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Bullroarer ouvre pour une nouvelle session de test, nous n'avons pas pour l'heure de date de fermeture.
Cette session permettra de tester les modifications apportées au PvP mais également les nouvelles aventures d'Elladan et Elrohir (il fait parler à Elrond à Fondcombe), la classe du bagarreur fait également l'objet d'une attention particulière.

Release Notes - Beta #1:

New release notes in violet.

Brawler tanking has had some significant issues, and we have wanted to build a more distinct role for them as tanks in comparison with their fellows. Three issues we wanted to address in particular:
- The class had stacking incoming damage buffs that could render them effectively immune to damage for limited windows in concert with group buffs. While amusing, this was rather game breaking in certain encounters.
- They had trouble managing agro in fights with many mobs.
- As tanks, they lacked a clearly defined role compared with others.
We've decided to focus the Brawler's role towards being an offensive support tank. This doesn't mean they are a DPS-Tank hybrid - they are not focused on personal damage to the detriment of their own defense. Rather their personal defense is intended to remain quite strong, but their buffs now focus on their ability to improve the group's damage output more than any other tank, in particular to open up major burst windows against bosses or adds that need to be eliminated as quickly as possible.
  • Weather Blows is now an incoming damage set effect that will no longer stack with other incoming damage buffs. It's base value is 35%, -6% for trait, -9% for Mettle. (Max 20%). It lasts 15s with a 75s cooldown. Note that this still acts as a separate multiplier from standard armor damage mitigation.
  • Gut Punch no longer reduces the target's outgoing damage, but now increases incoming damage by 20% for 20s. The skill has a short cooldown, but a given target cannot be affected by it for 70s after the effect wears off.
  • The Iron Will skill was redundant to Weather Blows. It has been replaced by 'The Best Defense', This skill buffs the fellowship's damage by 30% for 15s, and has a 120s CD.
  • Come At Me base target count increased [5->10].
  • Come At Me taunt duration increased [5s->10s].
  • Come At Me is now 'fast' rather than 'immediate', to mitigate a skill cancellation issue encountered during periods of lag.
  • Brash Invitation's Range increased [25->40m].
  • Vulnerability's base debuff increased [1%->3%]. Item set bonuses to the effect have been increased similarly.
  • Most Brawler group buffs will now affect raid members.
  • Most Brawler group buffs now have a radius of [10->15m]
  • Many Brawler buffs were still using a placeholder one, many of these have been replaced with a more diverse set of effect icons for clarity.
  • Innate Strength Buffs use shorter animations [1.5s->1.0s], several other buffs have had their animations shortened or reduced to FX only.
  • The instant heal component of 'Weather Blows' has been moved to 'Bracing Guard'.
  • Follow Me! is no longer an attack speed buff, it is now a group combat run speed buff, increasing speed by 20% for 15s.
  • Bellicose traited Come At Me will now generate Mettle even if no targets are hit.
  • Fist of the Valar base damage increased to be more in line with other mettle spenders.
  • The Brawler's "Armour of Nature's Striker" set not grants a 2-piece bonus of +5% to melee damage, rather than an offhand bonus which brawlers cannot benefit from.

Monster Play:
  • The stats granted by the following traits have been adjusted to be more appropriate across all levels and increase above level 130: Man of the Fourth Age, Hobbit-stature, Fateful Dwarf, Friend Of Man, Emissary, Unwritten Destiny, and Those Who Remain.
  • Pets can no longer be in the Aggressive stance, which has been removed. Pets set to the Aggressive stance have been reset to the Guard stance.
  • The recovery period for player CC Breakout skills has been substantially reduced, and in most cases is now nearly immediate. Class CC removal skills with substantial animations have generally had these removed in favor of a visual effect only. Cry of the Hunter still has some delay, but should be faster as well. uses.
  • Raid Groups playing in Landscape will no longer benefit from Open Tapping, and will also no longer receive money, loot, xp, reputation, quest advancement or deed advancement from monster kills in landscape.
  • The barter vendor, "Overseer - Hiddenhoard Raid Reward Vendor", found in Zidir-nesad, The Steepset in Máttugard, will now barter raid gear for embers if you have completed the Hiddenhoard raid at the necessary tier.
  • Some player-level based stat progressions were tweaked a bit to smooth out values below level 105.
  • Fixed a bug that reduced player's mastery slightly against lower level foes.
  • Hunter - Upshot Damage tracery no longer erroneously double-applies to devastating hits.
  • The dynamically scaling stats on the following items have been adjusted to be more appropriate across all levels and increase above level 130: Shields of the Hammerhand, Earrings of the High Elves, Earring of the Dead City, and Fateful Gundabad Earring.
  • Name restrictions have been loosened around words similar to Defender.
  • Remembered Rivals Featured Instance gear now binds to account rather than character.
  • The White Goose cosmetic pet now correctly appears in the Collections panel.
  • The item "Slayer and Skill Deed Boost (90 min)" now lasts for 6 hours. Its name has been updated to "Slayer and Skill Deed Boost (6 hours)"
  • The items "Tome of Greater Deed Acceleration" and "Slayer Deed Accelerator (60 min)" now last for 6 hours. "Slayer Deed Accelerator (60 min)" has been renamed "Slayer Deed Accelerator (6 hours)"
  • Sealed Tracery boxes will once again deliver traceries to level 45 - 49 characters.
  • The worth of Minas Ithil Herbs has been corrected to a copper value appropriate for a farmed ingredient and the plural name has been corrected to remove the reference to pouches.

  • Forsting in Gundabad has been repositioned slightly to no longer fall through the floor.
  • Ambient Music now works on the exterior of 5 Cape Road in Belfalas.
  • Visiting Bankers and Barbers can now be placed in Yard Hooks in Erebor.
  • Hooks in 8 Long Street and 6 Chestnut Street in Breeland Homesteads now align correctly with the terrain.
  • Doormat in 1 Filly Lane in Kingstead now aligns correctly with the terrain.
  • Misc Zfighting in Gundabad has been resolved.

  • Fixes mistranslation of 'close' in the tracking UI for the Passage of Foes, Passage of Nature, Passage of Shadow andthe MTX item Tome of Tracking, changing 'fermer' to 'proche'.
  • Updated the maps and translations for Cape of Belfalas and Cape of Belfalas Homstead in French and German.
  • Updates the deed title for completing the Legendary Sentinel's challenge in German.
  • Updates translations for "Champion of Durin" in French and German, "of the trhe Peaks" in German and "wanderer of the Wildwood" in German.
  • FRENCH AND GERMAN: Updated translations of the Eastfold and Anvil of Winterstith Raid Maps.

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