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The Patch release for August 30, 2011 although not encompassing all known or reported issues, covers many of the key issues corrected during this time frame. The targeted issues in this Patch will address the following key points.


The Arena in the swamps is now open near its resurrection point and will no longer traps players in this area.


The management console of siege base Naos was floating in the air and now has been anchored in its proper location in the control building.
Players will no longer be able exploit to enter base Koo Shee from one of the wall corners.
Siege bases may go into the maintenance mode several minutes later than displayed on the UI and appear to be stuck, but in fact they have been corrected and are working.


The big teleport in Sal Vitas is now reconnected to all of its previous teleports as it should be.

The Earthrise Team
Bon ils progresse lentement mais qui sait un jour peut être tout ira bien ..
Et dire que toi tu paye pas pour le jeu... sa permet d'imaginer l'état...

Quand je voie dans le patch note :
The big teleport in Sal Vitas is now reconnected to all of its previous teleports as it should be.

Franchement ça fait bien flipper..

On se retrouve sur Prime Ayuna ?
On va refonder Fondation, d’ailleurs ont à un nouveau forum : pour le moment le look est Salent mais on sera sur la race la moins jouer d'après le listing des clans du jeu (pour le moment se serai humain). Le jeu sort fin 2011 début 2012 à bon entendeur
J'ai 5compte sur EVE, je farm mon titan et un Hel pour mon alt... du coup 80% de mon temps de jeu est sur EVE. A coté j'ai World of tanks et l'eventuelle lancée de la section WoT/WoB/WoWP à gérer (en attente de validation). Et finalement lotro avec les vieux copain d'Astra.

Prime, je ne connais pas, je vais jeter un coup d'oeil.

Pi bon j'ai pas d'obligation envers une demoiselle, du coup, je peux augmenté mon temps de jeu haha.

Edit : sympa la tête du site de fdn. Mais tu as fait un dump de la db?

Un gros patch vient de sortir et par la même occasion 14 jours free pour les anciens joueurs.

A voir quoi

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Primary Abilities

  • Default attack of Melee Core weapons will no longer have a chance to immobilize, it will slow instead.
  • The damage per second of both Melee weapon modifications is lowered with 9% (at T10).
  • The shielding amount of damage of Melee Heavyweight ability is decreased to 150 x Tier from 200 x Tier.
  • Melee ability Psionic Displacement will no longer teleport to the chosen target, it will slide instead.
  • Overheat effect is removed from Melee weapon Cleave ability.
  • Melee ability Berserker Strike duration is decreased to 2s from 4s, cooldown is increased to 10s from 4s, and energy cost is increased to 83 from 75.
  • Melee ability Detain range reduced to 8m from 12m.
  • Melee ability Shockwave range reduced to 8m from 12m.
  • The damage per second of both Launcher weapon modifications is lowered by 15% (at T10).
  • Launcher ability Tremor Strike cooldown is increased form 15s to 30s.
  • Launcher ability Lay Mine description is fixed to display 120% damage increase.
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing Flamer ability Fireblast to be used at infinite range.
  • Shotgun abilities are fixed to be compatible with AoE damage increase tactics.

Secondary Abilities

  • Bloodlust Stance description is fixed to indicate that any action cancels the stance.
  • Escape ability will no longer teleport to the chosen target, it will slide instead.
  • Polarization ability now reflects all direct damages (instant single target and aoe).
  • Time Warp ability now works for all damage types.
  • Overcharge Shield ability now works for all direct damages.
  • Blackout Grenade is fixed to work with Melee type of weapons.
  • Blackout Grenade ability damage is increased from 10% x Tier to 12% x Tier.
  • Singularity ability duration is increased from 2+0,4 x Tier to 2+1 x Tier.
  • Overcharge ability now grants only 7% x Tier Critical modifier instead of 10% x Tier.
  • Havoc ability now grants 5% x Tier damage instead of 10% x Tier damage for instant Arc and Blast attacks.
  • Penetration ability now grants only 3% X Tier Piercing damage instead of 5% x Tier.
  • Berserk Stance ability now increases the damage done and taken with 4% x Tier instead of 5% x Tier.
  • Vitality ability is no longer a service, it has a cooldown of 25s, heals for 0.2% per Tier instead of 0.3%, and costs 75 energy instead of 90.
  • Fixed a bug where Berserker Stance were giving a doubled effect buff.
  • Fixed a bug where Fire Aura stance were doing double than intended damage.
  • Fire Aura stance no longer works on buildings.
  • System Restore stance effect range increased to 10m from 7m, effectiveness reduced to 6% x Tier from 10% x Tier.


