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bugs connu de la 1.28

les bugs de la 1.28 qui sont connu est corrigé (normalement) dans la 1.29 pour ceux qui se demandent pourquoi leurs modules debloquent depuisla mise à jour...

je resume ici (et je traduis pas...debrouillez vous)

Here are is a list of the Known Issues with 1.28 and their current status:

1. NPC Warping/NPC Poping/WalkWaypoints() Not Working/etc.

This issue has been described in the above different ways. It is important to understand that this is a client-side rendering issue. The NPCs and other objects in the game are in their proper place and behaving properly, it is just that your game client is not rendering them correctly.
Status: fixed and verified

2. Script errors and certain doors not working

There are some area of the official campaign where there are script errors being displayed in the chat window and as a result some doors are not working.
Status: fixed and in testing internally

3. DM Client not displaying all players

In certain situations (usually involving character and DM area transitions) the DM Client will fail to display all the current players in the server.
Status: fixed and in testing internally
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Les forums JOL > Forum jeux-vidéo > Neverwinter Nights > NWN - Maskado > bugs connu de la 1.28

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