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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.27 Patch Notes

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Event: Return of the Guardians of the Galaxy Event!

  • To celebrate the Guardian’s of the Galaxy DVD release on 12/9, we bringing back our Galactic Event! To obtain the mysterious Planet X Bark, simply complete each of the three Shared Quests once a day. Additionally, everyday just for logging in, 1 Planet X bark will be deposited in your inventory. When you log out and in again, it will be transferred to your currency tab!
  • Planet X Bark can be redeemed for amazing gifts (including the highly sought after Mysterious Crimson Box) by talking to Groot in the west wing of the Avengers Tower.
  • This is planned to be the LAST time we use Planet X Bark, so spend it up!
New Hero: Magneto

  • The Master of Magnetism has arrived in Marvel Heroes 2015! Magneto uses his control over electromagnetism to crush his enemies, utilizing shards of metal debris, cars, and even Sentinels!
New Team-Up: Spider-Woman

  • Our latest Team-Up Hero, Spider-Woman is now available! Spider-Woman uses her bioelectric Venom Blasts to defeat enemies from a distance, as well as assist your hero with her unique pheromone abilities!
New Omega Tab: Mutation

  • A new Omega Division is now available! The new division highlights research into mutations of various heroes and villains of the Marvel universe, such as Magneto, Strong Guy, and even Squirrel Girl!
  • As a result of the new Division, all Omega Points have been reset to allow players to freely reallocate points.
Starter Hero Trial System

  • All starting heroes in the game are now available to play up to level 10! New players will be allowed to ‘uncap’ one of these starting heroes so they can be leveled to 60. In addition, a new Help Terminal has been added to Stark Tower (Prologue) to assist new players in learning how to switch heroes.
Queens Bank Tutorial Changes

  • Queens Bank is now a private instance with new content! Visit it to see special cameos from iconic heroes and a more streamlined gameplay experience. The Bank Robbery mission is now account-based, but you can always return to replay this area and defeat Black Cat!
Login Reward Change

  • Brand new players will now receive 400 Eternity Splinters for logging in on Day 2, due to the changing in our starter hero system. This replaces the old 200 Splinters you received (100+100 for Green Goblin and Dr. Doom).
  • Veteran players will all be granted a pack of 200 Eternity Splinters to go along with the 200 Eternity Splinters they received for their first victory over Green Goblin and Dr. Doom, back in the day. Everybody’s a winner!
Tuning Changes

  • For this patch, we did a fairly large pass on the overall tuning system infrastructure of hero powers.
  • These changes mostly affect the backend of how powers are tuned and are not intended to be a balancing pass for heroes, but it will set us up to do those more efficiently in the future.
  • We’ve had almost a full year of data since the last big improvement to the tuning system, so we were able to focus on the areas that could use improvement - namely, individual tags themselves.
  • Doing this pass lays the groundwork for more efficient tuning passes in the future. We emphasize that this pass did not target any specific heroes or powers; it modified how the various knobs used to tune damage on a system-wide scale interacted with each other.
  • Most powers will stay neutral or have a moderate increase in damage as a result. Some powers may see small decreases due to previously incorrect tags, but where possible we kept the number of these changes very low.
The powers that are most likely to increase include:

  • Most Ultimate Powers
  • Signature Powers
  • Charge-Up Powers
  • Many Ranged Powers
  • Many Powers with Long Cooldowns
  • Most Area Powers
Overall “Time to Kill” for heroes should be improved slightly (unless the hero was already at the very top of the charts) - although that was not the immediate goal of the review, it was a side effect.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be doing more specific tuning passes and design reviews for underperforming heroes.

