Istaria devient officiellement compatible avec Windows Vista et Windows Seven

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Après une longue période de tests sur Blight, le client compatible avec Windows Vista et Windows Seven a été officiellement porté sur les Live Shards pour tous. Pour l'obtenir, il suffit simplement de patcher le jeu via le launcher. Plus d'explications ci dessous:

I'm Istaria... and I run on a Vista PC.
Yes! Ladies and gentlemen - you read that right. Istaria is now Vista compatible on all shards.

To those who have helped test the new client on our Blight shard, everyone at Virtrium extends a hearty thank you.
To those who have been waiting, patiently applying "work arounds" and "fixes", we want to say thank you as well. You stuck it out through the "long haul".
And to those who have been waiting for this news, holding their gaming breath as it were, we would also like to say thank you. We appreciate that you've remained in touch with us hoping for this day to come.
To everyone who has a Windows Vista OS on their computer, we would like to say, "Welcome to Istaria, the Vista version".

There are just a few things to know before you can enter the world of Istaria with Vista and this new game client.

First, you will need to make sure that you have the latest version of the game's launcher and are using it exclusively to start Istaria. You also need to have .NET 2.0 installed. Please see the following knowledge base
article for instructions:

Please note that .NET 2.0 is a separate download from .NET 3.5 - you need to install .NET 2.0 separately using the instructions above.
Last, know that you are going to have to patch. You will download a whole new client for the game and numerous files to support it. The game's client is now called "istaria.exe" not "horizons.exe". Some players may experience the launcher closing after the first patch. This is expected because the launcher is updating to a newer version and will close so it can load the latest version of the launcher. Simply restart the game using the Launcher and you'll be entering Istaria in no time.

If you have difficulty with installing or starting the game, please go to and file a ticket under General - Technical. Note that while you do not have to have a game account to file a ticket, if you do have an account with us you will need to log into the support site using your normal game credentials before submitting a ticket. If you do not have an active account with us, please supply an email address so that we can write back to you at when filing your ticket.

If you would like to see what's happening with the community, please visit us on the forums at and click Forums from the top menu.

Thank you and to all who have been waiting for this day... Welcome to Istarian Vistas!

Until Next Time,

Amarie Ancalimon and the Virtrium Team

Source: e-mail de Virtrium
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