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Dark Age of Camelot
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Pourquoi le serveur se vide ... Vision des GB

kaazar writes

just a comment : attack at 6 AM on a working day, middle of the week. 4 millenium logued. I hope you feel proud and skillfull.

officer from Millenium

opinion the members of EPIC

Did i understand ur Thread right? hmm let me think, a Mille speaks about Skill and Proud.

Perhaps u r proud to zerg all the time? 4fg vs exp-grps, Millenium plays no nice DAoC, they show NO skill, perhaps they have skill, but no1 knows, the only skill u show is not zo sleep in ur Zerg.

Requiem have Skill, WLz have skill, Avalanche have skill, but i dont know what skill Millenium has, perhaps u should move without Zerg. Then u gain my respect. But with ur Style u show no skill.

Play without ur fuckin Zerg and u gain back respect

This was my opinion as a member of epic, not the opinion of epic. And this thread is in a bad english

kaazar Citation:

ok, i see that you prefer hide your cowardice behind some zerg argument.
When you zerg a group with your almost-together 12-16 people is not zerging ? When you dramaticaly lose with 50 attaquers on crauchon (Epic with Avalanche) is not zerging ?

Easy to say "oh stfu lamerz 120 days agoat 10 AM, a guy from your guild killed me when i played my alt so you are all unskilled lamerz", but less easy to explain that you lose 75% of your fights against us, even at same number of people. Am I saying bullshits ? Sure, you are so strong that you are not obliged to attack when no ones defends 6 AM, and you are obliged to ally with avalanche even if you have same number of people in your guild than in Millenium.

Go on flaming and being unpolited. But arguments such as "we act like this because you zerg" are pathetic, unfounded and shamy. We just were hoping that you will fight, but you prefer to lose. Your choice.

PS : we don't roam with 4 FG, but we have a lot of events with full guild. Sorry if you are not able to have more than 25 people and if you don't know other events than ninja raid vs NPC.

officer from Millenium

EPIC members
@millenium (this is my personal view and doesn't necessarily reflect the official opinion of the guild):

Of course night raids are not the most honourable thing to do. But at least we did something. Not like all the other guilds that don't dare attacking you and your relics. Don't you think that having relics and keeping them is for sure more fun if there are guilds who are trying to get them back?

The worst thing about your reaction to our morning raid is that you didn't realise that it was an attempt to bring some more life again to the server. Additionally it was also an important event for us to bring back our guild life. We struggled big time to keep the guild alive because so many people left the server. And now we are trying to get slowly back on track. We were not so lucky like you who still have 40-50 members actively playing each day. That makes everything a lot easier.

And about pride and skill...
Maybe some member didn't use a very polite style for mentioning it. But you can't deny the fact that you (Millenium) are really using too much zerging and TK camping. I guess you don't even realise that anymore because it is normal for you to run around with 2+ groups. Sometimes I really wonder how you guys motivate yourselves each day. We also did some zerging but most people find it very stressful and not very enjoyable. Obviously for you this doesn't seem to be the case.

Oh well... enough said. Enjoy your success at this time and have fun with your relics. Must be great to sit on them and getting bored because noone tries to get them. But watch out... we will be back...


oragree mysk

ffs, we got zerged at ardee by 4-5 mille grps 1-2 weeks ago, absoluetly stupid, i can understand zergs at keep raids etc thats clear, but to run around in big zergs and kill everything moving or camping dl with ~3 fg is not really the way to show skillz imho.

and we were running around in 1 fg only for over a month, but your and wls 2-3 fgs just make that nearly impossible often, plus now we got a lot of members not lvl 50 down to grey, if you run around in 1fg with 3-4 non 50's without any spec healer or cc, its not that fun, you know ?

but i must admit that we suck in zerging, we are just not that experienced in this, but if it is neccesarry, we will work out the same zerging skills like you
And i think that we need a lot of practice defending

(well, but when you defended our primetime raid, there was 1+fg logged in the keep and moved to the lordroom, I dont know if your ppl have 2 chars or something, but we dont have 1 fg of deffer chars logged at our keep, so the difficulty is getting in in a very small time frame of around 3 minutes after first guard kills if you work with enough rams.

p.s. we really need practice defending i think, but try to defend a raid against at least 1fg more than you are , with 5+rams per door and almost noone logged in the keep. From first guardkill, you have around 3-5 minutes. If you are near your keep with a big zerg well its not that hard, but if you are down in df or spread everywhere in single fgs, some still exping etc...

oh, and, we dont come to your board and start a whine thread everytime we get zerged by you, if we would your board would be flooded

GG les Millenium. Vous Ownerez bientot un serveur VIDE !!!!
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vous noterez le Ouin Ouin Millenium au passage
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[imgg][/imgg] D'où ça vient ? No idea.
Qu'est-ce que c'est ? ça ressemble à un troll.
Solution ? Fermer le thread et prévenir Wren666 que ce genre de messages, postés avec un compte crée à cette intention, ne sont pas vraiment garants de la bonne ambiance qui devrait règner sur ce forum. Et qu'évidement une récidive serait suivie d'une sanction.
PS : Malgré l'heure tardive et ma forte envie d'aller me reposer, j'ai pris la peine de lire le thread en entier. Ce qui me pousse a demander aux intervenants de poster le plus possible en français pour le confort de tous. Je parle anglais mais ce n'est peut-être pas le cas de tous. Merci.
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