Specific Tuning Changes

  • In addition to modifying the tuning tags themselves, we also did a full review on every power in the game to insure it was using the correct tags and dealing the correct damage. As a result of this, many powers were changed mechanically to better reflect their intended design with the new tuning system.
  • All 'explosion on revive' powers have received a massive bonus to the damage output of the explosion. They are intended to clear out most enemies to allow you to escape after the revive effect has occurred.
  • All ‘Double-Tap Charges/Dashes’ that dealt a second packet of damage were, in most cases, not being penalized for the second packet. These powers still deal more damage than standard 'charge' movement powers, but no longer deal over twice as much to a comparable power. This affects Colossus' Osmium Charge, Hulk's Demolishing Charge, Luke Cage's Quick Roll, and Thing's Rockslide Charge.
  • Black Widow’s Deadly Blade DoT duration set to 3 seconds and damage increased to compensate. This will effectively increase the per-tick damage of the power. As Black Widow’s melee single target spirit spender, the duration is refreshed on each use, so the damage being spread across a longer duration was resulting in this power dealing less damage than other comparable powers.
  • Cyclops' passive Force Multiplier now grants bonus damage to Strike Team powers. The tooltip damage of some Strike Team powers went down slightly during the tuning pass, so this keeps their damage up to or above their previous levels.
  • Dr. Strange's Fangs of Farallah now gives 20% damage after activating an Incantation power (max 5 stacks) instead of while an Incantation power is on cooldown. This will result in less tension to not cast further Incantations while nearing the fifth Incantation.
  • Rogue's Fangs of Farallah's base damage has been increased significantly and now gives 20% damage after activating a Cooldown Power (max 5 stacks) instead of while another power is cooling down. This change will reduce pressure to only select high cooldown powers.
  • Ghost Rider's Ultimate has been reduced to its intended damage as was stated in the patch notes: It had been dealing too much damage since his recent update and the correction was only present in internal builds for some time.
  • Human Torch’s Extreme Combustion now deals almost double damage in the main explosion component while dealing less per burning target to make damage less spiky in situations where there are not many nearby burning targets.
  • Iron Man's Missile Control System - The triggered missiles from this power did not factor in multiple hits correctly, resulting them to be higher damage than intended.
  • Luke Cage’s Combo Fighter now provides a flat 50% bonus damage to finishers per combo point spent instead of scaling finisher damage by a smaller amount at all times. Powers that benefit from combo points will now factor in their bonuses (including bonuses from the new Combo Fighter) into the tooltip. This will result in all finisher choices being more comparable and viable.
  • Moon Knight's Explosive Crescent Dart - Area damage is no longer excluded from the primary target. The target impacted by the explosive dart will take damage from both the regular impact and the AoE impact, so the tooltip will show a slightly lower single target impact value than prior. Adding both values together will show an increase to the primary target than prior to the patch. In addition, the spirit cost was deemed too high for most builds to support and reduced from 12 to 8 per activation.
  • Rocket Raccoon's Ultimate - Was previously enjoying a special affix that granted 50% of pet damage as bonus damage to Ultimate with no penalty, resulting in special cases where it could outclass average Ultimates by a factor of 3-4x. This value has been reduced to 30% to bring it closer in damage to other similar Ultimates.
  • Squirrel Girl's Nutcracker - The bonus per squirrel has been reduced to 3% per active Squirrel to put its base damage comparable to other 40% bonus damage powers. This power was subject to error, because it had accounted for a lesser number of squirrels (from when her Squirrels had a much lower ramp up rate and the average number out was not equal to the cap).
  • Squirrel Girl's Autofire Acorns - The ramp up attack speed now caps at 100% bonus rate of fire, and ramps up twice as fast as before. This power previously did not correctly account for the rate of fire. This change will make her ranged builds ramp up more quickly, while bringing up the base damage per acorn.
  • Star-Lord's Air - This power was missing the standard base damage reduction for bounce powers and has received a slight penalty. All Air ammo spenders have received a significant damage increase in this patch.
  • Taskmaster's Ultimate - The 'level up' bonus of the Students has always caused this power to have a large discrepancy per activation (sometimes they found targets when fully leveled up, sometimes no targets were available). We've increased the overall damage of the Students by redistributing some of the power from stronger Students to weaker ones while reducing the bonus they get per level up to 100%. This should result in more consistency in their damage output regardless of which random collection of Students spawn.
  • Thor’s Odinforce generators will now pause the decay of Odinforce for a short duration after activation, allowing him to follow up with an Odinforce-required power immediately afterwards with a smoother rotation.
Mission Changes

  • Time between Industry City Patrol events has been increased slightly to allow players more time to fight the bonus super villains and work on Legendary Quests.
Item Changes

  • Matrix of Unbindings can now stack to 99.
  • Hero Tokens can now stack up to 20.
  • Thor now has a new unique: Jarnbjorn! In addition, some of Thor’s other uniques were modified to give Jarnbjorn a bit of design room as well as making it an exciting alternative to Almighty Mjolnir.
New Login Screen

  • We have a new login screen featuring Avengers Tower! This screen is intended to be the ‘evergreen’ login screen and will be updated with new events over time.
Costume Changes

  • Wolverine’s Enemy of the State & Old Man Logan costumes now have animated trench coats.
Known Issues

