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Le patch 1.69 annoncé depuis plusieurs arrive enfin en version bêta pour les possesseurs de Neverwinter Nights, mais uniquement ceux disposant d'une installation en langue anglaise.

Au niveau de son contenu on trouve entre autre : 8 tilesets, 17 musiques, plus de 100 apparences de créatures, plus de 350 plaçables ou encore plus de 100 effets visuels.

Le patch bêta peut être télécharger à cette adresse (341 Mo) et le fichier permettant de revenir en version 1.68 à celle-ci (5.66 Mo).

Bons tests.
Le contenu de ce patch :

Citation :
Neverwinter Nights v1.69 Beta 1

Patch details:

New Purple Dragon Knight Prestige Class

8 New Tilesets:
  • Barrows Interior
  • Castle Exterior, Rural
  • Castle Interior 2
  • City Interior 2
  • Fort Interior
  • Sea Caves
  • Steamworks
  • Tropical

17 New Music Tracks

New Creatures (over 100 new apperances):
  • Caladnei (NPC)
  • Cobra (Regular, Black and Gold )
  • Curst Swordsman
  • Gem Golems (Diamond, Emerald and Ruby)
  • G'Zhorb the All seeing Eye
  • Halaster
  • Harat, Lord of Darkness (Large and Small)
  • Horses (63 Different varients, plus mounted Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Halflings, Gnomes, Half-Orcs and Dwarves)
  • Lord Antoine Baccha, Visier de Guise (NPC)
  • Maggris, the Hive Mother
  • Masterius (Regular, Disguised and Powerful)
  • Mist Dragon
  • Nightmare ( Regular, Saddled and Armored )
  • Ogre Chieftan
  • Purple Dragon Knight Archer (Female and Male)
  • Purple Dragon Knight Blade (Female and Male)
  • Satyr (Regular, Archer and Warrior)
  • Wereboar
  • Widow Hagatha
  • Wyvern (Great, Adult, Juvenile and Young)

New Placeables (nearly 350)

New Visual Effects (over 100)

Feat Prerequisite changes (these may make some existing characters invalid in multiplayer games)

  • The Epic Dodge feat now requires 30 ranks of Tumble skill as a prerequsite, as per the description (feat.2da).
  • The "Dragon Shape" feat now requires Wild Shape 6x/day as per the description (feats.2da).
  • Fixed prerequisite for "Epic Weapon Focus Club" to be "Weapon Focus Club" rather than "Improved Critical Club" (feat.2da).
  • Weapon Specialization Club now requires four fighter levels to obtain (rather than one).

General Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with videos not displaying under Windows Vista.
  • The game will now prompt to elevate to administrator privaledges under Windows Vista.
  • The nwnplayer.ini setting for "Client CPU Affinity" now defaults to 0 (a setting of -1 will be converted to 0). If you need to disable this feature set the value to -2.
  • Colorized the cloaks in the official campaigns (they are no longer all tan colored).
  • Added missing Trident weapon feats.
  • Trident are now classified as a "Martial" weapon, rather than a simple weapon.
  • Added new nwnplayer.ini file settings, so that red/green color blind users don't get killed by traps unexpectedly.
    [Trap Colors]
  • Added ability to turn off visible cloaks in the nwnplayer.ini file (set to 1 to enable cloaks, 0 for no visible cloaks).
    [Game Options]
    Visible Cloaks=1
  • Added in-game text swear filter nwnplayer.ini setting (set to 1 to enable, only supports English).
    [Game Options]
    In-game Text Swear Filter=0
  • Added new nwnplayer.ini file setting to always roll maximum hit points at level up for players (defaults to off).
    [Server Options]
    Max Hit Points=1
  • Fixed how Damage Resistance works against weapons that do more than one type of damage (i.e. Morning Stars and Halberds). The target now uses the worst of the multiple damage resistances angainst weapons that inflict more than one base weapon damage type.
  • Fixes to Whirlwind/Improved Whirlwind/Great Cleave so that all the attacks are done at the player's full BAB.
  • The Defensive Roll feat now works 1/day as per the description.
  • Fixed the caster level being used for Holy Avengers (it is now always set to 10 as it is cast from an item, rather than using the player's paladin caster level).
  • Updated Weapon Finesse to work with all Creature Weapons regardless of the creature's size.
  • Made some minor game optimizations.
  • Fixed some issues that could be used to intentionally crash a server.
  • Fixed issue where your henchman/associates could sometimes overlap the position of your character.
  • The "Rapid Reload" feat now gives you the proper number of extra attacks.
  • Fixed an issue with the deflection bonus being added in twice when determining a touch attack.

