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Patch Notes - 02/10/10

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Friday, February 5, 2010 —

New content is almost here! The following will be added or changed:
Last Stand Mode Updated
The Last Stand battle mode has been reorganized, and the Capital Colony and Arena maps have been updated.

PvE style of gameplay: 8 players must defend against oncoming waves of NPC drone attacks. Not only does each wave get harder, but the players must defeat bosses during and at the end before time runs out.

There are 3 levels - play time has been changed from 12 minutes to 15 minutes.

The Base that the players must defend is generally in the center of the map with two nearby Aerogates. This varies depending on map.

Instead of the drones trying to occupy the Aerogates and bases, they will now gang up to destroy the players' tower.

The amount of times you can respawn depends on the level of difficulty selected.

New drone types have been added and existing ones modified: melee (one handed/two handed weapons), kamikaze (small/large damage), bonus, and boss (mid/end).

Previously, when an Aerogate was occupied, the match was lost. Now when the Aerogate is destroyed, you lose points. The Base must be destroyed in order to lose the match.

A Heal Pad is available near each Aerogate (dependent on map), and is only useable if the Aerogate has not been destroyed.

Drone's spawn locations are now shown on the mini-map radar.

New battle effects and dialogues were added.

Drones can change direction more quickly.

Rewards have been adjusted (including weekly rewards) depending on the difficulty and Victory/Failure.

Additional credits will be awarded for destroying Drone Saboteurs.

The effect displayed when you lose a match has been changed.

The battle guide in each map has been fixed.

General Fixes
Sound volumes of the effects were adjusted.

Call sign ON/OFF added to the game loading screen.

Adjusted the text image for HIT, DEFENCE, HEAL, KILL, Waiting for other players, Victory, and Defeat.

Adjusted the results screen UI window.

Changed the design and color of HP bar for allies and enemies.

Fixed the animation bug affecting Phoenix Fire and Multi Laser skills

Changed the re-enter time from 30 minutes to 12 minutes when expelled from a match.

Added default name to room that is displayed automatically when room is created.

Community Interaction
Added function to invite in the battle waiting room.

Added function to add friends in the battle waiting room.

Added password function for private rooms.

When returning to the lobby, chat history of 20 lines is available.

When entering a match already in progress, you are automatically assigned to the losing team. If the teams are tied, you will be assigned to one team at random.

Added 2 Mechnaught Sets
Centurion set available as 7day NCcoin, 7 day Credit, and Durability Credit.

Guardian set available as 7 day NCcoin, 7 day Credit, and Durability NCcoin.

Added 2 Boosters
Flanker available as 7 day NCcoin, 7 day Credit, and Durability NCcoin.

Drift Tail available as 7 day NCcoin, 7 day Credit, and Durability Credit.

Added 3 weapons

All weapons are available 7 day NCcoin and Credit and Durability NCcoin and Credit.
Aegis-S (Shield)

Flash Fire (Cannon)

Azure Striker (Rocket)

Updated weapons balances to reflect Korean version for all weapon types.

Wavestreamer-S effect and sound have been changed.
Operator System

An Operators Tab has been added to the Store where you can purchase an operator other than Sarah. From this tab, you can see all of the operator's information and what bonuses are provided. A total of 7 operators are available.
Sarah - Free operator, no bonus

Jordan - Durability depletion rate -30%, acquired credit amount +10%

Charlie - Weapon skill leveling rate +20%, acquired credit amount +10%

Rabiah - Move and dash speed +7% while taking flags

Piper - +50% repair rate, acquired credit amount +10%

Violet - Enemy HP bar displayed, acquired credit amount +10%

Tania - For LS mode, -40 seconds for heal/cool time, acquired credit amount +15%
Known Issues

We have the following known issues in this update. In an ideal world, we would deliver a flawless patch to you, but it is our goal to get you new content as soon as possible. The issues below are already being worked on, but we do not wish to delay the patch any longer.
Voice-overs do not play. - We have recorded voice-overs for the new operators and for conversations during the new LS mode. These do not play correctly. Text is displayed on the screen, but the actual sound files are not working properly.

Clan battle room has graphical errors. - Clan room selection window overlays display of player records and mech. Unable to select add friend button due to this overlay.

There are additional text-wrapping and translation issues that we continue to work on.


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NCsoft Community Relations
De Nyx
Hiya Exteel fans!

Exteel will be brought down for our regularly scheduled weekly server maintenance on Wednesday, February 10th at 8am PST / 10am CST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT. We will be patching the server during this time and also doing internal testing. Estimated downtime is approximately 3-4 hours. If all goes well, THERE WILL BE CONTENT UPDATES AT THIS TIME!

Before we bring the server back up to the public, I will update you on what happened with the internal testing so you know what to expect.

This will also be the kickoff of our Valentine's Day Double Credit Event! Enjoy!

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