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Roi / Reine

Aide SVP

My French is worse than many of you guys English, and I know some folks just Hate bablefish translations, so I'll stick with English, and hope you will as well.


I'm trying to find images of badges, pins, ribbons, dogtags, etc that French Soldiers would have had during the 1939-1940 Battle Of France time period.

If your taking the pictures yourselves, I'd prefer a solid colored background which completely contrast the item.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks again.

Au revoir.
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Avatar de Klyde
Hi Downtown,

begin with :

and try every link from this page above, you'll find some medals and other ribons.

I'll give you more later.

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Roi / Reine

Cest Bon!

Okay, I told you my French was bad, too much high school and not enough actual practice.
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