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Patch note 1.4.7

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Patch note 1.4.7 :

[ Édité par GoTua : Le patch-note est à présent disponible en français sur notre site WAR JeuxOnline ! ]

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Live Event 'Demonic Incursion'

To summon or kill a powerful Daemon or group of Daemons is an impressive feat and many Champions of Chaos will purposefully take on the challenge. Those that succeed are worthy of notice by the Chaos Gods. If the original challenger fails to kill the Daemon, then it is free in The Old World and will wreck havoc until defeated. In any case, both the Forces of Order and the Forces of Destruction have something to gain by defeating these Daemons.

Please note that the Live Event won't be active on PTS.
Scenario Shakeup

The tide of battle continues to shift! A number of old scenarios are making their return, some are retiring for the moment, and others are shifting tiers.
Realm versus Realm

Contested Cities

  • City populations have been lowered to 36v36.
  • Cities will now be limited to 3 active scenarios per contested cycle.

  • The loading screen for Gates of Ekrund will consistently display the correct images.
  • The loading screen for College of Corruption will consistently display the correct images.
Scenario Line-Up

The line-up of scenarios that are permanently available has changed. The new list is as follows:
Bracket 1
Gates of Ekrund (12v12 version)
Serpent's Passage
Bracket 2
Grovod Caverns
Maw of Madness
Reikland Factory
Bracket 3
Khaine's Embrace
Battle for Praag
Mourkain Templel

Combat and Careers

General Changes & Bug Fixes

  • The range of the Knight of the Blazing Sun ability, Shatter Confidence, has been reduced to 5 feet.
  • Many abilities classified as 'Crowd Control' have had their duration's standardized based on targeting, and if it's an Ability or a Morale. With only minor exceptions for abilities keyed off Career Mechanic Buildup, the following changes have been applied:
    • Knockdowns
      • 2s - Knockdown, AoE Ability
      • 3s - Knockdown, ST Ability or AoE Morale
      • 4s - Knockdown, ST Morale
    • Staggers
      • 3s - Stagger, AoE Ability
      • 6s - Stagger, ST Ability or AoE Morale
      • 9s - Stagger, ST Morale
    • Roots
      • 5s - Root, Ability
      • 10s - Root, Morale

  • These changes have been applied as part of the first phase of a Career Balance cycle. While we are not moving a "true mirror" system, we do feel there are some standards that should be in place with regards to these categories. As with this current CC update, abilities which scale based on Career Mechanic Buildup will always be treated as an exception, or at the very least, as a separate category to be to be given further consideration and extra scrutiny.

General Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Bloom of Hope: This Order-only quest can no longer be obtained by Destruction.
Public Quests

  • Rock of Galirian: Galirian Watchers in this PQ are no longer aggressive to Order players.
  • Plaguewood Thicket: Injured Warriors in this PQ are no longer aggressive to Order players.
  • Ruinous Powers: Raven Sorcerers in this PQ are no longer aggressive to Order players.
  • The Tome of Knowledge entries for the following Public Quest Stages will now unlock and display correctly:
    • Dark Elf Chapter 5: Rock of Galiran
    • Dark Elf Chapter 8: Monument of Narialle
    • Dark Elf Chapter 13: Whitemoon Manor
    • Dark Elf Chapter 20: The Phoenix Eye
    • Dark Elf Chapter 22: Last Stand
    • Greenskin Chapter 17: Reichert's Raiders
    • Greenskin Chapter 19: Ruins of Mingol Kurdak.

Tome of Knowledge

General Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fire Seldom Dies Alone: The items necessary to unlock this entry can be obtained.
  • Refined Tastes: The chance for the item related to this entry to drop has been significantly increased.
  • Robbery: The monster associated with this entry is now the appropriate level for the zone it is in.
  • No Reflection of Your Skill: This entry has been moved to a more accessible location.
  • The Best Secrets Are Worth Dying For: The monster associated with this entry will now spawn in a more accessible location.
  • Mysterious Gateway: This Order-only entry can no longer be unlocked by Destruction.
  • The following Tome of Knowledge entries have been fixed so that they can be unlocked:
    • Where the Blood Flows
    • Avoid a Gory End
    • Simple Minds
    • Participate in Destroying Enemy Airship 10


General Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Flamepicked Ghouls, when killed, will now grant credit as Ghouls, not Zombies.
  • Drakestorm Fireblades in Dark Elf Chapter 20 will no longer shout unintelligible words when being attacked.
  • Fixed an issue causing Eversight Trueguides in Dark Elf Chapter 20 to spawn in an incorrect location.
  • Fixed an issue causing an Ashhide Shaman in Dwarf Chapter 19 to spawn in an incorrect location.
  • The sprites Tarestil and Maegda will now spawn normally.
  • Fixed an issue causing an Empire Halberdier in Chaos Chapter 1 to be unattackable.
  • It should no long be possible to enter Ironskin Skar along the wall above the postern door.
  • Fixed an issue where some Destruction players were able to get into the Order Warcamp in Nordland.

