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C'est un Q&A qui ne parle pas directement de WoW mais il y'a une ou deux question qui si réfère.
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GameSpot: Everyone's entitled to an opinion. What's your opinion on the impact in the MMO sector World of Warcraft will make? Is it a category killer? Is anyone shaking in their boots over its upcoming release?

Mark Jacobs: I don't believe any game in the MMO space is ever a category killer. One advantage of being a long-time online developer (in other words, the old guy) is that I've seen a lot of products come and go and a lot of games that some people believed would "kill" another product. Heck, Dark Age of Camelot was supposed to be dead last year due to all the games that were coming out, and yet we're still here and doing as well as ever. On the other hand, WOW (World of Warcraft) has the potential to be the biggest fantasy game of the year and maybe the biggest ever. The Blizzard guys are among the top developers in the industry, and I expect them to release a kick-butt product. What I believe will happen if they do is that the online segment of our industry will see a large influx of gamers who wouldn't have played an MMORPG until now. In terms of shaking, nah, we're too busy working on our DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot) and Imperator to shake. The last thing that I can worry about is a game that is not yet released. Besides, I'm looking forward to trying WOW when it is released. I haven't said that about many games.
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