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Aucune nouveauté, que des corrections de bugs...

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Friday morning's hotfix brings you bug fixes, bug fixes, and more bug fixes!

  • Projectiles no longer sometimes appear to target the opponent's feet instead of their chest
  • Fixed some weapons that were applying effects to more targets than intended (e.g. earth sword dash attack should damage multiple targets but only knock down one)
  • NovaTech Pioneer can now be placed
  • Exiting play mode no longer has a chance to drop loot
  • Your chosen Starter Weapon should be auto-added to your hotbar when you create a new character
  • Server reset should no longer make creatures stop pathing
  • When duplicating a creature, the name, faction and respawn settings should now copy
  • Enemies in Chaos Caverns now drop random resource rewards
  • Creatures placed on your build sites can no longer be tinted
Character creation

  • When creating a new character, the new character name field should always be blank
  • Fixed some display issues for large characters wielding the sword on character create screen
  • Fixed some skin tinting and model issues on character create screen
  • Character Create camera now zooms in correctly when weapons change
  • When a character is deleted, the slider bars should now reset, and the character gender radio button now consistently matches the gender of the character displayed
  • Delete button shouldn't be active in character select until the user types in the word Delete
  • New characters may now be granted an underground cave build site on the pioneer islands, if the surface of these islands is full
Building/Build Sites

  • Teleport Arrival Point would sometimes disappear or reset position build sites; this should no longer happen (if you've lost this, you can find it again in the props tab of your build UI, under "scripting")
  • When trying to place Teleport Arrival Point, you should no longer get an "unknown" message
  • Build settings window now refers to "Game Time" and "Site Time" instead of island time and claim time.
  • Auto-created build sites designs (from upkeep expiry) should save their screenshots from now on
  • Teleport Arrival Point should only be visible while in build mode, preventing visitors from colliding with the object
  • When a build site is placed manually sinking into the terrain, the Teleport Arrival Point is no longer automatically placed in the bottom northwest corner. Instead it should be placed at the surface level of the terrain
  • Build tools should function more reliably, even when far away from the player, and should have more messaging for error situations
  • Yellow and Red Caution Trim are once again available in the material palette
  • The world should no longer occasionally disappear as you move around in build mode

  • The goal "That's My Jam" has been removed, as it could not be completed
  • Weapons should no longer need to be equipped twice to complete the 'item equipped' objective
  • Players who bought the dungeon starter kit before the goal actually told them to, should no longer be stuck and unable to complete this goal
  • "Characters in Combat" goal should now be correctly tracked after completing "Harvesting and Lumens"
  • "Build Site Tourist" goal should now update correctly if you visit the sites via the Gallery
  • Journal window now changes cursor correctly to indicate it can be moved
  • "Hooked on Build Site Likes" should now correctly register giving or receiving a Like

  • Vendor Booth had an old, non-functioning UI attached which has been removed. This is a test item created long ago, and is not being developed for Landmark at this time; it will be available in Landmark simply as a decorative prop
  • You are now required to have the recipe to place any particular prop from raw resources, regardless of how you place it into the world. If the prop is already created and in your inventory, you can still place it in the world - feel free to share props with your friends if you wish!
  • Timer prop should now correctly allow an NPC to start pathing on the On Complete event
  • Logic Gate: some additional options have been fixed/clarified
  • Intricate Chandelier now turns on once again
  • [edit to add:] Prop limits on claims have been increased! They were unintentionally too low. This has now been increased to 2500 props (it'll start to give you a warning when you go over 2000); give us your feedback on how this feels.

  • Founder's Pickaxe stats have been improved
  • Gunslinger, Wandering Nomad, and Cowboy's Gear outfits should now be the correct colors; some additional colors have also been added
  • Gunslinger's Outfit has been renamed to Desperado's Outfit, and Cowboy's Gear is now renamed to Gunslinger's Gear
  • Halloween skeleton outfits should now be in your inventory if you had one before the wipe
  • Pulverizer/extractor type tools and weapons should now look correct on large characters
  • Fixed an issue where items that granted harvesting bonus (such as the NovaTech Harvestron, Potion of Minor Yield, or Ring of Bounty) granted more tree resources than intended
  • Fixed an issue where items that granted harvesting bonus (such as the NovaTech Harvestron, Potion of Minor Yield, or Ring of Bounty) did not also increase the drop rate of lumens and recipes - they now do

