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Avatar de Ingham
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ingham

Patch aujourd'hui...

de 13 à 17h...

et comme par hasard : je suis en RTT... on me l'a imposé en plus celui là... je suis maudit
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Avatar de Lionel90
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Lionel90
naaaa, c'est la loi de Murphy qui frappe encore
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Avatar de Azandar
Avatar de Azandar
Nan sort pas d'excuse Hink je suis sur que t'as exprès mais que tu oses pas t'avouer à toi même que tu as oublié de regarder le scheduled downtime
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Avatar de Ingham
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ingham
non non mon patron me l'a imposé pasque j'ai pas de bureau aujourd'hui sinon
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Kaldanm [ADMS]
Alpha & Oméga
Alors ca va être quoi ?

- Nerf des charms ?
- Upgrade des monks ?
- Une porte a Rivervale qui tourne désormais dans le bon sens ?
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des nouvelles bière a kaladim?
plus de danseuse a barbe?
des gnome qui travaille mieux dans nos mine car y slake un peu c dernier temps=)
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Avatar de Lady Angel
JOL Lady Angel
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Lady Angel
déjà ils peuvent régler le bug du lfg en groupe (en groupe on a le tag lfg si on tape /lfg on)
et j'ai peur qu'ils nerfent les heals paladin de loy... sont vraiment trop puissants. je joue depuis deux jours avec et c'est monstrueux. des heals 400hp temps de caste 1,5 secondes et recast presque instantanné, c'est bourrin je trouve...
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Avatar de Ingham
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ingham
deja il y a le tl stonebrunt qui a pas la bonne icone

sinon il va y avoir les recherches je pense surtout
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Avatar de Lady Angel
JOL Lady Angel
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Lady Angel
bheuaaa patch a 7 pourcents du 57 alors que j'avais un mega groupe a POD...


*retourne faire le ménage...*
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j'espere que ca concerne aussi les quetes de spell shaman qui ne fonctionnent pas, parce que les 2 spells sont pas mal quand meme.
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Avatar de vinosum
Avatar de vinosum
Moi je prie pour avoir les PNJs manquant a PoK, cela me permettrait de faire certaines et d'obtenir cet anneau préservation de mana II dont je rêve.......

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Avatar de Lionel90
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Lionel90
il y aura les niveaux recommendés pour les objets de LoY (ça c'est sur)
et de correction de bugs sur LoY

et (soyons utopiste)
la correction du bug des buff de groupe 50+

et (soyons tres utopiste)
la correction des zones scriptées comme Hollowshade moor

et (pour etre très très utopiste)
la correction de bugs des bardes sans en rajouter de nouveaux a cette classe
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Avatar de thanatosX
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de thanatosX
** en position de prière **
Pourvu qu'il nerf pas mon accès a HOH !
Pourvu qu'il nerf pas mon accès a HOH !
Pourvu qu'il nerf pas mon accès a HOH !
Pourvu qu'il nerf pas mon accès a HOH !
Pourvu qu'il nerf pas mon accès a HOH !
Pourvu qu'il nerf pas mon accès a HOH !
Pourvu qu'il nerf pas mon accès a HOH !
Pourvu qu'il nerf pas mon accès a HOH !
Pourvu qu'il nerf pas mon accès a HOH !
Pourvu qu'il nerf pas mon accès a HOH !

J'ai pas le tag (kill du dragon a POV) ni fini ma quête pour le flag mais je peut zoner a HOH.
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March 13, 2003 4:00 am

