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Preview patch note 15.5.1


Adversarial Camps

  • Added adversarial camp opportunities to Galloway.

Auctions and Work Orders

  • The Auction Search Category (Items, Fittings, Crafting Components) is now remembered each time you open the window, within the current play session.


  • The pub jukebox music is now better occluded.
  • Racers now have varying audio levels based on speed.
  • Crawlers and some other types of robots have new sound effects.
  • Tracking now features a beeping audio which beeps faster the closer you are to your target. This is useful when you are in a three dimensional space where maps and arrows do not accurately reflect NPC position.


  • Dazed entities are no longer able to move.
  • Improved how dispelling effects work so that some of them can dispel an unlimited amount of effects.
  • Improved determination of healer contributions to combat. They should see the "That would be stealing" message less often.
  • There is now greater variety to NPC damage types.
  • Improved action mode's support of friendly self only or group abilities.


  • Reduced the respawn rate of Lesoo and Lurker Scout and Raid camps.


  • The F.S. Supply Post will now respawn guards more quickly after the Lurkers have been cleared out, and lurker raids are less frequent.


  • The Vendetta Armor Set now has correct color tinting regions.
  • Updated numerous older icons which had no background to include one.
  • Added 59 new ability icons. Unarmed, Entertainment, and Thrown weapons received the largest number of updates.
  • Composite Armor is now a flat grey color to make it easier to dye properly.


  • Vendors now are properly stored with the housing data if the housing unit is stored (or archived). Once unstored the housing vendors will be placed in their reference position like structures are and the vendor will be ready for use again. Vendors that are "stored" with a housing unit cannot be accessed.
  • There is a Search Shops tab in the Trading Window. This allows you to search a shop by character name. It needs to be the exact character's name (it is not case sensitive though). You will get a list of vendors that the character has and you can view the inventory by clicking on the shop. You can right click to subscribe to the shop (then you can use the normal Shops tab to perform shop actions).
  • You can purchase storage units in the housing window. There are a total of 10 of them and they increase in price starting at a few thousand and growing into the millions. Once a storage unit is purchased you will be able to assign it to a specially marked Storage Structure. Each structure has a certain amount of slots so we can have better structures with more slots, each structure assigned will consume a storage unit. Once the Storage Unit is assigned you can then interface with the structure like you would the bank structure to access the stored items.
  • Improved the category support for housing structures, bots, and furniture items. The new system allows us to better define categories to make it easier to wade through structures.
  • Categorised all Structures into logical groupings
  • Flagging is now working for player shops. There are a variety of different flags with more to be added later. For non grade flags you need to have 50% of your inventory to quality for the flag. The grade flags require 75% of your inventory to quality. Flags are automatically assigned. You can see your flags on the shop at the bottom of the Management tab on the Shop Window. When searching from the Search Shops tab in the Trading Window the shop must match *ALL* selected flags.
  • Fixed what I believe was causing the rent not to be displayed if you had an existing housing unit. It should now properly update the central area with the rent data and the player checks in the data when first logging in (as well when it is updated by paying rent).

Items and Fittings

  • Fixed a bug which could prevent players from using abilities.
  • Implant fittings will now take damage like other fitting types.
  • Reduced the vendor price of Vehicle Software Development Kits.
  • EMP Viruses can now be created using the Hacking Minigame.
  • XG-57 is now more common.


  • You can now fish in the ponds of Searchers Valley.
  • Added support for minigames to complete mission goals on expiration. This allows them to have optional branches based on if a character doesn't respond in time.
  • Diplomacy Minigames can now optionally be unrepeatable.
  • Introduced new Haggling minigames which are launched by missions.
  • There will now be options to choose when trying to Intimidate scared NPCs.
  • DM Mini-game Plush Room Auditions has been set up on Lola Layetta, waitress and co-owner of the Plush Room in Sept Falls. Use your entertainment skills to impress Lola with your performing talents. She is looking to put performers of all levels on to her books.


