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[NWN2] Deux interviews audios réalisées par ALFA

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Citation :
A Land Far Away, ou ALFA, est un regroupement de modules persistants pour NWN. Kevin Faust, l'un des membres de ce réseau, a eu la chance de se rendre à l'E3 et d'y rencontrer Obsidian. Il en a profiter pour poser quelques questions à Feargus Urquhartat et à Anthony Davis. La première interview dure près de 13 minutes tandis que la seconde est un peu plus longue (15 minutes environ). Elles sont toutes les deux en anglais.

On apprend diverses informations parmi ces deux interviews dont certaines concernent le client MD ou les mondes persistants si chers à Feargus. D'ailleurs concernant ces derniers, Obsidian étudierait des solutions pour permettre à la communauté de construire et gérer des modules persistants de plusieurs centaines de zones.

La taille des zones est d'ailleurs elle aussi abordée et le maximum serait de 32x32, comme dans NWN, mais ici les tuiles feraient 40 mètres de côté (dans NWN elles faisaient 10 mètres de côté). Concernant les intérieurs, on devrait avoir à notre disposition 6 décors dont Château, Ruines et Grotte.

Bonne écoute.
Si quelqu'un qui comprend bien l'anglais veut s'essayer à retranscrire l'interview, qu'il n'hésite pas.

[Edit] : Après un rapide calcul (si j'ai pas fait d'erreurs), un extérieur 32x32 dans NWN2 serait en taille l'équivalent de 16 extérieurs 32x32 dans NWN (ou 64 zones 16x16). Donc à partir de là, quand ils disent un module avec quelques dizaines de zones, il ne devrait pas trop y avoir à s'inquiéter.
Bon, voila au moins une bonne nouvelle.
Je veux bien transcrire la seconde si y'a un motivé pour la première ...
Par contre je peux pas dire quand ça sera online ... sans doute cette nuit si je vais pas passé la soirée dans une taverne

Mais si y'a des fouX furieuX rapides qu'ils se manifestent hein je voudrais pas bosser pour rien mince
Citation :
Publié par Simkim
il serait fait mention du nombre de dons et de sorts. A ce qu'il semblerait, ce serait de l'ordre de plus de 1000 et plus de 600 respectivement.
600 sorts ? Il me semble que ça fait plus que ce qu'il y a dans NWN + ses extensions non ?
Je viens à peine de finir la première moitié de l'interview 2 .... euh honnêtement c'est à chier
Les question sont incompréhensibles pour Davis ET pour le mec qui les pose (et donc pour moi enfin je m'en fout je transcris moi )
J'espère que ce sera dans la veine des "épées en argent pour taper du garou".

Je veux dire par la, plein de sorts pour plein de classes différentes, pour pleins d'usages différents.
Interview avec Andy Davis (raw)
Comme je connais pas grand chose au système 3D il me manque des trucs (grainy ???) et d'autre mots incompréhensibles (parle dans le micro bordel).... sinon à part deux trois PrC sans surprise c'est pas très riche je trouve
Citation :
Q : Will there be any increased functionality in the DM client as far as facilitating DM’s handling of more players, NPC’s groups, spawn etc ? And will one be able to spawn and de-spawn placables in the DM client ?
R : The simplest answer I can give to that is that the DM client is currently undergoing a heavy review and a heavy rewrite and we are taking a lot of input from the community on how they want to use it, and what’s the best way for them to use it, and features they would like to see in it. Specifics about the DM client other than what in does in NWN1 ... I can’t go on into to many more details at this time.

Q : And more information will be available around the time of the release ?
R : Absolutely (*2 ).

Q : Can we scribe scrolls on all levels and not just on the 2 or 3 pre-made levels as in NWN1 ? and will we be able to craft items with different levels on them set be toolset Vs preset ?
R : That a good question I'm sorry I don’t have the answer to it.

Q : Will the creation of static feats be possible aka : can you make feats like weapon focus for new weapons.
R : Short of how they were moding it through NWN1 ; To add new feats ? The answer is no. A least not through the toolset which is what I think they are looking for. So think the answer is no.

Q : What classes, PrC’s, subraces, skills and monsters are definitely in ?
R: Ok so, some of the new classes we’ve added for NWN2 include, the Warlock as a base class, the duelist as a prestige class, the NWN nine which actually is three prestige class, there’s a Warder for the fighter oriented class, a Magus for the spellcasting oriented class and the Agent for the sneaky-crafty cunning rogue-type class. There’s the divine champion, the arcane trickster and there is so more that are slipping my mind at the moment. New skills ? Was that a part of what you asked for ? new skills ? [yes] I just know we have the skills from 3.5 (I don’t know if there’s) It’s the 3.5 skills. There’s a lot of new feats, a lot of new monsters. Some of the new monster’s have been already been talked about like there’s the bone spider. [I’m sorry did they mean new for like “not DnD creatures” or did they mean like … I’m not sure I understand the contest of that question]. Ok so some of the monsters I think that have been announced have been you know like, there’s various dragons, zombies, ghast, ghouls, mummy, goblins, orcs, trolls, balors, other type that I think there’s call slads. Trying to remind some of the other creatures there are so many I just like trying to pick in a lot.

