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Les scandinaves vont bénéficier de trois jours de beta exclusifs entre le 1er et 3 avril (il me semble que ce traitement de faveur est due à un problème dans les recommandes et la remise des clefs qui n'a pue être honorée pour la dernière beta)

NCSoft Grants Special Access to Guild Wars

20050330 -- NCsoft® Europe has today announced that preorder customers in Scandinavia will be given a one-off Beta Weekend Event, which will take place from 1st April to 3rd April, for the highly anticipated online role-playing game Guild Wars®.

“We're very excited to give Scandinavian Guild Wars fans an exclusive chance to play the game ahead of launch,” says Stephen Reid, Content and Community Manager, NCsoft Europe. “This is a great opportunity for pre-order customers to experience Guild Wars' unique style of online gameplay.”

Those who haven’t yet preordered Guild Wars and would like to take part in this exciting forthcoming event can do so at –
Oui c'est pas un cas isolé d'ailleurs, les pré-commandes en Antarctique sont pas encore arrivées, la livraison des 200 000 boites est bloquée sur la banquise.

Courage, ils prévoient un dégel au mois de juin ( comment ca c'est pas crédible? )
j'avais vue juste (pourtant je n'avais que spéculé

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Publié par Gaile Gray
Hi, guys,

I wanted to clear up any "mystery" about this weekend event by making a confession: We had a "key glitch" with specific preorder keys, and those who preordered through our authorized retailers in Scandinavia were essentially "locked out" of the last BWE. Being the fair and compassionate people that we are, we set to work immediately upon being made aware of this situation and we're determined to make it right with all players who were affected. I mean, we know how cranky people get without their BWE's!

The keys in question are known to us. They were associated with the specific preorder retailers mentioned, and we will be able to activate those keys for this weekend only. I suppose of someone were to pick up a preorder through those vendors prior to the weekend, he or she would be able to play -- all keys will be active from those sources, as I understand it.

We hope that everyone involved will have a great time. And of course we'll see everyone in the April 15th BWE!
Gaile Gray: There is the information I'd like people to know. If you could share with our Francophones (and express my disappointment and embarrassment in not being able to speak to them in my own voice -- and I do -so- love the French language!) here is what I'd like them to know:

I am not sure if there is general understanding of why the Scandinavian event took place. It may look like a matter of "excluding" someone, in that only the Scandinavian players were able to participate this last weekend. Let me hasten to explain that, in fact, the event was designed to make amends for an error on our part, where we did not activate the Scandinavia keys for the March Beta Weekend Event and players in that regionwere totally unable to join the BWE. In order to allow them the
experience, to compensate for the error that kept them outside that last
event, Scandinavian preorder customers (and only preorder customers) were invited to take part in a one-weekend event that concluded yesterday, April 3rd.

=> J'aimerai faire partager ces informations avec la communauté francophone, et je regrette sincèrement de ne pouvoir le faire en français langue que j'aime tant.
Tout le monde n'a peut être pas bien compris pourquoi la beta scandinave a eut lieu, et j'aimerai être certaine que vous compreniez que nous ne faisions qu'amende honorable aux joueurs scandinaves qui s'étaient vue privé de la beta de Mars à cause d'une erreur de notre part (nous n'avions pas activé leurs clefs de pré-commande).
Nous les avons donc inviter à participer a une beta le weekend du 3 avril pour compenser.

Gaile Gray: the Korean event was a replacement for the March Beta Weekend Event. Korean players did not take part in that March event, but instead participated inthis just-concluded beta event over in Korea. It's all equal, as far as I can tell, it is just taking place on different dates.

La beta qui a aussi eut lieu en corée ce weekend, remplacait la beta de Mars à la quelle la corée n'avais pas participé. Il n'y a donc pas de favoritisme, c'est juste une question de dates.

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