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Hi guys,

I hear you loud and clear. And I do know that the NC community is waiting for the fixed patch. The patch itself went well and stable while we have tested it inhouse but due to some circumstances it messed the servers up - but you know that.
We still have it on the agenda! (!!!) But right now we want this Baby to fly properly and give the people lot of fun.

Neocron is still in our minds and we have decent plans in regard of an NC3 - and be sure that I will do everything to get these plans real... I would like to start with it soon and we are already in negotiations.

Another thing would be to make at least some money with our current NC2 because this money would go directly to NC3 developement BUT before we take some (small and I mean a small amount) money it is mandatory to get some things fixed in your interests.

I will keep you posted as soon as find more time.

Please also forward this to the NC Comm if you like.

Take care and keep rockin'

Ainsi qu'une info intéressante sur NC2 :

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Actually we (Reakktor) never have planned to release NC2 as "Neocron 2" it was a decision made by 10tacle back then. Another of their bad ideas tbh.

So: it will be a new Neocron a real Neocron "3".
Voilà, RDV dans 4 ans.

Merci à Teal'C.
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Publié par Kirk Lenke
Hi Folks,

I read the forums and believe it or not I am also not that happy with the current status NC is in. AND there was/is a reason we could not fix the patch as promised or even take care of the forums like we should have done.

All we could do is: leave the servers online and give you the game for free.

I do also follow the certain threads what you guys would like to see in a successor to Neocron 2.

We all know what we did right in NC 1 and what we have made not so good in NC 2.

So the basic idea would be to design a new Neocron along with the community, discuss ideas, listen to your thoughts etc. BUT only as long as it stays in a moderate way.

I am also willing to answer your questions but also take the freedom of choice not to answer every question you ask. So if you have questions - go for it.

I hope that I can give you more news soon, cause you deserve it.


Edited: a pic for you guys... start guessing what it is about!
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Ouais c'est fait par un fan mais j'vais pas tout poster.
Bon allez, si.

Sur l'artwork :

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Nope! 100% no Artwork from NC 1 or 2. Try to figure out the setting.

More or less we look back at NC 1 and what did those days and with which spirit we developed it.
Sur NC2 :

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I still have the hope that the "Somehowf#!$up-Patch" can be delivered in Q1 2011 so that NC will be more fun to play instead of playing "who exploits best".

When the patch is out and running well, we will hire more GMs again.
Sur NC3 :

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Publié par Kirk
# If you are working on a NC3 which game engine are you gona use?

well maybe we do stay with Gamebryo but we also take all other engines in consideration.

# What time frame it would require to deliver NC beta or full release to the community?

2.5 to 3 years or less or longer ^^

# How many people are working on NC3 currently? Or how many will be working?


# What would be the MAjor changes in your opinion compared to NC 1 -> 2.2?

new setting, redesign of good ideas and many more new stuff to come

# Can you tell us the 5 majors additions to the game that you couldn't add to NC currently client?

only 5?!

# Would you share your thoughts about a possible Linux and Mac OS X support?

We will have Linux support I guess at least I want it. Its all a matter of time and money. But also we take a close look at the Mac base. Possible yes.

# Can you share more of those concept arts from NC3?

time will tell - so stay tuned pls.
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Publié par Opercule
C'est vrai cette histoire? La vache je remet les pieds ici après 2 ans t je tombe sur ce mot magique: Neocron3

Allez j'y crois moi.
Je suis un peu moins optimisme, alors moi je dirais plutôt "j'en rêve"
le style cyberpunk en MMO, ça ferait un carton pourtant, j'en suis convaincu !
l'ambiance de neocrom avec les technologies d'aujourd'hui, j'en rêve...

si seulement l'équipe de Neocron pouvait être intégrée chez CCP pour faire le trois, j'ose pas imaginer le résultat *-*
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Publié par Evranick
Avec le carton que BP a fait on peut continuer à rêver pour notre nc3 .
Ils sont en bêta en US mais EU non ?
Il y a un truc que j'ai loupé ou ?
moi j'ai reçu le mail officiel comme quoi la release était lancée depuis une semaine...
gné ?
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Publié par Unlock
Tu parles du 2 ou du 3 ?

les graphisme du 2 sont plutôt vieux non ?
Il parle de Black Prophecy, le nouveau jeu de Reakktor.
un néocron 3, trop alléchant ..........
bon bein on va en rêver alors, et on verra plus tard.

Mais si BP fonctionne bien et leur rapporte des tunes, je pense que leur idée de nc3 sera validé.
La BO de NC est assez exceptionnelle pour un MMO (si l'on est fan du genre) mais couplée avec tous les souvenirs de jeu, elle est complètement enivrante.

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