** Spells **

- Added the ability for any caster to research dropped priest spells using the research books found in Gunthak. The research notes for these spells can be found in the Plane of Knowledge. Wizards, Enchanter, Magician, and Necromancers are able to create any of the researchable priest spells.
- The recipe to create Familiar Enhancement will now actually create Familiar Enhancement instead of Firetree's Familiar Augment.
- Beastlord pets can now be summoned in the Plane of Sky.
- Changed the recipe for Form of the Great Bear, both in text and in practice. Please read the appropriate research book for the new recipe.
- Removed the chance to fail on the two combines for the Pureblood quest.
- Modified the Pureblood quest to return Blood of Nadox for Shaman characters. In addition, any Shaman who has previously done the quest and received Pure Blood will be able to obtain the Blood of Nadox scroll simply by hailing the quest NPC.
- Increased the drop rate significantly on the quest items for the ShadowKnight and Necromancer Legacy of Ykesha spells.
- Added an NPC to the list of monsters that can be summoned by Magicians in the Torgiran mines.
- Force Shield will now stack with the Spiritual Purity line no matter what order they are cast in.
- O'Keil's Levity will no longer be overwritten by other damage shields.
- O'Keil's Levity will no longer claim to be piercing people with thorns.
- Shaman of Mithaniel Marr will now be able to scribe the Imbue: Diamond spell
- Changed Strength of the Diaku to a single target strength and dexterity buff.
- Changed Talisman of the Diaku to a group strength and dexterity buff.
- Replaced the shaman spell Aim of the Ginda with Talisman of Alacrity, which is a group haste spell.
- Replaced the shaman spell Talisman of the Gindan with Tiny Terror, which is a group shrink spell.
- The Darkness line of spells should now have their sounds back.
- Winged Death now has its particle effects back.
- Song of the Deep Seas now says: "The fury of the deep sea fills your arms" when sung (changed "see" to "sea").
- Changed the spelling of Malise to Malaise.
- Boneshear spell messages changed to make more sense.
- Iceflame of E`Ci now gives a message when it wears off.

** Items **

- The Potion of Corpse Retrieval is now NO DROP.
- Added required level to many Legacy of Ykesha items.
- Lowered the damage on Swampblade of the Dar to make it more appropriate as a newbie sword.
- Frogloks can now use the Frostweaver's Shield.
- Frogloks can no longer use Scaled Hierophant armor, Scaled Mystic armor and Spiritstone of Cabilis.
- Corrected an issue with foldable medicine bags and foldable bearskin potion bags. Items should now combine properly.
- Clockwork Observer legs and boots should now recharge.
- Class 3 Wood Point Arrows now have a range of 5 instead of 0.
- Changed Blessed Scout Arrows, Blessed Warrior Arrows, Mithril Scout Arrows, Mithril Warrior Arrows, Mithril Champion Arrows and Blessed Champion Arrows to be ammo instead of ranged.
- These pottery sketches are now stackable: Barbarian Template, Gnome Template, Troll Template and Animal Template.
- Rune Smudged Bone Spear now looks like a spear in inventory rather than a rapier.
- Totemic Gauntlets, Dull Metallic Gloves and Black Wolf Leg Plates can no longer be worn around the neck.
- Added Shaman to all small patchwork and tattered pieces.
- Frogloks can now use the Jaundiced Bone Boots.
- The Black Handeled Bonebreaker has been renamed to Black Handled Bonebreaker
- The Ivory Horn now increases wind skill instead of singing.
- Corrected the recipes for Journeyman Rune Beza
- Fixed bugs in the text of Toharon's Memoirs.
- Hope Fire Opals will no longer appear to be Baling Hooks.
- Chunk of Unidentifyable Bile is now Chunk of Unidentifiable Bile.
- Corrected the spelling of Robe of the Primoridal Ritualist.
- Corrected the recipe for Tae Ew Chain Bracer to use a Bracer Sectional Mold instead of a Plate Bracer Mold.
- Smithed Silver Weapons will sell to merchants at a lower price.
- Corrected spelling errors in the names of Ultor's Gauntlets of Faith and Tranquilius' Tempest Ward.
- Changed the inventory icon for the Fier'Dal Fletching Kit and Knuckle Dusters.
- Swirling Shadows are no longer NO RENT.
- The Taskmaster's pouch should be dropping normally again in Ssraeshza.

** Alternate Advancement **

- Purify Soul now removes a larger number of poison, disease and curse counters.
- Changed Frenzy of Spirit to stack better with haste spells.

