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Bullroarer ouvre ses portes jusqu'àu vendredi 5 novembre 23h00 pour le test de Gundabad

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Session 3 :

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Bullroarer Update 31 - Beta #3

Release Notes - Beta #3

  • Armor Stats should now look more consistent between their tooltips and the socketing interface.
  • Brawler skills "Helm-crusher" and "Mighty Upheaval" now count towards completion of the deed "Crowd Control"
  • Minstrel Skill "Call to Greatness" now grants Brawlers Power and Mettle regeneration
  • Apprentice Cooks can now prepare a number of different fish into "Fish Fillets", which are used in Gundabad crafting.
  • Retired Anfalas Star-lit crystals will now disenchant into enhancement runes that are useful for characters level 86 - 130 (socket min level 130 to socket max level 430).
  • With the Release of U31, we are lowering the amount of Allegiance Points it takes to complete Mordor Allegiances. This update will *not* affect any Allegiance that is currently underway. This will only affect Allegiances that have yet to be joined.
  • Legendary Items
    • Vendors no longer offer enhancement runes for Embers
      • This was set up as a test concept early in development and was not intended for live, but it was not removed before launch. Our apologies.
    • All IAXP tokens now have minimum use levels commensurate with the IAXP they grant.
      • This change is to make them play nice with the upcoming reward tracks.
  • Increased difficulty for enemies 131+
Monster Play

  • Removed Rank requirements for Freep gear
  • 30% defense mits removed for Freep Audacity
  • Added an Arena to the South-west corner of the Ettenmoors
  • Warleader Mobilise buffed to 55% (from 35%)
  • Akúlhun's Brand of the Tyrant has been changed to a 1m cooldown (from 2m) with 5s of immunity (from 10s). It also no longer requires a rank (from rank 15). Cost changed to 2,000 commendations (from 5,000).
  • Lainedhal's Insignia of the Captain-General changed to a 10m cooldown (from 2m), with 5s of immunity (from 10s).
  • All Creep skills and corruptions reduced to less than rank 5, with the exception of cosmetic appearances.
  • Fixed an issue where Freep people could attain Monster potions, and use them outside of the Ettenmoors.

Update 31: Fate of Gundabad Session 1

The Legacy of Durin

The first two new quests of The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves will allow you to enter Gundabad! Be sure you have completed Chapter 4.9, ‘The Lord of Gundabad,’ and then speak with Prince Durin inside Annak-khurfu (Elderslade) or Zarkul-sulun (in the War of Three Peaks) to begin Chapter 5.1, ‘Many Masters.’


The stronghold of Máttugard was once one of the Dwarves’ mightiest citadels, hewn out of the white stone of Gundabad and shining with light channeled from above. Long years of war between the Orcs and Dwarves have scarred it, but its stark majesty remains, yearning to be reclaimed.

Deepscrave was one of the wonders of the Dwarvish world, a yawning cavern through whose center runs a huge pillar, out of whose sides were carved level upon level of mansions and smithies, with cunning lifts running up and down, day and night. The Orcs plundered and despoiled it long ago, and swarms of bats swirl in the cave’s smoky shadows.

Despite its fearsome name, the Pit of Stonejaws was once a place of great beauty, a web of tunnels and chambers twining amongst graceful pillars and shards of shimmering crystal. The Dwarves revered these caves, laying their dead to rest in crypts that took years of care to delve. Sadly, the Orcs have long since corrupted these reaches and desecrated the tombs, dimming the splendour spoken of in songs of old.

Unseen for centuries, thought by many to be only a legend, the dark lake known as Gloomingtarn is among the most hallowed sites in all of Dwarfdom. Surrounded by soaring columns of stone, its waters stand clear and glass-smooth about a dark isle where, the wise whisper, Durin the Deathless first drew breath, and learned to work iron, silver, and gold for the first time.