  • Beer brewers may now earn achievements for crafting Widgie Beer, including the Brewmaster title.
  • Added new mission opportunities to Nido Cuervo.
  • Improved internal metrics systems.


  • Added new combat mission opportunities to the Bendigo Basin.
  • Added an extra Mood (for a total of four) and two Dilemmas to all Combat Mentor missions; NPCs will now chatter about your success or failure to train them.
  • A new chain of seven missions: "Combat Mentoring: Handgun Tactics". Mentor your faction's soldiers all the way up to Elite and Master Gunslinger... although their mood may change for the worse if you fail to train them properly.
  • "Defense Mentor: Gun Defense": in this seven-mission chain, teach your faction's soldier how to avoid becoming easy targets for enemy snipers, gunslingers and shockgunners. You will be able to attempt to train them in Rifle, Automatic Weapons, Shockgun or Handguns Defense; your degree of success or failure will swing the NPC's moods and dilemmas accordingly.
  • Added mission markers to more hostile generated NPCs.
  • Polished a bit the dialogs and banners of the "Combat Mentor: Bladed Weapons" chain.
  • NPCs no longer need to be chatterboxes to have their moods, dilemmas, or causes changed by missions.
  • "Combat Mentoring: Sniper"; through a chain of seven missions, show your faction's soldiers all things rifle, from critical rifle work to Zedkay's favourite Rifle Fire Storm; your degree of success (or failure...) will swing NPCs moods and dilemmas to one of seven possible outcomes.
  • Added mission marker support to Timbertoc and The Sevens.
  • FPR, OWON and ROGUE Bountie missions have being updated and standarized to give same rewards and follow same dialog branches.
  • Email text for "Rock Samples" has had the directions to the rock sample updated.
  • New Mission in Plymouth Control: Deactivate Malfunctioning Robot. OWON Facilities Recruits may receive this mission.
  • Seven new chained Combat Mentoring missions: "Automatic Weapons". Share with your faction's soldiers some tips in the fine art of spraying your foes with laser shots and convincing them not to abandon cover; NPCs moods will swing depending your degree of success or failure.
  • "Defense Mentor: AoE Evasion": a seven-mission chain, in which you can attempt to instruct your faction's soldiers on how to evade those fragging grenadiers and flamethrowers bent on burning them to a crisp. Success, failure, or refusal to train them will swing the NPCs' moods and dilemmas.
  • New Mission in Plymouth Control: Pharmaceutical Supplies. New mission launched from "Report to Rory Crittenden". Just a simple delivery job.
  • Made it easier for missions to give specific abilities without creating a card.
  • New Mission in Plymouth: Battery Cell Breakdown. You'd never believe how much trouble they can be.
  • New cross area diplomatic mission "Hard Bargainer" takes you from Laredo Waystation to Ingalls Terminal. Brandi Howell is known to be a hard bargainer. A haggling diplomatic mini-game will give you the choice of social skills to influence Brandi to pay the price she originally agreed to.
  • "Shockgun Tactics" now has its seven chained Combat Mentoring missions: Show your faction's soldiers how to shock and blast opponents in a maniacal killing spree; NPCs moods and dilemmas will swing depending your degree of success or failure.
  • Through the seven missions of the "Defense Mentor: Melee Weapons" chain, mentor your faction's soldiers on how to avoid and endure being bashed, chopped and slashed by attempting to train them in Axe, Blunt Weapons or Bladed Weapons defense; your success, failure, or your refusal to train them will swing the NPCs' moods and dilemmas accordingly.
  • New Mission in Plymouth Control: Setlang Supplies. New mission launched from "Report to Rory Crittenden". Helping out with some basic supplies.
  • "Vet Med Mentor": a three-mission chain in which you can attempt to instruct your faction's soldiers on how to tend to, cure and heal their pet friends; success, failure or refusal could swing the NPCs moods and dilemmas across seven different outcomes.
  • Amended "Yaco's Secret" so the email mentions where Meredith Wayne hangs out in Freedomtown.
  • Tutorial mission "Psychology 101" is now available from Psychologists. The tutorial explains how to initiate and use Diplomatic Mini-Games with the "Interact" ability. Those who complete it are awarded with the "Interact" ability.
  • Through the medical seven-mission chain "Med Mentor: Field Medic", help your faction's soldiers to improve their first aid abilities, from setting a bone in place to saving the day by pulling off an emergency overload at the right time; the NPCs mood & dilemmas could be shifted to seven different outcomes depending sucess, failure or refusal to train the soldier.
  • New mission "Troop Assignment Negotiations" at Red Hot Supplies in Scorched Gorge. The next one in the chain for Professor Szaranev. This time he wants you to play diplomat at Scar's Wall.
  • New Mission in Plymouth Control: Time for Tea. OWON Supply Recruits may receive this important mission!
  • Aerosol Weapon has its own seven-mission "Combat Mentor" chain: teach your faction's soldiers how to improve their smoke screen into a smoke wall, how to knock their foes off their feet, and how to make it rain fire; NPCs moods and dilemmas will change to one of seven possible outcomes depending your degree of success or failure.
  • New Mission in Plymouth Control: "Safety Inspection". Launched from "Report to Rory Crittenden". Helping out the facilities and engineering departments.
  • Mission markers can now list for for away locations. Currently they can stretch as far as the current region your in.
  • Mission rewards can now utilize custom scripts in special case situations. This is useful for things like the bounty collections where a user can turn in variable amounts.
  • Added new combat mission opportunities to Batjac.