Q: How easy will it be for members to implement their own ?
R : Obviously they can customize the templates, and make new templates through the toolset. As far as adding new ones, that depends on how adapted they are on like creating new models, and the implementing and the using of a the Granny, using of new meshes, textures.
Taking existing content and changing it into template through the toolset is of course doable fort creature you know you just can just modify the template or create a new template.
Creating new classes ? not accessible through the toolset but I know the community would probably figure out a way to do it on their own they did it for NWN1. […/…] Skills ? probably not at all. Monsters again adding it to the toolset and again they can [implement – I’m sorry they can] import new meshes and models that they’ve done using correctly Granny system. And I believe one of our plans is at some point was to release a model exporter to helm them. I don’t know what the deadline or the schedule is but I know it’s on our plan.

Q : Can you tell use percentage-wise how complete or incomplete is now.
R: This is just my opinion of the game I’m not sure what the … [Voix feminine : the game is actually schedule for fall] Correct, it’s September release, the next 2 to 3 month are just gonna be a lot polish, features, bugfix and stuff like that. […/…] I know my schedule, I don’t know everybody else’s schedule but it is due for a September release I think we are way on track.

Q: Will there be any actual discernable difference between vision-types this time around or will they be all the same again. [what you mean by vision-types ?] [I believe it’s the way you see the world … I think … Fhe way fearghus answered it last time is that you can switch vision type but … the difference like, on the screen wasn’t apparent] I’m actually not sure about that. I mean I know that we have a lot of tools that we’ve exposed so that [like] … a creative moder could say [like] I have this level and I wanna play as a night Elf (WoW spotted ) with special vision and then they could use the various graphics option we have and sort of , for like a specific module they could maybe like adjust color of the level so like, I don’t know Night elf has nightvision so you can give like more red or something like that… a creative community, a creative moder could do something like that …as far as actually looking through them, it’s not a first person point of view game so I’m not really sure what they mean by vision other than that.

Q : Are Archmages and Shadow adept in there PrC’s and are Genasi in the subraces.
R : The Genasis were cut out, but that might, you know the future is wide open. Shadow adept ? I don’t believe this in … and I don’t believe the Archmage is in either. But we have added. I know why they want the Archmage, we have added a lot of PrC’s for casters that allow them to boost up there spell level and have all the extra … I think in NWN1 – even though it was a great game – I don’t think there was many good PrCs for casters. So that why we’ve added like the Divine champion, the Arcane tricksters and … some of the other one that are actually slipping my mind right now. We could actually pull up character generation %#$?? And go through em. I don’t think all of em are listed but can at least show you the one that are there for this press release.

Q : And will animal companions and familiar be close to what the book says ?
R: Yes !

Q : Will there be an improved familiar feat
R : The IF feat is still on the table, I’m not sure what it’s final result will be that’s not my area, that’s a design decision. The familiars now operate closer to what they are in the PnP, they are small animals, they are not tanks. They can be killed, you take a penalty when then die … but they don’t die permanently because we thought that affected gameplay to negatively. The animal companion are still very stout animals like the boar, the bear, the wolf, there’s a giant spider … the familiar are things like a weasel, a little beetle, a rabbit, a cat, a bat, a rat. There’s a lot, so the familiars now when you tap them out, they are vulnerable, they can be killed. But while they’re out they give you bonuses to whatever it is that familiar does.

Q : Will Bioware be aggressively supporting community efforts to provide solutions to features and will there be some sort of MSTN access for specific community developers ?
R : I’m not sure how much Bioware will be involved with that, I’m not saying they’re not, I’m not sure. As far as … they continue to support for the application, the toolset, new content…I mean that’s definitely something that Atari, Obsidian and I’m sure Bioware everybody wants some supporting, we want to keep pushing the boundaries with, and adding new content …. Oh the MSTN type acces like a wikiepedia or something … I’m not sure what the plan is, there’s talk of, we have wiki internaly and there’s also the NWN1 wiki that already exist… I’m not sure how those are gonna handled like they’re gonna merge, they gonna become two separate things. I’m not sure. But there is plan to of course release support in some sort of accessible format like that.

