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Cette actualité a été publiée le 18/5/2010 à 10:33 par Uther sur notre portail MMO et MMORPG :

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Ragnar Tornquist, le producteur de The Secret World, répond aux questions des internautes. Certaines sont totalement insignifiantes. D'autres s'avèrent plus instructives.

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Petite précision tout de même, Morten Sorlie n'a pas composé la musique d'AoC puisqu'il était "simplement" le directeur audio. La musqiue d'AoC a été composé par Knut Avenstroup Haugen avec la participation Helene Bøksle pour la voie des musiques en Cimmeria et le groupe Turbonegro pour la musique d'ambiance dans les donjons.

Ceci dit c'est juste une petite précision qui ne changera rien à la musique de TSW, qui je l'espère sera d'aussi bonne facture que les précédents jeux Funcom.
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The Secret World ne sera pas présenté à l'E3
Il prévoit le sortir quand leur jeux ? un jeux prévu pour 2011 serait sans doute à l'expo. Ou bien TSW sera à l'expo E3 de 2011 pour une sorti juste après à l'automne

SWOTOR va sortir avant .
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Publié par Ballistika
Il prévoit le sortir quand leur jeux ? un jeux prévu pour 2011 serait sans doute à l'expo. Ou bien TSW sera à l'expo E3 de 2011 pour une sorti juste après à l'automne

SWOTOR va sortir avant .
pour l'instant c'est "prévu" fin 2011 début 2012.
Merci Amra pour ces précisions.
La B.O d'AoC est tout simplement Magnifique ! C'est du grand art ( OMG Awash in the golden fields of Poitain ! Magistrale )
Petite question Amra, sais tu où je pourrai me procurer la BO du Kithaï ?
Sinon la seul question que j'aimerai poser est :
- Comptez vous laisser les serveurs Rôle Play aux PK comme c'est le cas sur AoC ?
La B.O de Rise of the Goldslayer sera peut être dispo sur iTunes prochainement, comme c'est dèja le cas pour le jeu d'origine ( ).

Pour l'instant on ne peut en profiter que IG, mais je suis d'accord avec toi Eodass, la musique du Khitaï ça "claque"
Ragnar répond une nouvelle fois aux questions posées par la communauté TSW :

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Today I present you with the second edition of the community questions with answers directly from the man himself, Ragnar Tørnquist!

I've passed on the feedback from last weeks compilation along with the requests for more exclusive details. Hopefully, in time we can do more of these mini-Q&A's that include more of the questions that we may have missed. Until then, I hope you enjoy this weeks edition!

The next set of questions will be released next Wednesday.


Q1: Will Agartha be a variety of environments or purely subterranean caves? (Samsbase)

Agartha will be something very surprising and fresh and different - inspired by the myths, built on plenty of research into hidden tomes and forgotten lore, and recreated in a way that's going to be intriguing both from a gameplay point of view and from a purely aesthetic point of view. We will, in essence, open the gates to one of the world's strangest, most arcane and most enduring mysteries. But the true nature of Agartha won't be revealed even at launch: we have much, much more in store.

Q2: All the PvP in Agartha will be oriented to large cabals (defend or conquest cells), or there will be also some "casual-player friendly" pvp content? (Croshin)

We'll have both. We're going to include PvP modes that allow for quick and easy fixes without having to be part of a permanent group or a cabal - although you'll still be fighting rival factions.

Q3: Is TSW's PvE gameplay design so that PvE players have reason to play after 30 days? (Liliane)

Absolutely. We don't expect everyone to migrate to PvP after racing through the game's missions. There will be plenty of reasons to stick around and play for non-PvP players, including - but not limited to - a huge amount of powers to accumulate, achievements, **** and the ********. Oh, sorry, I'm not supposed to talk about those two features yet. We also expect to add content to the game on a regular basis after launch, and the story will continue in content upgrades and expansions.

Q4: Will different secret societies be able to play together in PvE? (Unknown)

Yes. The secret societies may be divided in pursuit of power, but they stand united against evil - at least for as long as strictly necessary. It may only be a friendship of the surface - in more ways than one - but none of the factions want to see our world succumb to the darkest of days. After all, if that happens, what's left to control?

Q5: Is there going to be crafting in TSW and how will it work? (Liliane)

There will be crafting - or something similar - but we haven't revealed any details yet.

Q6: Is the game still going to focus on a classless skill based system or will it be designed to have players focus on filling different rolls in a group? (Malkov)

Both. Players can create their own hybrids with any combination of powers, but it'll also be important to put together teams that can function as efficiently as possible. To that end, we're building combos that require the use of different powers by the various team members, making the choice of powers - and the composition of the team - into a sort of meta-game. I think players gravitate towards specific roles, regardless, but the beauty of our system is that you don't just have to be a tank; you can also be a damage dealer and a healer. You don't have to get stuck with one job. Of course, our monsters will also challenge players in new ways. If you play TSW like a purely class-based game, you might find yourself at a disadvantage.

Q7: Martin (Lead Designer) previously mentioned that the game was still item heavy because of the RPG genre, could this be expanded on? How for example will the paper doll be set out so that whilst clothing provides no stats we can still min/max or have progression via items? (Luna)

While clothing has no stats, there are plenty of other things that do - including occult weapons, magic rings and necklaces, 'passive' powers and mystical tattoos - and The Secret World will have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of items for players to play around with and configure to their heart's content.

Q8: And of course this was mentioned already but 300% want to know HOW we will be obtaining skills. Will they be quest rewards, something we learn through grinding "proficiency points" to advance down a skill tree, or will they be something acquired with a WoW-esque "talent points" system? (Quanyin)

Powers are acquired in a couple of different ways, but mainly through purchase. As you gain experience points, you also earn the currency needed to procure new powers - though these powers vary in cost, of course, based on how powerful and unique they are.

Q9: You've mentioned before that playing TSW will be like starting at the end-game, because there are no levels. Does this then mean there's no actual end-game either, because there will always be something new to achieve? (Kasama)

Yes and no. Of course there will be something like the traditional end-game content, since that's something players enjoy - be it PvP or PvE - but there will also be achievements (and other things) to keep players engaged for - hopefully - years and years. And that's not counting the content we'll be releasing post-launch. We have some extremely exciting things in store.

Q0: What kind of incentive is there to kill things apart from just killing them? (loot? knowledge?) i.e: are the rewards more mission based, loot based or something else? (SA_Avenger)

You mean, apart from the pure satisfaction of slaying a powerful demon? Loot, of course; experience; mission rewards; points for (and from) your faction. The love and appreciation of a world on the brink of the eternal night. What more could you ask for?

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