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Le Module 7.1 est devenu le patch 7.02

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Nous avons appris lors du GenCon que le Module 7.1 avait été vidé de son contenu pour être injecté dans le Module 8.0. La question était alors de savoir ce que deviendrait le Module 7.1.
Aujourd'hui nous savons que ce n'est plus que le deuxième patch correctif du module 7, c'est à dire le patch 7.02.

Les notes de ce patch ont été publiées par les développeurs américains le 20 août.

Il devrait donc être mis en place très prochainement sur les serveurs.

Pour l'instant aucune date n'a été dévoilée pour la mise en place en Europe.

On constate qu'il ne s'agit effectivement que de correctifs et non pas d'ajouts de contenus.

Prochain module à venir par conséquent, le module 8.0 courant octobre.

Voici les notes du patch en anglais:

Citation :

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted August 20th, 2008

Of Special Note
  • The tokens from the Race to the Subterrane event have been removed. The Ritualists of the Twelve thank the citizens of Stormreach for their recent aid with unlocking the Subterrane.
UI Improvements
  • When leaving the 'Fire Caves' in Three Barrel Cove, players will now end up in the landscape and have the proper quest journal and 'Recall' button available to them.
  • Quest rewards will no longer mistakenly appear in the buy-back window
  • King Raiyum’s mummy friends, and several other monsters across Xen’drik will no longer be afraid of area effect spells and will spawn correctly. Please see the Known Issues list for specific information regarding King Raiyum.
  • Monsters that "phase in" or "unburrow" inside a persistent AoE spell (acid fog, wall of fire, etc) should now be affected by the spell more reliably.
Skills, Feats & Abilities
  • Sneaky Dwarves can now attack while they are holding their shields.
  • The descriptions for the Barbarian Power Rage enhancements 1-4 now properly mention the additional AC penalty received with these enhancements.
  • Handwraps
    • Alignment based handwraps will correctly bypass Damage reduction. This change will be retroactive, and affect handwraps already in-game.
    • In rare cases, level 10 and level 11 race restricted handwraps were not working as intended. These dysfunctional handwraps will no longer drop. Existing versions of the handwraps cannot be repaired by using a Stone of Change ritual.
    • Ghost Touch hand wraps are now working properly. Additionally a stone of change recipe can be used to repair existing the handwraps.
    • The Stone of Change ritual for force effects on handwraps is now working properly. Existing handwraps with the force rituals applied can be repaired by placing them in the stone of change.
  • The Coin Lords have made repairs to the beloved Eternal Titan Wand, and it will now function properly for lucky recipients.
  • The House Deneith has decided that only those worthy of their fine quivers should receive them, and so favor quivers provided by House Deneith are now correctly Bound on Acquire.
  • HP regeneration items are no longer negating the effects of Monk Wholeness of Body.
  • Alchemical bonuses used on armor and shields are now being applied properly. This change also affects equipment that has already had the ritual applied.
  • The Stone of Change is now accepting handwraps in addition to Tasty Hams.
  • All version of the Marilith - such as the Queen Lailat of the pre-raid and raid, as well as the Marilith in Prison of the Planes - will fight back against players. Queen Lailat will no longer have a chance of going invulnerable after teleporting away.
  • Ruins of Thernal: Escort the Expedition
    • Coyle has decided that attacking inanimate objects was not helpful to his party members.
  • Foundation of Discord
    • Patrick the Maniacal's behavior has been change such that he will no longer run around the area he drops into. This should prevent him from disappearing from the quest.
  • Eyegouger’s Basement
    • We have received a postcard from the Haverdasher, who had been on vacation in the Lhazaar Principalities. He is back, and expects Eyegouger's basement will need some cleaning.
  • A graphical issue triggered by the resurrection lever in the Reaver’s Fate has been resolved
  • The Coin Lords have commissioned the House Phiarlain to remodel the interior of their theater house.
  • Players will no longer be able to enter the PvP matching system when outside of a Tavern area.
  • It is no longer possible to abandon the The Xoriat Hound and Horned Devil Raid raid quests.
  • Lotigath, one of the rare spawns, will no longer give string table errors when speaking to him after collecting his bounty.
Les problèmes connus

Citation :
Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of in the game. Should you come across any of these issues in the game, there is no need to submit a bug report unless otherwise noted.