** Quests **

- Performed surgery on Ragefire to remove his extraneous heart.
- Verina and Drozlin will also only be dropping one set of items.
- Omat Vastsea will now summon Jhassad Oceanson if hailed by a character in possession of the Orb of Vapor. He will summon the Avatar of Water if the character has the Orb of the Triumvirate. But he will not summon either if one of them is already around.
- Corrected issues with Shaman quest for Stoicism. The impassive sea spirit was giving out the wrong item.
- Brohan Ironforge's search for his daughter can now be completed.
- Gimlik Cogbobble should now be more reliable.
- Sentry Rotiart now enacts his role in his quest properly.
- Tilbok Furrunner will now recharge the Mask of Espionage.
- Firiona Drixies now have a chance to drop Firiona Drixie Dust.
- Heretic Drahur no longer gives out Greater Immobilize for a Spectral Parchment, only for an Ethereal Parchment.

** Interface **

- Added a command to allow you to toggle your target between your two last targets (unlike Tab which toggles between your character and your last target). To set the key that activates this feature, just open your options window and select the Keyboard Tab. If you select all categories, the entry will be the last one on the list, called Toggle last two targets. This was actually added with our last patch.

** NPCs **

- Undead will begin to spawn again at night in Kithicor.
- Shin Master Grubbus in Gukta will now be more selective about who he allows to do tasks for him, and he'll be speaking directly to folks (using /tell). His chatty nature was raising the volume in Gukta to levels that were considered unacceptable. He will also be a bit clearer about what he wants.
- Shar Vahl guards will now defend their city against Loda Kai poachers.
- A Grimy Owl Bear Cub in Paludal now "screeches", not "screetches".
- Eirod Haerod in Mistmoore will no longer have a square showing in the word "don't" in her text.
- Mangler will no longer spawn on top of a table.
- Porra, one of the Enchanter spell vendors in Felwithe, will no longer spawn inside of a wall. This was hurting her business.
- Hutyn L`Lozz will now appear in his place of business and be less likely to leave to go sightseeing in Neriak.
- Cleet Miller Jr. will now emote "Grumbles and looks up at you" instead of saying it.
- The Goblins in Solusek's Eye are no longer wearing cloth armor.
- Junth McMannus will now be properly affected by movement reducing spells.
- You should only see one Rodrick Tardock, his clones have been dealt with.
- Duplicate Brenzl McMannus's (McManni?) have also been removed.
- Waltor Felligan of Halas will now cast the spells he says he will cast.
- Xlixinar Arcut and Drixiv Arcut will now respond properly to their quest texts.
- Corrected some text errors for Jortreva and Grendish the Crusaders as well as Sage Xelrin, Sulgar, Warlord Gligoth, Bryce McFadden, Serna Tasknon, Welno Tanlonikan, Lorekeeper_Einar and Master of Elements.
- These NPCs will now be asking for the correct items for their quests: Gazoon Noihzog, Liteema Agner and Bolli Hillfoot.
- Kodiaks in the Rathe Mountains should be friendlier to Druids and Rangers.
- Undead Frogloks and Skeletons in Sebilis no longer have an extreme dislike for each other.
- Groflah Steadirt's corpse will no longer disappear when he is killed. However, he is also no longer a merchant.
- Moved the Planar Projection for Rallos Zek so it can't be interfered with by the zone exit.
- Corrected the spawn times for the Minotaur Hero.
- Half elven female bandits will now give experience, leave corpses and be aided by other bandits.
- A Coerced Iiksar will now be known as A Coerced Iksar.
- Merchant Nora in Felwithe will once again sell her jewelry supplies.
- Equestrielle the Corrupted will no longer be able to sense and get angry with people all the way on the other side of the zone.
- Niola Impholder now teaches Brewing, Begging and Alcohol Tolerance.
- Jusean will now give the proper quest reward when given the proper item(s).
- Plaguebone Thieves no longer flee.