  • Stun effect duration is lowered to 3s from 4s.
  • Immobilize effect duration is lowered to 5s from 6s.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Assault Rifle passive ability Carnage effect icon to not appear under characters portrait.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing healing effects descriptions to have numbers after the decimal point.


  • Several new crafting technologies are added. Those are used to produce Vehicles!


  • Few rare spawn creatures are added in Autonomy, Lowlands, Industrial Area, Arcology I, Arcology II and Eastern Gardens. They have a small chance to drop better than other creatures loot.
  • All creatures around the world now have a very small chance to drop better loot, some even a final usable item. The type of the loot differs based on creature difficulty and type.
  • Added animation behaviors for Deacon Prost and Synthia Harvington. Updated animation behaviors for humanoid monsters.
  • Fixed slide effect for the monsters to work smoothly and monsters do not teleport back to player when effect duration expires.
  • Fixed an issue with AI that caused monsters which should aggravate from missing effect to aggravate even if the avatar has the specified effect applied.


  • A common vehicle is now sold by NPC vendors around the world.


  • Performance: Updated server database backends and optimized server transaction logging. Should completely solve bank and player shop lag.
  • Performance: Small optimization of loading and caching scripts.
  • Performance: Optimized many frequent server script calls.
  • Performance: Much more script profiling has been added to the server to aid reproducing server lag spikes.
  • Performance: Improved navigation mesh loading on the server. Now when a part of mesh is requested by AI it loads asynchronously and doesn't stall the server. This should greatly reduce server lag spikes caused by loading areas with dense navigation meshes.
  • Performance: Added profiling for the player store and bank databases to pinpoint a performance issue.
  • Client logging is improved to be able to better troubleshoot client problems and crashes.
  • Removed rarely used 3-rd party libraries, and upgraded rest to the latest versions.


  • Implemented multi-threaded rendering framework. At the moment the performance improvement is minimal as only small part of the rendering system uses the new feature.
  • Fixed multiple issues with color tinting subsystem.
  • Enabling HDR now works when Earthrise is launched with HDR turned off.


  • Update on repair mechanics - now all repair tools will fully repair the item in one use.


  • Implemented localization framework that allows translating Earthrise. Now players can play with localized clients on the same server. The game properly installs and works on OS with non-English default locale and non-English paths. Added multi-language word blacklist and profanity filters. Installer and updater now supports multiple langages. User input fields in game support IME (Input Method Editor). User can choose to load unicode fonts.


  • Fixed a bug where a neutral player killed by affiliated player was not awarding criminal karma.


  • Quest tracker hints for all new and old quests are updated.
  • Added new quests in the game world to soften the initial experience of the new players in the Autonomy. The new quest gameplay of the Autonomy is concentrated in the area of the Northern Beach.
  • Northern Road Camp - This quest node features new quests for the existing main quest givers – Bentley and Farell. There are new NPCs such as Zuma. The quests, listed below are changed or completely new. They are in chains and not available at the same time.
    - Farell Quests
    Roadkill Dogs - the first quest is somewhat easy to handle - kill the nasty Roadkill Dogs that have made their dens near the Northern Road and ... hm, apparently one of them on the beach
    Check the Security Posts - the roadkill dogs have tried their grindy teeth at the security cameras alongside the road, run maintenance; use the maintenance teleport we have installed for you in the swamp
    Collect Security Posts Parts - this mission will require you to collect the trashed pieces of roadkill junk scattered by the playful Roadkill Dog puppies (which nobody has ever seen)
    Resourcefulness Proven - it seems that you are not a complete disaster - Farell would like you to do some work for Bentley
    Shriekers - the nasty Shriekers have developed a new weapon - the Shrieker Saliva; Farell would like you to test your mettle against them
    Shrieker-Be-Gone Operational - Farell gives you a device to scrap-off the Shrieker saliva from your body and armor when the Shriekers use it on you

