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Here she is, in all her glory:

Q: Hypothetical situation: You are grouped with four realmmates. You have one individual who decides to go AFK at Castle Sauvage, while the other three people are at Bold tower 3. The three people together kill an enemy player named "Billy." Billy is, let's say, worth 1600 realm points. Dividing that amongst the players is 400 per person. Since one realmmate is not close to you, they receive no realm points. So, if you only get 400 per person and one is not close by, how does the system divide the other 400 - or do they just vanish?

Would the answer change if the AFK player was in a completely different zone?

I have heard that if you disband the person not with you, you maximize the realm points you receive. Is this true or folklore??

A: Code Ed kindly looked this one up to make certain, and replied, "Players in groups who are out of range of the kill (like the AFK guy at Sauvage) count as a share, but then their share gets thrown away as they are out of range. Players not in the same region (the guy in housing) do not count as a share. So, in his theoretical example in the first case the three guys at Bold will each receive 400 while the guy at Sauvage gets 0. In the second case, the three guys at Bold would get approximately 533, and the guy in housing would get nothing. Keep in mind, that's just the base division before all other factors are applied, so depending on levels, realm levels, etc. each group member may get more or less."

So, disbanding the guy in the zone would get you more points - disbanding the guy in the housing zone would make no difference.

Q: The Dark Elf Archers in the Veil Rift seem to have gone AWOL. I have checked three play sessions in a row and NO archers. I cannot complete two of my quests unless I can find them. Have they moved? Thank you.

A: Our Lord of the Quest took a look for you, as quest monsters fall into his vast domain. He told me "These mobs are part of a spawn table. Sometimes not every type of mob on a table will be spawned at once. The player in this specific example should go to fourth island out from the TNN side, counting the "zone in" island, and kill veil ghosts and dark elf bladists if no dark elf archers can be found."

That should force some DE Archers to pop for you. Good luck!

Q: Does the Warlord ML5 Ability, 5 Guided Strike (next attack from nearby allies has +10% chance to crit) stack with Mastery of Pain?

A: Yes, but Code Ed notes that there is a cap on the "chance to crit" that you can't exceed.

Q: In a set of patch notes from 12/03, you said that the effects from stones summoned with the Eerie Darkness Stone did not stack with other health and power regen spells, and this would be corrected in a future version. Then, in the 1.72 notes, I found the note "The persistent power and health regeneration spells on Erinys Charm and Eerie Darkness Stone have been changed to function as bonuses instead of spells. The amount of power and health gained per tick has not been changed."

My question is, though, do they stack as you said they someday would in December '03?

A: If there was a prize for searching the Herald before sending in your question, you would win. I thought you should win SOMETHING, so I sent your question to the live team. The Mistress of Pretty Much Everything said that the patch notes for 1.72 were, in fact, a little incomplete! "When the gems were changed to have the health and power regens as a bonus instead of a spell, it was also then able to stack with regen spells. The note for the regen amounts per tick not changing was meant only to reassure players that the items weren't reduced in value."

Q: My duskwood Cyclone Skinners Crossbow (Albion) has an ability, when delved, that says, "Target's melee attacks do additional damage." The damage add is 4.8, and the target is self. The delve reads further, "This spell is active when the item is worn." Is this a mistake? You cannot melee attack with a crossbow. Even though the crossbow is worn, the spell is only active when the crossbow is the equipped weapon. When the crossbow is switched out for melee weapons, the spell effect leaves.

A: That confused me a little, too. It turns out that it was just a little difficult to phrase the effect - our Mistress says, "In this situation, the arrows fired by the bow are considered to be melee attacks."

Q: Is the change to the speed that my character can run also a change to swimming?

A: Yes! The default, "out of combat" swim speed has been increased the same amount as the run speed.