  • Black Widow’s Remote Detonation is giving a total damage bonus instead of a base damage bonus (as indicated on the tooltip). This power has been live tuned down to compensate for the unintendedly high damage and will be fixed next patch.
  • Luke Cage’s Cage Fighting is doing less damage than intended for the finisher. We have live tuned this damage to make up for the intended difference, but it will not be reflected on the tooltip (and will not be exact). We will be correcting this in the next patch.
  • Wolverine’s Furious Assault - previously had a bug introduced in which it hit the enemy 9 times instead of 8 times as indicated on the tooltip. The power now hits the correct number of times but has a slight hitch before the final hit. This hitch will be removed in the next patch.
  • Magneto’s Magnetic Distortion does not currently collect Debris Orbs as intended, but a fix will be ready for the next patch.
  • Colossus’ Osmium Skin currently shows 0 spirit on the tooltip and does not restore spirit on reflections (only deflections). Both will be fixed in the next patch.
  • There is currently a lighting issue which will leave certain effects “ghosted” on your screen while playing on higher graphics settings. To fix this issue, simply enable ‘Bloom’ in your Graphics settings.
  • Bonus supervillains (Batroc, Kirigi, Mr. Hyde) in Industry City Patrol are spawning too frequently.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that prevented Industry City Signets from dropping.
  • Slag’s fire hotspot should now be visible in the Muspelheim Red Raid.
  • Psylocke’s Assassinate will now always gain the bonus damage within 2 seconds of using a Stealth or Invisibility power
  • Some Ultimates were previously affected by Power Duration erroneously. They are no longer affected by the stat. The Ultimates affected were: Hawkeye, Juggernaut, Mr. Fantastic, Nightcrawler, Spider-Man, Psylocke, and Thing. We are working on a new tooltip string in order to be able to communicate a "locked" duration on any power where it applies (Ultimates, some signatures, some other duration-based effects) for clarity.
In Development

  • Achievements: In iteration and final reward design. ETA TBD.
  • X-23: Scheduled to be on Test Center by this weekend. Planned release next week.
  • Clea Team-Up: Scheduled to be on Test Center by this weekend. Planned release next week.
  • Venom: Scheduled to be on Test Center next weekend.
  • Hulk 52: Scheduled to be on Test Center next weekend.
  • Holiday Event: We'll have gifts and a brand new event that will last through the rest of the year.
  • Various reviews for under performing heroes such as Captain America will come throughout the new year.

Citation :
Publié par Rasetsu [Men]
This is planned to be the LAST time we use Planet X Bark, so spend it up!
Je remets ça à part parce qu'il ne faudra pas oublier de dépenser les X Bark (en espérant qu'ils laissent le pnj quelques jours après la fin de l'event pour ceux qui n'auront pas tout dépensé).
C'est vrai qu'elle fait envie elle aussi. J'espère qu'ils l'ont suffisamment différenciée de Wolvie.
Et j'ai vu le teaser de ce qui nous attends l'année prochaine (l'advanced pack pour 2015).... Mais merde quoi, Iceberg, Blade (je vois bien un one shot avec Dracula pour le prochain Halloween pour notre Daywalker), Iron Fist .... Bande de salauds Gaz, vous le savez que je suis faible pourtant, vous le savez que je vais craquer et les prendre ceux là aussi.
Moi j'ai déjà craqué et pris l'advance pack
Sinon j'espère aussi qu'X-23 sera différente de Wolverine, mais le plus important pour moi c'est que son gameplay me plaise assez pour enfin avoir un "main cac"
Oh bordel da fuq, Steam m'annonce 5 Go de patch, rien que ça. Va falloir qu'il fasse un régime le magnet, c'est bien gentil de rester collé au frigo mais après on rentre plus dans ses collants

Dernière modification par Capitaine Courage ; 04/12/2014 à 18h51.
Ah oui quand même !
J'ai pas trop fait gaffe perso (je regardais le dernier LFG), mais j'ai eu un premier fichier d'1 Go, et les autres ont défilé très vite, donc je pense qu'avec le launcher de base, le patch ne devait pas beaucoup dépasser du go.
Le patch faisait bien 5,0 Gb sous steam.
A savoir qu'il y a probablement le one shot "march to axis" dedans, car il devait sortir en même temps mais a été repoussé d'une semaine pour raison de peaufinage.
(Et peut etre même X-23 qui était dedans aussi)
C'était long aujourd'hui, mais le patch de la semaine prochaine sera surement assez court du coup. Verre à moitié plein, verre à moitié vide, comme on dit.

Truc gadget, mais comme la plupart des patchs ou tout n'est pas marqué dans la liste, j'aime bien l'ecran en se déconnectant qui indique quel va etre le login reward du lendemain et la quete ou on devra reprendre. Gadget mais sympa.

edit: oh, et le pvp patch notes pour ceux que ca intéresse:

As most of you probably know, this week bring's a large change to the tuning of all powers in Marvel Heroes. As such, there are many tuning changes to heroes and powers in PvP to compensate. We anticipate players will experiment with new heroes and builds in PvP with the new PvE changes.

