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Hibernia is a strong RvRing realm. The abilities of classes are concentrated so that a few classes played by experienced players can form the foundation of an excellent RvR group. However, less experienced or casual players of Bards, one of the essential classes, often suffer a steep learning curve because of their targetability and number of tasks to perform. Hibernians are also disgruntled about being on the defensive because of the popularity of RvR in Emain, and the imbalanced design of the keeps from realm to realm.

Concern: Availability of Endurance Song
Bards, in its current incarnation, are frustrating to learn and play. In addition to providing many group essentials, their instruments often render them to be the first target in RvR. For this reason, many bards have retired or have been reduced to bot status. Without active, live bards, Hibernia's ability to properly achieve its potential in RvR is severely hindered. The ability to provide an essential function to the group, endurance, should be on par with other realms. Paladins and Shamen are currently capable of providing endurance to their group without fear of in-combat interruption. True, it does require three classes in both Albion and Midgard to provide speed, CC, and endurance, but the stress of providing all three effectively is often overwhelming. A simple defensive solution, like a snare component in the insta-DD line or a short-duration insta-root to replace the current instant mez, will allow more opportunities for bards to provide the group what their counterparts in Albion and Midgard currently enjoy without making it completely effortless.

Concern: Imbalance in Hibernian Keeps
Various feedbacks have stated that Hibernian Keeps are easier to take back than Midgard and Albion keeps. From many players' experiences, a 30 defenders vs. 80 attackers fort assault often ends up in a defender's victory in an Albion or Midgard keep. Such a record cannot be stated with Hibernian keeps. With low ramparts and more climb points, climbing classes are able to get in and jump out at many more locations. This is not the case with Midgard and Albion Keeps, where climbing classes must choose their battles much, much more carefully. An open staircase allows for full visibility right to the lord room, allowing heals and other spells to be cast from below. In Alb and Midgard keeps, small corridors and low visibility limit the attacker's capability to overtake a stationary defence.

Hibernian Keeps are more fun to take and defend. Open ramparts allow for defenders to rain down arrows and spells from anywhere on the second floor, not limited solely to the narrow embrasures. Climbing classes also have access perform their job with less inhibitions. One of a couple solutions may be implemented to increase the fun of fort sieges. Open the embrasures so that it is possible for climbing classes to easily jump out without needing to climb back out. Adding separate attack points at various points up the Hib ramp, similar to Alb and Mid keeps, allows for a more dynamic battle where ground is won/lost, instead of a doors down -> lord room approach. Alternatively, mixing the designs of the keeps throughout the frontier (higher ramparts, wider embrasures, no embrasures, etc) for all realms will provide new and unique encounters for defender and attacker from keep to keep.

Concern: Preferred RvR Location
RvR is consistently in Emain in the majority of servers. Wide open terrain, visibility, location of merchant keep, and habit have driven Hibernians to be on the defensive most of the time. In regards to this, a solution is not simple. Decreasing the appeal through use of increased aggro, or change of terrain in Emain may drive people from the game. A method should be made available for the defending realm (Hibernia, in most cases) to discourage 'RP Farming' in their own realm. If a visible RP penalty was instated for each keep missing in an invader's homeland, a realm can discourage other realms RP Farming in their land.

Concern: Significance of Keeps
Currently, there is very little appeal to taking keeps, let alone sieging defended keeps. RP bonuses could be added for all in the vicinity while taking and defending keeps, on top of bonuses for the claimed alliance. This, coupled with an aforementioned keep change, will increase the desire for a realm to siege keeps.

New Issues: /level 30
The /level commands have not been significant in altering population imbalances. While there was a surge of newcomers on realms with /level 30 available, many have chosen to remain as Caledonia fighters instead of aiding frontier-based RvR.

Other issues:
- Population imbalance
- The advent of 'alarm clock relic raids' and the inability to defend against them
- Buffbots and spec armor factor buffs give significant advantages for Albion
- Siege weapons, except for the siege ram, are underused.
- Rewards for support roles
- Locating the RvR chat leader is difficult; suggest static, frontier-based chat groups
- Alternative color for chat group leaders and secondary leaders will aid in clarity in larger chat groups
- New RvR locale is highly desired; many have suggested a new RvR zone to connect the frontiers, with neutral keeps and different attributed bonuses for sieging them
- Caster damage for all realms is insignificant compared with their lack of defence
- Volcanic Pillar (Wizard unique RA) can be stacked and used to decimate forces many times their size.
- Ineffectiveness of melee classes during keep defence
un bon rapport a part pour la partie sur le barde ^^ demandé encore un upp, ça ferait grincer pas mal de dents.
- Ineffectiveness of melee classes during keep defence

=> mouais... de l'autre coté, ce ne sont pas des magots qui tapent les portes et installent les béliers en attaque de fort...

La defense des forts est davantage orientée sur les classes à range, c'est un fait. Maintenant hormis l'utilisation de baliste/scorpion et autre, et la protection des magots qui se mangent des PA aux remparts (y a du boulot de ce coté là...), on ne peut rien faire de plus si ce n'est proposer de nouvelles défenses de forts (genre huile bouillante et autres)

ps: le coup du up demandé du barde, faut arreter la moquette (c'est carrement demander l'insta root du druide symbiose ou le snare du champion/faucheur). D'ici peu de temps ils vont vouloir un insta stun, la furtivité et une bolt...
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ps: le coup du up demandé du barde, faut arreter la moquette (c'est carrement demander l'insta root du druide symbiose ou le snare du champion/faucheur). D'ici peu de temps ils vont vouloir un insta stun, la furtivité et une bolt...
et 1 insta aoe dot pour leech les rp

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