Update Notes 2.7 [Live]

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La 2.7 est passée sur le Live aujourd'hui.
M'enfin bon, on connait la chanson, je conseille d'attendre 24h pour jouer après un patch perso, le temps de laisser passer les Emergency patches qui suivent

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Priest Archetype
All ranks of Saintly Martyr should now say that the priest gets both mana and stamina back from being hit.

Rogue Archetype
Alternate Advancement: Tainted Weapons will now only remove player heals running on the target, it will no longer remove heal potion effects.

Grave's Blossom and Death Whirlwind have been adjusted. They will now scale somewhat differently for 1-4 Soul Fragments, and should still do about the same for 5 Soul Fragments. Both these combos will now also hit a second target with full damage, but will follow the normal rules for damage reduction on any targets beyond the second.
Grave's Blossom and Death Whirlwind damage has been reduced, but will now hit two targets with 100% damage.
Fixed an issue where the cone for Grave's Blossom was skewed and would pick targets on the assassin's right side.


Fixed an issue that kept you in combat and prevented out of combat regenerations from starting.
Receiving a buff will no longer pop you out of stealth.
An issue causing incorrect hate calculations has been resolved. This caused certain soldiers to generate large amounts of threat, making it very difficult for a second tank to regain aggro. This issue affected:
Irritate (for all soldier classes)
Cry of Havoc (Guardian)
Seal of Chaos (Dark Templar)
Retaliation (Conqueror)


Abyss of Kun Whu
Renamed Enslave Human to Enslaving Torment. It can now be dispelled from a team mate with the Unbinding Charm ability.
The Healing spell Commune Life is now only cast every 24 seconds.

Coppice of the Heart
Balbet Zhun's Vampiric Mist will no longer randomly proc Healing Radiance - it can now only be applied once every 22 seconds at most to be more in line with the cooldown on Tainted Weapons.

Den of the Crowmen
The Venomous Ruin ability cast by Kian Lai now has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Jade Dugout
An Additional 2:30 minutes has been added to the enrage timer in the Jade Dugout while in Godslayer Mode.
The Blackpowder Urn Explosion now ignores line of sight and can not be resisted by NPCs.
Removed guards from the Jade Dugout so that it is now once again possible to speak to all Slaves without having to enter combat with a guard.

Kang Pagoda
The three functionaries in the Po Sha Encounter will now deal significantly less damage in Godslayer Mode.

Palace of Yun Rau
The lesser regeneration spell in the Palace of Yun Rau will now only be cast every 22 seconds by Kwai La the Scholar.

Vortex of the Storm
The cyclones in the Vortex of the Storm will no longer randomly change speed in Godslayer mode - they will remain at a constant velocity when active.
Soldiers will no longer be teleported by the blue typhoons unless they are debuffed with the Lighter than Air wrack.
The adepts in the Vortex of the Storm now have an attack range of 12m on their primary nukes.


All the languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Polish) now have a specific global channel. The access to these channels is set according to the client language setting.
You can now interact with your vanity armor tab even when it is disabled by gear or your current location. The changes will however not be visible until vanity armor is enabled again.
The playfield access window should now have a working hotkey (Ctrl-G) in all keyboard layouts.
Free-to-play accounts now have access to the "New Player Help" channel.
Fixed an issue where players could accidentally equip backpacks in their vanity item slots.
You will now get a message when trying to equip items that can not be equipped as vanity armor.
If you purchase items in the in-game store and your inventory is full, the message displayed is now "Your inventory is full! The item will be moved to your claim." instead of the previous “Inventory Full” only.
Re-added the option to hide the power helmet and cloak (also in PvP minigames). These options are now found in the vanity tab in the inventory.
Added map markers for Paikang City Sewers and the Palace of Yun Rau.

Fixed an issue that made it impossible to progress some quests normally, including: Mouth of Darkness, Patrolling the Wastes, The Revenge of Leviathus, Reclaiming Lost Land, and Forbidden Longing.
The Scrolls of Ankh-Ausar can now be correctly returned to Ankh-Ausar.

Fixed an issue that caused generated PvP loot to be spawned at the incorrect level.

Teleport: Sanctum of the Burning Souls will now correctly require the player to be level 37.
The Fine Green Frock now appears in its correct yellow/green color instead of white.

Commander Yeng-Wang-Yeh will now consistently drop the loot item allowing players to be able to trigger the Godslayer mode for the Ai District.
The Golem (The Emperor's Gift) in Northern Grasslands now drops additional tokens and loot.

Fixed weapon trail effects for 27 different 2H-blunt maces, including the one used by Shillelagh of Sogoth.
Resolved an issue where some players could not unlock characters on their free-to-play accounts.
You now have to enter your password when unlocking a character (similar to when deleting one).
Players without the Rise of the Godslayer expansion should now be able to enter Gateway of Khitai when having the "Making Contact" quest.
Please remember that since update 2.6, all messages without items or gold in the in-game mailbox will be removed after 30 days. All in-game mails that have items or gold included in the message will be returned to the sender after the mentioned 30 days have passed.
When this happens the original sender then has an additional 30 days to retrieve any objects attached to the message before it is deleted for good. Please make sure you remove items from messages in your in-game mailbox before the message is removed.
je verai ça à minuit, en rentrant du boulot.
cependant une bonne nouvelle:

"All the languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Polish) now have a specific global channel. The access to these channels is set according to the client language setting."

Oui plutôt bien, et même bien penser en faite, la langue du jeu détermine le canal et on a toujours le "global total", pour les "Rares" comme moi qui adore voir les autres langues même si je comprends pas tout , encore un peu de mal avec le cyrillique en faite
Je me suis peu connecté hier soir mais ça avait l'air d'avoir provoqué un paquet de problème cette maj mais bon, ça ne m'a pas empêché de faire mon Apostat .

Par contre le coup de dire "Arrêt des serveurs dans 30 minutes" et se voir en freeze total aux petites soeurs 10 minutes avant le temps annoncé ça gonfle.
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Publié par scp
m'enfin bon, on connait la chanson, je conseille d'attendre 24h pour jouer après un patch perso, le temps de laisser passer les emergency patches qui suivent :d
Alors je ne sais pas si c'est lié au patch mais hier soir on était un ptit groupe au champs des mort sur le serveur Rage à se fritter et plusieurs fois je me suis fait one shot par plusieurs joueurs isolés....

Genre à un moment on était 2 à taper un Tos de même niveau et d'un coup je reçois un éclair qui me one shot d'après le log "combat" cet éclair m'a infligé 415 de dégats... j'étais full vie avec plus de 3500 de vie et non il n'y avait personne autour les autres coupain du groupe nous entourés.

Pareil a un moment un barbare lvl 39 je suis 46 m'engage il me met un coup et BOOM d'un seul coup je tombe
je sais pas si ça vient de la zone qui bug ou d'autre chose mais en tout cas niveau frustration j'étais au taquet. Ca la fait aussi à un autre membre du groupe.

Avez vous eu ce genre de problèmes récemment ? des idées de la provenance ?

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