Spell/Feat description changes:

  • Updated description for "Elemental Swarm" to reflect that the elementals are 21HD.
  • Updated the Badger animal companion Rage description.
  • Updated the Hawk animal companion description list the correct feats.
  • Updated the Panther animal companion description to list the correct skills/feats.
  • Updated the Panther familiar description to list the correct feats.
  • Updated the Spider animal companion description to include the hide skill.
  • Updated the description of "Bard Song" to correctly reflect the required Perform skill at level 16.
  • Updated the "Enchant Arrow" description to better reflect how it is implemented.
  • Updated description for "Imbue Arrow" feat to better reflect how it behaves.
  • Updated description for "Resist Energy" to properly reflect the Fort Save Bonus required.
  • Updated description for displacement spell. It was incorrectly listing a "Somatic" component.
  • Updated the description for Keen Edge to clarify that it only works on "slashing melee" weapons.
  • Updated the description for Clarity to display the proper duration "5 Rounds + 1 Round / Level" and it now correctly mentions that it removes Daze effects as well.
  • Updated the description for "Undeaths's Eternal Foe" to include the +4 deflection bonus to AC.
  • Updated description for "Tenser's Transformation" to properly reflect the bonuses given by the spell.
  • Updated description for "Shadow Shield" to properly reflect the immunities given by the spell.
  • Updated description for "Black blade of disaster" so that the sword's enhancement bonus is correctly described.
  • Updated description for "Mordenkainen's disjunction" to properly reflect how the dispel check is done.
  • Updated description for "Deafening clang" to clarify that the bonuses will not stack.
  • Updated description for "Holy sword" to include all the benefits of the weapon.
  • Updated description for "Nature's Balance" to properly reflect the damage healed.

Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset:

  • Fixed issue with non-human cloaks not displaying properly on NPCs in the toolset.
  • Fixed issue with textures not displaying correctly in the toolset for community made creatures that use a phenotype of 10 or greater.


  • Added a new Module "OnPlayerChat" event.
  • Added new scripting commands:
    object GetPCChatSpeaker();
    string GetPCChatMessage();
    int GetPCChatVolume();
    void SetPCChatMessage(string sNewChatMessage="");
    void SetPCChatVolume(int nTalkVolume=TALKVOLUME_TALK);
    string GetDescription(object oObject, int bOriginalDescription=FALSE, int bIdentifiedDescription=TRUE);
    void SetDescription(object oObject, string sNewDescription="", int bIdentifiedDescription=TRUE);
  • Added a new starting position parameter to the FindSubString scripting command.
    int FindSubString(string sString, string sSubString, int nStart=0);
  • Increased the limit on the SetPhenoType() scripting command to 99.
  • Fixed damage calculation for Eyeball familiar rays (x1_s1_eyebray.nss).
  • Made CopyItemAndModify() scripting command work with both the old and new cloak systems.
  • "Tymora's Smile" now works properly based on Harper levels (x0_s2_HarpSmile.nss).
  • Negative Energy Burst is now properly capped at +20 damage based on caster level (nw_s0_negburst.nss)
  • Blade Barrier now properly respects the Evasion and Improved Evasion feats (nw_s0_bladebara.nss, nw_s0_bladebarc.nss)
  • Fixed hitpoints healed/damaged for the empowered "Healing Circle" spell (nw_s0_healcirc.nss).
  • Cursed song no longer affects silenced creatures (X2_S2_CurseSong.nss).
  • Changed the "Undeaths's Eternal Foe" AC bonus from a dodge bonus to a deflection bonus (x0_s0_udetfoe.nss).
  • Fixed SR calculation in "Nature's Balance" when it affects more than one creature (NW_S0_NatureBal.NSS).
  • Fixed dye script to work on the last color available (x2_s2_dyearmor.nss)
  • Updated Get2DAString() scripting command 2da caching code to cache a number of 2das specified in an ini setting.
    [Server Options]
    2DA Cache Size=10
  • Added new constant VFX_BEAM_DISINTEGRATE for use with EffectBeam()

2DA Changes:

  • Amplify now requires a somatic component as per the spell description (spells.2da).
  • The spell WarCry now requires a somatic component as per the spell description (spells.2da).
  • Greater Sactuary now requires a somatic component, as per the spell description (spells.2da).
  • Balagarn's Iron Horn now requires a somatic component, as per the spell description (spells.2da).
  • Clarity/Scare/Lesser Dispel can now be cast as a stilled spell (spells.2da MetaMagic column updated).
  • Greater Restoration can no longer be selected as an Extended Spell, as its duration is instantaneous (spells.2da).
  • Removed reference to non-existant script NW_S0_MindFogC from VFX_Persistent.2da.
  • Fixed row numbering in IPRP_SPELLCOST.2DA (there were duplicate rows numbered 199).
  • Fixed the spell range for "Shadow Conjuration Darkness" (spells.2da).

Custom Content:

  • Upped maximum number of tilesets allowed to 100
  • Loadscreen row indexes past row 255 will now working properly in the game.
  • The Read/Drink/Meditate/Worship/Sit/Fall Backwards/Fall Forwards radial menu icons no longer all use the ir_nod.tga (so that the community can properly override the images with custom content).
Voila qui a l'air fort intéressant toutes ces nouveautés. Je me demandais si ce patch aurait vu le jour avec l'annonce du rachat de Bioware.

Il n'y a plus qu'à attendre la version fr (ou multi-langue)
350 plaçables !
8 tilesets !
Plus de 100 nouveaux skins !
Accès au canal de discussion de jeu par script...

