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[PvP] Tera must be balanced !

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This game has a lot of good things. Nice graphics, revolutionary gameplay, an excellent foundation for a MMO. But his PvP is really not balanced. Explanation :

In 15vs15 battlegrounds, it's really difficult to spot what class is more overpowered than other, that's why this game never has a real need to be balanced.

But now, with the arenas (3vs3 battleground), each imbalance is exposed and becomes obvious ! Each spell is analyzed, and the possibilities of using them are considered, that's why everyone can see that some classes are much more overpowered than other. This phenomenon has been found on every MMO.

I'm not speaking about duels, it's a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online), the balancing don't care about 1vs1, but only about classes synergy.

To start, a few statistics of actually EU arena top 100 :

  • Priests : 18%

  • Lancers : 17%

  • Warriors : 16%

  • Mystics : 16%

  • Slayers : 12%

  • Sorcerers : 7%

*Obligatory represented (Heal)
*Too much represented (Damage dealers)
*Normally represented (Damage dealers) (Normally = 100/8=12.5)
*Not enough represented (Damage dealers)

What are the setups played? :

  • Mystic - Archer - Lancer : 15%

  • Mystic - Warrior - Archer : 9%

  • Priest - Lancer - Slayer : 6%

  • Priest - Warrior - Lancer : 6%

  • Priest - Warrior - Slayer : 6%

  • Mystic - Warrior - Sorcerer : 3%

  • Priest - Warrior - Sorcerer : 3%

  • Mystic - Warrior - Archer : 3%

  • Priest - Sorcerer - Slayer : 3%

  • Mystic - Lancer - Slayer : 3%

*Being given that teams are not fixed, these data are approximate but we surveyed most of them to be as close as possible to reality.

What about the Lancers and Warriors attendance in the top 100's setups ?

  • Lancers : 46%

  • Warriors : 61%

It mean you have 61% "chance" to meet a warrior, and 46% to meet a lancer.

So, as you can see, assuming that these statistics are not completely accurate to justify a 100%, there is at least 95% of teams who play with a lancer, a warrior, or both. This is proof that all classes can rise in the ranking, but only with a warrior or a lancer !

As a guide, here are the compositions that are not (can't be?) played above 1300 rating :

Priest - Sorcerer - Archer
Priest - Berserker - Archer
Priest - Berserker - Slayer
Priest - Berserker - Sorcerer
Priest - Archer - Slayer
Mystic - Sorcerer - Slayer
Mystic - Sorcerer - Archer
Mystic - Berserker - Archer
Mystic - Berserker - Slayer
Mystic - Berserker - Sorcerer
Mystic - Archer - Slayer

Why are they necessary and why can they overcome all other classes ?

  • Lancers :

Skill name Cast time MP cost Range Max. target Cooldown
Chained Leash Instant 350 15m 6 1 minute (-20 seconds)

Effect : Throw a chain around a target within 15m and pull up to 6 enemies within 15m together into a tight group. Chained Leash stuns the target.

[Glyph of Energy] reduces the cooldown by 20%.
[Glyph of Lingering] increases the stuns duration by 50%.

This spell allows the Lancer to bring to him the ENTIRE opposing team (3 targets), then stun them for 2.5sec (Chained Leash) + 4sec (Shield Bash), allowing the other DD to be free for 7.5sec and then kill someone very easily. In the case of Lancer + Sorcerer or Lancer + Archer, it's insane.

Means to evade
The only way to get out is that the healer dodge or go out of reach. The problem is that if the healer has to move away to avoid, it will also be too far to dispel the multiples stuns because the range of Chained Leash (15m) is higher than Purifying Circle (12m) for priests, mystics can dispel but their ability to heal is too weak to support such control + burst. The time and the range required to dispel or/and heal allows the mates of the Lancer to CC (Crowd Control) the healer or to kill someone before, only luck can help to get out of such a situation. Indeed we can dodge, Chained Leash is perhaps not easy to use effectively, but its cooldown allows to try several times during a single game. Remember that if the healer can't avoid (because of a CC for example), in 80% of cases the whole team dies, it simply should not be possible.

Other pros of the lancers :
- An insane tanking and support capacity
- Same burst as all other damage dealers

  • Warriors :

Skill name Cast time MP cost Range Max. target Cooldown
Backstab Instant 300 15m 1 30 seconds (-9 seconds)

Effect : Rush 15m and make a lethal thrust to your target's back. The target is immobilized for short period of time.

[Glyph of Lingering] increases effect duration by 50%.
[Glyph of Energy] decreases cooldown by 25%.

