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Pop-up for scare Avi

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Mr. Holland (aka noob 101) here again

I am now working inside a pyramid, and want to scare avatars with pop-ups (just static npc meshes)
like on collision, when an avatar walks over a prim the mesh pop-ups and 'die' after a few seconds,
it would be cool also if the mesh goes round or something, i tried a very old puppeteer 2008 script but yeah
its not recording very well, i guess the NPC / Mesh has to 'hide' (alpha) somewhere or behind a wall or something
so it cant be detected before.

Hope someone can help me out here!

i saw the open prim animator on this site and the OPRIAN, trying to figuring out where all scripts goes to,
(click trigger, engine 2, loader, setup) very confusing, i do get a menu now at least, tho its not recording :P
But that's properly my fault because of my misunderstanding of all the scripts^

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