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Voila, c'est fait ! Je vous laisse lire l'annonce d'IGN !

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3:00 (8h00 française) - FMV sequence in a spaceship - looks Terran - zooming in on a metal door - door opening - reveals a guy with a cigar in chains - prisoner - door shuts behind him - there's so much bass the room is shaking - guy steps into some kind of metallic devicce - legs are strapped in - guy rising toward ceiling - Korean text on screen got people very excited - another part of the machine is dropping metal arms on him - machine whirring - applying armor to his torso - extremly detailed visuals here - now guy is strapping on gloves - armor is molding together - seems like a Terran marine - rockets turn on - zerg now onscreen - Marine delivers a line - StarCraft 2 officially announced.

My gad Ils sont entrain de détailler le gameplay là.

Selon quelques fuites de là bas :

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It has been confirmed that StarCraft 2 is being developed in 3D, a new race has been added and existing units’ characteristics will have many changes. Additional details will only be revealed to certain parts of WWI.
Ici la suite : http://pc.ign.com/articles/788/788627p1.html
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New units

  • Reaper: Uses dual pistols, can jet pack across terrain.


  • Colossus: A large quad-legged vehicle that fires strong dual lasers. Shown in the video destroying a large wave of Zerglings. This unit can also traverse differences in terrain height.
  • Immortal: When powerfully attacked, activates a shield which reduces damage taken.
  • Mothership: A powerful flying unit which consumes an extreme amount of resources to produce, but is a unique unit (1 at a time). Has the Timebomb ability, which slows all enemy missile attacks, and the Earth Cracker, a large laser that obliterates anything in its path, in the style of Independence Day. Also has an ability to create a black hole. Looks like a floating sand dollar.
  • Phoenix: Can overcharge guns for multiple projectile blast, but after blast the ship is rendered inert for a short period.
  • Warprey: Flying unit that deals damage with a blue laser that does more damage as it focuses on the same target. Good versus buildings, weak against small arms fire.

  • Worm: Unknown

Updated units


  • Zealot: Will have a new charge ability, allowing a zealot unit to quickly close the distance between itself and an enemy unit.


  • Zergling: New ability to mutate into suicidal "bombs", that can roll across the terrain.

New abilities

  • Protoss: can create shields anywhere, and warp prefabricated units close to any Pylons.
  • Zealots: can charge, getting into melee range quickly.
  • Zerglings: can mutate into a suicidal creature.
Ce n'est qu'un début par rapport aux vidéos.

Ca à l'air comme ce que je voulais, comme le 1 en amélioré, reste à esperer que le gameplay soit aussi fun que le 1, qu'il ne faille pas une grosse machine (mais sur ce coté là blizzard est bon) et c'est un futur hit.
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Enorme quand même tout ca. Par contre pas mal de copiage sur Command and Conquer 3 quand même pour les nouvelles unités, j'espère que ca sera plus spécifique.
Enfin on ne connait pas encore tout de ce jeu, donc avant d'avancer des comparaisons hâtives, je préfère attendre un peu de voir ce que ca va donner.
Mais il y a du potentiel là!
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