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Welcome to the Arena!

On the 7th of May, the Arena will open its door for the start of the first season which will end on July 30th. Every two weeks from there on you will have 24h to fight your opponents in three different group sizes. There will be a tracking of all relevant data like kills, wins, loses and many more. This will be shown to a later point in the Herald.

Basic rules:
If you want to join the Arena click the Arena Registry NPC which can be found in Ligen, Svasud or Sauvage. It will either register you for the fights or port you to the Arena zone, which is in Stygia Haven. In the safe zone, you will have the possibility to build groups across all realms. The realm switch timer will not be changed.

After a certain amount of groups/players have registered for fighting, a tournament will start. In this tournament everyone/every group will fight vs each other multiple times. When there is a fight for you, you will get ported to a fightzone. In clipping range you will see your opponents. Both have to type a command that flags them as ready and the fight will start. After the fight, you will get ported to the safe zone again.

Failing to ready up in the preparation phase of each round will remove you from the tournament and not queue you again even if you had autoqueue enabled.

Matches between teams are a best of 3 with cool downs / RAs only resetting between matches, that means the first fight against another team everyone will have everything up but there won't be any further resets against the same team in the same tournament. The up to 3 rounds are back to back in the same arena location.

Group sizes:
1vs1- 5vs5 - 8vs8

Useful Commands:
/arena ready: Ready up in preparation phase, must be used by group leader (after you got ported to the fight location)
/arena unregister: Cancels registration when not in a tournament or stops auto queue when currently in a tournament
/arena autoqueue: Enables automatically queueing again after a tournament is over. If you don't use this command, you have to register again after a tournament is over.
/arena queued: Lists all teams of all sizes that are queued for a tournament.
/arena current: Infos about the current tournaments
/arena info: shows arena instruction text

The Arena will be open the following days:
May 7th
May 21st
June 4th
June 18th
July 2nd
July 16th
July 30th

Arena participation counts towards participating in the general participation task. Kill / Rez RP and BP is 0 in the Arena, you still get normal gold for the kills. Arena kills count towards kill tasks.
There is a reward per match at the end of each tournament with a won match giving twice as much as a loss, this reward is scaled with RR just like the normal task reward and depends on the tournament group size (e.g. 8 man giving more than solo but it won't be 8 times as much).

We will do one or two public tests before May 7th which we will announce on discord and ingame. Stay tuned for more infos to come.
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Tous les 15 jours un mini championnat. Sympa pour ceux qui sont concernés Le choix du 5 vs 5 est étonnant. J'aurais bien aimé un mode 2vs2.
2v2? comme c'est curieux

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