    - Bentley Quests
    Junk - this quest requires you to collect few pieces of Junk that are available from the new Junk pile stashes on the Beach and from the Surfrunner Beetles.
    Mission: Junk - this is a repeatable mission that will collect your unwanted Junk
    Containers Check - the worried Bentley wants you to check some old, rusty, obviously unused containers that have ... wait a minute, monitoring consoles on them? Hmm...
    Mission: Inhibitor Removal - repeatable quest that wants you to keep removing the nasty Inhibitors that keep popping up around the precious containers of Bentley's
    The Container Question - this is a non-repeatable quest that requires you to poke Bentley a bit about the whole thing with the Inhibitors and Containers. What's in them?
    Report to the Syndicate - curiosity killed the merc - Bntley will send you to Talon to inspect your qualities to work with the Syndicate. Use the teleport items to shorten your journey through the perils of the Autonomy.
    Report to Villa Marina - after Bentley had enough of you, he'll send you to Villa Marina where the Magnificent Haggis is waiting for new entertainment, and you have to bring him the quality whiskey washed on the beach between the two camps
    Can It Go Faster - yes it can! collect 50 pieces of Junk to get your hands on your first Anti-Grav Vehicle! Drive carefully, Bentley won't fix your drive every time you trash it for free (because 50 junk is not what we call a pricey deal for a drive)

    - Zuma - you have to ask this guy a question or two when you reach the Port Misventure quest line

    - New interactive objects (most of which are quest objectives) - NRC Security Post 1, NRC Security Post 2, NRC Security Post 3, NRC Security Post 4, NRC Security Post 5, NRC Container Monitor 1, NRC Container Monitor 2, NRC Container Monitor 3, NRC Container Monitor 4, NRC Container Monitor 5, NRC Container Monitor 6

    - New/Changed Monsters near this sites:
    Surfrunner Beetles - with the time passing these monsters were able to digest more Junk making them more prone to dropping more Junk when killed
    Roadkill Dogs - these predate the Roadkill Nibblers and the security systems installed by Farell
    Shriekers - due to A.S.H.E.S. exposure the cute batlings have mutated into more menacing monsters that spit toxic Shrieker Saliva!

    - New Stashes around these parts:
    Junk Piles - scattered all across the area between the Road and the Beach near the Northern Road Camp these provide the needed resources for Bentley to patch up his makeshift devices
    Security Post Piles - scattered across the road and near the roadkill dogs these are the remnants of the Road posts installed by Farell
    Inhibitors - collect these near the containers; for now they are available and a bit useless but in later patches you will find it more difficult to obstruct the investigation of the Tech Collective (see below)!
  • Villa Marina - This is a new (empty until now) camp in the Eastern parts of the Northern Beach. This is the hacienda of the almighty Haggis - a filthy rich bandit leader that hungers for new sensations and entertainment. Meet his Chef - Chefo.
    - Chefo
    Acquired Tastes - since Haggis is fed up with black chaviar (produced from plucked Burzun eyes) he requires something to tickle his taste - Dune Wurm filet
    Mission: Dune Worm Pluck - Haggis desperately tries to expand his body features beyond the genetic code programmed into his body by Continoma and fatten up on the Dune Wurm meat
    Slippery Slope - no one is immune to falling down this... Chefo requires you to find some items for the new tastes of Haggis among the stuff of the notorious Beach Boys
    - Haggis
    Under the Table - survive Haggis' drinks! Stand near the table where Chefo can observe you not taking antidotes and drink any of the 3 drinks readied on the table. You need the Iron Gut item to prove your mettle against the drinks!
    An Axel to Grind - defeat the Arena Champion, Rose Axel! You need to challenge him first
    Mission: Ne Boltai! - defeat the rest of the lesser Arena Champions - the Pebble, Mortician and ZZZ. We absolutely didn't want to make any cultural references with these names!
    Go West - Haggis doesn't need you anymore except from the occasional fillet or fight (which we could just combine in the future) and sends you to Noris