  • Expanding and minimizing categories in the crafting window could sometimes result in an item in a previous category being selected. Now the first item in the category you just opened should be selected by default
  • When mousing over the crafting window the mouse pointer is now the correct shape
  • Background color of Purple, Black, and White textile icons has been corrected
  • Free props should now be included when "Can Build" is ticked
  • Category names in the prop list now have a blue box around their name
  • Play mode buttons in build site header and build UI now sync, so both will change whichever one you click on
  • Map header option now reads "Show Buildable Land"
  • Map filter options have been updated to reflect current map features
  • Opening and closing the map no longer causes the Boot and Grapple icons to disappear from the hotkey bar
  • The portal spire crystal now takes you directly to the worlds list. One less mouse click!
  • The Travel menu position is now saved when closed
  • "Portal" is now called "Spire" in the travel menu, and should now always work
  • The Character Sheet window can now be moved
  • Right clicking in the friends list to send a ‘tell’ to a ‘friend’ should now put the mouse focus in the chat window
  • In the friends list, the teleport to friend icon next to your friend's name now matches travel menu icon, for clarity
  • Clicking or mousing over the name of a friend in the friends list no longer changes the text size
  • Site management section on site limits should now correctly show how many possible build sites you have (ie, how many base sites you have unlocked) as well as how many you have actually placed
  • Site Management window no longer allows you to enter a competition without a build site selected
  • The site name text box in the Site Management window no longer accepts multiple lines
  • Fixed some issues with contest submission tags
  • Guild chat log should no longer repeat lines
  • Officers can now be given access to modify guild ranks
  • You should now receive chat notification text when design storage is increased
  • Cursor position should no longer be off by one character when going to old messages in chat
  • Chat window should no longer lose tabs when you use the side arrow to scroll between them
  • Chat Window timestamp no longer includes the date, just the time
  • Newly created designs should no longer have no icon
  • Design/paste settings should now default to 'paste with surrounding empty air" off and "paste interior empty air" on
  • Tweak Mode UI window should no longer remain on-screen after turning Tweak Mode off
  • The clickable area for the Tweak Mode window should now match the actual window size
  • Watch List: you can now click on objectives to view details of the Goal
  • Watch List background opacity should now fade when not in focus
  • Edit/Play mode UI button should no longer need to be clicked twice to change mode
  • Clarified the error text for trying to place a build site on a Pioneer island
  • If you try to mine beside the spire you should now get clearer feedback
  • Hotkey icons should no longer duplicate or overlap when creating a new character after deleting a character
  • Performance stats (brought up with Alt-F) should no longer overlap game menu
  • If you lock the hotkey bar, it should now stay locked after logout/login
  • The game option setting to remove the boot icon now actually does remove the boot icon
  • Clicking on the + beside your Lumen Shard count now opens the Marketplace (although we are not actually selling Lumen Shards on the Marketplace yet, as we are still making changes to the economy)

  • We intend that lumens will eventually be possible to purchase for Daybreak Cash from the Marketplace; however, at the moment we are intentionally not selling them. We want to ensure that the economy is stable and there are no unexpected issues with lumens before we allow you to spend any real money on them. We'll be using this time post-wipe and possibly all the way till launch to make sure that the economy is working as we intend it and that there are no lumen exploits; this includes making sure that you are able to earn enough lumens through normal play to get the items you want at a reasonable rate.
  • As mentioned previously, lumen and recipe drops have not been working quite as we intended so far. We've made some changes and will likely continue to make changes based on your feedback for the next few weeks. We're listening to your concerns about the importance of the economy, and working hard to get this balanced well.
  • The lumen reward for tutorial goals has been increased
  • The lumen reward for goals has been balanced so that the reward for higher tier goals is significantly more than for lower tier achievements
  • The lumen reward for completing daily goals has been decreased
  • In general during a play session you now get more lumens from every day activity drops and fewer from goals; it should no longer feel way better getting lumens from goals than from daily activities, they should now feel similar.
  • There should be no absolute hard cap on the number of lumens you can earn per day, but the amount you get will continue to slow down, so for example you will notice you get fewer lumens in your third hour of looting stuff than your first hour, and fewer still in your fifth hour. This is a safeguard to prevent exploitative farming, while still continuing to give an occasional reward if you do happen to be playing for that long.
  • Recipes drops for props and spawners have similar safeguards in place, and are also more limited by category: you will now only get 1 armor or 1 weapon recipe per day. That said, you should still be able to unlock all weapons and armor in under three weeks even if you do not use lumens to purchase any recipes. This is intended to be a fun chase, not onerous.
  • The cost of decorative prop recipes at the Lumen Station has decreased
  • The cost of weapon recipes at the Lumen Station has decreased
  • Once you see how these changes feel (do please try it out first before giving your opinion), we'll be looking for your feedback to see if further changes are still needed. We expect the time between now and launch to be a time for balancing these economic factors and appreciate your help while we get this right! And see below, in its own section for emphasis:
Character wipe at launch
  • Due to the significant changes in costs and drop rates of items, we have determined that we WILL need to do another character wipe (as well as build site wipe) on launch day
  • This means previous Marketplace purchases will be refunded in lumens, just like the last wipe. You'll have another chance to create a different looking character, any trophies or similar that you accidentally deleted will be regranted, and so on. We'll update the Wipe Q&A for launch with any new details, but we wanted to let you know as soon as we did so you can keep it in mind as you play. Please help us spread the word to any players who may not read these forums regularly. Thanks!
  • Recipes now show up in the loot tab, with purple text
  • Collision has been removed from small plants
  • Teleport Arrival Point is no longer visible in build site/design screenshots
  • Designs created prior to wipe can now be renamed by the owner, although the new name may not actually display until after the next log in (still working on this part).
  • Characters who won the "Kerran Workshop" competition now have the title "Architech of the Untamed" (instead of the same title as the Ogre Workshop winners)
  • People who reported missing base build sites, Founder's Pickaxe or other founder items should now have these. If not, please send a private message.
  • Base Build Site Expansion is no longer listed in the Marketplace twice
  • Text for "sneak" emote no longer says "you skip"
  • "You are too far away to harvest that" message should no longer go to the entire group.
  • Designs created by a third party should now correctly display the name of the character that created it (this includes Player Studio designs).
  • Lumens now have a shiny new icon.
  • Fixed numerous typos

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