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Originally Posted by Kotaku:
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Originally Posted by THQ:
THQ has not cancelled its 2014 line-up, and has not made any decisions regarding the planned MMO. As part of the ongoing review of our business, we have made decisions to ensure that the company is strategically addressing the most attractive markets. As we have previously announced, we have dramatically reduced our commitment to the kids' boxed games sector which leads to a significantly more focused release schedule moving forward. Our slate for calendar 2012 and beyond is focused on high-quality core games and continues to build our digital platform and business. We are excited for our pipeline of original and high-quality content along with our relationships with some of the best talent in the industry.

Additionally, we are thrilled with the great performance of Saints Row: The Third, which on a like for like period in North America has tripled in sell-through from Saints Row 2. In addition, WWE '12's worldwide sell-through sales are up almost 40% year-over-year for the same sales period with fewer platforms. According to NPD, for the month of December and the 2011 year, THQ was the #5 publisher overall, #4 third party, with reported sell through growing over 18% in a market that was down almost 6%. And coming up next, we have two great titles for the first half of the year including UFC Undisputed 3 and Darksiders 2.
Ignore the second paragraph, it's all marketing. It's the first you should focus on. Specifically, the first sentence.

One thing, the fact there'll be some kind of 2014 lineup, is very clearly stated. No room for argument. The exact future of Dark Millennium, the forever-in-development MMO based on Warhammer 40K, is not clearly stated. It's downright ambiguous.

From Kotaku
Restons optimistes.
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Et en français?

THQ n'a pas renoncé à sa ligne de conduite/programme/projet/agenda pour 2014, et n'a pris aucune décision concernant le mmo programmé. Et ensuite Blabla 'on doit faire gaffe aux projets où va le peu d'argent qu'on continue d'adresser à ce secteur d'activité. Mais ça nous excite toujours comme des petites puces, promis juré. '

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Le second paragraphe c'est de la pub et de l'auto congratulation.

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