    - Rose Axel - you should make something extremely stupid and dangerous to angry this indomitable colossus of rock-steady calmness
    - Arena Buff - the Arena champions aren't quite eager to lose their titles - you should ask the Arena Buff how you, a new-comer, can challenge them
    - The Pebble - search around the beach for a Throwing Pebble among the new interactive rocks to throw at Pebble
    - ZZZ - this guy is not here ... hello, mister?! I'm here to fight you... Be more persistent
    - Mortician - the Dead Old Fish from somewhere around the camp is the key to challenging this juggernaut
    - New Stashes Around Villa Marina - Throwing Pebble, Dead Old Fish, Vodka, Whiskey, Gin, Cognac, Tequila, Wine, Beer
    - New and Changed Monsters - apart from the interactive NPCs mentioned above that are the objectives for the Haggis' quests, we have modified the Dune Wurms to drop their so delicious meat
  • Port Misventure
    The thievery guys from the Syndicate have troubles with the Tech Collective Investigator around here. He's here to document for the Continoma Principate the evidence for the crimes of the Syndicate in the Industrial Area. If he and his Sniffer Bots are able to find a connection between the bandits in the Industrial Area and the packages hidden in the containers... well, the Syndicate would be in trouble
    - Noris
    Curiosity Kills the Bot - dispose of the annoying Sniffer bots roaming the Beach. Use the device provided to remove their shield - this will draw their attention immediately so beware with pulling!
    Mission: Sniffer Bots - the best Sniffer Bot is the dead one - keep crushing these until the TC Investigator has none left to deploy!
    Skeleton Datapad - find what the TC investigator knows, sneaky way!
    Mission: Marked Packages - these packages can contain precious information, 009
    Rod of Lordly Control - the control rod for the Junkbot Camera Scanners scattered across the beach will be obtained through this one!
    Mission: Techie Items - get some techie items from the safe boxes scattered across the beach
    I Need Your Clothes! - take some damaged BB clothes from the Beach Boys and the occasional Beach Girls and give them for repair
    Clothes Make the Man - get dressed as a Beach Boy or a Beach Girl and pose with a techie item in your hands in front of one of the Junkbot Cameras on the Beach. This will prove everyone in the Tech Collective that the Beach Boys are the ones that smuggle their goods across the whole island!
    Setup - be sure to place these pieces of evidence among the Beach Boys hideouts to give clue to potential investigation who are the villainous smugglers of TC goods!
    Mission: Beach Boys - now the Syndicate has bounty on their heads to show the Tc Investigator that they are no friends of theirs
    Mission: Beach Boy Armor - we will give you as much suits of our first roleplay suit of armor as you like, just keep completing this mission
    Mission: Fun and Games - to prove that the Syndicate supports 100% the Tech Collective Investigator and leaves no crime unpunished, collect some of the beach umbrellas, balls and towels of the Beach Boys and crunch them into the Trash Compactor! How do you feel being a bully?
    Misdirection - talk to Zuma about forging the Tech Collective recordings evidence into something more suiting the agenda of Shepherd
    The Big Game Hunter - talk to Alain who thinks that there is a BIGGER problem

    - Alain
    Glowing Traces - investigate the new Glowing traces left by some unknown super-mutant
    Tech Collective Investigator - this is the guy that causes all the troubles of Noris and creates all of the quest content for you

