Changement à venir en PvP lors de la sortie de l'extension Gundabad

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Fantus le développeur en charge des changements en PvP vient de publier la liste des changements à venir.
Initialement prévu ce mercredi, le test de ces changements sur Bullroarer a été décalé au 28 octobre.

Au menu :

  • une remise au goût du jour de l'audace avec 25 rangs ajoutés (le maximum passe à 50)
  • des changements sur le mode de calcul des bonus liés à l'audace
  • de nouvelles armures PvP avec plusieurs niveaux, les premiers pourront être achetés avec de l'or, les autres avec des citations
  • de nouveaux bijoux
  • les capes sont portées niveau 140
  • des essences spécifiques au PvP

PvMP Update and Changes

Citation :
Hello all, I’m Fants (aka. Fantus) and I’ve been working part time on PvMP for the past year. In the past, I was on the world building team from Moria -> Rohan and I’ve returned to work on getting PvMP in a better state.

We understand that there are a lot of issues with PvMP in general, but the goal of these changes isn’t to fix everything all at once. We are trying to slowly right the ship in terms of balance and accessibility, while addressing longstanding issues.

The main goal of this update is to level up everything to the new level cap, create viable PvMP gear for freeps that is not PvE centric, and work on quality-of-life changes. In addition to the PvMP changes, there are several statting changes we are still working on - because of this we are planning on pushing the Bullroarer PvMP preview feedback to next week, likely 10/28. All of these changes are slated to go live with the Gundabad Expansion, though the higher level gear will be gated until the equivalent PvE content releases.

Audacity Rework:
Audacity was reworked to both provide more significant bonuses and to make it a soft requirement for PvMP.
We want to move away from having players required to do high end raiding to attain PvMP viable gear.
At the other end of the spectrum, we don't want PvMP gear to be best in slot across the board for PvE, so this is where Audacity comes in.

-Legacy gear will retain its audacity, but it will be suboptimal
-25 Ranks of Audacity added (now 50, from 25)
-Damage bonus is now multiplicative instead of additive, so it will increase all damage
-Damage bonus now scales from 2% to 50% at ranks 25 to 50 (was 1% to 25%, from 1 to 25)
-Incoming Damage reduction now decreased only at rank 25+
-CC duration reduction scales to -60% by rank 31 (was rank 25)
-Monsters are able to purchase audacity up to rank 50 (was 25)

PvMP Gear:
We are introducing several new gearsets to be released in line with PvE content.
These may be purchased from the respective armor quartermasters in Glan Vraig.
Most pieces will have lower stats overall than a PvE ilevel equivalent, however the audacity damage bonus should make up for this.
The base sets are intentionally not itemized perfectly, however higher tier sets have more optimal statting.
The first set is purchasable with Gold, with the higher sets purchased with commendations.
These sets all have audacity on them, the baseline set has 25.
In addition, there is also now audacity jewelry.
PvMP Rank cloaks have been updated to level 140. If you have already purchased a rank cloak, it should automatically update.

PvMP Essences:
There is a new type of essence, called Essences of War, which are PvMP exclusive.
These may be purchased from the Coldfells Quartermaster in Glan Vraig.
These may only be slotted in PvMP gear and can be bought rather cheaply for commendations.
These will be released in waves with PvE content and will be Rank gated.

-Fixed an issue where Monster Players could sneak into Glan Vraig
-Fixed an issue where Gaergoth could be pulled into a state where he couldn't attack
-Increased most Monster Player melee skills to have a 5.2m range, to be on equal footing with Free People.
-Fixed several stuck spots, and line of sight issues around Glan Vraig and Gramsfoot
Exemple de nouvelles essences :


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