Skill name Cast time MP cost Range Max. target Cooldown
Staggering Counter Instant 250 Melee Unlimited 15 seconds

Effect : Execute a counterattack that briefly stuns targets. You can use this skill as a counterattack only after you've been hit.

[Glyph of Lingering] increases effect duration by 50%.

Skill name Cast time MP cost Range Max. target Cooldown
Cascade of Stuns Instant 350 Melee + AoE 8m Unlimited 20 seconds

Effect : Slash a target in front of you. If you hit a stunned target, the stun spreads to nearby enemies.

[Glyph of Lingering] increases effect duration by 25%.

Skill name Cast time MP cost Range Max. target Cooldown
Battle Cry 1.1 second 350 AoE 9m Unlimited 30 seconds (-6 seconds)

Effect : Your warlike shout draws high aggro from enemies within 9m, and stun them.

[Glyph of Energy] decreases cooldown by 20%.

I will speak about its ability to do damage and stun at the same time, not its insane ability to survive that make it the last priority on which to focus. These spells allow the warrior to completely prevent someone to play while continuing to make him huge damages. They can be dispelled, provided that the target don't be the healer. Do not forget that the first strike of its base attack is staggering.
Unlike the lancer, the warrior has not only one spell that have to be balanced. This is the entire class is equipped with an array of spells that make it overpowered. Everyone spotted it in 1vs1, this is obvious in 3vs3.

Means to evade
There are many ways to avoid the warrior's skills, just depends of your setup, the main problem is the frequency at which it can renew its combos. There's necessarily a moment in the game without any possibilities to be dispelled, and most of the time it's decisive for the rest of the game. Overall, the warrior class is overpowered at any point : damages, control, support, survivability. Having one in his team is an advantage, and statistics prove it.

What are we expect ?

We would like to make reacting the publishers of Tera (Gameforge, Enmasse, Hangame). This is ambitious, but with your help it can be done.
Tera is a very good game, and we would like it to become even better. We would like to know your opinion, and your ideas for the balancing. Be honest and impartial, and especially if you agree with our goals, talk about this post to your friends, it will need more than a few European to make publishers reacting.

Thank you for the attention you have given, see you in arenas !
A l'époque de la release, la problèmatique initiale se basait sur le fait que les Lancer étaient les seuls à pouvoir vraiment tanker en donjon à haut niveau avant le UP tanking du warrior. Je me rappelle également que le Lancer était une des classes les moins jouées et que son dps et sa capacité à être utile en pvp étaient ridicules.
Du coup le warrior ne pouvait pas vraiment palier au manque de lancer et ils avaient été up pour le tanking afin que la population totale ne dépende pas seulement du nombre de Lancer pour finir les donjons.

Finallement tout ça a des répercussions sur le pvp si j'en tire des conclusions sur ce que j'ai lu sur le post initial.
Après je pense qu'en terme de metagame tout n'a pas non plus été étudié je suppose, et puis le principe du MMO est d'évoluer, la classe imba du moment le sera moins le patch d'après, etc...
Enfin moi je pense qu'au final ça a permis un peu de sauver l'intérêt de jouer un Lancer et de rendre le warrior viable en tanking pve.
En terme de pvp moi je me fais one shot quasiment par tout le monde actuellement alors pour le coup c'est tout le monde qui me parait imab
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Publié par The Automatic
Mouais, le 3v3 c'est pas vraiment du pvp.

Tu peux développer et me dire pourquoi l'aréne n'est pas du Pvp?
Ensuite, pour en revenir, on va venir dans ma guilde sur une confing Mystic/archer/zerk

En effet vu que l'on est une petite guilde 100% pvp sur MountTyrannas des que j'aurais fini de masterwork mon conjunct (je suis le seul mystic de ma guilde)

Voilà la config
zerk full conjunct masterwork +12
archer full conjunct +12
Mystic conjunct +12 avec regent weapon +12

Des gens ont-il déja utilisé cette config
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Voilà la config
zerk full conjunct masterwork +12
archer full conjunct +12
Mystic conjunct +12 avec regent weapon +12

Des gens ont-il déja utilisé cette config
Oui, et ça marche très fort si le heal est au taquet, si l'archer sait temporiser quand il est focus et malgré tout arriver à caller ses bursts en synchro avec le Zerk .
L'archer sera focus par les deux DD ennemis normalement.
Si le heal est focus, l'archer a alors un rôle défensif.
Le burst du zerk et celui de l'archer réunis sont un combo efficace.

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