  • Brachura have been spotted in numbers recently in Galloway.
  • Hermits will now be even more elusive, with a number of new hidden locations added into their spawn rotation.
  • A herd of Calprates, as well as some other more dangerous camps have begun to appear in Aumi Valley.
  • Added new training based dilemmas.
  • Increased the size of bosses in Feldroon to make them easier to see.
  • Added new phrases of NPC mood and dilemma based chatter.
  • Psychologists who give a tutorial for Diplomatic Mini-Games have been added to Sept Falls, Thicket Overwatch, Freedomtown, Plymouth City, and Plymouth Control Center.
  • A large Arrvor population has moved into Batjac. This includes a raid boss.
  • Reduced the rate at which NPC shaman can heal themselves.


  • Corrected an issue which was causing the healer pet Heal Over Time abilities from firing in some cases.
  • A bug was found in the NPC recharge system which was affecting how quickly some abilities could be reused. This has been addressed and a number of NPC ability cooldown times have been tweaked to take advantage of it. This has had the effect of drastically reducing Lesoo Healing pets heal effectiveness which were bypassing the intended timers.
  • Introduced a new Animal Handling ability: Handlers Focus. This toggled ability will significantly reduce your personal offensive capabilities but will enhance the effectiveness of your pets.
  • Increased the range on medical bot ranged heals over time.
  • Some pet abilities (such as the new Command line) can be flagged to work on all forms of pets but to only work on pets.
  • Increased the recharge time on Lesoo Healer healing abilities.
  • Added a new Animal Handling ability, Command: Attack. This ability will boost a single pets attack capabilities significantly for a period of time. Only one command can be active on any single pet at any given time, and Handlers Focus must be active to use this ability.

Player vs. Player

  • Some abilities now have different durations based on if they are used against a PvP or PvE target.