    - New Interactive Objects around here - ZumaBeach Boys Dead Drop I, Beach Boys Dead Drop II, Beach Boys Dead Drop III, Investigator's Chest, Trash Compactor, Junkbot Camera
    - New Monsters around here:
    Sniffer Bot - these have a nasty Sniffer shield rendering them immune to the attacks of Syndicate henchmen, until you dispel it with your Sniffer-Be-Gone
    Beach Boys & Beach Girls - the Beach Boys are not completely lacking women now!
    New Stashes Around here - Techie Strongbox, Dispersed Loot, Glowing Goo, Beach Umbrella, Beach Towel, Beach Ball, Techie Strongbox, Beach Survival Kit
  • The Nest NPC
    - Talon - the good old Talon has new conversation in relation to the Bentley quest "Report to the Syndicate"
  • We have included a set of NPCs related to the new Area Control Zones we have included in this patch:
    - The Deathbox of Death - this new Area Control features a single quest giver - The Announcer - that can be interacted with only whenever the given guild has taken the control over the base. Who can interact with the quest giver is up to the guild management - it is counted as completely normal Siege interaction.
    The Deathbox of Death Camp - among the rocks of the Autonomy you can find the Deathbox of Death Camp where the Syndicate arena masters pit players against each other.
    - Charon - this crazy coot is an interactive objects so that you can't kill him time and again to annoy us; talk to this guy to gin the item needed to enter the Deathbox Arena; he will receive the quest from the Announcer and will give you these that end at 'Trophy' Jackie:
    Jade Serpent Prize - this is quest to receive the Trophy armor of the Jade Serpent
    Body Count Prize - this is the quest to receive the Trophy armor of the Body Count
    Blue Juggernaut Prize - this is the quest to receive the Trophy armor of the Blue Juggernaut
    It`s Over Seven Hundred - this quest allows you to convert your (or your guild's) victories in the Deathbox arena into resources
    - `Trophy` Jackie - this gal is an interactive objects so that you pesky folk can't kill her repeatedly to our great disappointment; she will receive your Trophy quests and reward you properly
    - The Manda Ring Camp - in the Eastern Gardens you can find the Manda Ring - another Area Control zone that is suspended in the air atop powerful force fields (all hail the glory of her Eminence Governess Mao!)
    - Susumo - this guy can be found at the Gate of the City of Eastern Gardens - he will prompt you to find Oshito and enlist in the Manda Ring Arena fights
    - Oshito - this is the Manda Ring arena master - he will intimidate you before letting you enter the Arena and will receive your victory mark quest given by the Statue of the Four Winds
    - Mokoto - this is the Manda Ring Treasury Master that will reward your efforts in the Manda Ring arena by converting your Manda Ring tokens into useful resources taken directly from the treasury of Her Eminence (let She shine Her wisdom upon us forever)
    - Statue of the Four Winds - this is the statue inside the arena that you have to interact with when you take ownership over the arena; it will send you out of the arena to meet Oshito and receive your Manda Ring token

Area Control

Several new locations for Area Control have been created. Two of them are arena-style that let players concentrate on fighting in a massacre-style combat and care less for interactions or buildings.

  • The Deathbox of Death
- Deathbox of Death is the deadliest arena on Enterra Island. Thousands of combatants have soiled the arena ground with their gore and intestinal refuses only to return again in the next battle. Created by the Syndicate, it is a makeshift arena placed in the Swamps near Swamprat Post. The Arena Master, Charon, has made sure that the unworthy combatants will be pitted against the most brutal gladiators and that only the strongest go on. The Deathbox of Death has created great arena champions such as the swift and cruel Jade Serpent, the brutal Body Count and the powerful Blue Juggernaut.
You must talk to Charon in the Deathbox of Death Camp in the Canyons of the Autonomy in order to receive O.B.O.L.O.S. teleporter (this guy takes his job seriously). Using the teleporter item will teleport you into the "waiting" room that will allow you to choose when to enter the arena. The players teleport into arena thourough an instant teleport - just step on the pad. If you die in the arena, you will be resurrected into another room that contains the same instant teleport and a resurrection point. The goal of the arena is to make it to the control console in the middle of the Arena. Once you have won and taken ownership over the arena, you can interact with The Announcer - the funny droid next to the Control Point. It will give you a quest that will end back at Charon. Beware - once you exit the Deathbox arena you will not be able to enter it for another 60 min (the timeout for now). Don't try to die to clear the debuff or to resurrect into the arena once you exited it - it won't work. We made this to be sure that only players worthy of their prizes will get the tokens of the Arena!

