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Greetings Romans!

The Gods & Heroes Development Team will be taking the servers offline briefly for a major publish. We have many things going into this patch. Here are the latest, Patch NOtes You can leave your feedback on this thread. Thank you!

Significant changes to billing system have been made. We have made it easier to subscribe with credit cards and we now credit the 30 days of gametime as soon as the retail code has been confirmed.

This new version of the client includes German localized content for most of the in game quest dialogue. From today forward we will be pushing localized content updates regularly.

Estate map more accurately displays your characters position on the map
Estate XP tunic vendor has been taken out
Improvements have been made to the guard tower and tents have been added
Floating trees have been firmly replanted in the ground

Roar of the Crowd Gladiator Buff has been fixed and no longer occasionally procs
Enemies can no longer hit the player when they are out of range
Players will no longer get stuck when killing an enemy with a combat special move
Fixed problem with metal monster not dying when killed with a special attack
1 shot mobs with paired move won’t lock player’s movements

Gameplay and Questing:
Pirates will no longer aggro to you if you are attacking another pirate on Telchinos Island
Path to Volcanic Vents frame rate issue has been fixed
Snakeskin Something quest has been fixed
Port to Abellinum from Alban Gate has been fixed
Group loot is distributing properly, it is a known issue that the text appears incorrectly sometimes
Changes have been made to loot notification so that it appears faster – Adjustments to enemy and boss respawn time have been made in the following areas
Aeneas’ Landing
Secretus Cavern
Smuggler’s Guard
Volcanic Vents
Ratilus Valley
Viridius Orchards
Alban Bacchanalians
Vila Convivalis
Alba Longa
Satyr Glen

Equestus the mythical minion is currently a healer/skirmisher and will remain so after this patch. However, for the following patch we are revoking his medical license and making him a skirmisher only.
Infantry Minions armor and defense has been increased
Mythical Minions purchase price in the Estate has been increased
Battle focus buff duration for Consecrated Minion Leonidas and Consecrated Combatant Sircia Appuleia has been lowered to five seconds.
Minion Equipment upgraded to Mythical for Luperius, Udeus, Batillus, Supellex and Gorpal
• + 5% HP
• + DPS/attack
• + Armor

Ignore Chat commands have been added (note: these commands are case sensitive)

Trees in various locations have been replanted in the ground and should no longer float
Tribes are no longer free
Story movie will only play when the player is level 1
Players logging in should get a notification when they have unread mail.

Known Issues
It is a known issue that Infantry/Skirmisher minions are sparingly using their feats in combat.
It is a known issue that emotes are malfunctioning and it will be fixed with the following patch.
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Salutations, Romains !
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