  • The initial extraction grade of corpses and their maximum enhancement grade has been changed, in a similar manner to the grades of harvest regions (whack-a-nodes).
  • Modified how harvestable regions determine the spawn grade of (whack-a) nodes, resulting in generally lower spawn grade values. In addition, the nodes now spawn with a variable maximum grade value for enhancing. Previously this value was always B9, while the spawn grade could be higher than that, meaning high grades could be harvested with no skill checks. With this update, the spawn grade will always be lower than the max enhancement grade, with a possibility of that max enhancement being as high as A9.
  • During resource extraction, the extraction window will now close automatically if you reach the maximum enhancement grade without having 4 failed enhancement attempts.
  • Slightly modified extraction quantities for whack-a-nodes, so that there is always a little randomness in the results.
  • Added generated lumber, ore and plant resources to Galloway.
  • Increased the harvest rates for Alluvium and Maeglium resources to reduce extractions with no results.
  • The number of harvesters that you can place in the world is now limited, based on your skill level for each of the harvest types.
  • Adjusted the relationship between harvest skills and the ability to enhance a node. A higher skill is needed to enhance lower grade nodes than before.
  • Added generated resources to Aumi Valley.
  • Added generated lumber resources to Batjac.
  • The Placebo region in Longshot Ridge should now be easier to access.
  • The survey and node extraction windows will now show a grade range instead of a single grade for harvest regions. The lower grade indicates the node spawn grade. The higher grade indicates the highest grade to which the node can be enhanced or the region can be enriched. For the extraction window, the spawn grade is to the left of the enrichment progress bar, and the max enhancement grade is to the right of the bar.

Skills and Abilities

  • Added a new Light Armor Tactics grandmaster ability: Nimble. This ability can only be used when you are wearing primarily Light Armor. It lasts indefinitely, but will cancel if you switch armor types. It increases your resistances to knockbacks, knockdowns, and balance attacks.
  • Increased the amount of diminishing returns on skill speed so that you gain skills more slowly at high skill levels.
  • Added a new Handgun Tactics ability: Cover Fire. This ability consumes Momentum to unleash an AoE attack which does low damage but debuffs and angers opponents caught inside of it, lowering their maximum range and damage capacity.
  • Added a new Animal Handling ability, Command: Defend. This ability boosts a single pets defensive capabilities for a short period of time. Only one command can be active, and it requires you to be using the Handlers Focus stance to use.
  • Added a new Medium Armor Tactics grandmaster ability: Battle Hardened. This ability can only be used when you are wearing primarily Medium Armor. It lasts indefinitely, but will cancel if you switch armor types. While it does not provide the large bonuses that the grandmaster Heavy and Light Armor abilities provide, it provides a smaller bonus to knockbacks, knockdowns, balance attacks, dazes, and stuns.
  • Introduced a new First Aid ability: Support Stance. This stance will improve your healing effectiveness and usage times, at the expense of making your more vulnerable defensively and reducing your offensive damage output. It can not be used at the same time as other stances.
  • Increased Duration ability enhancements now grant a 10% increased duration rather than a flat increase.
  • Implemented a new Dual Wielding grandmaster ability: Run and Gun. Where Deflecting Waltz was intended to boost up defensive capabilities of dual wielding melee types, Run and Gun improves the mobility and offense output for those dual wielding pistols. It increases your movement speed and boosts minimum and maximum range damage. It consumes momentum and has a longer recharge time, however.
  • Introduced a new Dual Wielding ability: Reckless Flurry. This can only be used when dual wielding, but will substantially increase your attack speed at the expense of defense for a period of time.
  • Increased the radius and effectiveness of the Humiliate Enemies taunting effect (Protection).
  • Added a new Dual Wielding grandmaster ability: Deflecting Waltz. This ability will impair your ability to attack but drastically increase your chances to parry or riposte incoming attacks for a period of time. It consumes a high amount of momentum and requires you to be dual wielding a melee weapon.
  • Increased the taunt strength of the Humiliate ability (Protection).
  • Some abilities can now require you to be Dual Wielding in order to use them.
  • Many effects such as broken limbs or blindness have had their durations decreased in PvP.
  • Added a new hidden ability: Feign Death. This can not be trained or earned through cards, players must discover how to unlock it on their own.
  • NPC Perception radius reductions such as Unthreatening Approach should now be much more effective. Not only should it reduce the radius properly, but it will also reduce the chance that this NPC assists if it is in range when another mob is attacked.
  • Added a new grandmaster Shield Tactics ability: Emergency Override. This ability consumes a large amount of Momentum but gives a large and instant boost to both armor and shielding energy. It also increases your aggro generation for a short period of time, but reduces your speed and attack speed while active.
  • Adjusted the Parry rate to make it more effective as you gain skill. Parry now scales and caps significantly higher than was previously the case (about double).
  • Reduced the skill requirement of the Shield Tactics ability: Unbreakable Defense.
  • Extinguish Flames (First Aid) can now extinguish up to two burning effects at a time.
  • Freezing Grenades (Thrown Weapons) no longer consume energy.
  • Introduced a new Aerosol Defense ability: Stop, Drop, and Roll! This ability can be used to extinguish flames from yourself, but will cause you to roll forward and consumes a small amount of momentum.
  • Acid Splash Grenades (Thrown Weapons) are now gained at 200 skill, Frag Grenades at 80 skill, and Cryo Grenades at 400 skill. This will not affect users who already have these abilities.
  • Abilities can now boost weapon or armor energy specifically, and can give it in an instant boost where previously it was always over time.
  • Abilities can now require a specific type of armor to use.
  • Added a new Defensive Knowledge ability: Stabilize Shielding. This ability consumes a moderate amount of Momentum to provide an instant boost to your Armor Energy for shielding.
  • Introduced a new Heavy Armor Tactics grandmaster ability: Thick Skinned. This ability can only be used when you are wearing primarily Heavy Armor. It lasts indefinitely, but will cancel if you switch armor types. It increases your resistances to stuns, dazes by a significant amount.
  • Added a new grandmaster Thrown Weapons ability: Tranquilizing Grenade. These grenades can be used to daze targets for a short period of time.