  • The Manda Ring

The Manda Ring is a gift from Her Eminence The Governor Mao to her loyal subjects in the Eastern Gardens. The Arena is not only a primary attraction and favorite show for almost everyone in the city - it is also a slap in the face of Shepherd for the creators of the Manda Ring were ordered to spare neither finances nor resources to create an Arena that is far greater and more magnificent than the `puny` Deathbox Arena in the Autonomy. Power brokers across Enterra say that Mao gave her people the spectacle they need to divert their attention away from the problems of the government and to strengthen their spirits by re-fuelling the traditional Red Dragon rivalry with the Syndicate. But it is not far from the truth to say that Mao enjoys the fights herself.
You can enter the arena by using the interactive object Coils of the Manda obtained from the conversation with Oshito in the camp under the arena. You will be teleported into what we call "the waiting room" from where you can see who's outside on the arena floor. Entering the arena is done through an instant teleport - just step on the platform in front of you. Exiting the arena is done through another instant teleport - but beware - once you exit the arena you will have to wait about 60 minutes before you enter again (the teleport item will simply not work).
On the arena floor you can benefit from a set of positional effects. You have enhanced health regeneration here - it will not out-DPS a gun but it will help you get faster into the fight. We have 3 "corrals" of protective shields that designate the three Winds - positional effects that modify all other area positional effects in the arena. You need to stay inside the "corral" for set number of 90 sec and you cannot have more than one Wind effect. The South Wind will allow all of the Domain buffs (see below) to provide their secondary effect. The East Wind will allow you to gain the Domain buffs faster, reducing the timeout by 30 sec. The West Wind allows you to keep you Domain buffs on death.
But what are these Domains? These are the four positional effects placed on each of the platforms to the top. The areas are positioned between the four Dragon statues on each platform. You need to stand there for 90 sec before gaining the given Domain boon. Each Domain boon stays for 10 min and you are allowed - and supposed! - to have all 4 boons active at the same time. The First Boon gives you 20% damage reduction from Area and Periodic damage and it's secondary effect (remember - only through South Wind!) provides 15% bonus Negations (all 3 of them!). The Second Boon provides 15% Max Hit Points and it's secondary effect gives 20% more healing received. The Third Boon decreases ability costs by 30% and it's secondary effect is Focus times reduced by 1 sec! The Fourth Boon provides 15% bonus damage and it's secondary effect is 5% bonus critical chance.
You can see that the Domain Boons are great buffs, but you need them not only for the stat bonus - in the Manda Ring there's the rule called "Blessed by the Four Domains". Area Damage placed on the top platform will not allow you to interact with the Control Point without having the Four Boons at the same time. Repercussions for this are heavy! Once you have captured and taken ownership over the Manda Ring you can take the quest from the Statue of the Four Winds and return to Oshito. This will render you unable to return to the Manda Ring for the given period of time.

  • The Crash Site

This is the classic Area Control content we have introduced to you so far. The foolhardy Wrentch bandits have exploited the riches of the Industrial Area for long enough to figure out that their masters from the Syndicate take too much for themselves and give them only pinches of what is rightfully theirs. A mid-level Wrentch lieutenant decided to change this for his - and his men- personal good and decided to smuggle a fair amount of Factory production out of the Industrial Area. Unfortunately for him, either the Syndicate spies found out or the skimmer`s cargo capacity was over-reached but the result was a heavy crash not far from the Factories the bandits looted. The crash resulted in hyper-radioactive Polonium isotopes spilled out in the open and the Wrentch lieutenant taken in custody for his criminal attempts against the Syndicate. The Tech Collective hurried to contain the damage of the radiation fallout cloud and surrounded the place with class A force field wall. Neither them nor the Syndicate has claimed rights upon the spilled cargo in the Crash Site not because of the lethal-high radiation but because of the political consequences for the clandestine plans of the both organizations. This creates an opportunity for independent mercs to step in and claim the soils of the wreckage.
You will be exposed to radiation in this area that will potentially prevent you from entering and interacting with the Control point. Maybe you should search for a sort of protective item among the Area Controls in the Lowlands?


  • New chat system implemented.
Improved chat back end and fixed issues with the slow chat, not receiving specific messages, not joining proper channels, and many other chat issues. Players now can define their own chat windows and choose which messages they want to see. There are different colors for different chat channels. There are many new channels: for each affiliation, for many zones, trade, looking for group, and more.

  • Fixed update of the avatar position for certain services. This caused avatar search not to find avatars that are nearby.


  • Many new sounds added or updated.
  • Updated sounds of avatar footsteps over different terrain.
  • Fixed a crash related with the sound system when closing Earthrise.
  • Fixed a client crash related to the sound and rendering systems when exiting Earthrise.
  • Fixed an issue with the sound system which continued to play sounds after creature's death.
  • Fixed an issue causing avatar steps to be rarely played. Now avatar footsteps should be always heard as intended.
  • Updated 3-rd party sound components. That should resolve some crashes related with the sound system.

Territorial Warfare

  • Turrets now will also aggro and attack enemies while the base is in operational mode.
  • Turrets will deal more damage while the base is in operational mode.
  • Hit Points of all buildings are increased drastically while the base is in operational mode.
  • The construction costs and repair costs of walls, corners and gates are halved.