Q : What is your view on the development of larger PW such as ALFA in terms of area numbers, and will it be possible, with the existing hardware on the market today, will it likely become more possible with improved hardware over the years or does the 64bit encryption means we’re kindda stuck ? Are there any stream lining tricks you can advise us ?
R : Well the first thing I can tell you is that … the game engine … because as fare as the game engine is concerned everything is pixel-based and not polygon-based, it will all scale with new hardware, as the hardware comes out the game’s gonna get faster and faster, and better and better and… you gotta remember like 3 years ago not everybody had broadband or something like that, nowadays broadband is a lot more prevalent … as time goes on I just think the community is gonna become more persistent world friendly … I’m sorry the “application”, the toolset and the game will become more and more persistent world friendly … obviously because there’s so much more to the game it will require severely stronger hardware, it will require larger pipes a bigger broadband access to play the game… it is still playable from the client point of view I believe … I don’t wanna say cause I’m not sure with the lowest level as far %#$?? Goes will you be able to play it … […/…] The one thing I want to let them know is that as the persistent world comes online to NWN2, we plan and we want to continue supporting them, giving them things that they want. […/…] It’s been a top priority of Feargus and Darren who’s the Obsidian producer and of course Josh and all the programmers that we want the get the persistent world in the community onboard with NWN2 … make it as easy and as accessible for them as possible but it is still… it’s a cutting edge game and it will require stronger hardware there’s no other way around that…

Q : Like everything else is practically open source it’s constantly being developed it seems…
R : Well it’s the community I thinks keeps a goin’ cause they’re the one who are like, making the mods and people download, you know once they beat our campaign or beat NWN1’s campaign there the one who will keep the interest in the game level high… and you know they also give us the most feedback and they are biggest fan so we wanna do as much as we can for them. That’s certainly our goal. How much that’s gonna happen and how fast that will happen ? Probably not fast enough it never is … but it’s definitely the point.
Disons que j'ai large et PW et je pensais justement qu'il y avait un truc entre les deux ... mais c'est peut être juste "larger PW" ...

EDIT : oui c'est peut être juste un bug whatizyourviou whatizyourviou
EDIT2 : bon j'ai écouté la premier Interview il pose la même questiona Feargus et c'est bien "larger PW" tout simplement ...
Salut ,
J'ai pas le niveau requis pour comprendre deux américains parler alors je vous demande à vous qui avez l'air de les comprendre un tantinet :
"Est ce que les serveurs PW pourront accueillir plus de joueurs, jusqu'à dans les 100-200 ?"
Car nwn 1 ne semblait pas du tout fait pour des serveurs importants, et comme son plus grand intérêt réside dans le multi ( je parle pour ma part et la plupart des gens autour de moi qui y jouent) ce serait super qu'on puisse arriver à ça
La seule réponse qu'on ait actuellement est qu'un module NWN2 devrait pouvoir accueillir au moins 64 joueurs. Cependant, on ne sait pas encore si c'est aussi le maximum, si ça sera 96 ou si ça sera plus. Les développeurs n'ont pas fait des tests pour déterminer la limite maximum il me semble.
A mon avis, on ne pourra pas réellement connaître cette limite avant un éventuel bêta test du multijoueurs ou bien tant que la communauté n'aura pas elle-même testée.

Cependant, Feargus semble très attaché aux modules persistants donc on peut s'attendre à ce qu'il prenne des décisions visant à en faciliter la conception et la gestion (l'un des projet serait de vider de la mémoire du serveur les zones non utilisées alors que actuellement tout le module est chargé en mémoire et y reste).
Citation :
Publié par Simkim
(l'un des projet serait de vider de la mémoire du serveur les zones non utilisées alors que actuellement tout le module est chargé en mémoire et y reste).
Et ben ! Ils savent même être intelligents, dis donc ! Reste plus qu'à croiser les doigts que ça ne change pas

(on l'aura quand le client MD, Mr F. U. ?)
Si je garde que les parties intéressantes de l'interview avec Feargus ça donne :
Citation :
Q : Is NWN2’s vault system identical to NWN1’s and will NWN2 support portaling character between servers using shared vault.
R : [Pretty much] When it comes to what we’ve done with the vault’s player, the vault system and everything - particularly when it’s for the persistent world and stuff like that – it’s very similar to the way that it worked on the original NWN. So we haven’t really changed it and our goal is to support as much as PW’s stuff as possible. Wich is all the shared vault and portaling stuff.

Q : Will custom content be loaded at PC creation when connected to a multiplayer module ? In other words will custom races, classes, skills or feats be selectable at creation ?
R : Yes that is one [thing] change that we’re making from NWN1 to NWN2. [So] Yes !