Trade Skills

  • Cosmetic Styling: Added recipe for Dye Removal
  • Installations. You can now produce the Synthetic Food and Water Purification facilities.
  • Correctly Moved Firebrick Red dye to the Firebrick Red Filter.
  • Added Back Mounting Creation Recipe to Advanced Tailoring Book
  • Added the ability to buy patterns while at a crafting station. (Click on "Shop..." button.)
  • Metalworking - Rivets can now be created. Metalworking - Simple Component fabrication and production have now been merged.
  • Installations. Players can now build Small Wood Huts.
  • Added new Tailoring recipe: Back Mounting Creation.
  • Recipe: Secondary Dye Tinting - Fixed broken filter on indigo dye.
  • Item: Decorative Support - Replaced Component type of Softwood Furniture Part with Support.
  • Cleaned up Component Types on a number of Simple Metal Components.
  • Renamed Component type 'Simple Component Fabrication' to 'Simple Component'.
  • Pet Food Preparation: Meat Treats: Fixed incorrect branch for Melanko.
  • Recipe: Chaise Lounge Seat Production - now uses chair legs rather than supports.
  • Metalworking. Moved tent frame production from Installations to Metalworking and added in blueprints for small, medium and large tent frames.
  • Pet Food Preparation: Plant Snacks: Fixed incorrect branch for Melanko.
  • Renamed component type 'Rope Production' to 'Rope'.
  • Installations. Added 6 Sci-Fi Building player recipe outputs.
  • Many crafted items have new or updated icons.
  • Installations: Added recipes for Colored Awnings
  • Added Plate Metal as a Component Type of Refined Calibrite Bar (Should fix the Improved Gallows recipe).
  • Metalworking: Added Steel wire as an output to Wires.
  • Metalworking. Yet more Crates and Boxes can be player made.
  • Secondary Armor Dyeing: Fixed filter on Orange Boots.
  • Mining: Added Recipe for Metal Rod Production, currently produces Steel rods
  • Added a new recipe book for Carpentry - Rhyldanesque Furniture - The Exclusive Carpenters Guide. This contains the recipes to create the Rhyldanesque Armchair and Couch.
  • Metalworking. Players are now able to make 15 lockers from the structures list.
  • Metalworking: Added recipe for Rebar (to be used in building and barricade constructions).
  • Metalwork. Added Crate and Box Fabrication recipe which creates 22 different types of crates and boxes.
  • Metalworking. Players are now able to make 35 shelves and cabinets from the structures list.
  • The Wall Column Construction recipe now takes Calibrite rather than Plumerite.
  • Installations. Added 4 more streetlamps to the Streetlamp production recipe.
  • Renamed Component Type 'Structural Wall Module Construction' to 'Structural Wall Module'
  • Metalworkers can now produce the Solids and Liquids processor modules required for the synthetic food and water purification facilities.
  • Cosmetic Styling: Added recipe for Full Dye Removal kits
  • Housing and Nation objects have now been grouped under a number of new headings in order to make finding specific structures easier.