User Interface

  • Using context menus to send messages to avatars (e.g. party, guild dialog, social dialog, etc.) was not working properly. It is fixed now.
  • Updated help dialog with information about Territorial Warfare
  • Trying to put an item in Territorial Warfare Siege warehouse when avatar does not have sufficient privileges blocked the item in the inventory.
  • Tactics combiner now displays only the highest learned tactics.
  • Suspended effects (e.g. that are active only when proper weapon is equipped) are not shown under player portrait, target portrait, and party portraits.
  • Shield and Invulnerability effects now display a floating text message. Negating an effect will now show a floating text message. Healing over max values will show proper amount. Numbers for damaging effects are now predicted according to host armor, floating text should display effective shield taken, instead of potential damage. Different types of damages are color-coded.
  • Resurrection points visualization auto no longer turns off in World map > Map filters, after avatar dies.
  • Resurrection points now correctly show their names.
  • Quest indicator "?" is not displayed on worldmap and minimap when the quest is already complete.
  • Quest hint information are displayed when hovering over quest hint item on minimap.
  • Player search cool down is clearly indicated.
  • Performance optimizations related to player portraits.
  • Party members’ effect icons properly don't show suspended effects.
  • Instead of appearing in a random order, Tactics in the "Combine" panel, should appear in order of purchase.
  • Improved floating numbers - different font style and visualize changes to energy, stamina, etc. done by effects.
  • If you click and hold on the chat scrollbar the chat starts scrolling even after the mouse is outside the chat area.
  • Changed the compression method of worldmap images for better quality
  • Fixed properly saving and loading of player's worldmap notes.
  • Changed the icon for siege control points on the minimap and the worldmap.
  • Hide non-descriptive titles of nodes that cluttered worldmap.
  • A rare issue when loading worldmap can now be worked-around by simply closing and opening the worldmap dialog.
  • Fixed tooltips for interactive objects on the minimap.
  • Game Tips shown at transition screens are now loaded from external file.
  • Focusing now properly shows that the territorial warfare base would change owners.
  • Fixed wrong text in the tooltip for "Berserk Stance" stating twice higher damage.
  • Fixed visualization, refresh, and sorting issues in the guild roster.
  • Fixed sizing of item filters not to overflow the item filter list.
  • Fixed rank number is displayed in chat after rank changes instead of rank name.
  • Fixed long standing issue with cursor switching to Windows cursor when mouse is over GUI and game actions assigned to the mouse buttons were not executed.
  • Fixed issues with tooltips of Guild Rank privileges.
  • Fixed issue with guild ranks that were not updated automatically after changing guild leader.
  • Fixed issue causing switching to fullscreen mode to move the chat in the upper left corner.
  • Fixed issue when logging in the game while in battle mode all the abilities on the ability bar were shown as learned (colored icons) when they shouldn't be.
  • Icon images for auto-running were swapped.
  • Fixed an issue with trading window remaining open only for one party when another interacts with crafting station.
  • Fixed an issue which displayed floating texts at the wrong place on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing bank dialog to become stuck with error "items currently in transaction".
  • Fixed a bug that caused tooltips in the world map to remain visible, after closing the world map window.
  • Fixed a bug casing the 'Sort' button in the Inventory dialog to not work.
  • Enhanced the target portraits to show more digits for shield.
  • Deleting a custom guild rank results in messing up guild rank display.
  • Crafting dialog is now moveable.
  • Added affiliation and guild rank icons to avatars nameplates.
  • Fixed issue with player shop dialog trimming improperly long item names.
  • Adding and removing credits from Territorial Warfare storage buildings now works on the first click.
  • Many spelling corrections in the dialog texts.


  • Implemented vehicles in Earthrise.

  • Vehicles have realistic hovercraft physics simulation.
  • There are several different styles of vehicles with distinct driving style, top speed, acceleration, and mass. Added needed crafting technologies and added vehicle stock to certain vendors.
  • Added vehicle-related effects to allow AI to slow down or dismount players.
  • Vehicles are automatically collected to the player inventory on teleporting or dying. Currently ridden vehicles are not dropped as loot (there is no way to insure them).
  • Added vehicle related UI elements.
  • Vehicles can be repaired with item repair tools, and generally can be crafted, traded, etc. Vehicles cannot be destroyed - when vehicle is damaged beyond working (i.e. with durability 1) it is not destroyed as normal item but is placed in owner’s inventory and can be repaired.
  • When riding a vehicle certain types of damage are split between vehicle and the avatar. Vehicles can hit other monsters and avatars and both monsters and the vehicle receive some damage, and the monsters are pushed back.

