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Publié par Danth
mouahahah je le ferais du boulot avec la carte de l'entreprise !

(c'est du sponsoring ça doit être déductible à 60% de l'IS en plus.)

edit : me suis cité au lieu de m'éditer , je suis fatigué
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Ya pas un résumé quelque part ? Pas envie de me taper une heure de "awesome".
C'était pas du awesome, c'était du "You know, I mean".

Tu as ça comme récap :

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Just wanted to toss up the bullet points of the interview. Most of the his interview was centered around the Kickstarter launch obviously given the events of today. Quite a bit of talking about individual tiers. I'm not going to go into much fluff details of indvidiual tiers since they are all listed on KS.

  • Launched minutes before noon EST today
  • Attributes the strong KS launch to discussing it with the community in depth prior to launch. Thanks the community for the help and bashing him on his head sometimes lol.
  • Like that backers in KS are true gamers and will give feedback that good for the game design as opposed to only good for publishers business plan.
  • KS allows him to go stright to the people who want to play the game and please them first and foremost.
  • He has to be transparent and not break promises to KS backers.
  • Team feels a little more relaxed since KS launched. They were editing links and rebuilding the ass end of the KS until the last minutes prior to launch. Now its out of their hands and in ours.
  • Continued throughout the whole interview to heap praise onto his team at CSE and their hard work.
  • Gave a basic overview of game lore. Extinction level event that spills magic out into the world. 3 realms emerge admist the chaos.
  • Crafting will be a centepiece to this game. It won't be just making armor and weapons. Crafting class will be core to success in RVR. Building the biggest forts/keeps, reinforcing and repairing during seiges, and laying traps prior to battles.
  • Did some discussing of individual tiers like the 5k island tier. Island won't be instanced and will be part of open world.
  • Can use founders points to customize your tier via the founder store. Maybe add some items or perks.
  • Talked about IT tier and how IT access WILL NOT be a game. It could be 2 guys standing around an empty grassland beating each other with a hammer. IT phase will start early next year at the latest but he is hoping for sooner.
  • Whatever testing package you get you'll have access to all phases from that point forward. IT will have access to alpha and beta phases. Alpha access will have haccess to alpha and all beta phases etc.
  • Stresses this will be a niche game. He would be more nervous making a game that needed 1 million subs. He would have to be too disconnected from his player base's needs as opposed to more direct conctact with his smaller more niche audience.
  • Publishers don't want to hear after spending 60million that the game will only sell 1 million, they want to hear it will sell 5 million. By going to the players via KS he can make the game with less sales pressure because it already targeted for niche numbers.
  • Potentially adding a 10k epic guild tier. Couldn't tell if he was serious lol.
  • If KS funds he'll be hiring on more artists/designers/programmers
  • There will be an NDA at least for the IT phase of testing. Possibly and NDA within the community. Not sure if he meant the private boards or not.
  • Finally he wants his backers to call his ass out if he breaks promises and fucks up.

Ok that about sums it up. They will being doing another interview at the end of KS. Host asked him to do an interview while KS ended so there could be a party if it funds heh.

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