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Reward for faithful followers regarding beta testing!

Are you a member of our forums today?

If not, increase your chance of being part of beta testing Mortal Online by signing up on our forums. Dive in on our discussions and help us shape the world of Mortal Online!

We are interested in active members that stay onboard for a long time and give us interesting and helpful feedback regarding the development of Mortal Online. Please note that we won’t base our decision on “number of posts” (spamming won’t get you anywhere), rather the quality of your posts and the helpful critique we and other members receive.

There is no beta date set for Mortal Online yet and there is no guarantee that you will get into the beta test of Mortal Online by signing up on our forums. We will go through our forum members when it’s time to choose our Mortal Online testers. We have noticed that there are many mmo veterans on our forums and what could be better than having you guys into our beta test?

We will announce when the beta test will take place at a later time.

Mothly game information

Unfortunately, due to our visit to Epic Games and the upcoming Game Convention we are not going to release any new information for Mortal Online this summer (July/August). Due to our tight schedule we have to prioritize working on the game itself and the surrounding development (as well as getting some rest for a week or two). We are sorry for this and promise to do our best to compensate for it when time allows us to.

However, we are preparing a small surprise, so keep your eyes open on the site ;-)


Our members have requested an official IRC chat room which we now have published. You can log in via our web client in the menu Community -> IRC (

Join now to chat live with the members of Mortal Online.

New wallpaper

Don’t forget to download our latest wallpaper, published on request!

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