Current Known Issues (8-20-2008)
Of Special Note
  • Players have reported that they sometimes have trouble climbing up long ladders due to hitching or becoming caught in the middle of the ladder. Many of these "sticky" ladders have been fixed, but there may be other locations. If you come across a sticky ladder, please submit a bug report from the location of the ladder.
  • Monsters who are killed using attacks which destroy the corpse (freezing, disrupting, banishing, etc) will not drop the items for Once A Day quests
  • When examining an item, the full description of effects are not shown automatically. To see description of effects, you'll need to hover over the effect name.
  • Dying just before completing a quest may cause the "Finish" button to become unclickable. Minimizing the quest objective window and then maximizing it again will fix this issue.
  • If you're already queuing to PVP using the standard match-up process, and your party chooses to use the new Group PVP functionality instead, your UI may not update to reflect the change. (i.e: It will still appear as if you're queued and waiting for a match-up)
  • The action point display icon may show an inaccurate number of action points are available for training. This is corrected on log out.
  • Some AOE debuff/cc spells are listed in the tooltips as "Spell Resistance: No", even though they are resistible.
  • In some cases, a caster may incorrectly receive an error message that they are out of range or that they must face their target, even though this is not the case.
Skills, Feats, & Abilities
  • The DC listed for combat feat tooltips does not include bonuses from enhancements and feats. This is a visual glitch only; they are still being added to the actual DC in combat.
  • Spell resistance provided by the monk ability Diamond Soul is not displaying properly on the character sheet. This is a visual error only, and the spell resistance is being applied.
  • Metamagic abilities currently work on monk Finishing Moves. This is not intended, and will be changed in the future.
  • We are aware that the Tempest enhancement is incorrectly applying the +2 feat bonus to AC at all times, instead of only while dual wielding.
  • The required +6 Base Attack Bonus for the Elven Archer Enhancement is not displaying in its description.
  • Zoning removes the affect of Lesser, Improved, and Greater Regeneration applied by raid loot. Re-equipping the raid loot items after zoning will reapply the effect.
  • Some handwraps weapon effects are not working properly.
  • Greensteel bows are currently not properly applying blast effects.
  • NEW - In rare cases, level 10 and level 11 race restricted handwraps were not working as intended. These dysfunctional handwraps will no longer drop. Note that any of these particular handwraps that were previously dropped are still dysfunctional.
  • Named desert items, such as the Sirroco, bound using the Stone of Change will lose the bound effect when you reenter the game.
  • NEW - Items fixed using the Stone of Change will sometimes not display the updated effects. This is a display bug only. Removing, and then re-equipping, the item will show the updates to the item.
  • UPDATED - King Raiyum is a bit smarter than the average undead ruler, and avoids spawning into AoEs when possible. If you do cast AoEs onto King Raiyum before he spawns, and he does not spawn: leave the room , allow the AoE spells to expire, and then return to the room. He should activate normally.
  • Foundation of Discord
    • One of the traps cannot be disabled by its control box.
  • The Black Abbot Raid
    • Remember, that just like wearing loose articles on a roller coaster can be dangerous, it may also be unsafe to do so during a recall out of raids. When attempting to guide your team mate across the chasm in the 2nd puzzle room of the Abbot raid, please be sure to remove your goggles before recalling after failure or success, as recalling with the goggles equipped could cause your party to become stuck during the loading screen. Should you become effected by this, please log in with a different character, and contact in-game support using the "?" button for assistance.
  • When selling to pawnbrokers, remember that unlike Tavern-keepers and general vendors, other players can purchase an item you've sold to the NPC. Additionally, it is intended that items sold to pawnbrokers will not appear in your buyback list. Instead the item will appear for purchase in the sell tab of the pawnbroker's list.
  • G15 keyboard LCD displays currently show Spellpoint totals for non-casters. The hitpoint totals displayed as a result of changes to a player’s constitution bonus are sometimes displaying inaccurately.
  • Due to an issue with the engine upgrade, other player's characters may appear to be "choppy" in movement at times. This does not effect your own character, only other characters you are viewing.
  • Improvements have been made to the game's launcher, in order to become more compatible to Windows Vista. However, some users may encounter errors if they have already adjusted Vista permissions to get the game to work. Click Here for information on how to fix this error.
  • If you have not received your 9th character slot, you may need to go talk to NYX to unlock it.
  • When breaking a crate or barrel, you or your friend(s) may hear the sarcophagus sound effect.

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