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[Beta 1] Patch/Hotfix

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Beta Update 1.03

- Fix some collect missions that are trying to talk about destinations - they now talk about the start locations like they should
- More guards against the ship not having a frame shift drive (which should be possible).
- Speculative fix for CTD on an open space scenario
- Handle more vertex buffers returning null
- Further crash guards for launch bay component
- Correct check before accessing details about the current target location. Would cash if the location you were targetting goes away
- Fix broken pointer in mission progression
- Fix for softlock on missions that involved talking to stations, not showing "objective complete" when you kill lots of people
- Send check codes for bounty and voucher requests
- Reduce server maximum packet size from 1500 to 1400 bytes as temp workaround for Mission BBS problems
- Log the response to the friends info request into the network log file, if VerboseLogging is 1 or more, to help track down failing to find friends online
- Distance contract calculation now take into account the cargo that they're about to give to you
- Send telemetry on player's match-making choice
- Avoid menu stickage when in time zones behind UTC
- Fix null crash in AI pilot receive authority change
- Mission details panel can now have multiline detail row labels (as well as detail row details)
- The focus bubble now eases between its min and max based on the current dolly value. This should allow for a softer selection of stars to view and less background/foreground clutter
- Moved the confirm (pad X) and auto (pad Y) bindings into the ui controls so they don't conflict with the galaxy maps crane (pad X) and home (pad Y) inputs
- Tweak of the system connections to differentiate the independent jumps from those that depend on your current cargo mass
- Add police tags to response craft, so that they can be killed and count as police kills in the missions system
- Fix a bug causing many duplicate sets of supercruise lines being drawn - it wasn't limiting the rendering to local players ship only
- When flying v fast in Supercruise, don't call UpdateIsland more often than once every 5 seconds (don't bother at all in Solo mode) - reduces load on server
- Reduce time server spends on clean up
- Fixed the Federal Staging Area in i Bootis, it's location was wrong. It's still a bit hard to find, but it should be in a much nicer place
- Filtering the top 5 trades is now done dynamically rather than being baked into the data
- Fixed outfitting menu showing base price rather than the server provided buyPrice
- Actually cache the value use to govern variable consumption rate of data when trying to smooth over multiple frames

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