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news letter 13/06/08

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Newletter du 13/06/08

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Playable Race, Half Orch
Thieves, traitors, beasts. The fear of the half orcs has brought them many undesirable names. As sons and daughters of the unspeakable crimes committed in the wake of a war, the half orcs’ life stories are often stained by tragedies. The majority of the half orcs are doomed to roam aimlessly in a world where the full blood orcs look upon them as weaklings and the civilised world despise them as witless barbarians and fear their orcish heritage. However, few surpass them in strength and stamina, on the battlefield or in the arena, and the non-human heritage in their blood and mind make even veteran soldiers cautious.

Click here to read more about the Half Orc
Game Convention in Leipzig, Germany
Star Vault will be attending the 2008 Leipzig Games Convention. The Leipzig Games Convention is an annual video game event held in Leipzig Germany. With over 180.000 visitors it's one of the biggest game events in the world.
Take the chance to meet some of the Star Vault dev's and drink some german Bier!
Star Vault goes to America
Star Vault will be going to America to visit Epic games in July. The trip will be an opportunity for Star Vault to get to know their American colleagues better, and discuss how to further improve some of the main features of Mortal Online.

Extended Partnership With Epic Games
Star Vault has chosen to expand cooperation with Epic Games to include Epic Games China. The purpose of this collaboration is to develop the best possible network solution for Mortal Online using Unreal Engine 3 .
Ending notes
That´s all we have to offer this time. Don’t forget to check the forums for upcoming releases and other fun stuff. Don’t forget that the developers are also active on the forums whenever possible, to read or answer your questions.
Merci beaucoup Misere.

L'annonce de races differentes ne me bottent pas plus que sa. Mais ils ont commence par devoiler les demi-orcs, ce qui pour une fois se differencie un petit peu des standards habituelles.
dommage, j'aurais préféré en savoir plus sur le jeu avant d'être nourrit par une caisse de lore aussi grande que ça (les halforcs)

Sinon des news de la leipzig game convention?

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