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Et vi .. Funcom nous prépare un petit patch cet aprem de 13h30 a 18h30

Fc prévoit de donner la note du patch .. après le up par contre Dommage on aurait pu avoir de la lecture pour patienter
Tu veux la lecture ? , la voila :


Alot of fixes implemented to fix uneven movement, sound, graphics, and mouse lag.

No more need to use the Riva-Tuner workaround.

Some of the Shadowlands discricts were supposed to play no music. This caused the previousely played music to continue to play there (typpical combat
music). This is fixed now.

Fixed that Shadowlands combat music no longer will play in Rubi-Ka after you have zoned from Shadowlands to Rubi-Ka.

Some server crashes has been worked on.

There was probably never a bug, but we changed the system anyway. Max ram-resource-cache is now 350MB. This should be sufficient for most play-styles,
and will stop those machinces with 1+GB RAM allocating most to AO.

Now "PF Usage" from win-task-manager/performance should peak at max 600mb. (...with no other apps running).

We have made a new chat channel called "Tower Battle Outcome". Here we will put results of battles, who the winner and loser was etc.

We should give better feedback to players if they try to use a locked skill.

You will now need to confirm dropping stuff on the ground before doing so.

Launcher show all professions.

WaitForVerticalSync option is default OFF.

/stuck now works in the grid.

Fixed correct refresh when item transfer is rejected on pending nano.

Changed the 7th title level of the engineer to Supreme Creator.

Team loot Alpha should be fixed now.

When using Brawl or Dimach you will no longer get a message that says "you need long range weapons equipped" if you use it.

Some monsters were making the wrong sounds, or the sound was looping. This should be fixed now.

A target position can be set even when no target is created; this can be used to guide the player to a place where the target is available in the world.

Love is in the air! New kiss emotes should work by now.


We have polished geometry interaction alot.

Fall damage locations have been altered. Some felt they were taking fall damage when they shouldn't.

ACG dungeons have got their bosses.

We have resolved alot of stuck situation, for example in the grid.

Player have had their wings clipped in Jobe Harbour. You shouldn't see anyone floating around anymore.


Ergo quest fixed in Penumbra.

Everyone can now complete the Sanctuary Quest - involving Empath Min-Ji Liu and an Old piece of cloth.

Made sure that those above level 50 can continue on the quests in nascense without entering Shadowlands training ground.

Added support for new quest types.

Fixed some triggers related to quests. Some quests didn't trigger even if you had done what you were suppose to do.

Dedlock quest should work as intended now.

Scheol Sanctuary quest should be working as intended now; the Device you were supposed to find in one of the sub quests is now placed in Scheol.

Quantum field theory skill requirement on blueprint processes for certain quests has been lowered. It was never meant to be difficult.


Numerous gems found in the Shadowlands can now be cut and polished and set into filigree gems. These will not only sell for a nice amount of cash, but
also give minor stat bonuses if worn.

Word has spread Opifex clothing patterns have been reworked. They shouldn't pull your head off anymore when worn.

Fixed a bug with Control Unit Sleeves.

A bug causing some items to spawn at a lower level than expected has been fixed.

Made sure that level 200 characters can also change side by using the containers with Clan or Omni application forms.

Fixed a bug with wear requirements on Gunner's Cap.

Traders now have an additional use for Screwdrivers.

Clan and Omni application forms have been removed from Omni and Clan startup shops - as a step to prevent new players from accidentally switching sides.
Sided guards don't usually salute players changing sides in front of their eyes.

Fixed a bug with the Poliziotto pistol.

The Pads of Dedication should be having the correct requirement again.
Some visual feedback-errors that could happen sometimes when you tried to wear an item that was not permitted for Shades to wear, has been fixed.

Fixed a problem where some Arul Saba bracelets had a level 300 requirement. These specific types of bracers are the weak version of the Arul Saba
bracelets, and do not increase in power past the Arbiter Gem. Although it is possible to make bracelet with all 5 gems in these lines, they do not increase in
power, so using a single gem bracer is best for these gems (using other blueprints is just a waste of money).
The following Arul Saba gems are the weak variety and don't increase in power:Insidious Killer, Decayed Glory, Scarlet Sky, Craggy Landscape, Icy Tundra,
Empty Desert, Fiery Plasma, Novice Brawler, Broken Moebius, Frail Juggernaut.