User Interface

  • Added the code to close the Transport terminal if you move to far away from it.
  • Added Trade Skill value to the title bar, for each recipe panel in the Recipes window. The value will update as that trade skill increases during crafting.
  • Knockback chances are now displayed in tooltips or on ability information cards.
  • Added a progress bar to the node Extraction window, showing how many enhancement or enrichment failures that have occurred for the current enhancement or enrichment process.
  • Tweaked the bankwindow to reduce the space used up by the currency and slot counts.
  • Made several improvements to the node/corpse extraction window. The window is now a bit smaller, and contains many tool tips explaining its features.
  • Tweaked the Auction House / Work Order window to reduce the space used up by the currency display.
  • Gave the Auction / Work Order / Player Shop window a user interface pass over, reducing the amount of empty space, and improving the behavior of scroll bars.
  • Fixed issue with drop down boxes, where the text of the selected item was cut off on the left, when the window font size is small or very small.
  • Added check boxes to Auction Search and Post Display Options, to make it easier to tell which options are currently being used.
  • Corrected a bug which was allowing some abilities that couldn't be trained to show up in your earnable abilities tab.
  • Fixed the close button on mission feedback.
  • In the Nation window, on the Alliances tab, the alliances are now listed alphabetically by Name.
  • Merchant shop windows once again show your current available currency.
  • When using Alt + drag to split a stack, pressing the Enter key to input a value to the Split dialog, will now execute the split.
  • Tweaked the inventory window to reduce the space used up by the currency and slot counts.
  • Inventory, Inventory Container, and Bank windows no longer pop to the front when dragging items from them. You can still click on the windows to pop them to the front when desired.
  • Item icons should now fit better when drug into action bars.
  • In the crafting window, if an item is in an ingredient or agent slot, right click will bring up the info card for that item, and shift+right click will open the game database to that item. If the slot is empty, right click and shift+right click will both open the game database to the component associated with the slot.
  • Item grade, stack and charges information is now easier to read when an item has been drug into one of your action bars.

Vehicles and Mounts

  • Mount special abilities received new icons.


  • Props, lights, and signs added to Fort Bondsteel.
  • Decorated Neverwood/Nimmerwald area. Added trees, rocks, grass, terrain textures.
  • Props and lights added to the outpost in Fletcher's Trail.
  • Changed some foliage textures and optimized it's distribution in Arid Grove.
  • Updated Fal Sept Map with new version.
  • Added a newly textured tower model to Freedomtown.
  • Made adjustments to some of the NPC spawn positions in Fort Hudson.
  • Fort Bondsteel has received a graphical pass.
  • The Portapub in Scar's Wall is now considered a resting area.
  • A general store and cloning station has opened in Aumi Valley in the Wailing Chasm.
  • Terrain and prop work was done to Souza Spring.
  • Updated Kalazar Mountains Map with new version.
  • Adjusted camp spawning locations in Skiberean to move them further from the seams.
  • Added environmental lighting and lights to Feldroon/Neverwood connection tunnel.
  • Decorated the front entrance of Feldroon, adding trees, rocks and grass.