I saw many questions about the run speed change on the boards. Just to be clear: Right now, the game has different categories of non-horseback movement speed - basic (whether you are in or out of combat), sprint, and magically altered. In 1.75, we are ADDING another state - basic (applies to those considered by the game to be in combat), out of combat, sprint, and magically altered. The "out of combat" default speed is downright zippy - not as fast as sprinting or magically altered, but close in some cases. We are not (to my knowledge, anyway) discussing a change to the "in combat" movement speed.

Q: I noticed that, when I log out anywhere near my house, when I log back I'm always in the same spot. It makes no difference whether I am in the house, in front, by the merchant, or at the back, as long as I am on my lot. While it is no big deal, I'm just curious as to whether this is by intent, or a minor bug?

A: It's by intent, so your guildmates can't watch where you camp and place, say, a badger so that upon your return you find it in a potentially uncomfortable place. Seriously, it's to avoid you getting stuck in any objects. The Moderately Evil Overlord said, "We designated one spot in the garden as a 'safe spot' on each house - where no decorations are allowed, and anyone logging out inside the house, or in the garden, is placed at the safe spot when they log in."

Q: All of the houses in Sherborne/Albion on the clusters show up on the merchant explorer as being located in Chiltern. This makes it very difficult for someone trying to find a house located in sherborne, for they will be searching for it in Chiltern.

A: We have that as a bug, scheduled for fixing very, very soon. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: In the most recent notes on Tower Razing, I found this to be a little confusing:

- “Repairing the tower from its razed state to a broken state simply requires repairing the tower to 25% health. Repairing it further to 35% health will take it out of the broken state.

- Razed towers cannot be manually repaired. They auto repair at a rate of approximately 5% per half hour until reaching 25%, at which time players may manually repair the tower to a higher state.”

A: Our Missy, of Community News and message board fame, got a clarification for her crew on the boards:

"Sorry for the confusion. Razed towers cannot be repaired by players until they reach 25%. Razed towers will autorepair by 5% every 30 minutes until they reach 25%. At that point they're considered "Broken", and can be repaired by players. Once they reach 35%, they will no longer be considered "Broken."" After 35%, of course, they're still damaged and you will need to repair them for full effectiveness - but it's a question of the graphics that display.


Signed up for the DC Roundtable yet? And why not! It's going to be great fun, with people from all over the area and far, far beyond coming down to rock the Expo Center. Many have asked me online where "Chantilly" is. Chantilly is to Washington DC as Vaughn is to Toronto. Or Chantilly is to DC as Venice Beach is to Hollywood. Staten Island to Manhattan. You get my drift - close enough to make a vacation out of a trip to our nation's capital, far enough apart to avoid the famous DC traffic!

I haven't entirely decided yet, but there may not be a grab bag next Friday. April 1 is a terrible day for me to post anything on the internet...

Have a super neato weekend.

Traduction en cours.
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Q: Is the change to the speed that my character can run also a change to swimming?

A: Yes! The default, "out of combat" swim speed has been increased the same amount as the run speed.
(Ca sera très pratique sur ToA pour les classes ne disposant pas de sort de vitesse personnel !
Non, nous n'avons pas tous de bateaux personnels et de BB pour pouvoir manoeuvrer seu lun esquif. )
J'avoue avoir un peu de mal à imaginer l'impact en jeu de "l'absence" d'une tour pendant 2H30.

Autant j'apprécie l'idée de destruction de tour, autant le délai avant de pouvoir commencer à réparer me parait exagéré. Wait and see comme ils disent là bas.
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Q: All of the houses in Sherborne/Albion on the clusters show up on the merchant explorer as being located in Chiltern. This makes it very difficult for someone trying to find a house located in sherborne, for they will be searching for it in Chiltern.