Il pleut des cadeaux chez Bioware ! C'est Noël avant l'heure !

Hmmm, videraient-ils les greniers avant de déménager ?

Attention, ce spoiler est dangereux pour votre santé !
Cliquez ce bouton ou survolez le contenu pour afficher le spoiler

Y en a qui vont nous faire une attaque quand ils verront qu'il y a des chevaux montés

Merci Simkim pour les infos
Qu'est ce que c'est que cette news


Quelqu'un peut nous faire une petite compilation de screenshots intéressants ?

*S'en va préparer la réinstall de NWN, dès que ça arrive en fr*
Simkim, tu l'as trouvé où le descriptif du patch ?
Je ne trouve rien sur le site de Bioware

@ Taern: oui, tu as raison, mais Bioware avait annoncé dès le début des ventes de contenu électronique que les apports seraient inclus dans les patchs suivants afin de préserver la compatibilité entre ceux qui avaient et ceux qui n'avaient pas acheté les mods en ligne.

Youpi !

Par contre, il avait été dit aussi que ce patch serait le dernier, me semble-t-il.
Je ne sais pas si c'est la qu'il l'a trouvé, mais il est fourni avec le patch même

(enfin si t'as pas la VO du jeu, dl 340 mo juste pour un txt c'pas glop ^^)
Le patch 1.69 VO Beta 1 est dans la liste officielle des patches à télécharger (mais uniquement en VO pour le moment).

Une version Beta 2 est en préparation d'après le fil de discussion (voir le lien proposé par Simkim).
Le patch 1.69 bêta 2 est disponible.

La liste des modifications faites entre la bêta 1 et la bêta 2 :

  • Moved Wyvern Blood Item to its proper location in the toolset palette.
  • New Generic Doors are now available in the toolset palette (also changed the displayed name for existing generic doors to make doors easier to locate).
  • Fixed missing Satyr portrait.
  • Fixed two missing entries from TNO "Tileset Specific" door palette.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate "Marketstall 02" tile entries in City Exterior, Rural tileset.
  • Fixed issue with bad smoke texture for "City Exterior, Rural" tileset buildings.
  • Tileset fixes to new tilesets (various doors that were either rotated incorrectly, or had incorrect doors and some walkmesh and shadow fixes).
  • Added Magical Tridents to the toolset palette.
  • Fixed the Trident names in some of the merchant shops in the HotU campaign.
  • Added missing Trident Weapon Focus feat to Weapon Master.
  • Fixed Bandoleers on hobgoblins.
  • Fixed missing faction information on Caladnei and the Mist Dragon.
  • Fixed an issue with VFXs not attaching correctly to zombies/mummies.
  • New Music tracks will now show up in the toolset.
  • Added missing SKILL_RIDE constant to nwscript.nss
  • Fixed texture issue in toolset where Robe textures (and others) were not appearing correctly on the non-human races.
  • "DM Tool" Custom Instant Feats can now be assigned to the DM quickbar.
  • Fixed misplaced "Check for Conflicts" button on Module Properties "Custom Content" tab in toolset
  • Tweaked the way targets were being chosen for the Whirlwind feats.
  • Fixed issue with FindSubString() scripting command not being backwards compatible.
  • Fixed issue with LevelUpHenchman() not working properly with new PDK class.
  • Added new scripting commands:
    int GetColor(object oObject, int nColorChannel);
    void SetColor(object oObject, int nColorChannel, int nColorValue);
  • Properly fixed LoadScreen.2da entries past 255 (wasn't quite working properly in 1.69 beta 1).
  • Updated the WingModel.2da, so that the new wing entries don't break backwards compatibility with CEP2.
  • Updated the LoadScreens.2da so that the new entries don't break backwards compatibility with CEP2.
  • Increased the amount of allowable Wing/Tail/Generic Door appearances above the old 255 limit.
Si le SetColor et le GetColor fait ce que je suppose (changer la couleur peau/cheveux/tatouages/...) alors cela m'intéresse fortement. Le module solo que je prépare utilise une population avec visages/vêtements aléatoires, mais j'ai dû créer plusieurs PNJ pour les cheveux/peau.

Avec cette commande, cela me permettra de réduire le nb de PNJ.

EDIT : Au vu du nouveau fil de discussion : la nouvelle commande fait ce que je supposait. Voila une excellente nouvelle.
Y'a une classe de prestige, en rapport avec le Cormyr mais j'ai oublié le nom (un truc genre Purple Knight je crois).

Sinon y'a une compétence "monte" qui est rajoutée. Et les paladins peuvent invoquer leur destrier il me semble. Trop bien !!1
Au vu de toutes les nouveautés que va apporter ce patch, et qui risque certainement d'être le dernier : il faut espérer qu'il ne soit pas bâclé (j'entends par là sans bugs gênant - car des bugs, il y en aura toujours. La perfection en programmation, ça n'existe pas).
On se rapproche de la version finale.

Il est clair que Bioware ne veut pas bâcler son travail avec cet ultime patch, car je n'ai pas le souvenir d'avoir vu autant de béta avec les patches précédents.

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