlugToSocket IsCurrentlySocketingItem IsCurrentlySocketingUnit CanPlayerModifySockets AreSocketingChangesPending SocketingChangesWillDestroyUpgrades CanPlugGoInSocket GetClosestKeep GetClosestKeepOfType GetAvAKeepsHeld GetKeepPvPSystem GetParentKeepForKeep GetActiveKeepId DepositBattleTokens GetBattleTokensForKeepUpgradePathLevel GetKeepInCombat RequestKeepInfoForKeep GetBattleTokens IsMapPinFilterSet SetMapPinFilter GetNumMapPinFilters GetSiegeAmmoIcon GetNumGuildReputationRanks GetGuildReputationRankInfo GetNumUsedPlayerAuras GetPlayerAuraInfo GetPlayerMaxLevel GetStatIncreasePerLevel GetNumWeaponSets GetCurrentWeaponSet GetWeaponSetInfo GetWeaponSetXPInfo GetNumWeaponSetRanks GetWeaponSetAbilityInfo RespecAbilityProgression GetNumAbilityProgressions GetNumAbilityProgressionRanks GetNumAttributePassives GetAttributePassiveInfo GetNumAttributeDerivedStats GetAttributeDerivedStatInfo GetNumActiveCombatTips GetGameCameraMinCameraDistance GetGameCameraMaxCameraDistance IsGameCameraTargetInMeleeRange IsGameCameraTargetOutOfRange IsGameCameraUnitHighlightedValid IsGameCameraPreferredTargetHighlightedByReticle IsGameCameraFirstPerson GetKeepWallInfo GetNumHookPoints GetHookPointInfo GetNumHookPointStoreEntries GetHookPointStoreInfo AddHookPointPurchase CompleteHookPointPurchase GetNumKeepPieceHealItems RepairKeepPiece PlaceInSocket IsFriendlyForwardCampAvailable
Removed LogChatText entirely. The user can still create chat logs with the /chatlog command, however the logs are not flushed immediately. It’s no longer possible to log arbitrary data to that file.
Added new Synergy API: GetSynergyInfo: returns information about the currently available synergy. Arguments: None Returns: synergyName, iconFilename
Added GetPendingItemPost for information about an item that is being posted to the Guild Store. Arguments: None Returns: bag, slot, quantity
Restricted information that GetUnitBuffInfo has access to. It can now only be used to discover long term buffs about the local player. As such, the final return value “isLongTermBuff” has been removed since the API only returns long-term buffs.
Restricted access to the following functions. They are now private functions and cannot be called by AddOns. SendChatMessage GameCameraInteractStart GameCameraMouseFreeLookStart GameCameraMouseFreeLookStop CycleGameCameraPreferredEnemyTarget ClearGameCameraPreferredTarget ReleaseGameCameraSiegeControlled
Changed Synergy ability API to use a new function ActivateSynergy instead of the old API functions (Activate Buff, UseSynergyEffect, and UseMostRecentSynergyEffect)
Renamed InventoryContainsEmptySoulGem to DoesInventoryContainEmptySoulGem
The Emote API has been changed so that it no longer allows emotes that didn’t have slash commands to be used by the player.Game Event Changes:
Added Event: EVENT_MOUSE_REQUEST_DESTROY_ITEM_FAILED (bagId, slotIndex, itemCount, name, reason)
Changed Event EVENT_SKILL_POINTS_CHANGED to pass information about partial point gains: EVENT_SKILL_POINTS_CHANGED (pointsBefore, pointsNow, partialPointsBefore, partialPointsNow)
Changed Synergy Event API replacing existing events with a single EVENT_SYNERGY_ABILITY_CHANGED that should be used to know when to query the Synergy API about changes to the current Synergy that will be used.UI Object API Changes:
Changed CompassDisplayControl API for GetCenterOveredPinInfo to return the draw level of the pin currently in the center of the compass. Returns: description, type, distance, drawLayer, (new field) drawLevel, suppressed
Removed TooltipControl API: SetAttributePassive SetHookPointStoreEntry SetPlugItem SetSiegeFire SetSocketingItem SetSynergyBuff SetUnit SetWeaponSetAbility

Dernière modification par Compte #425469 ; 20/03/2014 à 04h33.
Avatar de BalX
Roi / Reine
Avatar de BalX
C'est pas dans le patch note mais il y a une modification sur l'API (les addons).
Du coup vous pouvez considérer que 90% des addons ne sont pu utilisable (ftc inclus)

A voir dans 2-3 jours mais pour le moment les réactions sur le forum section addons c'est plutôt moche
Avatar de tego
tego [LNM]
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de tego
Removed the critical damage bonus from the Khajiit passive Carnage, and doubled its critical strike chance bonus.

C'était prévisible.
Bon donc cela ressemble à du 6% critique, pour les armes de mêlée uniquement.
L'arc c'est considéré comme une arme de mêlée hein?

Dernière modification par tego ; 20/03/2014 à 02h36.
Compte #425469
Ajouté la deuxième partie du patch note.
Avatar de Fearyn
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Fearyn
Je pense que c'est cac only ouais.
Du coup oubliez tous vos espoirs de jouer un archer khajit ou autre.
Orc ou Bosmer du coup.

15% c'était beaucoup trop, ils auraient mieux fait de nerf un peu le chiffre de 15% dmg crit sur tout et virer le bonus % chance crit. Au moins les ranged auraient pas été sanctionnés par le nerf.