Bug Fixes

  • Slight adjustments were made to the FPR/Rogue arrival point in Hudson Pass so it wasn't on a slope that would cause you to slide.
  • Fixed some problems with skill gain modifiers. Group and buff based modifiers weren't always applying correctly.
  • Fixed a typo so it reads "Fool's Sanctuary" instead of "Fool's Sacntuary".
  • Corrected a pond that was that attached to the wrong area on the border of Sept Falls and Eastern Fork.
  • Fixed some pathing issues in Fal Canyon where NPCs where the paths were on the wrong side of the seam.
  • Composite Sleeves and Vest are no longer soulbound.
  • Fixed several paths which were buried underneath terrain in Westwood.
  • Fixed an issue that was showing more than 2 digits with decimal numbers on some item/ability descriptions or lists.
  • Shift+Right Click on a fitting or blueprint item will now open the Game Database to the correct entry for that fitting or blueprint. This should work from most icon locations, including inventory, bank, mail, crafting, auction post, etc.
  • Fixed minor typo in the dialog of "Combat Mentor: Blunt Weapons Mastery"
  • Dazes are now broken by damage, as intended.
  • Fixed "Bandaging the Wounded" mission tip, FX and some dialog so it refers to a single bandage instead of plural.
  • Corrected some minor typos in e-mails from the Combat Mentor chains.
  • When composing mail, and dropping a blueprint in as the first attached item, the mail Subject will now correctly show the full blueprint name, instead of "%s Blueprint".
  • Fixed Arrival waypoint at Tani.
  • Fixed issue with Work Order Creation, where the Attributes panel was not closing when clearing the "Crafting Item Name" filter.
  • Corrected a bug which could stack certain states higher than they should stack and cause a player to get stuck in that state.
  • Fixed paths in Brenning.
  • Fixed some waypoints in Ravine Fal.
  • Corrected a few typos in the e-mail of the "Combat Mentor: Advanced Bladed Weapons" mission.
  • Fixed a typo in the achievement gained for exploring Fools Sanctuary.
  • Adjusted some guards spawnpoints at Freedomtown.
  • Sergeant Kazzy in Kaavo Hold now sells Rogue military supplies rather than FPR.
  • Fixed Broken Decorative Filter on Table Recipes, and tidied up filters to use the common Standard / Decorative filter.
  • Fixed a multiple seams in Feldroon.
  • Fixed an capitalization issue with the Second Wind ability.
  • Lesoo Raid and Scout camp missions now respect the recently completed missions time limit.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause some quick expiring combat effects to receive unlimited duration when combined with effect duration modifiers.
  • Landed some fliying trees at Fal Canyon.
  • Closed up several holes around the outer borders of Feldroon.
  • Fixed the position of a POI that was too high in the air.
  • Building no longer disappears at certain camera angles when inside the body armor shop in Freedomtown.
  • Fixed a floating corpse that can be interacted with in Founder's Grove which was floating off the ground slightly.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed batch crafting to return stacks of items that exceeded the item's max stack size limit.
  • Fixed a bug related to combat effects taking improper values from grade modifiers and causing some things such as speed to go into turbo mode under certain conditions.
  • NPCs should no longer try to climb on the taller trees in Nido Cuervo.
  • Fixed a noticeable water seam between Daxton and Lower Daxton. Mirror heights were mismatched a few milesimal points.
  • Fixed several waypoints in Eastern Fork that were buried or floating very high in the air.
  • Changed Dr. Telschow's outfit so he wasn't trying to show off his pecks.
  • Fixed a potential way for nations of rival factions to pass alliance change requests.
  • Fixed an issue where the mission feedback window would popup to often.
  • Fixed a terrain seam in Vista Doma.
  • Fixed a timing issue in the Repair Robot FX.
  • Fixed a rock at Tandil that was rotated oddly, showing its transparent underbelly.
  • Fixed several buried waypoints in the Northern Trails.
  • Fixed minor typos in the Discouraging Assault & Stopping Power descriptions (Assault Weaponry Tactics)
  • Corrected an issue with chained diplomacy minigames through missions.