Hero Modifiers
Please check here to find out the current list of modifiers for all heroes. Note that all Signature powers now have a modifier, listed in the third column after the heroes name. Since almost all Signature power received a significant buff in PvE, it was necessary to apply individual modifier to each depending on its burst potential. We look forward to your feedback regarding overall damage levels in PvP.

Other Changes
  • Flight Powers (including motorcycles and stretchy bodies) now have a maximum distance of about one screen length, after which the power will end and go on a 20s cooldown (up from 10s) in PvP. This change will promote more cautious engagements, as those with Flight powers cannot simply rely on their movement powers to escape death
  • Hero Revive powers now have an 8 minute cooldown (up from 6 minutes) in PvP. Revive items are unchanged with a shared 10 minute cooldown
  • Items which grant invulnerability now have a 3 minute cooldown (up from 2 minutes) in PvP
  • Juggernaut now moves slower while using his Unstoppable Charge and Stride powers in PvP
  • Thor's Anti-Force no longer reflects other players' projectiles in PvP
  • Psylocke's Psionic Projection power now has a 10s cooldown in PvP, which is consistent with other Stealth powers
This patch will bring a fair number of balance concerns and bugs. Please message me directly or post in the bug forums if you come across any. Thank you and happy hunting!

Dernière modification par Associal ; 04/12/2014 à 21h04.
Ce que j'aime le plus dans les changements discrets cette mise à jour c'est d'avoir un bouton logout et un bouton quit ! C'est un click de gagné ne pas avoir à repasser par l'écran de connexion quand on veut juste quitter le jeu

PS : je ne disais pas que ça ne faisait pas 5 go sur steam, je réagissais juste par rapport l'écart de taille du patch entre la version "normale" et la version steam ^^; (pas loin de 5 x plus gros, c'est beaucoup quand même)
Après une pause d'un peu moins d'un an environ pour cause d'irl chargé, j'ai décidé de relancer le jeu hier. Et je dois dire: "WAOW".
Que de changements ils ont effectués en quelques mois! Je reconnais à peine le jeu.
Il s'est vraiment étoffé, c'est du plaisir à l'état pur.
Citation :
Publié par Xenobia
Ce que j'aime le plus dans les changements discrets cette mise à jour c'est d'avoir un bouton logout et un bouton quit ! C'est un click de gagné ne pas avoir à repasser par l'écran de connexion quand on veut juste quitter le jeu

PS : je ne disais pas que ça ne faisait pas 5 go sur steam, je réagissais juste par rapport l'écart de taille du patch entre la version "normale" et la version steam ^^; (pas loin de 5 x plus gros, c'est beaucoup quand même)
Ah oui, bien vu, j'avais meme pas fait attention à ca...

Ps: Je sais bien que tu n'avais pas dit le contraire.
Apres pour la différence, vu de l'exterieur, Steam et le loader maison ont l'air de fonctionner différemment.
Je soupçonne Steam de downloader tous les fichiers modifiés de nouveau entierement (ce qu'il fait qu'il telecharge plus, mais des la fin du download c'est prêt à l'emploi immédiatement) là ou le launcher maison ne doit downloader que les modifs de fichiers (donc plus court) mais decompile et modifie ensuite les fichiers existants avec les nouveaux flags, d'où le calculating et copie de fichiers apres le dowload pur.
Et d'apres ce qu'on a pu experimenter depuis que le jeu existe, a mon humble avis, pour celui qui n'a pas une vitesse de telechargement importante, le launcher off peut etre un avantage car telecharge moins. Par contre pour celui qui a une bonne bande passante et qui prefere etre tranquille, steam est peut etre un peu plus long mais est beaucoup plus fiable, car jamais d'erreur de modifs de fichiers vu qu'il doit écraser les anciens en recopiant les nouveaux.
En tout cas, c'est comme ca que je l'interprete...
Juste une petite erreur dans la news sur Magneto sur le site.

Citation :
Publié par Article JoL
C'est donc assez logiquement que Magneto intègre les rangs des personnages jouables de Marvel Heroes (le deuxième super vilain du jeu après le Fléau et en attendant Venon qui devrait débarquer sur les serveurs de test la semaine prochaine), à l'occasion du déploiement de la version 1.27 du jeu.
C'est le 4ème, il y a eu Loki puis Taskmaster en méchant avant Juggernaut et lui.

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