A: We have that as a bug, scheduled for fixing very, very soon. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
C'est clair !! ils ont intérêt a corrigé ça vite fait !! Les marchandises vendus dans Sherbone n'apparaissent pas tout le temps. Dur de vendre dans ces conditions !
Message hors-roleplay
- Dans un groupe, les gains sont partagés. Si une personne est dans la même zone mais trop éloignée, elle compte dans le partage, mais ne reçoit pas sa part, qui disparaît purement et simplement. Les personnages qui ne sont pas dans la même zone que le groupe ne sont pas pris en compte dans le partage.
Par exemple, si la mort d'un personnage rapporterait 1600 points de royaume, qu'il est tué par un groupe de 4 personnages, et que l'un d'entre eux est resté à Château Sauvage, les 3 autres gagneront 400 (1600/4) et lui 0.
S'il était resté de l'autre coté de la zone, les 3 autres auraient gagné 533 (1600/3).
En outre, selon son niveau, son rang de royaume, etc., cette valeur individuelle peut-être modifiée et chaque personnage peut donc toucher plus ou moins.

- Les monstres font partie d'un tableau d'apparition, qui détermine leur chance de présence à un lieu donné. Il arrive que tous les monstres d'un même tableau ne soient pas présents à un moment donné. Par exemple, certains personnages peuvent devoir tuer, pour une quête, un Dark Elf Archer et ne pas en trouver : il peuvent se rendre sur la quatrième île à l'extérieur de Tir na nog, en comptant celle se trouvant dans la zone, et tuer les veil ghosts et dark elf bladists pour relancer les tests et avoir une chance de faire apparaître les autres monstres du tableau.

- La compétence Appel aux Armes du Stratège (augmente de 10% de chance de faire un critique sur le prochain coup porté par les alliés aux alentours) se cumule avec Maître de la Douleur, mais il y a un cap de chances de critique.

- Lorsque les régénérations de vie et de mana apportées par la pierre d'étranges ténèbres ont été transformées en bonus directs au lieu de sorts en 1.72, elles sont aussi devenue cumulables avec les sorts de régénération.

- Les tirs à l'arbalète sont considérés comme des attaques de mêlées par les sorts d'amplification de dégâts. Ainsi, l'Arbalète d'Ecorcheur du Cyclone en arcania [NdT : détails] a bien son effet qui s'applique à ses propres tirs.

- La modification de vitesse de déplacement en 1.75 [NdT : détails] affecte aussi la vitesse de nage du personnage.
Actuellement, le jeu a différentes catégories de déplacement non-monté : basique, course, et altéré magiquement. En 1.75, une nouvelle catégorie est ajoutée : basique, hors combat, course et altéré magiquement. La vitesse hors de combat est plus rapide que la vitesse basique mais moins rapide que la vitesse de course. Il n'est pas prévu de modifier la vitesse basique.

- Lorsque vous déconnectez dans une maison ou son jardin, votre personnage est automatiquement déplacé à l'entrée de la maison lors de votre re-connexion, ceci afin d'éviter aux membres de votre guilde de placer un blaireau à cet endroit pour vous faire une plaisanterie. Plus sérieusement, ceci permet d'éviter qu'un personnage ne se coince dans le décor, la téléportation s'effectuant vers un lieu où il est impossible de placer des objets.

- Un bug affiche, chez les Annonceurs des serveurs regroupés [NdT : voir détails], toutes les maisons de Sherborne/Albion comme se trouvant à Chiltern. Ce bug devrait être corrigé sous peu.

- Les tours rasées ne peuvent pas être réparées par des personnages avant qu'elles ne soient à 25% de vie. Elles se réparent automatiquement de 5% toutes les 30 minutes jusqu'à 25%. Elles sont alors considérées comme "trouées" et peuvent alors être réparées par des personnages. Une fois à 35%, elles ne sont plus considérées comme "trouées". Elles restent cependant abîmées et il faudra de nouveau les réparer pour atteindre les 100%.

- Mythic ouvre les inscriptions pour participer à leur rencontre à Washington les 29 et 30 avril [NdT : résumé des épisodes précédents] : il en coûtera aux participants 100$ par personne (77€) et un t-shirt sera offert.

- Il n'y aura sans doute pas de Grab Bag vendredi prochain, qui tombe un premier avril, un jour où les communications officielles sont évitées pour des raisons évidentes.

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