** Zones **

- Fixed some broken doors in West Freeport that were opening incorrectly.
- Fixed a door that was opening into a wall in Highkeep.
- Fixed some doors in Kaesora that were opening the wrong way.
- Fixed a door that would not open in Solusek's Eye.
- Removed the ability for characters to consume more than one key given for access to the lower parts of the Crypt of Decay.
- Added new sounds to Shadowhaven.
- Removed safe spots in Katta, Solusek's Eye, High Keep, Echo Caverns, Paludal Caverns, Crystal Caverns, Siren's Grotto, Plane of Valor, Plane of Torment and Plane of Water.
- Fixed a pathing problem in Gunthak that was causing Shaman pets (and perhaps others) to disappear.
- Entrance to Bertoxxulous's lair is now restricted to those that have the proper flag.
- The pylons on the end of the pier in Timorous deep no longer rotate like doors when you left click them.
- Placed rocks over a spot in Western Wastes that characters could get stuck in.
- Updated some of the pathing in Torgiran Mines to reduce the chances that NPCs will "poof" in that zone.
- Removed a box out in the middle of Skyfire that turned when clicked but had no real purpose.
- Fixed a place in Burning Woods and the Plane of Knowledge where NPCs would get stuck while wandering around.
- Also fixed a place in Erud's Crossing where sharks were getting stuck.
- The Veeshan's Peak zone in from Skyfire can no longer be triggered from above.
- Moved the Koada'Dal Forge so that it does not extend into the hallway on the second floor of the building.
- The teleporter from the Great Divide to the Plane of Knowledge will now work during Coldain Ring War.
- The exit from the Plane of Justice to the Plane of Tranquility has been moved to place characters next to the Plane of Justice entrance.
- A black ravenger should no longer be spawning right next to the Cabilis entrance in the Swamp of No Hope.
- Trying to enter the Qeynos sewers will no longer take you to Ak'Anon. We hope the citizens of Ak'Anon can forgive the mess...
- Fixed a problem in the Warrens that was causing the Kobolds to gather under the water near the river source.

** Miscellaneous **

- Corrected a spelling error ("hass" instead of "has") in the text given for adding the Ring of Marr to the keyring.

** Special Deals **

Prices at the Store have been cut on a whole trove of EverQuest treasures in our Hot Specials! Plus, we've bundled some of the best software, guides and posters into great packages for players. There's never been a better time to upgrade to that next expansion. And there's more available right now at the Store ( Stop in and see!

** Become a Guide! **

Greetings citizens of Norrath,

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, for we bring before you news of great importance!

Have you ever scoured the lands in search of adventure? Do you still yearn to discover new places and new people in the Lands of Norrath?

If so, then we have for you perhaps the greatest adventure the Lands of Norrath could ever offer. It is a mission of great proportions, and the journey will be a challenge to even the bravest adventurers in the realm. But hear me friends when I say that the rewards are well worth the perils of the journey.

The path is that of the volunteer EverQuest Guide Program. If you are strong of will, kind of heart, have a positive attitude, and are at least eighteen years of age, the volunteer EverQuest Guide Program may be for you.

The members of the Guide Program provide front line customer support and service to the players of EverQuest. The Program offers a unique opportunity for you to become a part of the behind the scenes action, and to be a direct contributor to the greatness of EverQuest. As a Guide you will interact as a representative of both the Program, and of Sony Online Entertainment by delivering critical help and assistance to the players on your assigned server. Your role as a Guide will also provide you with the opportunity to present a variety of creative dynamic content (Quests) and events.

If you feel that the EverQuest Guide Program community is something you wish to be a part of, then we heartily invite you to point your browser to:

Come one, come all - help us to make the lands of Norrath better than they already are... come be a part of something great!
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Polymorphe
vous êtes francais (ou francophone) et bien vous avez qu'a jouer sur le serveur franco car il a pas de patch aujourdhui lui

(par contre ya du foutage de gueule vu que même le serveur francais est tombé en rade au moment du debut du patch ...)
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