J'aimais bien mon Khajiit moi ça me fait mal mais là c'est juste plus possible :'(

Par contre à côté rien pour les Altmer et les Dunmer .
J'pense qu'il va encore y avoir du balancing sur les races à venir. Et ça va être la grande loterie pour tout le monde...
Avatar de Imladir
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Imladir
Bizarre le coup des points ultimes sur les heals de zone, je n'y ai pas fait spécialement attention, mais je n'ai pas eu l'impression d'en gagner beaucoup sur les heals en AvA...

Dernière modification par Imladir ; 20/03/2014 à 02h54.
Avatar de Corak Eldarien
Corak Eldarien
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Corak Eldarien
Citation :
Please note that we found the underlying cause of the broken quest issues that showed up in last weekend's beta test, and we're currently working to fix them.
Traduction :

Citation :
Veuillez noter que nous avons découvert la cause commune aux problèmes de quêtes dysfonctionnelles qui se sont manifestées lors des derniers week-end de bêta test, et que nous travaillons actuellement à les résoudre
On ne peut qu'espérer, pour eux comme pour nous, que leurs efforts seront couronnés de succès.

PS : Les Khajiit sont broken

Citation :
Publié par Fearyn
Par contre à côté rien pour les Altmer et les Dunmer .
J'pense qu'il va encore y avoir du balancing sur les races à venir. Et ça va être la grande loterie pour tout le monde...
Le mieux étant encore de ne pas choisir sa race en pensant que c'est celle qui va surclasser toutes les autres mais plutôt pour sa tendance, son look et son lore.

Dernière modification par Corak Eldarien ; 20/03/2014 à 02h59.
Compte #425469
Citation :
To aid players who want to visit the former starter islands, we've made changes that more explicitly direct you to them
Erf, donc il continuent dans la mauvaise voie. Au lieu de nous envoyer sur les îles de départ comme auparavant et de nous indiquer, comment rejoindre le continent. Fantastique
Avatar de Corak Eldarien
Corak Eldarien
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Corak Eldarien
Citation :
Publié par Saint-Ange
Erf, donc il continuent dans la mauvaise voie. Au lieu de nous envoyer sur les îles de départ comme auparavant et de nous indiquer, comment rejoindre le continent. Fantastique.
Qu'ils fassent de la mauvaise foi, si ça leur fait du bien, du moment qu'ils avancent dans la bonne direction.
Avatar de tego
tego [LNM]
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de tego
Citation :
Publié par Corak Eldarien
Traduction :

On ne peut qu'espérer, pour eux comme pour nous, que leurs efforts seront couronnés de succès.
Ils vont limiter le nombre de joueurs par instance j'imagine.
Tu me diras, je préférerais une partie PVE solo donc cela m'arrange
Avatar de Imladir
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Imladir
Citation :
Publié par Saint-Ange
Erf, donc il continuent dans la mauvaise voie. Au lieu de nous envoyer sur les îles de départ comme auparavant et de nous indiquer, comment rejoindre le continent. Fantastique
Ce n'est pas un drame, suffit de parler à un PNJ pour y aller et hop. Je suis bien d'accord que ça donne lieu à des trucs un peu bizarres, mais ça s'ignore très bien.
Avatar de Corak Eldarien
Corak Eldarien
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Corak Eldarien
Citation :
Publié par tego
Ils vont limiter le nombre de joueurs par instance j'imagine.
Tu me diras, je préférerais une partie PVE solo donc cela m'arrange
Disons que pour l’immersion, c'est vrai que 50 joueurs sur le même PNJ, c'est assez moyen

Après, il faut pas déconner non plus, c'est un MMO, si on ne peut plus rencontrer des gens sympa (et accessoirement des cons) pendant qu'on pex, autant nous mettre directement level max ou aller jouer à un jeu solo.

Ce que j'espère surtout, c'est que ça nous permettra de grouper dans la même phase et de pas galérer pour pouvoir faire la même quête en groupe.
Compte #425469
Le fil de progression et la chronologie de l'histoire s'en trouve brisé dans pas mal de quête. Je trouve dommage de foutre en l'air tout le boulot qui a été fait sur les îles de départ à cause d'une mauvaise décision.

Le drame la dedans, ce n'est pas cette modification uniquement, mais le fait que Zenimax taille à la hache n'importe comment dans leur jeu juste parce que certains reviewers n'aimaient pas les îles de départ.

D'ailleurs, regardez, je ne suis pas le seul à penser comme çà:
About the "skip the starting zone"
440 votes dont 79.50% qui ne veulent pas skip les îles de départ, pourtant c'est des mecs qui les ont déjà parcourues.

Il semble logique, que l'on commence par le commencement plutôt que d'y retourner pour revenir ensuite en ville.
C'est juste un NPC qui enverra vers la ville si on veut et çà fera 80% d'heureux au lieu que de 20%.

Fin bref, c'est pas super grave, mais çà laisse planer des doutes quand aux aptitudes et réactions de Zenimax et laisse craindre pour le futur.
Avatar de Phik
Phik [Tree]
Prince / Princesse
Avatar de Phik
Le nerf du bash, c'est d'une tristesse sans nom !
Compte #425469
Citation :
Publié par Pikou
Le nerf du bash, c'est d'une tristesse sans nom !
Vaut mieux que tu appelles çà grind ici, parce que bash c'est une action au bouclier et tu m'as fait flipper du coup
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