The green collar should now be grey.

You'll now find some more weapons using the "Sharp Objects" skill (Throwing weapons).

Fix to Resist Nano information on items.

More implants have been created for Shadowlands.


Enhanced Nano Damage perk line now correctly increases your max nano energy.

The Soothing Spirit perk line now contains 2 specials - Spirit of Blessing and Spirit of Purity. Spirit of Blessing is a team heal, while Spirit of
Purity is a team nanopoint heal. They get more powerful the more perks in the line you have trained.

The Limber and Dance of Fools specials now stack, rather than overwriting each other, as intended. Limber and Dance of fools now buff all evades as was

Fixed not outputting undesired feedback on perk related criteria checks.

The Heal special ability in the First Aid perk line has been increased in power.

Fixed some minor bugs with Perks Wearables and Perks Specials Descriptions.

Fixed an error in the Outdoorsman perk line. The Stoneworks special ability was supposed to be enabled from the third perk in the line, not the second.
This is why the Stoneworks ability had the requirement that you need the third perk trained to be able to use. The Stoneworks special ability will not correctly be
given from the third perk and not the second.


Badly Corroded Crystal (Fists of Shocking Touch) information text fixed.

Charmed mobs will aggro their former master when the charm wears off.

Some of the dot's at low level has been changed with less serious dot's.

Fixed a stacking issue with NCU buffs overwriting each other incorrectly.

Fixed some errors in the shadowland bureaucrat roots. The defensive skill was meant to be 90% nano resist, not 80% nano resist + 20% level. Also fixed a
situation where these roots would not actually root. Additionally, the SL bureaucrat roots above Puissant Restrict Movement have been changed to be area of effect
roots, not single target.

Beacon Warping into the Temple of Three Winds has been disabled.

Fixed a problem with the fixer's Tap Notum Vein nanos. They should work correctly now.


Prophet Man Dal now returns the "Note" - Adonis Unredeemed Garden Quest.

Some of the lower level boss mobs in the Shadowlands have found a stash of a very sought after superimplants.

The Great Ice Golem will now drop the appropriate amount of "Slightly Sented Molar".

Some monsters might attack no matter what faction you have, be careful. The brink is dangerous.

Vendors in the Shadowlands have taken a course in self-control and are no longer charmable. They have also turned pacifist and completely refuse to fight

A lot of monsters in the Shadowlands are no longer completely pulverized but some salvagable remnants of their bodies may be left on the corpses.

Some monsters were able to heal themselves too much during combat, this has been tweaked.

Supply Masters Eel and Smug have recieved a new shipment with tower guns.

Quest templates can now specify that an NPC should not have a name generated, but rather use the normal name.

Unredeemed Celeth-El in Nascence Traning Ground may improve the Bracer of Jobe that Drake Rodriguez gives to new arrivals in Jobe.

Panicing npcs will no longer run through walls and vanish.


Pets should report to its owner when they take damage from environments.
Vicks recrue des Garde Noire ( Rubicon )
Citation :
Changed the 7th title level of the engineer to Supreme Creator.

Il était prévu à la base Pan Mechanic, mais suite à un sondage sur le forum Engineer Fc à accepter de le changer apparement

merci Kcko
Message roleplay
/me -Regarde R. Daneel avec compatient
-Part un peu plus loin pour ne pas tâcher sa robe de sang
-Trouve dommage parce que R. Daneel n'était pas si moche
-Se dit "de la si bonne viande, c'est quand même dommage ! "
oui sand, heal team et nano heal team.

avec 8 pts en soothing (le max pour un lvl 200) c du +850 dans chaque toutes les 40 sec, au lvl 201 et perk lvl9 c du 1050 et au lvl 203 et perk au lvl 10 c'est du 1320 a qq chose pres.

C'est pas énorme mais c'est toujours ca de pris.
Citation :
Provient du message de Phaine

Il était prévu à la base Pan Mechanic, mais suite à un sondage sur le forum Engineer Fc à accepter de le changer apparement

merci Kcko

et ils on pas changé Dictator ?
Citation :
Provient du message de Eliwallach
Allez-y vite sinon on va encore avoir un message comme quoi on ne lit pas les news
Bon travail de traduction quand même !
lol idiot

non j'indiquais simplement pour relancer des debats potentiels

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