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reste t'il assez de monde pour play sur war ??
Citation :
Publié par Nahtow
Curiosité surtout, mais je passe un peu quand je recup les 14j gratos.
Au moins j'attend pas 2h pour inc en open
M'en parle pas ca me deprime...
Citation :
Publié par Sithis
reste t'il assez de monde pour play sur war ??
côté ordre reste que du russe, ils n'ont même plus besoin de faire l'effort de parler en anglais sur les chans
Un Q&A avec Mythic :

Citation :
1) The main focus of 1.4.7 is Combat and Career balancing. I'll be honest I find that topic boring, so let's talk about something more interesting... the new Live Event! It was mentioned briefly in the Anniversary Letter and more recently in the 1.4.7 Patch Notes as being a bit different. What makes this Live Event different from those that came before?

The Live Event is not linked to a specific holiday or Scenario. Also, there is a little something included that allows Tier 1-3 players to join Tier 4 players on the battlefield.

2) Can we expect this new kind of Live Event to be used again in the future?

We’re pretty excited about having a Live Event that cycles out-of-sync with everything else. We will be watching player reactions very closely, and if this goes over well, then there’s no reason not to use it again in the future.

3) Let's talk rewards, will players be getting anything new to use or just cosmetic fun stuff?

There are some new items that should fill in equipment gaps for all Tiers, and a new event item for players who complete most of the Live Event Tasks.

4) Are there any plans to add more items to the Origin Store?

We have been working on a few things we would like to add to the store, but there’s nothing set in stone just yet.

5) Ok, on to 1.4.8. Can you tell us what's planned for this patch?

We’re aiming for 1.4.8 to be a very fast patch. The #1 priority will be the introduction of a unified RvR currency. There will be a forum thread soon to go over some of the details, so be sure to watch for it!
oui il reste encore du monde et de facon regulière. ( tous les,jours maos pas à toutes les heures)
Personnellement je m'amuse plus maintenant qu'à l'époque de AL ( quand yavait du monde)
Le gros reproche que je ferai est le palier 4: la destruction se fait rouler dessus. (mais moins que sur AL)

Mes mains commencent à trembler , vous auriez une idée pour l'heure d'ouverture des serveurs ?

Bon jeu à tous

Dernière modification par mimosa ; 18/10/2012 à 18h46.
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Publié par breeff
Le gros reproche que je ferai est le palier 4: la destruction se fait rouler dessus. (mais moins que sur AL)
Sur quel serveur ? Karak Norn ?
Bon il est vrai que je suis de retour seulement depuis deux semaine durant lesquelles j'ai quasiment pas de pallier. Mais de ce que je vois des assauts de capitales... :/
Breeff au moment des prime time c'est pas la même ta les moon slap et les Orz qui vienne en WB et la sa deviens compliqué pour l'ordre. Mais c'est vrai que en journée l'Ordre est plutôt dominante.
Citation :
Publié par GoTua

Curieux de voir en quoi va consister cet event régulier, avec le bestiaire de Khorne en invité ça peut être assez sympa!
C'est pas encore un quiproquo ça? car à vu de nez on a juste l'event d'halloween habituel, et le bestaire de khorne ça correspondrait du coup au gros mob à déso

en tout cas warabug c'est de pire en pire; à peine event introduit la capi a fait exploser le serveur en ce moment même
Citation :
Publié par Lacania
C'est pas encore un quiproquo ça? car à vu de nez on a juste l'event d'halloween habituel, et le bestaire de khorne ça correspondrait du coup au gros mob à déso
Non non c'est bien deux choses distinctes. Cf cette news du site officiel :
Citation :
Please note: This seasonal event is not linked to the ‘Daemonic Gifts of Khorne’ event introduced in today's patch. The Gifts of Khorne can appear any time from now on, just keep an eye on you Tome of Knowledge.

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