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19 septembre 2017 à 11:28 - Messages
7 septembre 2017 à 13:51 - Messages
Haven't heard of this....for most you're getting this when trying to reactivate, or just regular billing?... Lire la suite
30 juin 2017 à 12:23 - Messages
Have a look here also, something in these videos might help: http://www.darkageofcamelot.com/content/account-recovery-guide ... Lire la suite
5 mars 2017 à 21:53 - Messages
Our next survey will go into more detail on plans and ideas to see what people prefer and think overall. That isn't too far awa... Lire la suite
21 décembre 2016 à 13:49 - Messages
Much like this board, the postcount forums have their own rules, when people break those forum rules they need to be edited/mod... Lire la suite
Guys, it's not about the patch it's about the transcription of the podcast, which I am working on and will have up soon. It's u... Lire la suite
22 novembre 2016 à 13:24 - Messages
Not yet - Mordred ruleset means no /rw and porting and right now that is still being tested/checked :)... Lire la suite
18 novembre 2016 à 16:21 - Messages
Wardens aren't the only ones not getting speed6 so not sure where that came from, but because we give to one class on a realm d... Lire la suite
Just went on Pend yesterday... Lire la suite
17 novembre 2016 à 15:39 - Messages
Just a video, be on Pend later today - Pend is coming down for Patch 1.122b today :)... Lire la suite
17 novembre 2016 à 15:23 - Messages
If you speak again with the Royal Accountant/Royal Treasurer, it will take the token from you :)... Lire la suite
21 octobre 2016 à 01:08 - Messages
yay :) Glad to hear it, and thanks for your understanding and patience <3... Lire la suite


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