Clovengap is a sight few would expect to behold in any Dwarf-hall: a thriving, lush region of forests and meadows,. Once a vast cave where swift rivers ran, it was laid bare to the sky long ago. After, the Dwarves shaped the riverbanks into terraces, making gardens and groves to feed the folk of Gundabad. Now wild woodlands grow among the ruins, a home for Wargs and other wicked beasts.

High above the halls of Gundabad, on the western slopes of the mountain, the wind-swept crags called the Welkin-lofts. Snow-mantled even in summer, these frozen reaches served as a sacred gathering-place for the lords of the Dwarves, who held great councils, known as Dwarrowmoots, in times of strife. Now the halls lie buried, and the wastes are the haunt of giants, hobgoblins, and other fell things.

Just north of Gundabad lies the bleak vale of Câr Bronach, the easternmost marches of the fallen witch-kingdom of Angmar. Steep-walled, chill, and barren, it is a haunted glen, dominated by shattered ruins of that evil land, which have stood dark for a thousand years; now, in the days after Sauron’s fall, some of those who once served him have come here once more in search of foul relics long thought lost.

Release Notes

  • Cleaned up the Quest Guide situation for 'Ayorzen, Twice-Imprisoned' in the Black Book of Mordor
  • Updated several Lore-master skills to allow movement while casting (some may cause skating until the animations can be fully updated).
  • Updated several Lore-master pets with difficulty system properties that they were missing.
  • You can now join up to 15 private encounters per hour (increased from 10)
  • You can now add up to 75 entries to your housing permissions panel
  • Adjusted the name of the Scholar's Abode in Erebor for accuracy
  • The Halls of Night Deed, Raising Spirits, no longer requires minimum level 65, so can now be completed on legendary worlds as long as your character is at the current level cap.
  • The Sentinel's Challenge quests in The Battle of Lórien should now always be available, no longer requiring server activity to unlock.
  • 'Instance: Eyes of Edoras' and 'Instance: A Need for Words' will now have their correct categories in the quest journal.
  • The Speckled Shell Fragment is now correctly tagged as an ingredient, and will go into crafting carry-alls.
  • The "Class" in the Wildwood Title awarded by the Deed: Quests in the Wildwood is now correctly displays in French and German.
  • Adventurer's Steel-Bound Lootboxes now require level 131 or higher to open.
  • Level 121-130 Coffers of Adventurer's gear have been renamed as Faded Coffers of Adventurer's gear.
  • You can now spend up to 98 class trait points. Reaching level 140 will award one class trait point.
  • Some weapons, most notably the Bow of the Eglan-provider, now correctly decrease rather than increasing induction times.
  • When the in-game store is set so that it uses your system browser, the "No" button has been updated to "Cancel" to reduce confusion.
  • The Captain skill 'Cutting Attack' now has its own animation to distinguish it from other Captain skills that were using the same animation.
  • Increased most Monster Player melee skills to have a 5.2m range, to be on equal footing with Free People.
  • The Legendary Item Box now correctly offers these previously absent legendary weapons: Beorning Great Axe, Hunter Axe, Rune-keeper Fire Stone, and Rune-keeper Lightning Stone
  • Many of the ratings and gear values in the game have been rounded up to the 3rd significant digit for readability.
  • Starter Third Age Legendary Items granted by the quest "Chapter 9: A Weapon of the Elder Days" can now be destroyed to remove them from your inventory.
  • The Brawler toggle skills, Aggressive Posture and Defensive Posture, should no longer be cancelled when the Brawler is stunned.

  • The level 85-140 Level-up Bestower had been deactivated in the Eyes and Guard Tavern to facilitate testing of the Gundabad area's leveling experience. If you wish to test this content with a 130 character you can purchase the Valar - Level Boost 130 from the LOTRO store using LOTRO points gained from Aubergine.
  • Both Brawler and the Gundabad area should be accessible to all accounts that have pre-ordered the Fate of Gundabad expansion. If you have not pre-ordered, you can purchase PREVIEW ONLY access to the Gundabad area and the Brawler Class through the LOTRO store.
    • Open the LOTRO Store on Preview and Search for either 'Gundabad' or 'Brawler' and the appropriate offering should be presented

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