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Mis à part l'interminable liste de correction de bugs, il y aurait 3 nouveautés minimes :
  • Possibilité de supprimer la teinte d'un objet
  • Possibilité de réduire complètement l'interface du Build Mode
  • Introduction de l'usure des armes, armures et outils de collecte

Les serveurs sont actuellement fermés pendant la maintenance.

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This update is scheduled for 7am pacific time on Wednesday April 13th. Expected down time is approximately 4 hours.

New features
  • You can now remove tints from a prop! Use the new “remove tint” icon at the end of the tints list.
  • Build Mode UI can now be fully collapsed, using the down arrow at the upper right of the UI.
  • Durability has been implemented for weapons, armor, and harvesting tools. These items start with a condition (on their tooltip) of 100%. For equipped weapons and armor, condition is lost when the player takes damage or dies. For equipped harvesting tools, condition is lost when the tool is used to harvest. When an item reaches 0% condition it will break, and have limited functionality. All items with a condition stat can be repaired with small amounts of lumens at the new Repair Station, a prop available under the Storage & Crafting prop category.

  • The targeting reticule now displays as a circle
  • Underground NPCs should now react faster to your presence
  • NPCs trained out of position should now reset a short time after they lose aggro
  • Various improvements to NPC behaviour
  • Improved some of the slaug’s animations and strafing behavior
  • Elite Highfall Gladiator should no longer be invisible
  • Earth elemental now has a new idle animation so it no longer appears to be just a pile of rocks when set to ally or neutral faction
  • NPCs are now smarter at pursuing you around corners
  • Fiery Fungus now drops tree loot on death, with a low chance to occasionally drop rare loot (it continues to also drop destroyed terrain loot if it explodes)
  • Looted recipes now show visibly as purple bundles/particle trails among your loot
  • Play Mode is now accessed via a “Play” (or “Pause) button next to the Build Mode button in the top right
  • Drop rate of rare resources on Chaos Cavern NPCs has been adjusted
  • Cozy Campfire tooltip now explains the item’s functionality more clearly
  • Cozy Campfire fire effects should now properly persist until the campfire expires
  • Enduring Warmth buff can now be refreshed every minute, and will now heal you more reliably when you’re away from the campfire
  • Lost Crystals have a new, gloriously glowy interaction effect and animation! You must now channel power from the Lost Crystal for 10 seconds to unlock your reward, and taking any damage during this effect will interrupt it

Building Tools/Building Related
  • The Paint tool now paints only the blocks you actually use it on
  • Using Ctrl-C to copy selections should no longer also switch your brush cursor to a sphere
  • The area tool should no longer start in tweak mode
  • Tweak mode window should no longer occasionally go missing after multiple pastes
  • Tools should now work better on larger selections, although we continue to iterate and improve on this
  • Saving your build site information with no text in the story field should no longer cause an error
  • Smooth Tool can now be applied to selection volumes larger than 100 blocks on an axis
  • Build Settings UI now uses the standard Landmark UI appearance, and can be repositioned
  • Permissions in the Site Management window should now display what levels they’re set to
  • Designs and paste selections no longer default to placing in tweak mode every time
  • Designs that were missing creator names should now show the names once more (exception: some very very old Designs if they were created by accounts that have not logged in since both character wipes)
  • Prop context menu should no longer get hidden behind Build Mode UI
  • Tweak mode window should now appear above the Build Mode UI, rather than underneath
  • The Design details window now shows how many resources of each type are needed to place the Design
  • The Design tab of the Build UI should have much improved performance when scrolling through the list
  • You can no longer use fly mode cameras on a build site that’s in Play mode
  • Changing cameras on build sites with weapon drawn should no longer result in a potential crash
  • The selection volume tool now automatically stops at the edge of your build site

  • Daily Goals should now update harvesting goals for everyone who receives harvests, and combat goals for everyone fighting the creature
  • Achievement category numbers should now display correctly in the Journal
  • Goal objectives should no longer occasionally disappear from the Goal tracker window
  • The Goal tracking window is no longer cleared when the servers are brought down for an update
  • Goals watchlist now has a title
  • Goals watchlist should no longer automatically open if you are not tracking anything
  • You can now update Goals that require visiting build sites via Gallery teleportation as well as by running onto them
  • It should now be possible to complete the Goal "Build Site Tourist"

