Roll Back de l'inventaire et Double Rate Drop pour le Week End

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Suite aux Dupe depuis 1 semaine à la sortie de la mise à jour, AV a décidé de faire un Roll Back de l'inventaire. C'est à dire retour à votre inventaire du 22 Mai.

Vous ne perdez pas les Prowess et ni vos compétences.

On last week's market bug

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With the help of the community we have discovered that there was some exploiting of our Market feature at the end of last week. We immediately deactivated the Market to fix this issue and we identified those who had been actively exploiting it. We are in the process of permanently banning these players for their actions, as their behavior is inconsistent with the values we set for the Darkfall Unholy Wars community.

To take every measure necessary to protect fairness in the game we decided to roll back, inventories only, to last Thursday and keep the Market feature disabled for another day to further test it and verify that nothing similar happens in the future.

We apologize to those affected and we will add three (3) days of game time to all active accounts on Sunday, June 1st.
3 jours d’abonnement de dédommagement et un Double Rate Drop pour le Week End.

Double drop rate weekend

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On the weekend starting from 30th of May to 1st of June, we will double the drop rates on both servers.

This should go live, after Friday's maintenance.

Thank you for reading.

Update 28.05.2014

Une compensation, pour les nouveaux joueurs, est examiné.

Update on recent events

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Today, we would like to clarify and explain what’s been going on in the Aventurine offices:

With the actions taken the effects on the economy, if any, are insignificant. This is attested by the number of players banned since yesterday, although our investigations continue apace and will not stop until all exploiters are found. We are not embarking on a witch hunt – each ban is based on concrete data and the decisions we take on this matter are final and indisputable.

On the matter of deeds and houses, we are examining each ticket per case. We have the necessary logs to identify which of the cases demand compensation.

We checked our data on crafting orders and we found that there was no abuse to excuse a roll back on them.

New players that came to Darkfall Unholy Wars after last Thursday will be given a care package, based on their prowess – we have divided them to those who have up to 3.000 prowess points and those who have more than 3.000 prowess point. We are still investigating the appropriate measures that we will take to compensate those who did a character restoration after Thursday.

The Market system was also rolled back and when it opens it will be back to the state it was on Thursday. Our testing has not yet concluded, so we won’t be able to reopen them until tomorrow.

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J'ai perdu des centaines de Neithal Ingots, Neithal Woods,...

Mais c'est pas grave. Je vais me refaire.
Ahahahahah, je me suis rendu compte hier soir que j'avais eu un roll-back de 1 ans et 1 mois (soit à la création du perso...).

Sinon, la news JoL est illisible...
Update du 28.05.2014 ajouté.

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