Visual Effects

  • New particles and sounds for Territorial Warfare base turrets.

World Environment

  • World:

Every major city and big encampment has now a vehicle restriction area around it, preventing vehicles to be used or summoned.

  • Arcology I:

Added new rare mobs: Manipulator Unit, Data Sharding, Kongo
All monsters respawn slower to help players progress in the zone.

  • Arcology II:

Added new rare mobs: Datacore Handler, Failsafe Experimentator, Silicat

  • Autonomy:

AU Arena is now functional and can be captured by players.
Fixed the Nortnern Maintenance teleport
Added a resurrection point in the Port Misventure

  • Eastern Gardens:

Siege Gateway is now inside the DMZ
Snapper that was near the city entrance has been moved away from it and the road. This monster spawns now
guards the east pass through the mountains near the city entrance. Its respawn time is increased to 120s.
Demilitarized zone now extends from the city to the village, including the main road with the teleports.
Added an Arena in the mountains East of Eastern Gardens.
Added new rare mobs: Failong, Kappa, Quilin, Taimatsumaru

  • Industrial area:

Added a new location that can be captured by players to gain extra siege resources.

  • West horizon:

Added some environment NPCs in Haven city and removed most of them which were roaming pointless.
The 3d zones of the teleport in the building in Alpha temple were scaled up, preventing the players to teleport incidentally.

  • SalVitas:

Siege gateway is now inside the DMZ
The Big teleport is replaced with a new one, more suitable to the advanced Continoma technology. Players now can interact with consoles, instead of the whole teleport.
The Siege Gateway is replaced with a new one, more suitable to the advanced Continoma technology. Players now can interact with consoles, instead of the whole teleport.
The resurrection point is replaced with a new one.
Added more guards in every entrance of Sal Vitas.
Some of the environment NPCs have been deleted for better performance.
Worker droids have been spawned again with increased mob number from 6 to 10.
Hope Polis - Fixed the NPC Katri

  • Siege:

Continoma Gateway and Noir Gateway are now neutral, allowing the players to return to their previous locations if they teleport by mistake.
Fixed the teleport in one of the wall corners in Furud base.
Fixed the gap between a wall corner and a rock in base Arcturus
Xcylite Siege Area:
Added new environment objects there: rocks, crystals, machines.

Bug Fixes

  • Added protection against modifying local object cache or assets. Modifying any asset will lead to instant client disconnect and subsequent ban.
  • Fixed a lot of client crashes caused by leaking events in the sound subsystem.
  • Fixed long lasting issue with avatar falling through objects on login or teleport.
  • Dying and resurrecting in a siege area not always discard the PvP invulnerability properly.
  • Fixed rare server crash when avatars that are dropped but are still waiting to be removed from server, re-connect.
  • Fixed rare server crash caused by gameplay effects on avatars.
  • Fixed issue with undefined guild leader after avatar with custom guild privilege (Promote new leader) promotes the current leader for a leader.
  • Fixed issue with guild member login/logout notification now proper message is displayed in guild channel.
  • Fixed issue with deleting an avatar that is Guild Leader which resulted in auto-promoting a random guild member that has no leader privileges.
  • Fixed an issue with effects icons disappearing from avatar portrait after disconnecting and not quitting the game properly.
  • Fixed deleting a COD mail with button "Delete All" which didn't return to the sender neither the item(s) nor the money.
  • It is not possible anymore to send mail with Cash on Delivery option without any attached items.

Known Issues

  • Trying to connect to the updated servers with older versions of the Earthrise client will issue somewhat misleading error message for invalid username and password combination. This is caused by a glitch in the old versions of the client. Please update your client to the latest version, your username and password should work correctly then.
j'ai voulu retester mais mon compte a pas été réactivé, sinon meme le fofo officiel est bien mort avec 2 ou 3 nouveaux messages depuis le patch qui sont loin d'etre élogieux.
Ok, dommage qu'il décolle pas! je vais reprendre un mois pour voir ça.
Vu le dernier patch il peu être sympa

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