  • Prop Limit has been increased to 7000 per site
  • Prop limits now display on the on prop tab of build mode
  • Designs should now use props that exist as items in inventory, even if the character doesn’t have the recipe for the prop
  • Prop categories have been rearranged somewhat for clarity
  • Script objects are now in a category called “Story Tools” found under “Special Effects”, along with emitters and switches
  • Addressed multiple prop tinting oddities
  • Void vault frame should no longer flicker out of visibility
  • Red curtains saved in Designs should now place as 100% more red
  • Flames on the Buccaneer's Chandelier now appear in the correct location
  • Plastic Ceiling Light and Plastic Wall Light now emit a soft white light
  • Floor switch prop is now available as a default recipe
  • Random gate percentages settings should now work correctly
  • Chandelier (Iron) candle flame FX are now correctly positioned over the candles
  • The bouquet of roses prop now tints only the flower part, and no longer defaults to black
  • Teleportation Arrival Point is now called a Site Arrival Point to avoid confusion
  • Site arrival point now has an icon
  • All String Lights props should now place correctly

  • Gem Seeker's Brooch now detects all types of gem node
  • Lunar Treads are now working once again
  • Hotfoot buff now works appropriately with Sprint
  • Whirlwind buff no longer interferes with gaining resources
  • Ray gun audio is now on the same audio channel as other weapons

  • Marketplace bundles should now correctly display the owner’s name
  • Gallery can now be searched based on all three of the tag drop-downs, as well as key words in the Site name. Please note: this means that all build site after this update will need to be re-listed on the Gallery before they show up again
  • Untagged build site should no longer show up in gallery – if you notice any that ARE, please let us know!

  • Spirit Anchors are no longer an item you need to remember to keep crafting, the “Revive Now” option now simply takes Lumens directly
  • Now-obsolete Spirit Anchors will be moved into your overflow and can be consumed to get free lumens
  • Adjusted drop rates and details for world NPCs, including that NPCs now have a chance to drop campfires
  • Fixed a bug that was unintentionally limiting characters to 120 lumens per day
  • You should now find the pacing for loot drops feels a little more naturally spaced out
  • Adjusted crafting cost of textile, plastic, and lumicite recipes

  • Using mousewheel while hovering over chat should now scroll the text
  • Corrected messaging when you leave a custom chat channel
  • Social media screenshot previews should once again correctly display in the Social window
  • Switching back and forth between the Replicator and Lumen Station should no longer cause Lumen Station selections to fail or mis-target
  • Items in overflow should no longer incorrectly display "Expires in 0 seconds" in the tooltip
  • Tooltip for boots has been removed from displaying in the main screen (you can still examine the details of your footwear in the Character Sheet)
  • Loot tab no longer displays common resources (e.g. stone, dirt, etc) and now remembers only a limited length of history in order to reduce lag on opening this window
  • Selecting “Teleport to friend” from the Travel menu no longer toggles the friend window closed if it’s open already
  • Party window can now be moved and the default position no longer overlaps loot notifications
  • Shortcut key for Designs in the main menu now correctly says “L”
  • The main “Chat” tab now shows all channel, guild, group, and tell chat (they still also display in their separate tabs)
  • Chat Tabs should no longer rearrange order after zoning
  • Chat window is no longer available at character select if you hit Enter
  • Some UI Windows no longer become inaccessible after logging out and in again immediately
  • Zoning with a tweak mode window up no longer causes issues with the toolbar hotkeys
  • It should no longer be possible for the Revive menu to occasionally get stuck on screen
  • Description text on inventory item tooltips should now display more reliably
  • UI windows can no longer be clicked through
  • Friends list should be collapsed by default on first login
  • Tweak mode window now has some more friendly text explaining what it is
  • Chat window now has focus when game loads
  • Help windows now pop up the first time you perform certain actions (e.g. opening Build Mode, opening Travel menu). For existing players these may not be needed, normally they will pop up only once the first time you do these actions during the tutorials
  • Guild window now shows members’ last online date, as well as being somewhat prettier looking
  • Friend window should now get focus when it's opened
  • Loot should no longer get stuck in props
  • NovaTech Velocitizer now has the correct icon displayed in the Replicator list
  • Deleted characters will now be correctly removed from friend and guild lists
  • The bad words filter should now be less zealous about filtering terms like “linking and triggering”, “technique”, and “ebonguard”
  • Several icons have been corrected, including the bat colony emitter and skeleton suits
  • Tree harvesting animation should now play consistently when chopping a tree
  • Trees within a biome should now more consistently drop the same type of wood
  • Made some adjustments to the drop rate of fiber and sap from trees
  • Lumicite crafted with the Mastercraft Bracer now yields a bonus of 150
  • Stalagmites in the Chaos Caverns should no longer sometimes poke through the floor of a ruin
  • Added error messaging for attempts to place a Player Studio Design on a build site you do not own
  • Addressed various client crash issues
  • Continued work on performance
  • Corrected multiple typos and grammar errors
Known issues
  • We still have some Chaos Caverns without ruins/lost crystals. Continuing to work on this.
  • Some updates to Goals are still to come, including more starter templates.
  • Still working on a number of tools and blending issues.

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