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11 mai 2017 à 02:59 - Messages
When the server is a month old and not everyone is built yet, it's easy to accumulate kills... If you were here the last 6 mont... Lire la suite
4 mai 2017 à 00:53 - Messages
Thanks chaos! Some things I didn't know yet!... Lire la suite
7 avril 2017 à 20:45 - Messages
I believe it's real, Smoke was HGM on Trilogy and has lots of experience. He should be online Saturday, he said work 16 hour wo... Lire la suite
Sorry, maybe it's poor translation but I'm not fully understanding what you mean :(... Lire la suite
11 mars 2017 à 04:13 - Discussion
So since the server moved locations to Los Angeles...I've dealt with 25-75% packet loss EVERY day. I've recalled from just about... Lire la suite
2 mars 2017 à 18:39 - Messages
Clever! anyone will find a way to get an edge around here lol. I'm assuming it's an exploit, but if allowed it could make for i... Lire la suite
13 février 2017 à 15:54 - Messages
Most of those are from the first month when you could 1-2 shot everybody lol. There's actually competition now, come play... Lire la suite
7 février 2017 à 21:11 - Messages
While I see both sides of the argument, I am FOR restoring the account. 1 less player with such a scarce player base is never a... Lire la suite
2 février 2017 à 07:24 - Messages
Coming from someone who isn't an ally or any bias, I feel like this has been proven that it could happen to anybody and deserve... Lire la suite
20 janvier 2017 à 18:09 - Messages
I say don't try to fix something that isn't broken. Everybody has the option to build a character and do the same thing the spi... Lire la suite
18 janvier 2017 à 01:07 - Messages
When I'm home tomorrow I'll try to find a picture as well... Lire la suite


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