changement dans les realm task a venir

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cela devrai être mis en place au cour des 2 prochaines semaines.

The change is planned to go live sometime this week. You can expect quite a few changes to this system over the coming week or two.

We’re going to overhaul the short term rvr task system (kill in zone x, keep task, dominate x) a bit, the basic gist is that kill and dominate will be merged into one task and the keep task will go away but keep takes as well as other things will count towards the participation in this new task.

In general, we’re happy with the realm rotation as thereby nobody is at a severe disadvantage wrt the time to action, we’re also happy with the amount of rvr action / player participation the system generates, the only thing we’re slightly unhappy with is the extremely concentrated zergs that happen in the kill / keep tasks or the standing around / suiciding into the keeps in the keep task.

The intention of the new task is to give people options / multiple objectives and thereby slightly split the action while keeping it mostly in rather close proximity and also to make winning have some effect.

The new task will be invade / defend realm x with 3 phases, each phase mainly focusing on a specific zone (phase 1 would be the TK zones Emain, OG and HW, phase 2 the center zones and phase 3 both inner most zones at the same time). Each phase will count as a task for the reward purposes. The task advances to the next phase if the invader “win”, if the defender “win” it moves on to the next realm.

Many parts of this are not finalized yet and can and will change based on feedback, for example is it just a simple 3 way scoring system like the domination / kill task is right now and a defender win is when they have more than 33% of the total score or do invaders have an amount of “lives” / supply that when exhausted before the invader reach a certain score / objective it counts as a defender victory. To start with we’re going with a simple 3 way scoring and the >33% for the defender = defender win.

We also intend to add additional random objectives that may or may not trigger in a given zone, an obvious if boring example would be some named mob that when killed / protected counts towards the invasion score.

The time to completion per phase should be slightly longer than the current kill tasks and it would also be expected that it usually advances to phase 2.

Jororas, Cleric ===>> Phoenix
Jorora, Sorcerer ===>> Phoenix
Jorora, Healer (Buff) 12L ===>> YS (stop)

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