  • Fixed several waypoints in the Fal Midlands that were floating in the air probably after a terraforming to add a cliff.
  • Removed a duplicate Decorative branch.
  • The inventory sort window now longer shows a lock in the upper left.
  • When you are awarded an ability in the diplomacy minigame it will no longer refer to the ability by its internal name. It now uses the proper display name.
  • Fixed Arrival point on Farnfoss Ridge as it was buried.
  • Fixed some buried waypoints of assorted path in Sept Falls.
  • Fixed a bug with some buff/debuffs having the name and description fields reversed.
  • Fixed Bounty collector spawn point at Camp Payton to avoid him spawning on top of a table.
  • Fixed arrival point at The Weeping Peaks.
  • Fixed floating trees in Aumi Valley.
  • Fixed some buried waypoints of resources paths in West Bend.
  • Fixed capitalization in mission "Picking up a Disk".
  • Corrected an issue which could cause some harvestable result groups could select a certain reward more often than it would have due to how the filters were set up.
  • Moved the FPR and Rogue arrival path in Ammann River so it's in a safer location.
  • From a crafting window, right clicking to open the radial grade menu for an item will no longer open the game database for the component associated with the ingredient/agent slot. (bug 2509)
  • Players will no longer suffer falling damage from the arrival point in Nettle Patch.
  • Fixed issue with dropping an item stack from mail to an inventory slot, where any stack overflow was lost. The overflow is now placed elsewhere in the inventory.
  • Acid Splash and Freezing Grenades can now be avoided similar to other grenades, and had their range increased.
  • Stitched terrain seams in Kilmer Valley.
  • Fixed a bug which could allow multiple death states to stack up and prevent the user from performing any actions.
  • The "Chromite Needed!" engagement for Freedomtown has been changed to match what Yoeman Stingel says and takes 10 Chromite Clusters at a time.
  • Fixed some output issues in the Enriched Stimulant Synthesis - Class 3 recipe (Pharmaceuticals).
  • Fixed some floating fauna in Skiberean.
  • Added a failsafe to ensure that revival works correctly.
  • Corrected an error with buff tracking across seams.
  • Fixed a typo on "Running Weapons" mission.
  • Fixed issues with Corporal Kirstein in Plymouth Control Center.
  • Stitched multiple terrain seams in Viminal Valley.
  • Fixed some minor grammatical issues in some of the error messages.
  • Fixed a noticeable seam between 2 water mirrors at Vasli Valley and Southern Pass.
  • Meat Gristle is no longer soulbound.
  • Fixed a terrain seam in Holden Hill.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to Shift + Drag the current grade of one stack onto another stack, would result in adding the lowest grade instead of the current grade to the stack, when the receiving stack didn't have room for all items being dragged.
  • Relocated Adversarial Camp waypoints in Lower Fal Canyon as they were spawning with in a Player city region and also too near a seam.
  • Fixed an issue with The Art of Chocolate recipe that was allowing it to stack.

Backer Perks

  • Bieran Arquen, Scar's Wall. He's a carpenter sourcing building materials, but likes to chat over a drink.
  • Calindra Deltar, Plymouth Control. She sells carpentry supplies and people watches in the workshop.
  • Dule Zayers, Ingall's Terminal. He's gone to Ingall's to make his fortune buying wood and salvaged materials from Halona. Prefers to get others to do the dangerous stuff.
  • Bobo Lee, Sept Falls. He has a passion for furniture, knows how to make some unusual designs; never far from a crafting station.
  • Emily Walker, Banshee's Hollow. She'll tell you furniture making is an art form. In Banshee's Hollow everything is an art form.
  • Ling Chen, Thicket Overwatch in Elkar Woods. She doesn't say much about her past although she's happy to talk about carpentry.
  • Hannah Alexander; She is a scientist. Very curious, she is always working on something new.
  • Heather Zingler; She's a doctor, seems to always be complaining. Apparently she likes cutting up corpses more than healing the wounded. Well that's what I heard anyway.
  • Brayden Merrick; Well I don't know much about him. However, if you want something stronger than alcohol to improve your mood, he is the man.
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