Q : What is your view on the development of larger PW ( ) such as ALFA, in terms off area numbers will it be possible, with the existing hardware on the market today or will it likely become more possible with improved hardware over the years …. or does the 64bit encryption means we’re kindda stuck ? Are there any stream lining tricks you can advise us ?
R : I think really … The cap on the number of modules is because in a PW all the module has to be loaded at once. So our real restriction, at least what we believe our restriction gonna be is just memory. The ability of be(ing) able to have all these things loaded all at the same time. We are looking into a way to possibly shut (…/…) area within a module off. [sortof] In essence turn the module off dynamically depending on where the characters are going to be. Toward to save memory and also save CPU stuff - CPU cycles. But, we can’t guaranty that, basically because NWN2 (…/…) we’ve done so much with the graphic engine and ther’es a lot more polys and there’s a lot more stuff to be loaded with every single level, so we’re trying to do what we can to make PW be able to load as much as possible. But we’re not having any final answers yet.

Q : From the information out so far we understand that the faction reputation system from NWN1 will still be in place and will be used by the combat AI [Yep !] Then the new influence system from Kotor2 will be introduced as a tool for NPCs to change the reaction toward PCs [Yep !]. For PW, this is great news, could you elaborate on the relation between those two systems in NWN2 and also whether they will be persistent so that if a player logs off and back on again the values for both faction/reputation and influence are stored. It’s imperative to know whether the system exist from day one, or whether it must be created by the PW.
R : As my understanding … is that both faction and influence : they are not related, in other words they are separate things stored in the characters. As far as I know someone’s faction and someone’s influence are stored within a character … And because, creature files and character files are stored whenever the game’s saved … I’m pretty sure that in essence that the creature file that makes up a character is saved … that they are saved with the character. It’s a little bit of a guess though, I’d be kindda surprised they wouldn’t be, but there’s always a chance.

Q : How are exterior ATs handled in NWN2 ? and do we lay down transition squares or there are full edge with links to other areas ? And how are external area sizes determined in NWN2 as there are no longer any tiles ?
R : Area transition are done similarly to the way that they were done in NWN, with transition triggers, door triggers things like that. (…/…) There’s no longer tiles but the heihtmap terrain is still split to … they’re no tiles but they have a concept of tiles, just so we understand sizes. So you can create what is a 32*32 tile and tiles are 40*40 meters (…/..) so you can create an area that’s about 1200*1200 meters.

Q : What are the confirmed interior tile-sets ?
R : There are I think 6 interior tilesets (…/…) There’s a castle, a standard interior, a cave, a ruin and (../..) I can’t list them out …

Q : Gmax or Granny for custom content ?
R : Well Granny is just a animation system, (ahahaha même moi je le sais ) we don’t actually model in Granny. So if you want to built something new you have to built something in Max, and then you’ll be able to use our exporters to get it out of Max.

Q : Will the creation of static feats be possible aka can you make feats like weapon focus for new weapons ?
R : Yeah yeah … basically if you gonna be modifying thing like 2da files for free feats and things like that … as long as they’re fairly simple and static you should be able to do whatever you were doin in NWN1

Q : Will there be any actual discernable difference between vision-types this time around or will they be all the same again ?
R : (…/…) We were doing some test to see if we could make so vision types looked different. Like in the original Baldur’s gate you kindda play this game and when it was dark you chose an elf so things were kindda like the ultravision thing… I am not sure if we’ll be able to handle this

Q : Are there any forgotten realms specific spells or feats and if so how approximately many ?
R : I’m not sure about the spells, I know we’ve put a lot of the FR initial feats like Snake blood and stuff like that which feats you get when you first start your character… they’re in.

Q : Are Archmages and Shadow adept in there PrC’s and are Genasi in the subraces ?
R : Genasis are not in the subraces and I’m not sure about the PrCs…
Citation :
Publié par Simkim
ALFA mettra en ligne un peu plus tard (je sais pas quand) une autre interview dans laquelle il serait fait mention du nombre de dons et de sorts. A ce qu'il semblerait, ce serait de l'ordre de plus de 1000 et plus de 600 respectivement.
1000 dons ?????? 600 sorts ????

Optimiser les pvs d'un perso d'arène, ça va être infernal....

Non, sérieux, soit c'est du jamais vu avec des effets de sorts à gogo, des explosions partout... Soit c'est un truc du genre "malédiction du bras droit" qui fait que les créatures humanoïdes de moins de 19 pvs ont un malus de -1 lorsqu'ils portent une épée courte non magique raprès avoir donné leur 6e coup...
Ca va au contraire je pense dynamiser le rôleplay et le travail d'équipe.

On sera obligés (et on pourra, tout simplement) avoir des personnages très variés. Même entre 4 guerriers, ou 5 mages.

C'est plutôt sympa. Il faut avouer qu'on avait vite fait le tour dans NWN
J'espère qu'il y aura un bon paquet de sorts uniques aux druides dans le tas
En tout cas les mages vont compenser leur nombre de sort par jours par leur versatilité ... par rapport au sorciers.
Le nombre est tellement énorme que ça paraît limite irréaliste.
Autant le nombre de sorts, ok, mais le nombre de don alors là, s'ils font dans les 1000, que du bonheur

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