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Silmiyate lotery .. peut etre

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Due to a insane amount of trolls, we will make a additional offer.

IF Sun doesnt manage to sell Silmiyat in one month we will make a public lottery where up to 9 guilds can buy a lottery ticket.

15th of march I will group up with the 9 guildleaders who have bought a ticket for the lottery, and do a random roll in partychat and the one with the right number will get the Holding.

Price for a Lottery ticket, 1 gold and one Fried lobster.

This way there cannot possibly be any crying about the price, and ironicly we get a lot more money for the hamlet by keeping it for a month compared to selling it for 800k


The hamlet is for sale for a month for 800k, if noone buys within a month we will give it away for free.

If its not sold the 14th of march i will make a post here starting the lottery and people can sign up then , dont pm us with signups before that please .
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