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Dev Updates 1 & 2 sur le Modular Housing + Patch du 16 Mars 2017

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Dev update 1

Dev update 2

Patch note du 16 Mars 2017 ( patch avec de gros changements car ajouts de nouvelles armes, handles, etc )



Added a system that makes implementation of new weapons/shields much easier.
Added sunken boats with treasures to the bottom of the seas in different locations.
Added Tower shields to shield crafting.
Added two new 2h sword handles.
Added one new 1h blade handle.
Added six new weapon heads.
Added Sarducaa Blade Crafting skill book.
Added Sarducaa 1H Handle Crafting skill book.
Added Tower Shield Crafting skill book.


Polished the Stein troll cave a bit.
You can now sleep and cook at NPC campfires. (Ritualists, Spiritist Island etc.)

Fixed some typos on Portable Furnace and Fish caught stats.

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